ATTWX's Big Brother 1

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB1 2000

Houseguest Nominations and
Banishments by America's Vote

Week 1
Jul 5 - Jul 8


Week 2
Jul 9 - Jul 15

Jordan and Will Mega nominated
  • Brittany - Jordan and Will Mega
  • Cassandra - Brittany and Eddie
  • Curtis - Karen and Will Mega
  • Eddie - Jordan and Will Mega
  • George - Jordan and Will Mega
  • Jamie - Jordan and Will Mega
  • Josh - Brittany and Curtis
  • Jordan - Eddie and Karen
  • Karen - Jordan and Will Mega
  • William - Brittany and Eddie
Week 3
Jul 16 - Jul 22

Jul 20 (Thu) - Day 16 - Will Mega banished by 73%

And Then There Were 9

Week 4
Jul 23 - Jul 29

Jordan and Curtis nominated
  • Eddie - Curtis and Jordan
  • Josh - Curtis and George
  • Curtis - Eddie and Karen
  • Jamie - Curtis and Eddie
  • George - Curtis and Jordan
  • Cassandra - Eddie and Jordan
  • Brittany - Curtis and Jordan
  • Karen - Curtis and Jordan
  • Jordan - Eddie and Karen
Week 5
Jul 30 - Aug 5

Aug 2 (Wed) - Day 29 - Jordan banished by 78% (on her birthday)

And Then There Were 8

Week 6
Aug 6 - Aug 12

Casandra, Josh, and Karen nominated
  • Eddie - Curtis and Jamie
  • Josh - Curtis and Karen
  • Curtis - Eddie and Josh
  • Jamie - Josh and Karen
  • George - Cassandra and Josh
  • Cassandra - Brittany and Karen
  • Brittany - Cassandra and Josh
  • Karen - Cassandra and Josh
Week 7
Aug 13 - Aug 19

Aug 16 (Wed) - Day 43 - Karen banished by 76%

And Then There Were 7

Week 8
Aug 20 - Aug 26

Brittany, Cassandra, Curtis, Eddie, George, and Josh nominated
  • Eddie - Curtis and Jamie
  • Josh - Cassandra and Curtis
  • Curtis - Eddie and Josh
  • Jamie - Eddie and George
  • George - Brittany and Josh
  • Cassandra - Brittany and George
  • Brittany - Cassandra and George
Week 9
Aug 27 - Sep 2

Aug 30 (Thu) - Day 57 - Brittany banished by 34%

And Then There Were 6

Week 10
Sep 3 - Sep 9

Cassandra, Curtis, and Eddie nominated
  • Eddie - Cassandra and Curtis
  • Josh - Cassandra and Curtis
  • Curtis - Eddie and George
  • Jamie - Cassandra and Eddie
  • George - Curtis and Josh
  • Cassandra - Eddie and Jamie
Week 11
Sep 10 - Sep 16

Sep 13 (Thu) - Day 71 - Cassandra banished by 46%

And Then There Were 5

Curtis, Eddie, George, and Jamie nominated
  • Eddie - George and Jamie
  • Josh - Curtis and George
  • Curtis - Eddie and George
  • Jamie - Eddie and George
  • George - Curtis and Jamie
Week 12
Sep 17 - Sep 23

Sep 20 (Wed) - Day 78 - George banished by 51%

And Then There Were 4

Curtis, Eddie, Josh, and Jamie nominated
  • Eddie - Curtis and Jamie
  • Josh - Curtis and Jamie
  • Curtis - Eddie and Josh
  • Jamie - Eddie and Josh
Week 13
Sep 24 - Sep 28

Sep 27 (Wed) - Day 85 - Jamie banished (Percentage not announced)

And Then There Were 3

Curtis, Eddie, and Josh nominated automatically

Sep 28 (Thu) - Finale - Day 86

Curtis - 3rd place by 14% - $50,000

And Then There Were 2

Josh - 2nd place by 27% - $100,000

And Then There Was 1

Eddie winner by 59% - $500,000

And Then There Were 0


Week 1
Jul 5 - Jul 8

FOOD - Solve word puzzle - dig 1 ft left of lemon tree for $100 worth of food

TASK - Build clock powered by potatoes or go without knowing the time while in the BB house

Week 2
Jul 9 - Jul 15

FOOD - Week Long - Dead or Alive - Wager 20% - Fail
HGs are given week long challenges and told to wager 20% - 50% of their allowence for the week ($100). For their first one they wager 20%. They study names for a week and decide if they are dead or alive. They are given names and have to tell if they are dead or alive. They are allowed 3 misses. George misses one, Curtis misses one, and then Will Mega throws his two causing the HGs to fail the challenge

Week 3
Jul 16 - Jul 22

TASK - All HGs imitate another assigned HG. Eddie goes into the Red Room and does a striptese to imitate Jordan

TASK - HGs all sit and paint someone on the bicycle to capture the week long food challenge on canvas

FOOD - Week Long - Le Tour De Big Brother - Wager 50% - Win
Ride stationery bicycle for a combined total of 1000 miles

Week 4
Jul 23 - Jul 29

TASK - Put the issue of flag burning on trial (each HG assigned a different role of the court).

TASK - Balloon Toss
HGs divide into three teams and toss water balloons across the pool to each other
  • Blue Team - Eddie, George, and Cassandra
  • White Team - Karen, Jordan, and Brittany
  • Yellow Team - Curtis, Josh, and Jamie
The blue team wins (nothing)

FOOD - Week Long - The Domino Affect - Wager 20% - Win
Set up 12,100 dominoes to fall when BB gives signal making a picture of the Big Brother logo

Week 5
Jul 30 - Aug 5

TASK - HGs host a roast for Curtis and Jordan who are up for banishment

FOOD - Week Long - Wager 30% - Fail
Six HGs have to jump rope together 10 times. The rope turners have to recite a poem written by the HGs while they jump

Click to see: BB1 Jump Rope Food Challenge

Week 6
Aug 6 - Aug 12

TASK - Create a daytime talk show Jerry Springer style

LIVE CHALLENGE - Pick a HG to make a 60 sec phone call
HGs choose George

TASK - HGs are told a new HG is coming in and Karen is told to go into the Red Room to get him/her. There she finds a pug named Chiquita. (Interesting note: real small distance from red room to outside compared to the hall the HGs have now.) While still on the live show, Chiquita gets sat on by George and then goes outside and falls in the pool. Josh jumps in to save her. Welcome to Big Brother, Chiquita

TASK - The 3 nominated HGs get 30 sec. to plead to America to keep them in the house

FOOD - Week Long - Pie Eating Contest - Wager 20% - Win
HGs have to bake 8 blueberry pies and 8 raspberry pies to get ready
  • Blueberries - Eddie, George, Cassandra, and Brittany
  • Raspberries - Curtis, Josh, Jamie, and Karen
Raspberries are first to eat 8 pies and get to choose how the food allowance gets spent

Week 7
Aug 13 - Aug 19

TASK - HGs play water basketball and amazingly the pool holds them all

TASK - HGs roast Cassandra, Josh, and Karen who are nominated

LIVE CHALLENGE - HGs have 3 min. to decide to watch the nominations or not. If they watch, they get a prize. HGs decide not to watch, and we never find out what the prize is

TASK - HGs stand in front of seated HG and be brutally honest about what they don't like about them. This is followed about what they like about them

FOOD - Week Long - Interstate Road Trip - Wager 20% - Win
HGs memorize all major highways. They have to tell which interstates to take to get from one city to another

Week 8
Aug 20 - Aug 26

TASK - Paint each other like animals

TASK - Sumo wrestling match - winner gets a nice prize Eddie wins the match and is led (blind folded) into the Red Room where a returning Will Mega "beats him up" for a massage. Will Mega holds up a sign for us: You can vote me out but you can't count me out!

TASK/LIVE CHALLENGE - HGs have to match quotes with HGs. Last one standing wins a special prize on the live show. The funniest thing that comes from this is that Josh is the one who said "I'd do a guy before I'd kiss him". Jamie wins the challenge. On the live show she is given 10 sec. to choose who she wants to talk to in the red room for two minutes - her mom or a famous hollywood casting director. She chooses the hollywood casting director

TASK - Baby in the mud relay race. HGs had to build their own set and then take turns crawling through the mud with the baby. They couldn't let the baby touch the mud, and at the end they had to stand up and salute

FOOD - Week Long - Dance Marathon - Wager 20% - Win
From Sunday to Friday two HGs must be dancing non stop with part of the body touching. When cued (no matter what time of day or night) ALL HGs have 30 seconds to get up and dance

Week 9
Aug 27 - Sep 2

TASK - Beauty Pageant - HGs compete for the title of Mr. Big Brother 2000 (won by Eddie) and Miss Big Brother 2000 (tied by Cassandra and Brittany). They get a fancy dinner with meals of their choice. Brittany's meal is caesar salad, lobster tail, french silk pie, and diet soda. Cassandra's meal is mixed salad, ribs (beef & pork), cajun rice, greens, beans, and chocolate shake. Eddies meal is mixed salad with ranch dressing, surf & turf (steak rare), baked potato and french fries, vanilla ice cream, and beer

TASK - HGs have to fill out a questionnaire revealing opinions of each other (most loyal, funniest, most two faced, etc.). They divide into two teams with Brittany as host and the game ends in a tie

LIVE CHALLENGE - Jamie gets a chance to cohost with Julie and do 3 tasks: Interview the HG who Jamie chooses as having the hardest time being nominated (George), introduce a video segment, and announce the banished HG (Brittany)

FOOD - Week Long - Jigsaw Puzzle - Wager 50% - I think they won
Build a puzzle with 4928 pieces by Friday. The result wasn't shown on following shows

Week 10
Sep 3 - Sep 9

TASK - Discuss whether they would be willing to split the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize money. All said "yes" except for Eddie

LIVE CHALLENGE PT 1 - HGs offered $20,000 to leave (only one can accept) and don't know a new HG named Beth will enter the house. They turn it down. They are then offered an additional $30,000 (total $50,000) to leave and turn it down again. Beth doesn't get to enter the house. She was told that she would only win $140,000 if she were to enter the house and win

LIVE CHALLENGE PT 2 - Brittany is there and HGs must decide which HG gets to talk to her. They start to choose Jamie, but Brittany jumps in and asks Josh to talk to her. She tells him to trust Curtis and Eddie, editing is pretty accurate, about the campaign from George's wife to vote out the most popular houseguests, and they are mean on the outside. Wow, talk about influence from the outside world. Josh goes back and is very selective about what he tells the other HGs

TASK - Name That Price - HGs name price of item another hg wants and must come within $1 for that HG to get it. They name prices for white t-shirt for Curtis, chocolates for George, assorted beer for Eddie, hair mayonnaise for Cassandra, disposable razors for Josh, and coffee syrup for Jamie. The show doesn't discuss who wins what if anything. It just ends with the guesses

FOOD - Week Long - Dog Agility Course - Wager 20% - Win
HGs train Chiquita to go through an obsticle course. George leads her over the box, Cassandra over the bridge, Curtis through the tunnel, Eddie over the double jump, Jamie through the cones, and Josh up and down the slide

Week 11
Sep 10 - Sep 16

LUXURY - HGs told to search the house and find a ticket to go to the Emmy Awards. Curtis finds the ticket hanging on the wall in the Red Room

LIVE CHALLENGE - Write a message to be sent over to the banner flyer guy, made, and flown over the house by the end of the show (a way to answer all the banners they have seen). They sent "Live long and prosper - GAB" (GAB is George's initials)

LIVE CHALLENGE - Two live shows this week - Each HG has a chance to call home from the Red Room with following rules: 5 minutes total time and the clock doesn't stop. The HGs go in alphabetical order, and have to dial, connect, talk, hang up, and leave the room before the next one enters. Josh was last and had 1 min. 18 sec. to talk but couldn't get connected until there were only 18 sec. left. Here are the times the HGs left:
  • Curtis - 4:09
  • Eddie - 3:18
  • George - 2:47
  • Jamie - 1:18
  • Josh - :00
FOOD - Week Long - Juggling Contest - Wager 50% - Failed
More than two balls were dropped, and Jamie and George didn't have balls in the air at all times

Week 12
Sep 17 - Sep 23

TASK - Write lyrics to the Big Brother theme song

TASK - Find Chiquita - the one who finds her gets to announce the weather on the local tv channel. Josh found her in the storage room

LIVE CHALLENGE - HGs have to decide which banished HG they want to come back into the house. After watching clips from each, they pick Cassandra (who shows up during the following live show and leaves before it ends)

TASK - Play the Big Brother Board Game

FOOD - Week Long - Is It News or Not - Wager 50% - Win
HGs have to guess if statements were in the news or not. For example: Nude photos of HGs have shown up on the internet

Week 13
Sep 24 - Sep 28

TASK - HGs draw cards and Josh becomes the saboteur to "manipulate some aspect of life in the house". He sets the potato clock back 1/2 hr every day for a few days. The others must try to guess who it is and what they are doing. One of the times Josh sets it back in front of everyone and they don't catch it, but later Curtis guesses and wins the Trinitron 32" flat screen TV that has been used through the season on the live shows

LIVE CHALLENGE - Final 3 HGs have 30 seconds to go to the red room and tell who they think should win and why. Curtis says himself, Eddie says Josh, and Josh says Eddie. After the show, they have a good laugh because Eddie winked at Julie and heard the audience laugh and Josh called Julie "Babe"

BB1 Houseguests

Brittany Petros

25 - Robinsdale, MN
Pharmaceutical Saleswoman
Brittany Petros
7th Place - 4th Banished
Nominated for Banishment 1 Time

Mystic Games Famous People
Brittany on Facebook
Brittany on Facebook (Private)
Brittany on Twitter
Brittany at Linkedin
Brittany at IMDb
Brittany at Wikipedia
Big Brother Top 20 - Brittany Petros

Cassandra Waldon

37 - Havre de Grace, MD
Communications Specialist for a
United Nations Development Program
Cassandra Waldon
6th Place - 5th Banished
Nominated for Banishment 3 Times

Jelani Testimonials
Cassandra at IMDb
Cassandra at Wikipedia

Chicken George Boswell aka Chicken Man

41 - Rockford, IL
Chicken George Boswell
5th Place - 6th Banished
Nominated for Banishment 2 Times

Chicken George on Facebook
Chicken George on Twitter
Chicken George on eBay
George at IMDb
George at Wikipedia
Big Brother Meets Project Runway
Chicken George's Dental Visit

Curtis Kin

28 - Los Angeles, CA
Curtis Kin
3rd Place - 8th Banished - $50,000
Nominated for Banishment 6 Times
Trip to the Emmy Awards

Stanford Magazine - Alums Cast on Reality Shows
Interesting Haiku at Asian American
Brains On Trial - Curtis the Prosecutor
Is Our Curtis A Judge?
Six Judges Appointed - Courthouse News
Brown Names 11 to Superior Courts
Curtis at IMDb
Curtis at Wikipedia

Eddie McGee

21 - Long Island, NY
Student University of Tesas at Arlington
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Eddie McGee
Winner - $500,000
Nominated for Banishment 5 Times

The Human Race - starring Eddie
Eddie on Facebook
Eddie on Twitter
Eddie on MySpace
Eddie at IMDb
Eddie at Wikipedia
Short film starring Eddie - The Angel
Eddie stars in Enemy by Fozzy video
Eddie on Guiding Light
Eddie on Law and Order
Eddie McGee ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jamie Kern

23 - Seattle, WA
Miss Washington USA 2000
Jamie Kern
4th Place - 7th Banished
Nominated for Banishment 2 Times

Women Entrepreneurs
It Cosmetics
From TV Anchor to $75 Million Makeup Maverick
"Some Girls Have All the Luck" - Jamie and new husband
Jamie on Facebook
It Cosmetics on Facebook
It Cosmetics on Twitter
Jamie at Linkedin
Jamie at IMDb
Jamie at Wikipedia
Jamie on QVC

Jordan aka Jean Jordan

26 - Roanoke, VA
Writer/Exotic Dancer
Jean Jordan
9th Place - 2nd Banished
Nominated for Banishment 2 Times

Jordan at Wikia
Jordan at ONTD (Oh No They Didn't)
Jordan on Facebook
Jordan on Twitter
Jordan at Google Plus
Jordan YouTube Channel
Jordan at IMDb
Jordan at Wikipedia

Josh Souza aka Sloshy Joshy

23 - Miami, FL
Civil Engineering Student at CalPoly
Josh Souza
Runner-Up - 9th Banished - $100,000
Nominated for Banishment 4 Times

Josh at About Me
Leadership at O2Media
Employees Biography at O2Media
Ocean Models Splashes Into Miami Beach Marina
Josh at Stage32
Josh at LinkedIn
Josh at IMDb
Josh at Wikipedia

Karen Fowler

43 - Quincy, IL
Mother of 4
Karen Fowler
8th Place - 3rd Banished
Nominated for Banishment 1 Time

Karen on Facebook
Karen at IMDb
Karen at Wikipedia

Will Mega Collins aka William aka Hiram Ashantee

27 - Philadelphia, PA
Youth Councelor
Will Mega Collins
10th Place - 1st Banished
Nominated for Banishment 1 Time

Will Mega on Facebook
Will Mega on Twitter
Will Mega at IMDb
Will Mega BB All Star Season 7

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Big Brother 1 Videos and Tributes
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My BB1 HGs Tribute
Introduction Music to BB1
Chicken Man George Blasts Off
Josh saves Chiquita from drowning on Live TV
Finding Chiquita Challenge
Chiquita gets banished from BB1 US (2000)
HGs Writing New Words to the BB Theme Song
Anti George Banner Plane
Curtis Walks In On Brittany
The AOL Lady
Dr Drew Pinsky - Health & Relationship
Jordan Has a Meltdown
HGs Play Truth or Dare
Julie's First "But First"?
First BB USA Nominations
HGs React to First Nominations
Sloshy Josh Dancing
Trinitron Dance
Eddie Wins a Massage w/ a Twist
Jerry Springer BB Style
HGs dance to 60s-Style Music
Mega and Eddie Argument

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Feeds Were Free!
Free Feeds
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First in the House
First - Cassandra Waldon
Cassandra Waldon First In


Chiquita Pugita

The Chickens

Memory Wall

Memory wall wasn't in the house

Weekly Guests
Weekly Guest - Dr Drew Pinsky
Dr Drew Pinsky
Health & Relationship Specialist

Weekly Guest - Regina Lewis the AOL Lady
Regina Lewis - The AOL Lady

Visitor - Ian O'Malley
Ian O'Malley gave a tour of the BB House

Visitor - Art Manteris
Art Manteris - Las Vegas Odds Maker
    • Will Mega 100-1
    • Karen 60-1
    • Brittany 40-1
    • Jamie 20-1
    • Cassandra 15-1
    • Curtis 10-1
    • George 8-1
    • Josh 4-1
    • Jordan 3-1
    • Eddie 5-2
Visitor - Anthony Sepulveda
Anthony Sepulveda - great casting director

Visitor - Anthony Sepulveda
Security Guard - escorted Anthony Sepulveda out after Jamie's 2 minutes were up

Walk from the DR

There's no hallway like the other seasons

Table for 10

Chess Set

Almost a HG
Beth - Almost HG
Beth - set to go in if HGs took money to leave

Memorable Moments

HGs Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Whatever happened to this rule?

Julie - BB1 - Day 1
Jul 5, 2000 - Wednesday
BB airs 5 days a week for half an hour
(an hour on live shows)

The crowd outside awaits the arrival of the HGs like we do through the whole first show

HGs have a police escort to the BB house

Ian's tour through the house - look
at that itty bitty kitchen!

LOL - look at the itty bitty fridge

The bathroom is itty bitty too. They were allowed 2 hrs of hot water each day total for 10 HGs

The convoy is almost to the house

Each HG arrives in a separate SUV

Julie welcomes the HGs - look
at their metal BB Bags

HGs walk through the crowd

HGs hug their families and tell them goodbye

Long walk to the BB House

HGs finally enter the house

Will turns around and says "YAH!" "YAH!"

Jordan enters a bedroom and looks like
"WTF am I doing here"

Picking beds - the girls kick Will Mega out because they want this to be the girls room

I don't remember Brittany's hair having all of these colors in it - I just remembered it being pink. It must be the new HD TVs

HGs had to really work for their food - like working in the garden or finding clues
hidden in the garden

The girls talk about the shallowness of beauty pageants. They don't know that Jamie is the current Miss Washington

Will Mega teaches George the chicken dance and names him The Chicken Man

The garden, the chickens, and the BY
The grass looks real

Mega Curtis Jamie Josh Jordan
Hanging out by the pool

Will Mega tells Cassandra he thinks he doesn't fit in and will be first to be banished

HGs are crying one of the chickens got her head caught and looks like she is dying. They leave her in the red room to be sent to the vet

Mega thinks the HGs have lost their dang minds over the sick chicken. He says they will then come in and eat dead cow and dead fish

The HGs find the chicken is back from the vet with medication and instructions for her care

The chicken isn't supposed to be with the other chickens for awhile, so they set her by the chickens so she won't be lonely

The HGs paint Agnes's (new name
for the sick chicken) toenails (or
whatever they are called on a chicken)

Will Mega sets up the table with chairs, masks off the wall, flowers, etc. He tells the others that it's a BB puzzle they have to solve

Will Mega is forced to apologize to HGs for making up the BB puzzle

Eddie and George are going to cook for us

Eddie cracks George and us up with his instructions on how to beat the bread

Jamie tells Curtis she is Miss Washington
Josh has known for a couple of days

We got to see lots of Red Room sessions. They hate us now and won't let us see unless it's the edited version for the show

HGs gather for the first live show and the first banishment (Will Mega)

Karen and Eddie herd the chickens
back into their coop

The BB1 washing machine

The BB1 dryer

HGs get to step outside and wave at people
during the first eviction of Will Mega

Ian O'Malley interviews Will Mega after
he leaves the house and before he goes
in to be interviewed by Julie

The love bed is built in the living room
so HGs can sleep together and cuddle
per Brittany's wishes

Brittany cuddles with Curtis in the new love bed. BB didn't want them on the floor, so they pushed two beds together

Brittany and Jordan goof for the camera

HGs get the first ever BB BBQ

Chicken George and Cassandra host a
TV demonstration to set up the BB BBQ

The BBQ of BB1

Curtis tangles with the BBQ - he burns
himself and can't get it started

Jordan's exercise class in the hall

Jordan's exercise class in the BY

Cassandra is tired and knocks
down a few dominoes

Cassandra tries to fix the few and
knocks down more dominoes

More dominoes fall down

And even more dominoes fall down

After that fiasco HGs manage to finish
the task on time and win 20% more of
their food budget (that's like about $20
bucks more of food for all that work)

BB flew families of the nominated HGs each week to be there to greet the banished HG

Weekly AOL polls featured by The AOL Lady

Mr Corn and Mr Cucumber
Curtis (Mr Corn) to Josh (Mr Cucumber): "For a cucumber you are not that big. You may as well be corn if you are small like us"

Table for 12,100
They get a new table for the 12,100 piece puzzle they have to build

Could BB get a bigger pool?

Josh now likes Jamie because Brittany
and Jordan compared notes. Karen tells
Josh he'd better not go there

HGs drinking and having fun on the table

George and Eddie and their homemade beer

First batch of homemade brew is ready

David Letterman can't figure out why
BB would banish the stripper

George talks to the BY camera

HGs practice for the jump rope food challenge

Group hug after Jordan is evicted. The HG think
all the people causing tension and fighting are
gone and everyone will get along now....
that lasts about 5 minutes

We meet Chiquita (mentioned on the last
live show that a new HG is coming)

How can they HGs not love the new
HG who farts and snores

Enter Chiquita the new Housedog

Regina Lewis (the AOL Lady) introduces the new AOL poll for the week: Who's life will Chiquita affect the most

Karen enters the Red Room to bring in
the new HG with her own BB Suitcase

Josh jumps in, clothes and mic and
all, to save Chiquita after she falls
in the pool on the live show

Eddie to Chiquita: "Don't write
checks your a$$ can't cash"

Chiquita is trying to find someone to
give her some scraps - no takers

Karen reads letters from her kids

Karen doesn't believe that's an internet
camera and keeps flipping the bathroom
open. She thinks we can't see her

Fence around the pool was built after
Chiquita fell in on her first day

After matching comments to HG - Who Said It, HGs laugh about Josh's comment. They try to make him feel better and end up making him feel worse. His comment was "I'd do a guy before I'd kiss him"

HGs given the AOL poll results for popularity. (So much for no outside influence)
    • Brittany won with 33%
    • George - 17%
    • Cassandra - 12%
    • Eddie, Jamie, and Josh - 10%
    • Curtis - 8%

Mud fight after Baby in the Mud task

George makes a butt cake for his talent
in the BB pageant

Another banner plane (see next photo)

"Vote George - Save Brittany"

The local radio station and Rockford, IL. unite and vote Brittany to be banished. That's Teresa (George's wife) making her votes

HGs hug Brittany when she's banished

Josh is upset after Brittany is evicted

George makes a Happy 22nd
"ANNIVERARSY" sign for Teresa

Curtis points out the correct spelling,
and George fixes his sign

George finds candy on the ground that's being fired over the wall, and he tastes it

Eddie bangs pots and pans at Cassandra

HGs hear the megaphone lady over the fence: "Wednesday Big Brother will offer you money to leave. Don't take it. It's a trick"

Ready for combat after hearing Megaphone Lady and seeing all the banner planes

Beth waits to see if she gets to replace a HG. The HGs turn down the money, so Beth doesn't go in. The HGs weren't told she would go in if anyone walked

HGs are shown parts of their audition tapes

George is frustrated with the banner planes and sends them a message. For the life of me, I can't figure out what it says

Eddie's bed is almost more decorated than HOH rooms in following seasons

George teaches Jamie the chicken dance

"Josh knows why we fly anti George banners". Josh hadn't told HGs what Brittany told him when she talked to him on the live show

The HGs try to keep George from reading the banner that's flying over (see above photo)

HGs enjoy the sky over the BB house

Eddie offers me some pizza

George has an epiphany: "BB was trying to break us all apart. If we all walk out as one, we are all winners. This rule book, you might as well wipe your butt on it. We ALL have to go, but I'll bet we walk out as winners"

HGs all agree to buy into George's plan
to walk on Wednesday

On banishment day, HGs can't walk out to the front porch anymore. They have to say their goodbye at the door

HGs read another banner plane. George and Jamie are getting lots of negative banners lately

George finds an easy way to wash the dishes

Jamie interviews Chicken George before he attempts to blast himself out of the BB house

Curtis and Josh react to George's answer about wanting to blast out of the house. "I've been nominated 4 times." (All 4 HGs nominated him)

George blasts off in his space ship/the shower

Chicken George falls I mean
exits the space capsule

Lots of pugs

HGs have a great laugh at George's tattoo.
He wrote "MA" while looking in a
mirror and it came out "AM"

Chicken George suspects he's going
to be banished and makes a sign:
"George needs a job! For Sale 92 Ford
Pickup See Chicken George"

Jerry Hider the banner guy. Price for
flying a banner was $300 an hour

HGs listen to the live crowd after eviction

Julie tells George that So. Vermont College has offered his daughter a full 4 yr scholarship

Southern Vermont College

Curtis and Eddie put the TV monitor back in the Red Room after the Live show. Future BB houses had a permanent monitor on the wall and didn't have to deal with this

The HGs think George sent the banner because of the spelling. "Hi all - Chickanman Lives!" Interesting note: When Chicken George was on BB7 All Stars, he was telling how he went to work for the banner plane guy - making banners

Doing the Trinitron dance

"Trinitron - Trinitron"

"Thirty-two inches"

"Flat Screen"


Julie announced there would be two HGs banished. First was Chiquita. They have 2 minutes to say "bye"

Chiquita's exit. If you look close, you can see the doggy door that she was shoved out of

Chiquita adopted by husband/wife BB
staff members Shane and Alisa
(forgive my spelling if wrong)

Final America's choice for the season
Who should win? - $.99 a call

The final 3 have one kick azzzzz celebration

Curtis dyes Sloshy Josh's hair (and
his own hands) blue

Banished HGs come back from the
outside world and talk to Julie

Chicken George, Jordan, and Will Mega

Karen and Brittany

Jamie and Cassandra

Interesting trivia fact - the grocery bill for
the whole season was $2,303.71

Final two wish each other luck

Julie enters the house to talk to F2
and give them the final results

That's a wrap!!!
Cast and a couple of other guys at FOTH

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