ATTWX's Big Brother 11

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB11 2009
High School Cliques

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

July 9 (Wed) - The Wedgie - Jessie HOH

Julie introduces the season twist - HGs are put in cliques and a former HG has a chance to enter the house and compete if the team they represent is the winner.
  • Brian Hart BB10 - Brains Clique (Michele, Ronnie, Chima)
  • Jessica Hughbanks BB8 - Popular Clique (Jordan, Braden, Laura)
  • Cowboy (Michael) Ellis BB5 - Offbeat Clique (Casey, Lydia, Kevin)
  • Jessie Godderz BB10 - Athlete Clique (Russell, Natalie, Jeff)
Order they let go of toilet seats: Michelle, Ronnie, Lydia, Jordan, Kevin, Jeff, Chima, Casey, Laura, Braden (Natalie & Russell from same team hang for the win causing us to be stuck with Jessie BB10 going back in).

Week 2

July 12 (Sun) - Chima and Lydia nominated

July 14 (Tue) - Pop Goes the Veto - Russell POV
Used to remove Lydia - Braden nominated

HGs dig in gooshy zits and find letters. The HG who spells the longest word correctly is the winner.
  • Jessie: C O N T I N O U S L Y (spelled wrong)
  • Natalie: L A S T
  • Chima: S U P E R_ _ _I A L I T Y
  • Russell: S H O T G U N (Wins with 7 letters)
  • Jeff: T E C T R O N I C S
  • Lydia: C I_I_L I Z A_T I O N
July 16 (Thu) - Braden evicted 6-5
Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michele, and Casey voted to evict Chima
Jessie as HOH broke the tie by voting out Braden

And Then There Were 12

Most Likely To... - Ronnie HOH

Week 3

Jul 19 (Sun) - Laura and Jeff nominated

Jul 21 (Tue) - Big Brother Mint - Jeff POV
Used to remove himself - Jordan nominated
Natalie won a slop pass, and Ronnie won $1.50 that he found trapped in his butt cheeks when he went to shower.

Jul 23 (Thu) - Laura evicted 8-1
Natalie voted to evict Jordan

And Then There Were 11

Buzzworthy - Jessie HOH

  • Jeff - 6
  • Jessie - 6
  • Kevin - 5
  • Russell - 5
  • Michele - 4
  • Chima - 3
  • Natalie - 2
  • Casey - 1
  • Lydia - 1
  • Jordan - 0
Jeff and Jessie throw again to break the tie. Jeff gets 3 and Jessie gets 6 and HOH

Week 4

Jul 26 (Sun) - Jordan and Michele nominated

Jul 28 (Tue) - When Pigs Fly - Michele POV
Used to remove herself - Casey nominated

  • Michele - 35 pts to get POV
  • Jessie - 31 pts and $2,500
  • Jordan - 24 pts
  • Casey - 22 pts, Margarita Party, Banana Suit for a week
  • Jeff - 22 pts

Jul 30 (Thu) - Casey evicted 7-1
Russell voted to evict Jordan

And Then There Were 10

GAME CHANGE TIME: Teams Dissolved and Coup D'Etat Announced

Big Brother Graduation - Endurance

Week 5

Aug 2 (Sun) - Russell HOH
First 5 off get to choose a present
  • Kevin - 21 min - $5,000
  • Lydia - 25 min - 42" flat screen tv
  • Ronnie - 46 min - nothing
  • Natalie - 49 min - nothing
  • Jordan - 1 hr 37 min - auto HAVE person and chooses HAVE-NOTS (Jessie, Natalie, Kevin)
  • Chima - 2 hr 22 min
  • Michele - 2 hr 41 min
  • Jeff - 3 hr 38 min

Lydia and Ronnie nominated

Aug 4 (Tue) - Vini Vidi Veto - Michelecus POV
not used

Aug 6 (Thu) - Ronnie evicted 4-3
Chima, Natalie, and Jessie voted to evict Lydia

And Then There Were 9

Say What? - Chima HOH

Based on fans calling in and "keeping them up all night" until midnight. (Ed. note: The fishies didn't have anything to do with the comp - they were just random or hiding something a couple of times)

Week 6

Aug 9 (Sun) - Lydia and Russell nominated

Aug 11 (Tue) - One SpEGGtacular Veto Competition
Kevin POV - not used

Aug 13 (Thu) - Jeff used the Coup D'Etat - Natalie and Jessie nominated

Jessie evicted 3-2
Lydia and Russell voted to evict Natalie

And Then There Were 8

Hit The Road - Michele HOH

Week 7

Aug 16 (Sun) - Chima and Natalie nominated

Aug 18 (Tue) - Something fishy happened - Chima Disappeared (Was it DOR or Ejection?)
According to the show, Chima was ejected after throwing her microphone into the hot tub, refusing to wear mic, refusing to go to DR when called, threatening production with messing up the live show if the Coup D'Etat was used, etc

And Then There Were 7

T-Off - BB's First HOH Invitational Golf Tournament
(also a luxury competition - see below for prizes)
Jordan HOH

Lydia and Natalie nominated

Aug 20 (Thu) - DOUBLE EVICTION planned, but Chima's ejection changed it

Before or After - Jordan POV
not used

Lydia evicted 3-1
Kevin voted to evict Natalie

And Then There Were 6


Week 8

Aug 23 (Sun) - Jeff HOH
Two low scores become Have-Nots for the week

Natalie and Kevin nominated

Aug 25 (Tue) - Otev The Ape - Jeff POV
Casey was the voice of Otev. Veto used to remove Kevin

Russell nominated

Aug 27 (Thu) - Russell evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

The S'more The Merrier - ENDURANCE
Fill 16 gallon bowl with 9 oz cup of hot chocolate

Week 9

Aug 30 (Sun) - Kevin HOH

Jeff and Michele nominated

Sep 1 (Tue) - Martians Are From Mars - HGs Are From Veto - Michele POV
Used to remove herself - Jordan nominated

It's the Morphomatic! Faces were:
Kevin/Casey - Ronnie/Lydia - JORFF
Natalie/Michele - Jessie/Laura - Braden/Russell
  • Michele - 1:52
  • Natalie - 2:55
  • Jeff - 3:01
  • Kevin - 3:05
  • Jordan - 5:09
Sep 03 (Thu) - Jeff evicted 2-1
Michele voted Jordan and Natalie voted Jeff ending in a tie. Kevin as HOH voted for Jeff

And Then There Were 4

Fact Or Fiction - Natalie HOH

Week 10

Sep 6 (Sun) - Kevin and Michele nominated

Sep 8 (Tue) - There Ain't No Party Like A Veto Block Party
Kevin POV
used to remove himself - Jordan nominated

Michele evicted by Kevin

And Then There Were 3

Log Jam - Pt 1 of HOH - ENDURANCE

Sep 10 (Thu) - Kevin wins Pt 1
  • Jordan - 3 hr 27 min
  • Natalie - abt 10 min after Jordan
Heads Will Roll - Pt 2 of HOH
Jordan wins Pt 2 against Natalie (9-5)

Week 11

Sep 15 (Tue) - Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH
Jordan HOH

Kevin and Natalie automatically nominated

Kevin evicted by Jordan

And Then There Were 2

Jordan Winner 5-2
America's key went in last and got read first for Jordan
Kevin and Russell voted for Natalie

And Then There Were 0


Week 1


Week 2

July 12 (Sun) FOOD - Have And Have Not
Teams connect pipes to make neon water run to the end and spin the wheel. Athletes (Blue) don't have to compete and get to stay in a nice room. Offbeats (Orange) come in first, Populars (Yellow) come in second. Brains (Green) lose and are put on slop, have to take cold showers, and stay in the "Have Not" bedroom all week.

Week 3

Jul 19 (Sun) LUXURY - The Ugly Truth About What Men and Women Think
Dan from BB10 hosts. Guys against girls answer questions about each hg. Casey wins for the gus, and Chima wins for the girls. They get to watch the movie The Ugly Truth, and they (Chima) pick the Popular Clique to be Have-Nots (be on slop, take cold showers, and stay in the grey bedroom all week)

Week 4

Jul 26 (Sun) FOOD - Bev-Rage
One person from each team plays (athletes are safe so don't have to). Chima (Brains), Jordan (only Popular), and Kevin (Offbeats) drive electric keg cars wearing drunk goggles and collect hanging ice cubes (one at a time). They throw them into the barrel of other teams. Brains end up with the most cubes and become Have-Nots for the week
  • Offbeats - 12 cubes
  • Popular - 11 cubes
  • Brains - 13 cubes

What do you want the Have-Nots to eat with their slop? Cabbage and Cocktail Weenies

  • sauerkraut and seeweed
  • cabbage and cocktail weenies
  • pickled eggs & pickled herring
Week 5

What do you want the Have-Nots to eat with their slop? Squash and Squid

  • squash and squid
  • brussels sprouts and borscht
  • liverwurst and black licorice

Who do you want to get the Coup D'Etat? Jeff

Week 6

Aug 9 (Sun) - LUXURY - Used Car Salesmen and Women
Jeremy Piven rings the doorbell and enters. Winning team gets to watch his new movie The Goods. Teams stuff cars with junk scattered around the yard (point values on each item). Chima as HOH gets to watch the movie and picks a check because she chooses the correct team to win

  • Shirts: Jordan, Natalie, Jessie, Russell - Winners - become the Haves, and choose commission checks for a chance to win a money prize. Russell draws the largest commission check and wins $10,000. The others don't win their checks (Chima $8,500, Natalie $9,999, Jessie $7,500, and Jordan $5,000)
  • Ties: Jeff, Kevin, Lydia, Michele - Losers - They become the Have-Nots for the week

Week 7

Aug 16 (Sun) FOOD - Chaosserole
Teams work together to find matching casseroles for each day of the week for food, hot showers, and the BBQ grill. They failed to match pies on Monday (leaving them to eat slop), and failed to win the steak and lobster dinner. They won the rest of the week for food, hot showers, and the BBQ grill.
  • JORFF - Blue
  • Michele/Russell - Yellow
  • Lydia/Kevin - Green
  • Chima/Natalie - Red

What do you want the Have-Nots to eat with their slop? Jalapeno Peppers and Pepperoni (all HGs but Natalie with her slop pass had this for Monday only)
  • jalapeno peppers and pepperoni
  • squeeze cheese and kimchi
  • sweet pickles and anchovies
Aug 18 (Tue) - LUXURY (with HOH) - T-Off - BB's 1st HOH Invitational Golf Tournament
HGs golf with highest score eliminated each round. They pick/trade prizes when eliminated. Final round was JORFF. Jeff asked Jordan if she wanted to be HOH and then knocked the ball outside the golf course
  • Lydia - wear Captain Unitard for a week
  • Natalie - phone call from home
  • Russell - spa experience
  • Kevin - $5,000
  • Jeff - Hawaiian vacation
  • Jordan - HOH

Thanks go to (c) for Russell's Spa Day cap

Week 8

What do you want the Have-Nots to eat with their slop? Churros and Chitlins
  • cucumbers and carp
  • minced meat and marshmallows
  • churros and chitlins

Week 9

Sep 1 (Tue) LUXURY - Pandora's Box
Kevin finds a room with a box in the HOH room, puts his hand in the box, and gets hancuffed in. Money starts falling outside and HGs collect it. Jeff finds a key and unlocks Kevin who joins in finding the money. They get to keep the money they grab:
  • Kevin - $626
  • Jordan - $1,726
  • Natalie - $1,904
  • Michele - $2,563
  • Jeff - $3,181

Week 10

Sep 6 (Sun) LUXURY - Big Brother Shopping Spree
Teams have 10 minutes to find 5 matching items (socks, shirts, scarf, bottoms, and hat). They both put them on and pose in their store window for a picture. The time that is left over is how long they get to shop for clothes. They shop for 3 min and 28 sec, and keep what they have on

LUXURY (For HOH only) - Pandora's Box 2
Natalie opens Pandora's Box and gets to spend 5 minutes with her boyfriend who proposes to her with a twist-tie ring. By taking this option, she can't compete in the next POV. Then she opts to push a button and gets to visit for 15 more minutes. By taking this option, the other HGs are tortured by 3 visitors for 15 minutes. They are visited by a stinky baby man, copy cat dwarf, and bug spraying roach lady.

Week 11

America is juror #7 - Who should get America's vote to win? Jordan

Who do you want to get $25,000 for favorite HG? (All HGs who didn't quit or get kicked out are in the running) - Jeff

BB11 Houseguests

Braden Bacha

28 - Santa Monica, CA
Surfer - BB Occupation
Actor/Model - True Occupation
Braden Bacha
13th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Braden on Twitter
Braden on MySpace
Braden at IMDb
Braden at Wikipedia
Braden's Full Exit Interview With Julie
Braden - Surf Instructor

Casey Turner aka Mingle Mixx

41 - Lakeland, FL
Day Job: 5th Grade Teacher
Night Job: DJ Mingle Mixx
Casey Turner
11th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Private Screening Of The Ugly Truth (choses Chima)
Margarita Party For The House
Wear Banana Suit For A Week

Mingle Mixx on Twitter
Casey Mingle Mixx on Facebook
Mingle Mixx on MySpace
Mingle Mixx's Channel on YouTube
Mingle Mixx on IMDB
Casey at Wikipedia
As DJ Mingle Mixx - Gator's Promo
MINGLE MIXX BIKINI CONTEST 2 (watch for Jessie at the end)

Chima Simone Benson aka Chia Pet

32 - West Hollywood, CA
Freelance Journalist
Chima Simone Benson
8th Place - 6th Out by Ejection
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Private Screening Of The Ugly Truth (Chosen by Casey)
Private Screening of The Goods

Chima - Hollyblogs at The Wrap
Chima on Twitter
Chima on Facebook
Chima at IMDb
Chima at Wikipedia
Chima Interviews for Hollyscoop at 2008 BET AWARDS

Jeff Schroeder aka Techtronics Guy

30 - Norridge, IL
Ad Salesman
Jeff Schroeder
5th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Coup D'Etat From America's Choice
Hawaiian Vacation
$3,181 from Pandora's Box
$25,000 for America's Favorite HG

Jeff on Twitter
Jeff on Facebook
Jeff on MySpace
Jeff at IMDb
Jeff at Wikipedia
When Jeff's Gone

Jessie Godderz

23 - Huntington Beach, CA
(via Rudd, IA)
Professional Body Builder
Jessie Godderz
9th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 2 Times (3 Total)
POV 0 Times (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)
$2,500 in POV Competition
Private Screening of The Goods

My Tribute To Jessie
Mr. Pec-Tacular
Tighty-Whitie Dude
Jessie on Linkedin
Jessie on We Love Guys
Mr. Natural Iowa 2008
Jessie on Twitter
Jessie on Facebook
Jessie on MySpace
Jessie at IMDb
Jessie at Wikipedia
WNBF Natural Pro Bodybuilder Jessie Godderz
Farewell to Jessie of Big Brother 11 (Spoof - BB11)
Mr. PEC-Tacular HEEL (Bad Guy) Wrestling Promo

Jordan Lloyd

22 - Matthews, NC
Jordan Lloyd
Winner - $500,000
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Private Screening of The Goods
Automatic "Have" and Choose 3 Have-Nots for 1 week
$1,726 from Pandora's Box

JORFF on The Amazing Race
Jordan on Twitter
Jeff and Jordan TV on Twitter
Jordan on Facebook
Jeff and Jordan TV on Facebook
Jordan on Instagram
Jeff and Jordan TV on Instagram
Jeff and Jordan TV on YouTube
Jordan at IMDb
Jordan at Wikipedia

Kevin Campbell

29 - Chula Vista, CA
Graphic Designer
Kevin Campbell
3rd Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$5,000 from Big Brother Graduation
$5,000 from T-Off Competition
$626 from Pandora's Box

Kevin on Twitter
Kevin on Facebook
Kevin at YouTube
Kevin at IMDb
Kevin at Wikipedia
Big Brother 11 Kevin Thank you!!!!!!!
funny gay guy who HEARTS scarves
funny gay guy on sesame street

Laura Crosby

21 - Atlanta, GA
Bikini Model
Laura Crosby
12th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Laura on Twitter
Laura on Facebook
Laura at IMDb
Laura at Wikipedia

Lydia Tavera

24 - Torrance, CA
Make-up Artist
Lydia Tavera
7th Place - 7th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
42" Flat Screen TV
Wear Captain Unitard Outfit For A Week

LydiaYumYum - Beyond Big Brother
Lydia on Instagram
Lydia on Facebook
Lydia on YouTube
Lydia at IMDb
Lydia at Wikipedia
What's The Deal With Lydia and Heather Mills McCartney - Hamsterwatch searches out the answer

Michele Noonan aka Crazy aka Satan
aka Worst Person Ronnie Has Ever Known

27 - Pasadena, CA
Michele Noonan
4th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$2,563 from Pandora's Box
55" Video Home Entertainment System

Michele on Facebook
Michele on MySpace
Michele's YouTube Channel
Michele on eBay
Michele on IMDB
Michele at Wikipedia
MICHELE BB11 - A Tribute

Natalie Martinez aka Scrappy Do aka nataLIE

24 (she told everyone 18) - Gilbert, AZ
Tae Kwon Do Champion
Natalie Martinez
Runner-Up - 12th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
Season Slop Pass
Phone Call From Home
$1,904 from Pandora's Box
Visit, Proposal, and Twist-Tie Engagement Ring
Private Screening Of The Goods

Natalie's Wedding Pic Posted By Kevin
Natalie on Twitter
Natalie Majeran on MySpace
Natalie at IMDb
Natalie at Wikipedia
BB11 EP07 Operation No More gNat

Ronnie Talbott

30 - Belpre, OH
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Ronnie Talbott
10th Place - 4th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated For Eviction 1 Time
$1.50 Trapped in Butt Cheeks After Big Brother Mint

Ronnie on Twitter
Ronnie on Facebook
Ronnie on MySpace
Ronnie on IMDB
Ronnie at Wikipedia

Russell Lovemuscle Kairouz aka Russell The Hustle

24 - Walnut Creek, CA
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
Russell Kairouz
6th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$10,000 - Lux Competition
Spa Treatment - T-Off Competition
Private Screening Of The Goods

Photos of Russell by Philip Alan Photography on Facebook
Russell on Instagram
Russell on IMDB
Russell at Wikipedia

Julie Chen aka Chenbot
Eating For Two Now

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Big Brother 11 Flashbacks
7/09 Quad - 9pm - Feeds fire up (fun to watch now that the season is over and impressions have been made)
7/13 F1 - 3:15am - Chima about white girls
7/25 F1 - 12am - Russell farts and laughs
7/26 F3 - 3am - Jeff talks of penguins
8/01 F3 - 2:30am - Russel & Chima plan fight
8/03 F1 - 11:10pm - Kevin/Ronnie in the funniest fight of the season
8/03 F1 - 11:40pm - Kevin blanket toss on Ronnie
8/05 Quad - 8pm - Phone-in messages
8/10 F3 - 3am - Russell shadow boxes
8/14 F1 - 10pm - Chima tosses mic
9/11 F1 - 5:48pm - Kevin hears sonic boom

Big Brother 11 Videos
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BB9 Spoilers and Updates by Madrosed Why BB9? Because I LOVE the description :)
Big Brother 11 US Farewell ( Parody )
Jeff and Jordan Tribute - Chasing Cars

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Blocked Feeds
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Twist: Which recycled HG had a chance to go in as the 13th HG

First in the House
First - Laura
Laura Crosby


Memory Wall

(should have stayed 12)

Visitor - Dan Gheesling
Dan Gheesling

Visitor - Gladiator Guy
Gladiator Guy

Visitor - Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven

Visitor - Chima's escort OUT!
Escort who showed Chima the way out

Visitor - Spa Day Lady
Spa Day Lady

Visitor - Natalie's Boyfriend Jason
Natalie's boyfriend Jason

Visitor - Stinky Baby Man
Stinky Baby Man

Visitor - Copy Cat Dwarf
Copy Cat Dwarf

Visitor - Roach Lady
Roach Lady

Walk from the DR

Table for 13

(should have stayed 12)

Table for 7

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Table for 4

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Chess Set

Jury House

Same as BB9 Jury House

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Memorable Moments

"Whether you expect the unexpected, or if you are just expecting..."

HGs Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Casey reacts to Chima's laughing at her own jokes

Julie introduces the High School Cliques Twist

The Brains:
Michele Ronnie Chima

The Populars:
Jordan Braden Laura

The Offbeats:
Casey Lydia Kevin

The Athletes:
Russell Natalie Jeff

The live feeds kick on!!!

BFFs Lydia and Jordan in lingerie

Kevin looks fabulous???

HGs talking in the B.Y.

Lydia's silver pants - put on your sunglasses

If Lydia walked in here wearing her silver pants, would she be camouflaged?

Kevin and Lydia listening in on storage room

Jordan and Jeff in the pool

Jessie's food comp suit shows his little....

The brains have to sleep in the Have-Nots room for the week

Braden sleeps with his "ele"

Braden spends his last days playing pool. Michele dresses for the occasion.

Real player lies. It says "communicating"

Jordan gives Braden and Jeff a back rub

Jeff is proud of T E C T R O N I C S

Braden the replacement nom: "Lets have a pool party"

HGs have a drum circle for entertainment

"I'm a master debater"...
(Oh my bad) .. He said "I'm a national champion for persuasive speaking"

Braden rocks the leather pants

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Braden Kevin Lydia

Chima's nasty pre-eviction speech:
"He called Kevin a beaner and you a whore, Julie. Yes he did. Anyone who votes for Braden is a bigot and a misogynist"

The live audience is back for BB11

Braden tells Julie they need to talk - she agrees

Jordan and Laura do make up - Jeff watches

Hgs are delighted to see Dan - BB10 winner

Jesssie - Not so much

Does Dan like what he sees?

Jordan trying to figure how many minutes in a quarter of an hour

HOH room set up for showing of The Ugly Truth

Chima and Casey enjoy the show

"What do you want from me? You know I can't spell. (Jeff's response to Russell after Russell yells at him and makes fun of the way he spelled technotronic)

Ronnie schemes with gummy bears

Jordan Jeff

Another fight night - many more to come. HGs compare notes and band together against Ronnie

Russell pesters Ronnie

Ronnie secluded in his hoh room for a couple of days

"America you suck. That's what I have to say"

Chima and Russell get cozy before they plan their fake fight

Chima's birthday

Lydia paints Jessie's toenails while he sleeps

Jessie hides his toes while he removes the nail polish

Michele splats on her way to pick up her POV medal

Jeff laughs at Michele's splat

Jordan laughs at Michele's splat

Casey shows his banana outfit to JORFF


Julie tries to bring up the triangle - no one will bite

Casey tells Natalie to go make Jessie a sandwich

Julie announces there are no more teams and a Coup D'Etat is coming

Russell comes down hard from the endurance comp

Chima does a 360 flip over the diploma

Itch much Jessie?

Ronnie rides the eco-friendly bicycle

Kevin and Ronnie in the funniest fight of the season. Flashback to 0803 F1 11:10 (belly bot) and 11:40 (blanket toss)

Kevin: "Can I touch-i-cus?"

Michele at POV meeting: "Ronnie, I'm going to give you the chance to lie first...I mean speak"

Jordan thinks Michele's comment was funny. I do too!

Russell and Chima are cozy in the HOH room

Russell confronts Michele. She "cannot remember that conversation"

Russell and Chima fight

JORFF makes out

JORFF watching a spider.
Jeff: "Spiders shoot web from their butt - or from their wrists like Spiderman"

Jeremy Piven addresses Kevin: "So Big Brother turned you straight?"

"Here's your big ole tuna"

Jeff drops an egg and gives the cage a good swift kick

Getting ready to watch The Goods
Chima Jessie Natalie Jordan Russell

Jeff and Russell make a deal. Why oh why didn't they stick to this plan to F4 or F2?

Jeff Stands to use the Coup D'Etat. Buh bye Jessie!!!!!!!

Julie strikes a muscle man pose (and doesn't look like a douchbag doing it like someone else we know)

Criers for Jessie tell off America for Coup D'Etat: "You're real, uh, stand up people"

Kevin thinks the criers are nuts: "O-M-G these girls act like Jessie was just ran over by a Mac Truck"

JORFF thinks the criers are going overboard over Jessie's exit: "He turned water into wine, that guy"

BB does a feature on Dae Yum Yum - Lydia's magical unicorn

JORFF gets engaged

Chima tosses her microphone into the hot tub

Allison Grodner calls Chima to the DR

Chima is met by an escort in the DR: "Alright, no need to sit down"

Buh bye Chima!!!! And good riddance. I really liked her until she started numerous comments like this: (Watch Flashback - 7/13 - Cam1 - 3:15am - starts with Natalie getting a wart)

HGs are told that Chima is gone

Shreck visits the BB house

Lydia is mad and dumps out Michele's booze

HOH Jordan reads her letter from home

Jeff talks to Michele about her brainy job: "I was impressed when I made a Lego castle...with directions"

Kevin Natalie Lydia

Lydia makes a tent for jessie. Later in an exit interview, we learn the boy needs some skills

BB show makes this scene look like they talk about sex. On the feeds, Lydia was trying to find out if Jessie told Natalie who Lydia was a nanny for (Heather Mills and Paul McCartney"s daughter Beatrice)

The beginning of the end. Kevin: "Jeff, can we talk?"

Lydia rocks the Captain Unitard outfit on the live show

Jeff is rejected for a kiss after HOH comp

Jeff is rejected for another kiss from another HOH comp

Michele watches Jeff The Gardner

Lets talk "Jeff" here. I CANNOT go up

Jordan gives Jeff a good night kiss. Now he can sleep

Are golf pants really that nuts?

Jordan is mad and belly bops Russell

Kevin wipes out on HOH comp
Natalie Jordan Michele Kevin (Jeff by HOH sign)

Jeff knows he got got

Kevin watches the spy screen

Natalie hates bugs

WTF is Julie wearing?

Jeff gets the first standing ovation for the season

Kevin wrestles the mannequin for pants, scarf, and vest

The mannequinn loses

Some accidental caps can be deceiving. Honestly, Kevin was still wrestling the manniquin for the scarf

Michele, Kevin, and Jordan don't believe Natalie's BS. Natalie told them she had to take a deal to lose the game just to be with her boyfriend

Wow - just Wow. Do I need to add Flavor Flav to the visitors section on home page?

Jordan gives some of her clothes to Michele

Gotta love show edit - scene one:
Purple bra straps hanging out

Gotta love show edit - scene two:
Pan away to another person. Pan back to NO straps

Gotta love show edit - scene three:
Next it's the twisted purple bra strap

Michele wears horns for her final plea before eviction

Ross Matthews on Inside Dish - the new Housecalls

Practice table shows up

HGs learn there will be F3 instead of F2

Past HGs visit with Julie
Evel Dick BB8-Danielle BB3-Janelle BB6-Boogie BB2

Julie cuts Natalie off from her excuses:

Natalie: It sucks Julie because this was a mental challenge, and I knew every order...blah blah blah
Julie: Yup, it was mental AND physical actually

Kevin hears a double bang (sonic boom) and doesn't know what it is. A space shuttle had to land at Edwards AFB. Watch the Flashback (9/11 F1 - 5:48pm) to hear the double bang, see camera shake, and Kevin's reaction

HGs start building a giant padded slip-n-slide. They give up after padding and decide it's the worlds largest beach towel

Final 3 Toast:
Kevin Natalie Jordan

Rerun show is supposed to show new, never-been-seen clips. Mostly it's stuff we've seen about 5 times

I sure hope Kevin ended up getting his hoodie back!!! Natalie wore it like 3 days and kept saying it was hers. Kevin got it in his HOH basket from his BF. The nerve of her wanting to take it. She should go buy her own - she got some money from the show. (End of personal rant)

Jury Duty:
Jessie Lydia Russell Michele Jeff

Final 2:
Jordan Natalie

Jury Alliance:
Jessie Lydia Russell
Kevin Jeff Michele

Early evictees who got to see the outside world:
Ronnie Casey Laura Braden

Kevin learns that Natalie is Natalie

Jordan gets Jessie's vote and 4 others

BB, could we possibly get more confetti. It's not like we want to see the winner coming out of the house or anything

That's a wrap

But first...
Thanks Julie for a great season, and congratulations and best wishes to the parents to be

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