ATTWX's Big Brother 12

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB12 2010
Summer Of Sabotage

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Before the season has even started, 1 HG has bailed

And Then There Were 13

Jul 8 (Thu) - Hot Dog, We Have a Wiener - Hayden HOH
Combined with LUXURY comp below.

Week 2

Jul 11 (Sun) - Brendon and Rachel nominated

Jul 14 (Wed) - Cinco de Mayo (may-o) - Brendon POV
Used to remove himself - Annie nominated

HGs smash pinatas full of mayo and letters to spell the longest word. Non participating HGs are seated in the line of fire of the mayo
  • Enzo (Blue) - FACTORY - 7 letters
  • Hayden (Yellow) - POSSIBLE - 8 letters
  • Monet (Orange) - CHEATERS - 8 letters
  • Rachel (Pink) - CHEMISTRY - 9 letters
  • Andrew (Purple) - PASTUERIZED - 11 letters - incorrect on purpose
  • Brendon (Green) - UNDERSTANDING - 13 letters
Jul 15 (Thu) - Annie evicted 10-0 and the Saboteur was evicted first week!

And Then There Were 12

Majority Rules - Rachel HOH

Week 3

Jul 18 (Sun) - Britney and Monet nominated

Jul 21 (Wed) - Big Brother Stock Exchange - Britney POV
Used to remove herself - Matt nominated

HG who drops their briefcase closest to an hour without going over gets POV. There was something about HGs having to spend an hour a day in the stocks in the backyard, but that didn't show up on the CBS show
  • Britney - Purple - 52 min 28 sec
  • Enzo - Yellow - 1 hr 14 sec (ouch)
  • Lane - Orange - 1:01:29 - 1 day for 1 hr in the stocks
  • Brendon - Blue - 1:06:04 - 2 days
  • Monet - Green - 1:15:06 - 3 days
  • Rachel - Pink - 1:15:07 - 4 days
Jul 22 (Thu) - Monet evicted 7-2
Britney and Kathy voted to evict Matt

And Then There Were 11


Week 4

Jul 25 (Sun) - Matt HOH

First 5 to fall are the Haves - the rest are Have Nots except for the last who is HOH. Times are estimates because the only time they aired was Ragan
  • Haves:
    • Kathy - 17 min 14 sec
    • Lane - 17 min 15 sec
    • Kristen - 19 min
    • Hayden - 25 min
    • Britney - 25 min 45 sec
  • Have Nots:
    • Enzo - 48 min
    • Brendon - 54 min
    • Andrew - 1 hr 37 min
    • Ragan - 2:15:48
Kathy and Andrew nominated

Jul 28 (Wed) - Veto of Fortune - Brendon POV
Not used

HGs study items, guess how many, and stay or fold with their guesses
  • The Amazing Enzo - Host
  • Lane the Marvelous
  • Matt the Magnificent
  • Kathy the Incredible
  • Rachel the Wonderful
  • Andrew the Great
  • Brendon the Brilliant
  • 405 fortune cookies
  • 249 candles
  • 15 ft. of black on the spiral
  • 272 tarot cards
  • 278 oz. of magic potion
  • 148 eyeballs
Jul 29 (Thu) - Andrew evicted 8-0

And Then There Were 10

Big Brother Knock Out - Rachel HOH

Week 5

Aug 1 (Sun) - Kristen and Hayden nominated

Aug 4 (Wed) - Wizards of Pinball - Britney POV
Not Used - Combined with LUXURY comp below.

Aug 5 (Thu) - Kristen evicted 6-1
Kathy voted for Hayden

And Then There Were 9

True Colors - ENDURANCE
First HG off is the only Have-Not this week

Week 6

Aug 8 (Sun) - Matt HOH

  • Kathy - 12:56 (min:sec) - Kathy makes a deal with everyone to be the only Have-Not, and doesn't ask for anything in return. They all gladly accept
  • Enzo - 26:13
  • Brendon - 36:07
  • Lane - 46:11
  • Britney - 46:20
  • Hayden - 46:29
  • Ragan - 1:10:26 (hr:min:sec)
Matt opens Pandoras Box giving him a diamond veto (power to remove a nom and choose the replacement nom in one of the next two evictions). This unleashes the 2nd saboteur into the house (Ragan accepted the offer from America)

Brendon and Rachel nominated

Aug 11 (Wed) - Lovers Lane - Britney POV
Not Used

Hosted by Jorff (Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder of BB11)
Order players were out:
  • Rachel - vs Kathy (6-7)
  • Brendon - vs Britney (3-5)
  • Enzo - vs Britney (8-9)
  • Ragan - vs Matt (7-9)
  • Kathy - vs Britney (7-8)
  • Matt - vs Britney (7-10)
Aug 12 (Thu) - Rachel evicted 6-0

And Then There Were 8

What A Tangled Web We Weave
(Comp name made up until they verify what it really was in a future competition. I hate when they don't say the name)

Kathy - Purple, Lane - Brown, Brendon - Green
Hayden - Red, Lane - Yellow, Britney - Blue
Ragan - Pinkish Purple

Week 7

Aug 15 (Sun) - Brendon HOH
HOH picks 3 Have Nots for the week: Britney, Matt, and Ragan

Lane and Ragan nominated

Aug 18 (Wed) - Zingbot 3000 - Ragan POV
Used to remove himself - Matt nominated

Brendon - Orange, Ragan - Blue, Lane - Red
Hayden - Purple, Enzo - Yellow, Kathy - Pink

Aug 19 (Thu) - Matt used Diamond POV and removed himself from block on live TV
Kathy nominated

Kathy evicted 5-0

And Then There Were 7

Big Brother Says - Britney HOH

Week 8

Aug 22 (Sun) - Brendon and Enzo nominated

Aug 25 (Wed) - Big Brother Zoo - Brendon POV
Combined with LUXURY comp below.
Used to remove himself - Matt nominated

Aug 26 (Thu) - DOUBLE EVICTION - Matt evicted 4-0

And Then There Were 6

Delivering the Goods - Hayden HOH

Which two HGs have held the title of HOH twice? Rachel and Matt
Hayden - Orange, Brendon - Green, Lane - Red, Enzo - Blue, Ragan - Yellow

Brendon and Ragan nominated

Before or After - Ragan POV
Used to remove himself - Britney nominated

Brendon evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

Week 9

Aug 29 (Sun) - Big Brother Blackjack - Lane HOH

HGs get 5 shots to get 21. The HG who takes the most shots is out for the round
  • Round 1 - Britney out
  • Round 2 - Enzo out
  • Round 3 - Ragan out
Ragan and Enzo nominated

Sep 1 (Wed) - OTEV - The Broadway Clam - Enzo POV
Used to remove himself - Hayden nominated

Order they left: Lane, Hayden, Britney, and Ragan making Enzo POV

Sep 2 (Thu) - Ragan evicted 2-0

And Then There Were 4

Big Brother Christmas

Hayden is first to put 18 ornaments and a star on his tree through chicken wire. Britney - Gold, Enzo - Purple, Hayden - Silver

Week 10

Sep 5 (Sun) - Hayden HOH

Britney and Lane nominated

Sep 8 (Wed) - Big Brother Marquee - Hayden POV
Not used

Britney evicted by Enzo

And Then There Were 3

Rumble in the Big Brother Jungle

Sep 9 (Thu) - Hayden wins Pt 1
  • Enzo - 19 min 14 sec
  • Lane - 2 hr 35 min
It's Alive - Pt 2 of HOH - SKILL
Enzo and Lane (losers from Pt 1) guess the faces

Morphomatic (or as they call it - Frankensteined). Lane wins Pt 2
  • Lane - 5 correct - 1 min 13 sec
  • Enzo - 5 correct - 1 min 43 sec

    • Andrew and Kathy
    • Britney and Matt
    • Brendon and Rachel
    • Kristen and Monet
    • Ragan and Annie
Week 11

Sep 12 (Sun) - Review show

Sep 15 (Wed) - FINALE

Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH
How well do Hayden and Lane (winners of pt 1 and pt 2) know the jury

Hayden HOH - 6-5 - with tie breaker

Enzo and Lane automatically nominated

Enzo evicted by Hayden

And Then There Were 2

Hayden Winner 4-3

Rachel, Brendon, and Britney vote for Lane
Kathy, Ragan, Matt, and Enzo vote for Hayden

And Then There Were 0


Week 1

July 8 (Thu) - LUXURY - Hot Dog, We Have a Wiener
Combined with HOH comp above

Teams ride wieners across a grill while being squirted with mustard and catsup. The winning team gets prizes according to the order they get across the grill.
  • Red Team - winners:
    • Monet - $10,000
    • Lane - $1,000
    • Kristen - $100
    • Britney - $10
    • Matt - $1
    • Hayden - HOH
  • Yellow Team - Have Nots - Brendon, Rachel, Kathy, Ragan, Annie, and Enzo
  • Andrew as mascot doesn't compete. He is safe from eviction the first week

Week 2

Jul 11 (Sun) - FOOD - Sweet Tooth Fairy ... er I mean Sweet Tooth

Teams crawl through carmel and find 8 teeth hidden in the popcorn
  • Green - Team Plaque Attack - Winners or Haves (Andrew, Annie, Kristen, Brendon)
  • Pink - Team Belly Achers - 2nd or Haves (Monet, Lane, Enzo, Britney)
  • Blue - Team Holy Molars - Have Nots with cold showers, funky room, and no food for the week (Matt, Kathy, Ragan, Rachel)
Jul 15 (Thu) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Who's the SABOTEUR? America thought Kathy, but it was Annie.

Week 3

Jul 18 (Sun) - FOOD - BB Stick 'Em Up

Teams have 10 minutes to tape one HG from their team to a wall - then they try to squirt water to knock them off. Winning team picks 4 players to be the Have Nots for the week
  • Blue - 33 min 17 sec: Ragan (taped to wall), Rachel, Kristen, Lane
  • Green - 78 min 25 sec: Britney (taped to wall), Enzo, Monet, Brendon
  • Orange - winners: Kathy (taped to wall), Andrew, Matt, Hayden - they picked the green team to be Have Nots
AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Fruit Cake and Fish Sticks

  • Taffy and Tuna
  • Catfish and Candy Corn
  • Fruit Cake and Fish Sticks
Week 4

Jul 25 (Sun) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Baby Food and Bok Choy

  • Sardines and Sauerkraut
  • Prunes and Pate
  • Baby Food and Bok Choy
Week 5

Aug 1 (Sun) - LUXURY - Big Brother Cop Course

The team finishing the cop course in the shortest amount of time sees The Other Guys with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr, and Michael Keaton (to name a few)
  • Yellow - 2 min 18 sec: Kristen, Kathy, and Ragan
  • Red - 52 sec: Lane, Matt, and Britney
  • Green - 47 sec: Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden are the winners and watch with Rachel the HOH

Aug 4 (Wed) - LUXURY - Wizards of Pinball
Combined with POV comp above

Order they went out and prize they ended up with after trading:
  • Kristen - wear hippie-tard for a week
  • Ragan - veto ticket - guaranteed to play in the next POV competition
  • Enzo - 42" Flat Screen TV - 3D
  • Rachel - $5,000
  • Hayden - Solitary Confinement for 24 hrs (was only there for 18 hrs)
  • Britney - POV
Aug 5 (Thu) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Since the Saboteur twist flopped, we need to try it again. Which HG do you want to be the new Saboteur for 2 weeks (and win $20,000 if successful): Ragan

Week 6

Aug 8 (Sun) - Ragan accepts the challenge of being Saboteur (given to him by America's Choice)

Week 7

Aug 15 (Sun) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Egg Plants and Escargots

  • Bologna and Bran Muffin
  • Egg Plants and Escargots
  • Turnips and Tofu
Aug 18 (Wed) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box 2

Brendon opens Pandora's Box thinking he will get to see Rachel. He gets 24 hrs away, a fancy dinner, and a massage. Rachel comes back to the BB House for the 24 hours

Week 8

Aug 22 (Sun) - FOOD - The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

The team members each take a shot, one of them is nasty, and the other team has to guess who got the nasty drink. Each team gets 3 shots and high score wins. Lawmen win 2-1
  • Lawmen - Have Nots - Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon
  • Outlaws - win - Matt, Lane, and Ragan
AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Broccoli and Bean Dip

  • Artichokes and Anchovies
  • Broccoli and Bean Dip
  • Prunes and Pimento Loaf

Aug 25 (Wed) - LUXURY - Big Brother Zoo
Combined with POV comp above.

How bad do you want it type comp. HGs start with 50 pts. Penalties add points and luxury prizes subtract points
  • Dunk in chum bath every hr for 24 hrs - 5 pts - Brendon
  • Handcuffed to HG of choice for 24 hrs - 7 points - Brendon (chose Britney)
  • Phone call from home - minus 6 pts - Lane
  • Be Have Not for 3 wks - 11 pts - Brendon
  • Shave head (or dye hair pink if female) - 6 pts - Brendon
  • Wear penguin suit for 1 wk - 10 pts - Enzo
  • Hawaiian vacation - minus 11 pts - Hayden
  • Pass from being Have Not for summer - 8 pts - NO ONE
  • $5,000 - points of choice - Hayden (lost 25 points)
  • Clothes given to charity - 13 pts - Enzo
Final points: Brendon 79 pts, Enzo 73 pts, Matt 50 pts, Britney 50 pts, Lane 44 pts, and Hayden 14 pts

(ed. note: As usual, BB shaved off time from the 24 chum baths and hand cuffs. They started when it was dark - they should have ended when it was dark. It was more like 15 hrs)

LUXURY - Pandora's Box 3

Britney is tempted with advice from a former HG for 1 hr. She gets Jessie BB10/11, and we get stuck with a 3rd season of NOT being Jessie free. The other HGs get a BY (back yard) Luau during her training.

Week 9

Aug 29 (Sun) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box 4

Lane opens Pandora's box because he thinks money could grow on trees. He gets to pick 3 envelopes. The first has $79, the 2nd has $12, and the 3rd has $.17 (for a total of $91.17). The HGs now have to suffer 3 punishments:
  • Utensils and cups taken away
  • Wear sock puppets and make them talk when they talk for 12 hrs (more like 15 minutes on the talking part)
  • Dance whenever music comes over the loudspeakers for 12 hrs
Week 10

Sep 5 (Sun) - LUXURY - Hide and Seek

HGs have 90 sec to hide their coin, and then they all go into the house and search for hidden coins. Last HG to have their coin found gets $10,000. Order coins were found:
  • Hayden - found by Enzo
  • Enzo - found by Britney
  • Lane - found by Britney
Week 11

Sep 15 (Wed) - AMERICA's CHOICE - Which HG do you like best for $25,000? Britney

All HGs in the running

BB12 Houseguests

Andrew Gordon aka Captain Kosher

39 - Miami Beach, FL
Andrew Gordon
11th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Andrew at
Andrew - Podiatrist
Article at Miami New Times Blog
Andrew on Facebook
Andrew's Group on Facebook
Andrew on Twitter
Andrew at IMDb
Andrew at Wikipedia

Annie Whittington

27 - Tampa, FL
The Saboteur
Annie Whittington
13th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Time
Didn't stay 5 weeks to get $50,000 for being Saboteur

Annie on Facebook
Annie on Twitter
Annie at eBay
Annie at IMDb
Annie at Wikipedia

Brendon Villegas aka Boo aka Neanderthal aka ND

30 - Riverside, CA
High School Swim Coach
Brendon Villegas
6th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
24 Hr Get Away with Massage and Dinner
Head Shaved
Shackled to HG of choice 24 hrs (chose Britney)
Chum Dunk every hr for 24 hrs

Misconduct - 7 day suspension - pg 4
Brendon Fan Club on Facebook
Brendon on Twitter
Brendon at IMDb
Brendon at Wikipedia
Brendon's Apology to Rachel - enough said
Julie Chen and The Talk ladies give their take on the apology

Britney Haynes aka 5th Member of the Brigade

22 - Huntington, AR
Hotel Sales Manager
Britney Elizabeth Haynes
4th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$25,000 for America's Favorite HG
$10 from Wiener Roast
1 hr advice from Jessie Godderz BB10/11 (weight training)
$10,000 from Hide and Seek

Britney & Nick's House Fire - Morning of Finale
Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen - Semi-Finalist
Britney's Fan Page on Facebook
Britney on Twitter
Britney at IMDb
Britney at Wikipedia
BB12 Britney Haynes || Poker Face
Great extended exit interview with Julie
Big Brother Britney Falls Off Hammock

Enzo Palumbo aka Meow Meow

32 - Bayonne, NJ
Insurance Adjuster
Enzo Palumbo
3rd Place - 11th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
42" Flat Screen TV - 3D
Wear Penguin Costume for a Week
Give all clothes to Charity (not hats and shoes)

Enzo at IMDb
Enzo at Wikipedia

Hayden Moss aka The Animal

24 - Tempe, AZ
College Student
Hayden Moss
Winner - $500,000
HOH 4 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Solitary Confinement for 24 hrs (18 hrs)
Hawaiian Vacation

ASU Baseball
Hayden on Facebook
Hayden at IMDb
Hayden at Wikipedia

Kathy Hillis

40 - Texarkana, AR
Deputy Sheriff
Kathy Hillis
8th Place - 6th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Kathy's Fan Page on Facebook
Kathy at IMDb
Kathy at Wikipedia
Eviction Interview at WLBB

Kristen Bitting

24 - Philadelphia, PA
Shoe Boutique Manager
Kristen Bitting
10th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$100 from Wiener Roast
Wear hippie-tard for a Week

Kristen in Toyota Ad on TV
"Luck Of The Irish" presented by Pango-Pango Swimwear
Bikini USA
Ringside Photos
City Fitness Member Profile
Kristen on Twitter
Kristen at IMDb
Kristen at Wikipedia

Lane Elenburg aka The Beast aka Langel (rhymes with angel)

24 - Decatur, TX
Oil Rig Salesman
Lane Elenburg
Runner-Up - 12th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$1,000 from Wiener Roast
Phone Call from Home
$91.17 from Pandora's Box 4

Lane at IMDb
Lane at Wikipedia
2008 Supposed Assault

Matt Hoffman aka The Brains aka Mattie

32 - Elgin, IL
Web Designer
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Matt Hoffman
7th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$1 from Wiener Roast
Diamond POV from Pandora's Box

Matt's Band - Shooting Blanks
Shooting Blanks on Youtube
Shooting Blanks CD for sell at Amazon
Matt on Average Joe
Average Joe Forum - Matt chats there as Shooting Blanks
Shooting Blanks on MySpace
Shooting Blanks on Facebook
Matt V at IMDb
Matt VIII at IMDb
Matt at Wikipedia

Monet Stunson

24 - Glen Carbon, IL
Monet Stunson
12th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$10,000 from Wiener Roast

Monet at The Campbell Modeling Agency
Monet at West Model & Talent Management
Miss Illinois 2009 - First Runner Up
Miss HerrinFesta Italiana Scholarship Pageant 2008
Monet Fan Club on Facebook
Monet at IMDb
Monet at Wikipedia

Rachel Reilly aka Vegas

26 - Las Vegas, NV
Chemistry Grad Student
VIP Cocktail Waitress
Rachel Reilly
9th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$5,000 in POV Competition

Miss Sturgis 2008
Sturgis Rally News Cover with Steven Tyler
Maxim Hometown Hotties
Miss Planet Beach Nevada 2007
Rate My Professors
Rally Crashers - Boys, Girls and Drinks
Hawaiian Tropic Video
Bikini Photos at Starcasm
Rachel on MySpace
Rachel on Facebook
Rachel BB12 on Twitter
Rachel on Twitter
Rachel at IMDb
Rachel at Wikipedia
Don't get between Rachel and her man

Ragan Fox

34 - Los Angeles, CA
College Professor
Ragan Fox
5th Place - 9th Evicted
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$20,000 - AC to be 2nd Sabo for 2 weeks
Veto Ticket (guaranteed spot in the next POV competition)

Ragan Fox
CSULB Faculty
Rate My Professors
Fox and the City Podcasts
Ragan on Facebook
Ragan on Twitter
Ragans Books on
Ragans Channel on YouTube
Ragan at IMDb
Ragan at Wikipedia

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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7/08 Quad - 9 pm - Feeds start up
7/20 Quad - 7:07 pm - House meeting by Rachel to call Matt out
7/20 Cam 1 - 12:07 am - Kristen has a war with the hammock
7/20 Cam 1 - 12:12 am - Enzo, Lane, and Hayden talk about the Brigade
7/24 Cam 4 - 11:40 pm - Enzo and Lane play cereal box games
7/31 Cam 1 - 7:24 am - Kathy falls off the bed in her sleep
8/4 Cam 3 - 1:37 am - Britney imitates Rachel in the POV comp
8/7 Cam 3 - 3:10 pm - Great fight between Kathy and Rachel
8/8 Cam 1 - 11:00 pm - The first Just a Tip show for future HGs
8/14 Cam 1 - 6:14 pm - Ragan and Rachel fight
8/16 Cam 1 - 12:19 am - Lane's "special" shower
8/17 Cam 3 - 11:08 am - Britney breaks the hammock
8/17 Cam 2 - 8:25 pm - Ragan does a real sabotage task
8/18 Cam 3 - 10:01 pm - Hammock spill with Britney!!!
8/27 Cam 2 - 8:57 pm - Enzo shuns the penguin outfit

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Memorable Moments

HGs Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

13 new HGs get to know each other

Britney gets hurt and loses her dignity on a slippery wiener

All HGs in the hot tub

Have Nots room with lawn chairs for beds and bottles of stinky bugs and maggots

The Brigade Alliance:
Enzo Lane Hayden Matt

The Saboteur strikes by putting green X's on Kathy and Britney

Andrew is trying to figure out who the sabo is (or make it look like he's not the sabo)

I'm still waiting for a hammock spill. Here I was hoping for a golf club spill for Lane

Britney looks at the sick fish

Why this cap? Just because I like it

Full moon over the BB house

Annie packs

@DrunkEnough, where are you?

Annie hides a cricket-noise-making thing

A fun HG group shot

Annie and Rachel on the block

Julie reacts to Annie's "sloppy seconds"

Raydon celebrates Rachel getting HOH. (I refuse to call them Branchel)

Rachel is Miss Nevada Something or Other

Rachel is delighted with her HOH tequila

Britney isn't so excited for Rachel's HOH

Raydon celebrates Rachel getting HOH and tequila

Ragan is enjoying being tied up and strapped to a wall. It's just another Friday night in Hollywood to him

Britney isn't having fun at all (being a Have Not, being put on the block, being choked, and having a friend still on the block in one week)

HGs discover the fruit cake and fish sticks from America

HGs learn the sabo is Annie

HGs celebrate the fact that they got the sabo out in the first week

HGs spent an hour a night in these stocks for nothing. It was never aired

Hayden lassos Matt

Kristen grooms Hayden like J-Blo of BB6 groomed Howie

Rachel comes out of her HOH room finally to have a house meeting to call out Matt

Hammock Spill !!! Kristen has fallen out and can't get back in

Brendon and Rachel do this

Brenda and Monet are sad about being nominated

Matt is first HG to call Julie the Chenbot on the live show

Julie gets a kick out of "Chenbot" being called out and Matt says "I love you Baby, I love you"

HGs hang out in the cabana room

HGs finally play a game. We need more of this

Ragan tries on the suit BB bought for Rachel (she doesn't like the suit)

Yet another showmance - Kristen and Hayden

Andrew cleans

Kosher TV - Andrew is being watched on the spy screen

Raydon celebrate Rachel getting HOH

Raydon fight

HGs listen while Kristen and Andrew yell at each other

Andrew tells HGs about the Kristen and Hayden showmance

Kristen reacts to being busted on live tv

Brendon and Rachel react to the Kristen/Hayden news

Julie reprimands Kristen on live show:
"Kristen, this is not your time to talk"

Julie to Andrew: "Wow - that was the best last plea eviction speech I've ever seen"

Lane and Enzo are hilarious with the Apple Jacks box

Flashback 7/24 - 11:40pm - Cam 4

Kristen and Rachel have a great fight after the HOH comp

HGs wait to enter Rachel's new HOH room

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg talk on the screen to the HGs like they are in the house. They show a clip of their movie The Other Guy

The 3 Stooges
Brendon, Enzo, Hayden win the Cop Course challenge and get to see the movie

Britney and Rachel take a bath

Kristen rocks the hippie-tard

Kathy talks, Enzo makes faces behind her back, and we laugh

Hayden is locked up. Kristen holds his hand and talks under the door

The occupied sign

Matt tries on the hippie-tard

Brendon is mad he lost the HOH endurance comp

Hayden gets solitary confinement for 24 hours

Solitary in the Have-Nots room

Hayden even has his own toilet

Hayden has food in solitary

CBS puts a time stamp on Hayden's exit - pretty funny since he was only in there for 18 hrs

Enzo and Lane - fun in the Diary Room

Busted! Rachel walks in on Britney and Matt wearing her extensions and imitating her. She thinks it's funny

The Brigade exercising together

Matt and Ragan are last two on endurance again. Brendon doesn't think the endurance comps are fair - not made for his size 13 feet

The weird hallway decor

Matt warns HGs he opened the Pandora's Box so something bad was coming to the house

The Saboteur returns: "Watch your back before I stab you in it". All Ragan has to do as Sabo is go to the DR and read a couple of suggestions off the lap top, and production plays Sabo videos to the HGs. Earning his $25,000 should be cake (unless Ragan DORs before his 2 weeks are up)

After being nominated: "I've fought so hard I have to get another injection of Botox because I have so many wrinkles right now"

Rachel, how can anyone come between you and your man? There's no room

Hayden, Britney, and Ragan doing Just A Tip

A different view of the kitchen

Lane is showing off his pool championship trophy on Just A Tip

Matt figures strategy with his ducks and zombie kitties

Brendon cleans his teeth and his hand

HGs are fascinated watching the spy screen forever, and yet they wonder how feedsters can watch them

HGs get a bowling lane to practice on

Brendon and Rachel practice until about 4:31 am

HGs answer doorbell to find Jorff. Ragan is excited - that's for sure

HGs get to know Jorff and take them on a tour of their house

Brendon, poor sport that he is, overhand slams a bowling ball. Ha ha ha ha with all his practice, he only got 3

Jorff react to Brendon's slam

Britney and Matt react to Brendon's slam



Rachel demands that Kathy appologize for celebrating her winning score that put Rachel out of POV

For the record, Kathy DID NOT appologize for winning (after Rachel chose her because she thought she could easily beat her)

Brendon the neanderthal yells at Britney and Ragan. Kathy's there

Britney walks like the neanderthal

Ragan does his part of being Saboteur...he reads tasks from the computer.

Then BB production takes over and shows a Saboteur video. Easy $20,000

Rachel: "I am Vegas"

Britney: "I vote for tequila vomit and $100 dollar bills - Rachel"

HGs wait to get into the house after a lock down

Kathy and Lane bringing up the rear in the rope competition

Brendon flat out breaks a rule by telling Britney he is putting her and Lane up for nomination. We get bubbles, and then Brendon calls Britney to backpedal and tell her he may not put her up. See it on flashback: 8/13 Cam 2 - 4:46 pm

Britney breaks the hammock

Hammock spill!!!! The hammock gets Britney back and flips her out (Enzo starts to put a bug or something on her)

Zingbot 3000 comes in and zings the HGs and hosts the POV

Rachel leaves Brendon a note. She hearts him and get Matt out

Brendon looks for Rachel at his vacation spot

Sabo starts giving all night messages until 6:35 in the morning

Ragan's last Saboteur task - leave Enzo a note: "I know your secret"

Big Brother says "howl at the sun"

Big Brother says "TP the HOH"

Big Brother says "group hug". HGs say "there's some ugly a$$ feet in this house"

Lane does pushups with Britney on his back

Diamond Power of Veto falls apart LIVE on National TV

Ragan is just a little excited that the DPOV showed up

Matt throws HOH comp

Purple and green?

A rare moment these days - Ragan happy. He got $20,000 and the DPOV saved his friend


Johnny 5

Big heavy key box - lil Britney

Exercising in the BY

Nice trophy stand got set up for all the tournaments until Hayden broke the pool sticks and then broke the vase

Britney reads her HOH letter

Just a Tip was fun while it lasted.

Matt's off-the-wall sleeping position

Ragan does the math with candy

Britney's birthday party. What ever happened to the elaborate BD parties BB would throw for them? BB12 HGs - you got screwed

Strange lighting in the BY one night - who knows why

One of Lane's many "Special Showers"

Enzo wants to take a space ship out of the BB house - much like Chicken George in BB1

Julie announces a Double Eviction, and the cast barely reacts

Penquin says bye to Howie the Duck: "I'm not your daddy"

Enzo shuns the shun

HGs were supposed to make the puppets talk when they talked. This was fitting for Lane (eating when he eats)

You go Matt! Their reaction in jury house was way too over the top

Enzo eats - Thankfully I don't have sound affects in here - OMG

The guys inform Britney about the Brigade

The jury watches the tapes

Enzo's normal competition position, and no that isn't hrs and minutes

The Final 3 - all swollen headed about being the first alliance to make it from day one. Ummm no, you lost a member. It is impressive that you got to the end with 3 of the original 4, but "first alliance to make it to the end from day one" isn't exactly true. No record broken still

Britney arrives at the jury house in her Bra-gade alternate shirt

She was the last casualty - Blonde 05

Jury deliberations:
Brendon Rachel Matt Kathy Ragan Britney

F2 - Final Two:
Hayden and Lane

Jury Duty:
Rachel Brendon Kathy
Enzo Britney Ragan Matt

Hayden pleads his case to the jury

Lane pleads his case to the jury

Witnesses (HGs who got out and watched the tapes) - Kristen Andrew Monet Annie

Ragan, the 2nd Saboteur is revealed. The HGs are told of his making $20,000 and being picked by America. (Heh, wonder what Sabo #1 thinks of that)

Julie reads the keys (votes)

Julie casually changes the keys to the right boxes

Shortly after Britney was announced as America's favorite HG to get $25,000.

Zingbot 3000 would be my vote to be a HG for BB13

The season has now ended, and it's all going to become a blur with the other seasons. Glad it's all recorded here for reminders.

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