ATTWX's Big Brother 13

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BB13 2011
Double Trouble

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Jul 7 (Thu) - Going Bananas - Rachel HOH

  • Purple - Rachel and Brendon
  • Orange - Kalia and Lawon
  • Pink - Cassi and Shelly
  • Blue - Jorff
  • Green - Daniele and Evel Dick
  • Grey - Porsche and Keith
  • Red - Adam and Dominic
Order they fell: Shelly, Jordan, Keith, Cassi, Lawon, Adam, Jeff, Dominic, Brendon, Kalia, Porsche, Evel Dick, and Daniele

Week 2

Jul 10 (Sun) - Keith and Porche nominated

Jul 13 (Wed) - Evel Dick disappears
His partner (Daniele) receives the first (of 4) Big Brother Golden Key

And Then There Were 13

Faster Than a Speeding Veto - Brendon & Rachel POV
Not used

Jul 14 (Thu) - Keith Evicted 6-4
Dominic, Cassi, Lawon, and Adam voted to evict Porsche
Keith's partner (Porsche) receives the 2nd Big Brother Golden Key

And Then There Were 12

Big Brother Open - Jordan HOH

Order determined by Rachel (current HOH):
Dominic (6), Adam (8), Cassi, Shelly, Lawon, Kalia (6), Jordan (3), Jeff, and Brendon. Only 4 scored - the rest knocked the ball off the course (Jeff and Brendon intentionally)

Week 3

Jul 17 (Sun) - Adam and Dominic nominated

Jul 20 (Wed) - Gum - Dominic POV
Used to save his partner and himself. Rachel falls off and chooses to take 2 weeks on slop to get back in, but still loses

Shelly and Cassi nominated

Jul 21 (Thu) - Cassi Evicted 9-0
Her partner (Shelly) receives the 3rd Big Brother Golden Key

And Then There Were 11

Big Brother Online - Rachel HOH

Based on answers from America (poll on

Week 4

Jul 24 (Sun) - Adam and Dominic nominated

Jul 27 (Wed) - Hot Leg - Brendon POV
Not used

HGs try to spell the longest word:
  • Jordan (Red) - L I T T L E - 6 letters
  • Dominic (Yellow) - S T A N D I N G - 9 letters
  • Rachel (Purple) - M O U I S T U R I Z I N G - 13 letters - incorrect
  • Adam (Orange) - F R A C T I O N S - 9 letters
  • Jeff (Blue) - E X P R E S S E S - 9 letters
  • Brendon (Green) - U N D E R S T A N D I N G - 13 letters - winner
Jul 28 (Thu) - Dominic Evicted 8-1
Daniele voted to evict Adam
Dominic's partner (Adam) receives the 4th Big Brother Golden Key which is useless since golden keys and partners now end

And Then There Were 10

Big Brother Slalom - HOH - ENDURANCE

Week 5

Jul 31 (Sun) - Daniele HOH
First 5 get to choose a snowball for a prize (good or bad)
  • Adam - 9:12 (min:sec) - wear elf suit for a week
  • Lawon - 19:14 - have not
  • Brendon - 35:20 - have not
  • Jeff - 51:18 - $10,000
  • Jordan - 57:26 - have not
  • Porsche - 1:16:35
  • Shelly - 1:26:53
  • Kalia - 1:37:01 - jumps off and gives it to Daniele

Rachel and Brendon nominated

Aug 3 (Wed) - Time's Up - Brendon POV
Used to remove Rachel

Order the HGs went out: Adam, Rachel, Daniele, Jeff, and Porsche

Jordon nominated

Aug 4 (Thu) - Brendon Evicted 5-2
Rachel and Porsche voted to evict Jordan

And Then There Were 9

Check Mate - Kalia HOH

Julie introduces twist #3 and warns HGs that the next evicted HG MAY come back into the BB House

Week 6

Aug 7 (Sun) - Rachel and Jeff nominated

Aug 10 (Wed) - Big Brother Odyssey - Jeff POV
Used to remove himself

Lawon nominated

Aug 11 (Thu) - Lawon Evicted 6-0

And Then There Were ... OOPS - Lawon told to stay in
And Then There Were STILL 9

That's How We Roll

Brendon (see below for America's Choice - Aug 11) and Lawon have to compete to see which one gets to stay in the BB House. Brendon wins by putting balls for all 14 HGs in first. Lawon is evicted and Brendon goes back into the BB house

And Then There Were STILL 9

Week 7

Aug 14 (Sun) - Count on America - Daniele HOH

HGs study items representing their state, guess how many, and a HG is eliminated from each round

Order eliminated:
  • Rachel - 673 necklaces (Louisiana for Shelly's state)
  • Jordan - 761 pieces of pepperoni (Illinois for Jeff's state)
  • Brendon - ??? olives (Florida for Porsche's state)
  • Jeff - 369 cards (Nevada for Rachel's state)
  • Shelly - 242 baseballs (New Jersey for Adam's state)
  • Adam - 224 rivets (North Carolina for Jordan's state)
  • Porsche - 2832 gold coins (California for Kalia and Brendon's state)
Shelly and Adam nominated

Aug 17 (Wed) - Big Brother Cornhole - Adam POV
Used to remove himself
Combined with LUXURY comp below

Brendon nominated

Aug 18 (Thu) - Brendon Evicted 5-1
Rachel voted to evict Shelly

And Then There Were 8


Week 8

Aug 21 (Sun) - Jeff HOH
Comp lasted 1:30:38 (hr:min:sec)

Porsche and Kalia nominated

Aug 24 (Wed) - Bride of Zingbot 3000 - Jeff POV
Used to remove Porsche

Daniele nominated

Aug 25 (Thu) - Daniele Evicted 3-2 - DOUBLE EVICTION
Shelly and Porsche voted to evict Kalia

And Then There Were 7

Before or After - Kalia HOH

Jeff and Rachel nominated

Clowning Around - Porsche POV
Not used

Jeff Evicted 2-2
Jordan and Adam voted to evict Rachel - Kalia (HOH) broke tie

And Then There Were 6

Week 9

Aug 28 (Sun) - Snake Eyes - Porsche HOH

Aug 31 (Wed) - Jordan and Rachel duo nominated

Duo Do Over - Rachel POV
Used to remove Rachel and Jordan duo

  • Adam - 4:36 (min:sec)
  • Jordan - 8:35
  • Shelly - 12:02
  • Porsche - 18:33
  • Kalia - 32:09
Shelly and Adam duo nominated

Sep 1 (Thu) - Shelly Evicted 2-1
Kalia voted to evict Adam

And Then There Were 5

Rollin In The Dough - HOH
13 min. time limit

Week 10

Sep 4 (Sun) - Rachel HOH

Kalia and Porsche nominated

Sep 7 (Wed) - Special not so "LIVE" episode

OTEV - The Sweet Tooth Shark - Adam POV
Not used

Order they left: Jordan, Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche making Adam POV

Kalia evicted 1-1
Jordan voted to evict Porsche - Rachel (HOH) broke the tie

And Then There Were 4

Big Brother Fortune Teller - Adam HOH

Crystal, the fortune teller, kept HGs up all night making predictions about all the HGs. Comp was true/false about her statements
Adam - 6, Jordan - 5, Porsche - 3

Sep 8 (Thu) - Porsche and Jordan nominated

Jukebox Veto - Porsche POV
Used to remove herself

Rachel nominated

Jordan evicted by Porsche

And Then There Were 3

Big Brother Mixer

Week 11

Sep 14 (Wed) - FINALE

Rachel wins Pt 1
  • Adam - 28 min 57 sec
  • Porsche - 46 min 10 sec
Underwater Maze - Pt 2 of HOH - SKILL
Adam and Porsche (losers from Pt 1) put HOHs in order under water

Porsche wins Pt 2
  • Adam - 6 min 03 sec
  • Porsche - 3 min 50 sec
Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH
How well do Rachel and Porsche (winners of pt 1 and pt 2) know the jury

Rachel HOH - 3-1

Porsche and Adam automatically nominated

Adam evicted by Rachel

And Then There Were 2

Rachel Winner 4-3

Daniele, Kalia, and Adam vote for Porsche
Brendon, Jeff, Shelly, and Jordan vote for Rachel

And Then There Were 0


Week 1


Week 2

July 10 (Sun) - FOOD - One Small Step For Cows - One Giant Leap For Milk Kind

HGs dressed in spongy cow suits jump in milk and run to their milkman to get the milk squeezed out. First two teams to fill 6 milk bottles are "Haves" (eat, warm showers, nice beds). Last team is "Have Nots" (eat only slop, cold showers, lousy beds, and lights on all night). Rachel is HOH and her partner are safe
  • Blue Team: Evel Dick, Daniele, Jeff, Jordan - Winners
  • Green Team: Dominic, Adam, Porsche, Keith - came in 2nd
  • Orange Team: Shelly, Cassi, Kalia, Lawon - losers and Have Nots
Week 3

Jul 17 (Sun) - FOOD - March of the Ants

Super ants (two HGs in one ant costume) carry 4 crumbs back to their anthill. First team to four wins and chooses two teams to be have nots. Jeff and Jordan as HOH team are safe. Daniele and Porsche with golden keys are safe
  • Rachel and Brendon - Yellow - win
  • Adam and Dominic - Red - chosen to be have nots
  • Shelly and Cassi - Blue - chosen to be have nots
  • Kalia and Lawon - Green - safe from have nots, but Kalia gets "injured" during the comp
AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Jelly Beans & Beef Jerky

  • Gumdrops and Grits
  • Jelly Beans and Jerky
  • Rock Candy and Radishes
Week 4

Jul 24 (Sun) - LUXURY - Same Name

HGs are given 3 clues to guess who the guy is who hosted the comp. He is David Hasselhoff. Jordan is first to ring the bell with the correct guess and wins a preview of the new TV show called Same Name. She chooses Jeff, Kalia, and Shelly to join her. The original David Hasselhoff is given a tour of the house and chats with the party in the HOH room
  • Clue 1: Bars of soap and opera glasses (soap opera) - Jordan guesses David Hasselhoff
  • Clue 2: Mic stand (singer) - Brendon guesses Michael C Hall, Porsche guesses Michael Jackson (like he's coming to visit them), Adam guesses Ricky Martin, and Lawon guesses Barbra Streisand
  • Clue 3: A knight holding a Baywatch float - Jeff guesses Mike Knight, Rachel guesses Keira Knightley, Porsche guesses Ryan McKnight, Jeff guesses Christopher Walken, and Dominic guesses John Stamos and Marky Mark - Mark Wahlberg
Week 5

Jul 31 (Sun) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Seaweed & Sardines
  • Black Licorice and Blue Cheese
  • Parsnips and Prunes
  • Seaweed and Sardines
Week 6

Aug 7 (Sun) - FOOD - Call Your Own Shots

HGs make drinks with 3 ingredients and then pass to the other HG who has to name the ingredients. Player who guesses the most ingredients scores a point for their team. If they tie, they have to chug the drink fastest to get the point. Best of 3 rounds wins
  • Blue Team: Jeff, Shelly, Jordan, and Rachel - have nots
  • Red Team: Lawon, Porsche, Daniele, and Adam - winners
Jeff beats Lawon, Porsche beats Shelly, and Daniele beats Jordan (Rachel and Adam dont play)

AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Coconut & Catfish
  • Coconuts and Catfish
  • Liverwurst and Lima Beans
  • Raisins and Rhubarb
Aug 11 (Sun) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which of the 4 evicted HGs do you want back in? Brendon

Week 7

Aug 17 (Wed) - LUXURY - Big Brother Cornhole
Combined with POV comp above
  • Shelly (red) - phone call from home and solitary confinement for 24 hrs (that's BB time so prolly 18 hrs)
  • Jordan (green) - wear humilitard for a week
  • Kalia (black) - Caribbean vacation
  • Daniele (purple) - veto ticket - guaranteed to play in the next POV competition
  • Jeff (yellow) - $5,000
  • Adam (orange) - POV
Week 8

Aug 21 (Sun) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Hard Boiled Eggs and Jalapenos
  • Beets and Balogna
  • Dates and Durian
  • Hard Boiled Eggs and Jalapenos
There was no food comp - Jeff found a note in the eggs and jalapenos display to assign 3 Have-nots for the week. He picked Daniele, Porsche, and Kalia

Week 9

Aug 28 (Sun) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box

Porsche opens Pandora's Box and unleashes the Partners Twist for one week. She wins $10,000 but has to give $5,000 to her partner. HGs pick their partners
  • Porsche picks Kalia
  • Rachel picks Jordan
  • Shelly and Adam by default
Week 10

Seb 4 (Sun) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box II

Rachel opens Pandora's Box in order to get to spend a shopping spree with a famous celebrity. Problem is, the HGs get a visit from Tori Spelling and a 3 minute shopping spree for new clothes in the backyard. Rachel is stuck in the Pandora's Box room with Jessie Godderz BB10/BB11 who is now Celebrity Wrestler Mr Pectacular, and her shopping spree is from all the swag for Mr P. She also watches HGs on a monitor

Week 11

Sep 14 (Wed) - AMERICA's CHOICE - Which HG do you like best for $25,000? Jeff

All HGs in the running except Evel Dick who left week 1 for personal matters

BB13 Houseguests

Adam Poch

39 - Hoboken, NJ
Music Inventory Manager
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Adam Poch
3rd Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
Wear elf suit for a week from Big Brother Slalom
1 hr visit from Tori Spelling of 90210 fame
3 min shopping spree in BY for Pandora's Box II

Adam's Biography on CBS
Adam on LinkedIn
Adam on Facebook
Cruddy the Elf's Fan Page on Facebook
Adams Fan Page on Facebook
Adam on MySpace
Hey I Like Adam - by Quirkydude
BB13 House Rodents EP18 - A Tribute to Bacon
Big Brother 13 Adam w/ Tori Spelling 90210 parody

Brendon Villegas aka Bukie
From BB12

31 - Riverside, CA
PhD Student
Brendon Villegas
11th & 9th Place - 4th & 6th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (1 Total)
POV 3 Times (6 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (6 Total)
America's Choice to be voted back in
(although I'm not entirely convinced the vote was legit -
OK, I'm not convinced at all the vote was legit)

Misconduct - 7 day suspension - pg 4
Brendon Fan Club on Facebook
Brendon on Twitter
Brendon at IMDb
Brendon at Wikipedia
Brendon's Apology to Rachel - enough said
Julie Chen and The Talk ladies give their take on the apology

Cassi Colvin

26 - Nashville, TN
Cassi Colvin
13th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Cassi's Biography on CBS
Cassi on Fashion Model Directory
Cassi on Supermodels
Cassi on Twitter after BB
Cassi on Twitter before BB
Cassi on MySpace
Kenny Chesney "Somewhere With You" featuring Cassi Colvin

Daniele Donato
From BB8

25 - Huntington Beach, CA
College Student
Daniele Donato
8th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 2 Times (4 Total)
POV 0 Times (5 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (5 Total)
Veto ticket - guaranteed to play in next POV comp

Daniele on MySpace
Daniele on Facebook
Daniele on Twitter
Daniele at Friendster
Daniele at IMDb
Daniele at Wikipedia
Daniele on eBay
Tribute to Daniele's Compulsive Behavior
Daniele Donato Tribute

Dominic Briones aka PT (until DR said "Stop That")

25 - San Mateo, CA
College Student at SF State
Dominic Briones
12th Place - 3rd Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Dominic's Biography on CBS
Dominic's Site
Dominic on The Gap site
Dominic Fan Page on Facebook
Dominic on Twitter

Evel Dick Donato aka E.D. aka Richard Louis
From BB8

49 - Los Angeles, CA
Website CEO
Evel Dick Donato
15th Place - Disappeared for urgent personal matter
HOH 0 Times (3 Total)
POV 0 Times (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 0 Times (3 Total)

My Tribute To Evel Dick
Evel Dick on Stickam
Evel Dick on MySpace
Evel Dick on Facebook
EvelDick on Twitter
evel dick on eBay
Dick Donato at IMDb
Dick Donato at Wikipedia
You're A Mean One, Evel Dick
Megadeth Hangar 18 - Evel Dick is the alien with the big nose and wirey hair at the 2:47 mark
Kenny G Silhouette - Evel Dick is the door man with Kenny G at the bottom of the stairs at the 1:55 mark

Jeff Schroeder aka Big Jeff
From BB11

32 - Norridge, IL
Advertising Salesman
Jeff Schroeder
7th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (2 Total)
POV 2 Times (4 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (4 Total)
Preview TV Show Same Name (chosen by Jordan)
$10,000 from Big Brother Slalom
$5,000 from Big Brother Cornhole
$25,000 America's Choice for Favorite HG

Jeff on Twitter
Jeff on Facebook
Jeff on MySpace
Jeff at IMDb
Jeff at Wikipedia
When Jeff's Gone

Jordan Lloyd
From BB11

24 - Matthews, NC
Jordan Lloyd
4th Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (3 Total)
POV 0 Times (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times (7 total)
Preview TV Show Same Name
Wear humilitard for a week
1 hr visit from Tori Spelling of 90210 fame
3 min shopping spree in BY for Pandora's Box II

JORFF on The Amazing Race
Jordan on Twitter
Jeff and Jordan TV on Twitter
Jordan on Facebook
Jeff and Jordan TV on Facebook
Jordan on Instagram
Jeff and Jordan TV on Instagram
Jeff and Jordan TV on YouTube
Jordan at IMDb
Jordan at Wikipedia

Kalia Booker

30 - Los Angeles, CA
Kalia Booker
5th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Preview TV Show Same Name (chosen by Jordan)
Caribbean Vacation
$5,000 from Pandora's Box
1 hr visit from Tori Spelling of 90210 fame
3 min shopping spree in BY for Pandora's Box II

Probably Kalia's Dating/Relationships Blog
Kalia's Biography on CBS
Kalia on Facebook
Kalia on Twitter
Big Brother 13 Kalia Booker Singing

Keith Henderson

32 - Bolingbrook, IL
Human Resources Manager
Keith Henderson
14th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Keith's Biography on CBS
Genuine Ken - Search for the Great American Boyfriend

Lawon Exum aka Dawon

39 - Inglewood, CA
Legal File Clerk
Lawon Exum
10th Place - 5th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Lawon's Biography on CBS
Lawon on Youtube
Lawon Fan Page on Facebook
Lawon on Twitter

Porsche Briggs aka Porsche Lee

23 - Miami Beach, FL
VIP Cocktail Waitress
Porsche Briggs
Runner-Up - 13th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
$5,000 from Pandora's Box
1 hr visit from Tori Spelling of 90210 fame
3 min shopping spree in BY for Pandora's Box II

Porsche's Biography on CBS
Porsche on All Star Pics
Porsche on Twitter

Rachel Reilly aka Vegas
From BB12

27 - Las Vegas, NV
Event Hostess
Rachel Reilly
Winner - $500,000
HOH 4 Times (6 Total)
POV 2 Times (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times (7 Total)
2 weeks on slop to get back in Gumball Veto
Locked in Pandora's Box II for 1 hr with Mr Pectacular
Lots of swag from Celebrity Wrestler Mr Pectacular

Miss Sturgis 2008
Sturgis Rally News Cover with Steven Tyler
Maxim Hometown Hotties
Miss Planet Beach Nevada 2007
Rate My Professors
Rally Crashers - Boys, Girls and Drinks
Hawaiian Tropic Video
Bikini Photos at Starcasm
Rachel on MySpace
Rachel on Facebook
Rachel on Twitter
Rachel at IMDb
Rachel at Wikipedia
Don't get between Rachel and her man

Shelly Moore aka Mama

41 - Prairieville, LA
Outdoors Industry Executive
Shelly Moore
6th Place - 9th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Preview TV Show Same Name (chosen by Jordan)
Phone call from home
Solitary confinement for 24 hours in Have Not room

Shelly's Biography on CBS
Shelly on Twitter

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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7/07 Any - 10:00pm - Feeds fire up - (sound at 10:04pm)
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7/11 F2 - 6:45pm - Hammock dump!!!
7/12 F3 - 3:50am - Hammock dump!!!
8/2 Quad - 10:30pm - Brendon/Rachel trashy wedding
8/3 F4 - 8:13pm - Shelly, Jorff, Lawon talk about penisgate, Lane's BB12 showers, Howie's Jack Shack, and other BB nudie stuff
8/5 F3 - 5:07pm - Jorff tells Kalia off because Jeff is going to be nom'd
8/5 F3 - 7:37pm - Kalia bawling like a baby
8/9 F3 - 1:02am - Jordan makes a funny noise
8/29 F3 - 11:13pm - Kalia tells about throwing her yorkie, Bentley, against the wall
9/5 F1 - 3:15am - Adam lets us know what he thinks of Kalia's plea to use the veto - one of his many great night speeches

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First in the House
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Shelly Moore First In


Fish - AGAIN

The Twist: Pairs
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Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas - BB12

Jordan Lloyd & Jeff Schroeder - BB11

Daniele & Evel Dick Donato - BB08

The 15th HG

Crystal - The Fortune Teller

Memory Wall


BB Medic for Kalia's "shoulder wound"
in March of the Ants

David Hasselhoff for new TV show Same Name

David Hasselhoff 2 with Same Name

Jessie Godderz BB10/BB11 gave Rachel a shopping spree with his stuff in the HOH room for Pandora's Box

Tori Spelling visited with HGs downstairs and gave the HGs a shopping spree for new clothes while Jessie was upstairs with Rachel

Walk from the DR

Table for 14

Key Box


Chess Set

Jury House

Disappeared Before Show Started

Jason Thomas interviewed preseason
and disappeared before the show

CBS Internet Ad

Memorable Moments

HG's Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Keith shows his Keith's Angels strategy

Kalia and Dominic check out the bathroom and worry about how to handle dirty HGs

Julie has a pretty interview area

Keith's first and only angel is Porsche. The partners twist shoots his strategy all to heck

Keith picks Porsche to be his partner

Adam picks Dominic to be his partner

Cassi and Shelly are partners

That leaves Kalia and Lawon to be partners

Radon enters the house and shows HGs they are engaged

Adam shows us how he feels about prior HGs coming back in the house

Jorff enters the house

The Donatos enter the house

Exercise class

Jordan puts on her make while Jeff "watches"

Daniele and Rachel figure out how to plug in
the 15th HG and get her to move

Tanning by the pool time

Dominic gets flipped out of the Hammock. We don't get to see it because the feeds come back
from fish after it happens

Cassi, Daniele, and Dominic study
people's faces

Not an accidental dump, but still a hammock dump!! Daniele dumps Dominic out of the hammock

The Regulators Alliance - one from each
pair of new people
Lawon Keith Dominic Cassi

BB13 HOH room


Have Nots room

The keys come out for the first time

Keys are read by pairs

I don't think I'll ever like the bra straps hanging out of the shirt look

Dominic and Keith celebrate something
or other

Rachel comes from Diary Room and reads a statement about Evel Dick having to leave for an urgent personal matter

Daniele and the other vets complain that they are going to be wiped out one by one because they are down in numbers with Evel Dick suddenly leaving. Ummm weren't they down in numbers from day one when it was 8 - 6?

Keith is thrilled that Evel Dick is gone. Now he can make the moves on Daniele

Rachel gives first Golden Key to Daniele because she lost her partner. Daniele is now safe from nomination or eviction until there are 10 HGs left. She can't compete in anything, but she can still vote for evictions

This week Daniele is the "Golden Key Holder"

Keith and Porsche try to tell how hard the POV comp was instead of just saying they threw it. WHO throws the POV comp when they are on the block. I'd say that rates right up there with Marcellas Reynolds not using his golden
POV in BB3

HGs locked down in the HOH room

Porsche: "I can't reach the O"

HGs are all there and having fun

Lawon and Rachel dancing

HGs drum circle for dance music

Brendon takes up with his mind f%#& games from last season with Rachel for having too much fun

HGs get a goodbye message from Evel Dick. He had to leave for "personal reasons"

HGs get to see part of the milk comp

Have Nots room - lights have to stay on all night. Cassi turns around the other way to get away from snoring

Crows come to the back yard every year

Hammock holds 4 or 5 HGs alot - finally leads to it breaking

There are crickets in the BB kitchen. You can hear them from the silence between
Rachel and Cassi

Jordan's HOH room reveal

Brendon/Dominic put on a play and then dance

What do you know - the moon finally changes phases from full moon

Kalia "gets hurt" in March of the Ants

The BB Medic comes to make sure Kalia is going to live

Dominic pleads with Jorff for his BB life

Daniele isn't there to pay for a wedding or a summer vacay (dissing the other vet couples)

Jeff wonders why Rachel would take 2 weeks slop when she was losing anyway

Dominic and Adam celebrate in the storage room after Dominic wins POV

Dominic uses the POV to save his partner and himself from eviction

Rachel announces to Newbies (who tried to vote out Porsche instead of Keith): "Some of us like Porsche"

Rachel cries to Jordan and wonders why everyone hates her (see above cap for a start)

Jordan has to replace her noms with Shelly and Cassi and feels bad about it

Lawon gets handsomefied for the back yard

Jordan looks thrilled to be on LIVE TV while the camera is on her

Julie laughs with the HGs, and we laugh at her cape dress

Zingbot makes an appearance in the audience

Cassi does a quick check in the mirror before going back LIVE, only it already had gone LIVE

Jeff likes that the answer to the America's poll was Jeff (who would you rather get mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from? A)Jeff B)Brendon)

Adam acknowledges us for the answer to America's poll about who would warm the hot tub with something other than charm. He prolly really wanted to throw up a different hand signal

Lawon campaigns in the HOH room. It makes about as much sense as his outfit

HGs walk David Hasselhoff into the BB house

HGs chat and give The Hoff a tour

The Hoff "feels at home" in the Have Not room. Dominic tucks him in

The Hoff does a diary room session in his "Don't hassle the Hoff" shirt

Brendon and Rachel turn into babbling idiots when they aren't chosen to watch the TV
preview of Same Name by Jordan. Brendon's knees are still messed up from the March of the Ants comp. His feet are still messed up too

Jorff (Jordan and Jeff) watch the preview in the HOH room with Shelly and Kalia. They want to see the first guy again since they now know
he's on a TV show

Dominic and Adam aren't happy about being nominated again

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