ATTWX's Big Brother 14

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB14 2012
Summer Unlike Any Other

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Jul 12 (Thu) - Mattress Mayhem - Willie HOH

Coaches pick teams (listed in order chosen by coach):
  • Team Britney - Green - Shane, Willie, & JoJo
  • Team Mike Boogie - Pink - Frank, Ian, & Jenn
  • Team Janelle - Blue - Wil, Ashley, & Joe
  • Team Dan - Orange - Kara, Danielle, & Jodi
Teams run across beds to grab teddy bears. First team to get 3 bears and ring the button wins. The green team wins, and Britney has to choose HOH. She picks Willie. The second team is Janelle, and the third team is Mike Boogie. Dan's team is last and he has to choose who to evict from his team

Jodi Evicted by Dan

And Then There Were 11 HGs and 4 Coaches

Week 2

Jul 15 (Sun) - Frank and Kara nominated

Jul 18 (Wed) - Loose Change - Shane POV
Not used

Jul 19 (Thu) - Kara evicted 5-3
Danielle, Shane, and JoJo voted for Frank
Joe, Ian, Jenn, Wil, and Ashley voted for Kara

And Then There Were 10 HGs and 4 Coaches

Big Brother Break-In - Frank HOH

Week 3

Jul 22 (Sun) - Willie ejected for headbutting Joe and throwing pork rinds at Janelle

And Then There Were 9 HGs and 4 Coaches

Jul 25 (Wed) - Shane and JoJo nominated

Memory Chip - Shane El Veto Grande
Used to remove himself

Danielle nominated

Jul 26 (Thu) - JoJo evicted 5-1
Shane voted Danielle
Wil, Joe, Ashley, Ian, and Jenn voted JoJo

And Then There Were 8 HGs and 4 Coaches

On Thin Ice - Shane HOH

Ashley 4, Joe 3, Jenn 0, Ian 9, Wil 2, Shane 20, Danielle 12

Week 4

Jul 29 (Sun) - Joe and Ashley nominated

Aug 1 (Wed) - The Juggler - Shane POV
Used to remove Ashley

Frank nominated

Aug 2 (Thu) - No one evicted
Game reset by Producers er I mean by America's Choice (see below)

And Then There Were 12

Walk the Plank - HOH ENDURANCE

Week 5

Aug 5 (Sun) - Danielle HOH
  • Mike Boogie - 1 hr 10 min
  • Jenn - 1 hr 12 min
  • Joe - 1 hr 13 min
  • Ashley - 1 hr 51 min
  • Dan - 1 hr 55 min
  • Frank - 2 hr 13 min
  • Wil - 2 hr 43 min
  • Shane - 2 hr 43 min 1 sec
  • Janelle 2 hr 49 min
  • Ian - 3 hr 15 min
  • Britney - 3 hr 16 min
Frank and Wil nominated

Aug 8 (Wed) - Field of Veto - Danielle POV
Used to remove Wil - Combined with LUXURY comp below

Janelle nominated

Aug 9 (Thu) - Janelle evicted 8-1
Joe voted Frank
Boogie, Jenn, Wil, Ashley, Britney, Shane, Dan, and Ian voted Janelle

And Then There Were 11

Big Brother Battle of the Bands - Frank HOH

Week 6

Aug 12 (Sun) - Joe and Wil nominated

Aug 15 (Wed) - Birth of Zingbot - Frank POV
Not used

7 players because Shane won a veto ticket

Aug 16 (Thu) - Wil evicted 6-2
Ashley and Jenn voted Joe
Boogie, Danielle, Dan, Britney, Shane, and Ian voted Wil

And Then There Were 10

Combined with LUXURY comp below

Week 7

Aug 19 (Sun) - Shane HOH

Frank and Mike Boogie nominated

Aug 22 (Wed) - Candy Counter - Frank POV
Used to remove himself

HGs study items, guess how many, and stay or fold with their guesses

Jenn nominated


Mike Boogie evicted 5-2
Ashley and Frank voted Jenn
Britney, Joe, Dan, Ian, and Danielle voted Mike Boogie

And Then There Were 9

Before or After - Ian HOH

Frank and Ashley nominated

Somewhere Over the Veto - Frank POV
Used to remove himself

Joe nominated

Ashley evicted 5-1
Frank voted Joe
Jenn, Shane, Britney, Danielle, and Dan voted Ashley

And Then There Were 8

Week 8

Aug 26 (Sun) - Pull Some Strings - Frank HOH

Lowest score wins - 2 HGs each round - winner goes to next round. Last one standing is HOH and gets to choose 1 have-not for the week. Frank wins the first round with 5 points and knocks out each HG to the end to win (Dan - 20, Jenn - 6, Britney - 7, Danielle - 8,
Joe - 10, and Shane - 17). Frank chooses Dan to be the only have-not

Bonus POV (combined with Pandora's Box I below) - Ian POV

Dan and Danielle nominated

Aug 29 (Wed) - Draw Something - Jenn POV
Ian didn't use his bonus POV from comp before the nominations
Jenn used hers to remove Dan
Combined with LUXURY comp below

Britney nominated

Aug 30 (Thu) - Britney evicted 4-1
Ian voted Danielle
Dan, Jenn, Shane, and Joe voted Britney

And Then There Were 7

Soak Up the Sun - HOH ENDURANCE

Week 9

Sep 2 (Sun) - Ian HOH

Tweeters were asked to vote for punishment or reward for 1st HG to fall. They voted to punish. Joe was given the punishment of Hula Hoop Boot Camp for 24 hrs every time they played Reveille
  • Joe - 2 min
  • Jenn - 5 min
  • Danielle - 34 min
  • Dan - 42 min
  • Shane - 1 hr 56 min
Frank and Jenn nominated

Sep 5 (Wed) - OTEV The Absent Minded Alien - Dan POV
Used to remove Jenn

Order eliminated: Danielle, Ian, Joe, Jenn, and Frank

Joe nominated


Frank evicted 3-1
Jenn voted Joe
Dan, Danielle, and Shane voted Frank

And Then There Were 6

Make Your Case - Dan HOH

Joe and Ian nominated

Swimming With Sharks - Ian POV
Used to remove himself

Danielle nominated

Joe evicted 3-0
Shane, Jenn, and Ian voted Joe

And Then There Were 5

Week 10

Sep 9 (Sun) - Memory Lane - Ian HOH

Lowest penalty points wins:
Ian - 14, Shane - 14, Jenn - 17, Danielle - 25
Ian and Shane have a tie breaker: Ian - 2 and Shane - 4

Shane and Jenn nominated

Sep 12 (Wed) - Special not so "LIVE" episode

Time Flies - Shane POV
Used to remove himself - Combined with LUXURY comp below

Danielle nominated

Jenn evicted 2-0
Shane and Dan voted Jenn

And Then There Were 4

Photographic Memory - Danielle HOH

Sep 13 (Thu) - Dan and Ian nominated

Atomic Veto - Danielle POV
Used to remove Dan (Danielle meet Marcellas Reynolds BB3)

Shane nominated

Shane evicted by Dan

And Then There Were 3

Week 11

Sep 16 (Sun) - Hook, Line, and Sinker

Sep 19 (Wed) - FINALE

Dan wins Pt 1
  • Ian - 17 min
  • Danielle - 36 min
Big Brother Sky Scraper - Pt 2 of HOH - SKILL
Danielle and Ian (losers from Pt 1) climb a tall building and put evicted HGs in order

Ian wins Pt 2
  • Danielle - 7 min 31 sec
  • Ian - 6 min 04 sec
Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH
How well do Ian and Dan (winners of pt 1 and pt 2) know the jury

Ian HOH - 5-2

Dan and Danielle automatically nominated

Danielle evicted by Ian

And Then There Were 2

Ian Winner 6-1
Danielle votes for Dan
Shane, Jenn, Joe, Frank, Britney, and Ashley vote for Ian

And Then There Were 0


Week 1


Week 2

Jul 15 (Sun) - COACHES - Big Brother Derby

Coaches run a horse race in 3 heats to grab the tail of the other horse. They start at each end of the track, and one coach must catch the other
  • Heat One: Mike Boogie (orange) beats Britney (purple)
  • Heat Two: Janelle (blue) beats Dan (greenish yellow) - Dan throws it badly
  • Heat Three: Mike Boogie beats Janelle and wins the first ever BB Coaches Competition
Mike Boogie chooses Ian for immunity from eviction. Britney chooses Shane, Dan chooses Danielle, Janelle chooses Ashley, and Boogie chooses Ian for Have-Nots for the week (eat only slop, cold showers, lousy beds that are curved and slanted, lousy pillows, and one lousy blanket)

Week 3

Jul 22 (Sun) - COACHES - Phat Stacks

Coaches transfer money stacks from one side to the other on balance beams
  • Britney (purple) knocks money to the ground - DQ
  • Mike Boogie (red) steps off to gloat before hitting bell - DQ
  • Janelle (yellow) beats Dan (blue) to win the comp
Janelle chooses not to trade any team members and chooses Ashley to be safe from nomination. She also chooses Willie, JoJo, Shane, and Ian (who volunteers) to be have-nots

AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Pork Rinds and Pudding

  • Liverwurst and Licorice
  • Pork Rinds and Pudding
  • Tofu and Taffy
Week 4

Jul 29 (Sun) - COACHES - Feel The Burn

Coaches have 3 rounds of exercises. Losing coach of each round picks a locker and gets a prize
  • Booty Scooty 6000: Britney has to choose 2 have-nots. She chooses Joe and Ian
  • Hip 2 Hip Extreme: Boogie must choose who to give 3 predetermined amounts of cash to. He takes $6,000, gives $3,000 to Ian, and $1,000 to Jenn
  • Tongue Trainer Elite: Dan chooses 5 guests to attend a sushi party with him. He chooses Boogie, Janelle, Britney, Shane, and Danielle
Janelle wins and decides not to switch any team members and chooses Wil to be safe from nomination.

AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Cereal and Salmon

  • Cereal and Salmon
  • Garbanzo Beans and Giblets
  • Lima Beans and Lemons
Aug 2 (Thu) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Should the coaches be offered the chance to enter the game and compete for the half million: Yes
(Hmmm - if they say so.) Coaches go to the DR and vote if they want back in or not. Mike Boogie is the only coach not to hit the reset button

Week 5

Aug 8 (Wed) - LUXURY - Field of Veto
Combined with POV comp above

Order they went out and prize they ended up with after trading:
  • Shane - Veto ticket to be in next veto comp
  • Wil - $5,000
  • Jenn - Maui Vacation
  • Ian - Wear Dog Costume for 24 hrs - eat and drink out of dog bowls, stay off the furniture, and stay in dog house area unless led on leash by other HGs
  • Frank - wear spiritard for a week
  • Danielle - POV
Week 6

Aug 12 (Sun) - FOOD - Ex-Squeeze Me

HGs jump in spongy lemon/lime suits jump in lemon water and run to their farmer to get the water squeezed out. First team to fill jugs from the other team are "haves". The other team is the "Have-Nots". Ashley lets HOH Frank play for her since her back is messed up
  • Green Team (winners): Ian, Boogie, Dan, Wil, Ashley, and Frank (farmer)
  • Yellow Team (have-nots): Danielle, Shane, Britney, Joe, and Jenn (farmer)
AMERICA'S CHOICE - What food do you want the Have Nots to have: Candy Canes and Cod

  • Rice Cakes and Rutabagas
  • Candy Canes and Cod
  • Onions & Oat Bran
Week 7

Aug 19 (Sun) - LUXURY - Swamped
Combined with HOH comp above

America was asked to Twitter a vote for what to tempt the HGs with during the comp. The choices were $10,000 or have-not pass, and they chose $10,000

HGs raced to fill a big jug full of swamp water. They could choose from 3 jugs (HOH, $10,000, or safety from eviction). First to fill each jug won that prize
  • Britney - Blue - won safety from nomination or eviction
  • Mike Boogie - Green - won the $10,000
  • Shane - Light Green - won HOH
  • The rest won squat - Danielle (light blue), Ashley (orange), Ian (red), Dan (pink), Joe (yellow), Jenn (dark blue)
Week 8

Aug 26 (Sun) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box I
Combined with bonus POV above

Frank picks 3 envelopes and keeps the amount for a total of $3,341.49 ($1.05, $7.11, $3,333.33). Remaining HGs search for quarters in balls that fall from the sky. They use the quarters until a HG gets the bonus Golden POV for the next POV meeting from the claw machine. Ian wins

Aug 29 (Wed) - LUXURY - Draw Something
Combined with POV comp above

HGs guess a word from picture drawn and get a task and points for correct guess. They are warned they will be DQd if they help other HGs. Highest score wins
  • Frank - 2 pts - Avacado - Dye himself green (dip in tub of gunk)
  • Dan - 5 pts - Hunger - eat 2 gross things from table of things
  • Jenn - 4 pts - Clock - Burn clothes she's wearing
  • Britney - 6 pts - Shackle - Get shackled to HG of choice for 24 hrs (picks Danielle)
  • Frank - 7 pts - Shower - Chum shower every hr for 24 hrs
  • Frank - 3 pts - Carrot - Wear carrot costume for a week
  • Frank - 10 pts - Bench - sit out the next eligible HOH comp
  • Danielle - 6 pts - Spots - get splattered by paint for 2 min
  • Dan - 8 pts - Trip - Solitary Dance Party in the have-not room for 24 hrs (with disco lights, horrid music, and the Mozzarella and Motza awarded for this weeks AC food choice)
    • mozzarella and motzo
    • cheddar and chipotle
    • feta and fennel
  • Britney - 0 - missed - Frank whispered "Summer" and got DQd
  • Britney - 0 - missed again
  • Jenn - 11 pts - Ticket - eat slop the rest of the season
    • Jenn - 15 pts total - winner
    • Dan - 13 pts total
    • Danielle - 6 pts total
    • Britney - 6 pts total
    • Shane - 0 pts total
    • Frank - 22 pts total - DQd
Week 9

Sep 2 (Sun) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box II

It's holiday time in the house. Ian the HOH gets a mother lode of gifts to open including toys, clothes, and $1,000. The remaining HGs get a visit from Santa Jessie (Jessie Godderz BB10/BB11). He takes away all their junk food and leaves them with healthy food

Week 10

Sep 9 (Sun) - LUXURY - Pandora's Box III

Ian (1st HG to get 2 Pandora's Boxes in a season) is told he will get a message from someone who loves him. He accepts and it's Rachel Reilly from BB12/BB13 with advice on how to win (showmance, straddlegize, and laugh alot). The other HGs get video messages from loved ones

LUXURY - Time Flies
Combined with POV comp above

HGs fly back and forth with puzzle pieces and put them on a magnatized board. If they don't get back to the other side in 20 seconds, all the pieces they've put up fall off the board. First to finish wins. The winner gets a limousine trip outside the house to see the Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions featuring the fierce five girls. Shane wins and picks Danielle to go with him
  • Shane - orange - winner
  • Dan - red
  • Ian - blue - dq'd because he didnt reset within 10 secs. after pieces fell
  • Jenn - purple
  • Danielle - yellow
Week 11

Sep 19 (Wed) - AMERICA's CHOICE - Which HG do you like best for $25,000? Frank

All HGs in the running except Willie who was kicked off the show for headbutting Joe and throwing pork rinds at Janelle

BB14 Houseguests and Coaches

Ashley Iocco
aka Trixie aka Snow White

26 - West Hollywood, CA
From Pittsburgh, PA
Owner of Mobile Spray Tanning Co
Ashley Iocco
9th Place - 8th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Owner of Bronzique Tanning
Photo Shoot by Frances Iacuzzi Photography
Photo Shoot by MXS Make-up
Ashley on Twitpic
Ashley Iocco Acting Reel
Hollywood Heritage Promo Video
The Young Conservative's Hip Hop Guide to Muslims (Satire)

Britney Haynes BB12
aka Snowflake

24 - Hungtinton, AR
Now Married
Britney Haynes

Britney Haynes BB12
8th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (1 Total)
POV 0 Times (3 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)
Invited to Sushi Party by Dan in Feel the Burn
Safety from nomination or eviction for a week in Swamped
Shackled 24 hrs to HG of choice (Danielle) from Draw Something

Britney & Nick's House Fire - Morning of Finale
Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen - Semi-Finalist
Britney's Fan Page on Facebook
Britney on Twitter
Britney at IMDb
Britney at Wikipedia
BB12 Britney Haynes || Poker Face
Great extended exit interview with Julie
Big Brother Britney Falls Off Hammock

Dan Gheesling BB10

28 - Dearborn, MI
Now Married
Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling BB10
Runner-Up - 15th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 1 Time (4 Total)
POV 1 Time (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times (5 Total)
Sushi Party from Feel the Burn with 5 Guests
Eat 2 really gross things from Draw Something
24 hr solitary dance party in have-not room from Draw Something
Video message from his wife from Pandora's Box III

Dan Gheesling
Dan on MySpace
Save Dan's Job on MySpace
Dan on Facebook
Dan on Twitter
Dan on eBay
Dan at IMDb
Dan at Wikipedia
Our Wedding (Beautiful)

Danielle Murphree

23 - Tuscaloosa, AL
From Grant, AL
Danielle Murphree
3rd Place - 14th Evicted
HOH 2 Times (only female this season)
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
Invited to Sushi Party by Dan in Feel the Burn
24 hrs shackled to Britney who chose her from Draw Something
Splattered by paint 2 min by other HGs from Draw Something
Video message from her sister from Pandora's Box III
Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions (chosen by Shane)

Danielle at LinkedIn
Danielle at Explore Talent
Danielle at WAYN (says shes 24)
Danielle with Miss Alabama
Danielle's Nursing Stuff
Danielle on Twitter
Danielle Murphree Big Brother 14 Make-Up Tutorial (parody)

Frank Eudy
Son of wrestler Sid Vicious
aka Big Frank aka Flatulent Frank

28 - Naples, FL
From Marion, AR

7th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 3 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 6 Times
$25,000 from America's Choice for Favorite HG
$3,341.49 from Pandora's Box I
Wear spiritard for a week from Field of Veto
Dunk in green gunk from Draw Something
Red chum shower every hr for 24 hrs from Draw Something
Wear carrot costume for a week from Draw Something
Sit out next eligible HOH comp from Draw Something

Frank on Facebook
Frank on Twitter
Frank at Wikipedia
Sid Vicious Revealed as Frank's Dad

Ian Terry

21 - New Orleans, LA
From Piittsburgh, PA
Engineering Student at Tulane University
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Ian Terry
Winner - $500,000
HOH 4 Times
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$3,000 from Feel the Burn
$1,000 from Pandora's Box II
Be a dog for 24 hrs from Field of Veto
Bonus Golden POV from Pandora's Box I
Mother Lode of gifts (toys, clothes) from Pandora's Box II
Video msg from Rachel Reilly BB12/BB13 from Pandora's Box III

Tulane NORML Officer
Ian's Top 10 BB HGs
Ian on Facebook

Janelle Pierzina BB6/BB7

33 - Grand Rapids, MN
Now Married with Baby Girl

12th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (6 Total)
POV 0 Times (7 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (12 Total)
Invited to Sushi Party by Dan in Feel the Burn

janie intro
Janelle's Wedding Linked at Dogdaves
Janelle Pierzina Official Fan Site
Janelle on MySpace
Janelle on Twitter
Janelle on eBay
Janelle at IMDb
Janelle at Wikipedia
Janelle on Regis and Kathy Lee
Janelle: Big Brother Dominance (Encore)
Janelle Tribute - Jem
Janellously: A Tribute to the Haters
Janelle's Best Bits

Jenn Arroyo
Rock Star and DJ
aka Jenn City

37 - Brooklyn, NY
Jenn Arroyo
5th Place - 12th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$1,000 from Feel the Burn
Maui Vacation from Field of Veto
Burn clothes she's wearing from Draw Something
Slop diet for rest of season from Draw Something
Video message from her mother from Pandora's Box III
PB & J Sandwich from Julie in her exit interview

JennCity Productions on MySpace
Jenn at YouTube
Jenn on Facebook
Jenn on another Facebook
Jenn on Twitter
Jenn on Twitpic
Miss Jenn City In The House

Jodi Rollins

42 - Calpatria, CA
From Englewood, CO
Restaurant Server
Jodi Rollins
16th Place - 1st Evicted

Jodi at Wikipedia
Jodi on Facebook
Jodi on Twitter
Big Brother 14 - Best of Jodi Rollins

Joe Arvin
aka Eagle Eye Joe aka Chef Joe

41 - Scherenville, IN
From Lexington, KY
Joe Arvin
6th Place - 11th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
24 hr Hula Hoop Boot Camp from Soak Up the Sun

Mad Love Cooking TV
Smashmouth Burgers and Pizza
Joe and Wife at Schererville Community
Joe at LinkedIn
Joe at YouTube
Joe on Twitter
Cofounder and Chef at Smashmouth Burgers and Pizza

JoJo Spatafora
aka Josephine

26 - Staten Island, NY
JoJo Spatafora
13th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Jojo at Model Meyham
Rock Show Magazine Girl of the Month - Oct 2011
Staten Island Ring Girl
JoJo tries Piloxing
Jojo at Wikipedia
JoJo on Facebook
JoJo on Twitter
BB14: JoJo Spatafora | There Goes a Fighter
Big Brother 14 JoJo Spatafora Tribute [Titanium]

Kara Monaco
Playboy Playmate of the Year 2006

29 - Los Angeles, CA
From Orlando, FL
Kara Monaco
15th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Kara at Who's Dated Who
Kara at AskMen
Kara at Daily Motion (must be 18 to view video)
Kara at IMDB
Kara at Wikipedia
Kara on MySpace
Karas Fan Page on Facebook
Kara on Twitter
Kara on Twitpic
Kara Strips on Youtube
Kara Monaco Hot Gallery Playboy
Big Brother 14: Kara Monaco Tribute | "I Am Unwritten"

Mike Boogie Malin BB2/BB7

42 - Los Angeles, CA
Now has a Baby Boy

10th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (4 Total)
POV 0 Times (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)
$6,000 from Feel the Burn
Invited to Sushi Party by Dan in Feel the Burn
$10,000 from Swamped

mike boogie intro
My Tribute To Mike Boogie
Mike Boogie Gets Arrested
Mike Boogies His Way to the Big House
Mike Boogie Falls Through Les Deux Skylight
Enrique Iglesias Video - Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)
Mike "Boogie" Malin on the TV show Monk
Mike Boogie at IMDb
Mike Boogie at Wikipedia
Dr Will About Removing Mike Boogie's Genital Wart on Dr 90210

Shane Meaney
2010 Cosmo Bachelor for Vermont
aka Shano-O-MacDaddy (self proclaimed)

26 - Bennington, VT
House Flipper and Model
Shane Meaney
4th Place - 13th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 4 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Invited to Sushi Party by Dan in Feel the Burn
Veto ticket for next POV comp from Field of Veto
Video message from his sister from Pandora's Box III
Limo ride to see Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions

Shane at Tumblr
Shane at LinkedIn
Shane at Explore Talent
Cosmo's 2010 Bachelor Blowout
Shane at On Display Men Magazine
Shane at Model Mayhem
Shane on MakeUp Site
Shane in another photo shoot
Shane on YouTube
Shane on Twitter
Shane on Twitpic

Wil (with one L) Heuser
American Idol 8 Contestant

24 - Louisville, KY
Marketing Consultant
Wil Heuser
$5,000 from Field of Veto
11th place - 6th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

The Wil Show
Wil Heuser Radio on MySpace
Wil on Twitter
Wil on YouTube (this stuff is hilarious)
Wil - Contestant on American Idol 8
Wil as the Tanning Mom
GENITAL TRYANGLE (all I can say is lmfao)
Wil as Barbara Walters

Willie Hantz
Brother of Survivor's Russell Hantz
Brother of Flipped Off's Shawn Hantz
Uncle of Survivor's Brandon Hantz

34 - Louisville, KY
Willie Hantz
14th Place - 3rd Ejected from game
HOH 1 Time

Willie at Wikipedia
Willie on Facebook
Willie on Twitter
Preseason Interview on Big Brother Network
Preseason Interview on CBS
Preseason Interview on Superpass
Preseason Interview on WeLoveBigBrother
Preseason Interview on Zap2It
Some Hantz That I Used to Know - A Tribute to Willie Hantz

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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7/15 F4 - 7:38pm - Shout outs to Dingo at Hamsterwatch
7/17 F3 - 10:25pm - Froot Loops fight
8/13 F1 - 2:34am - Bible Study with Joe
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9/17 F1 - 12:03am - Ian describes Danielle logic from the hammock

Big Brother 14 Videos and Other Stuff
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Big Brother 14 Withdrawl by Chris02569
Solitary Dance Party audio by Big Brother Scoop - the music Dan listened to for 24 hrs
Alex gets a spray tan pmsl not BBUS but oh so funny!
BB14- HRNN Update 04: Reset Hairball Bunny for the Win these HRNN updates by 88BillTCat88 are a riot
BB14 - Boogie's Good Byes by 88BillTCat88
The Official "Big Brother" Hair Timeline by alexiskleinman at BuzzFeed
BB9 Spoilers and Updates by Madrosed Why BB9? Because I LOVE the description :)
by LarryandErichFilmz- not BB related, but it's made for me!!

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Blocked Feeds

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Ashley Iocco


The fishes yet again. We need something new like ALL NEW HGs, and NO visit from Jessie BB10. Summer Unlike Any Other - My A$$

The Twists:

Twist 1
Coached by Previous Season HGs (who
wins $100,000 if their team member wins)
  • Team Janelle: Wil - Ashley - Joe
  • Team Dan: Danielle - Jodi - Kara
  • Team Britney: Shane - JoJo - Willie
  • Team Boogie: Jenn - Ian - Frank

Twist 2
Ian wonders why an invitation instead of a key
There are 12 invitations and 11 keys
A HG gets evicted on the first show

Twist 3
Coaches can now trade or keep a team member safe in the comps - waste of a twist because no one ever traded

Twist 4
IF America voted to let coaches into the game and IF one single coach votes to reset, the coaches enter the game and compete for the $500,000 prize. The $100,000 coach prize is no longer in play. OF COURSE the stars all aligned and this happened. America voted yes (or so they say) and Britney, Dan, and Janelle pushed the reset button

Memory Wall

Before the coaches entered the house

After the coaches entered the house


A burglar comes in to make videos for an HOH comp and some production lady

Zingbot 3000 zings the HGs and hosts the Birth of Zingbot POV comp. HGs have mentioned other visitors had to come in too - medics when Zingbot got overheated during the comp

Baby Zingbot is hatched from the Birth of Zingbot competition

Jessie Claus Godderz BB10/BB11 takes all the bad food from the house and leaves nothing but "good" food. Does this make them have-nots for the week?

While Jessie Clause is removing all the unhealthy food from the house, Ian is upstairs in the HOH room opening all kinds of great presents for Pandora's Box II

Walk from the DR

Table for 15

Key Box


Pandora's Box POV

Chess Set

Jury House

Disappeared Before Show Started

Mike the Sailing Instructor featured on
preseason ads and disappeared
before the show

CBS Internet Ad

Memorable Moments

HG's Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Ian thinks Willie looks like Russell
Hantz of Survivor ... ya think?

Hantz Bros. Reality Show Stars, Inc.

Jodi, Danielle, and Joe react to Frank
saying that he is unemployed

Dan evicts Jodi

Shane rubs JoJo's back. Looks like Danielle isn't Shane's first choice for a showmance

JoJo and Frank tend to Frank's wound

Dan, Ian, Mike Boogie, and Frank talk to
Ted (the 17th HG)

Interesting view of the end of the hall
by the HOH door

Is Kara wondering "what am I doing here?"

Ian kicks himself in the face. He saw it on Jackass and went to his friend's house to try it because they said not to try it at home

Willie spends alot of time in the HOH room
with Janelle and Britney

Joe cooks and the HGs watch

Plenty of HGs early in the season

Ian streaks for the HGs and does the
BB5 Cowboy hat trick

Only difference - BB5 Cowboy didn't hold the hat on with his hands (if you know what I mean)

The coaches run laps in the back yard

Willie brings the key box to the table

Willie, Wil, Britney, and Janelle celebrate Willie's nominations

Can't see Shane's POV necklace from looking at the puke-a shells around his neck

Shane and Kara have a discussion in
the have-nots room. Danielle still isn't
his choice for a showmance

Willie calls a house meeting with everyone but the coaches. He's freaking about the possibility of coaches entering the game

Willie tells HGs to play for theirselves and not be influenced by coaches. Wil says he doesn't want to talk about game for 24 hours

Frank and Willie have a fight about "I had your back", "no, I had your back", "you threw me in the dirt", and "I'll eat my froot loops"

The other HGs watch the fight

Mike Boogie tells Willie to eat his
Froot Loops - he'll eat salmon

Shane tells Kara (twice) in her goodbye message that he will miss her long legs

HGs enjoy the hammock, and I'm still waiting for a hammock dump this season

Dan hugs Danielle after Kara is evicted and tells her he will do better for her than he
did for Jodi and Kara

Frank and Mike Boogie celebrate Frank didn't get evicted

Ummmm - we've seen this before - it was funny the first season it was done

Franks HOH room

HOH baskets have gotten fancier from BB2

The coach gets a room off the HOH room when their team member makes HOH (the old Pandora's box room)

Big Brother introduces us to the nomance ... er I mean showmance of the season with Danielle and Shane

Ian asks Ashley for a slop date
(they are both have-nots)

Ian picks up his date in the bathroom

Ashley and Ian have their date in the claw machine room

Ian fishes a rose out of his pocket and hands it to Ashley

They toast, and the date ends with a hug

Shane has doll hair in the DR

Willie comes down badly from spending the 1st week in HOH. He's now a have-not, Frank threw him in the dirt, and Britney is telling him off for being such a jerk to everyone

Willie is ticked at Joe and runs after him

Poor Ian is coming out of the shower when a fight is breaking out

Ian doesn't know whether to break it up or RUN

Willie head butts Joe (big no no in BB land)

Willie then shoves Joe with his shoulder

HGs are freaking out in the storage room

HGs are freaking out in the bathroom

Willie gets called to the DR

Britney is really upset over Willie's behavior and cries to Jenn

Allison Grodner calls the HGs to the living room over the speaker and announces Willie is gone

Ian goofs with the camera in the BY (back yard)

Janelle, Mike Boogie, and Frank
celebrate Willie's exit

Shane and Britney celebrate his winning POV in front of JoJo who is also on the block

Nice clean set at the beginning of Memory Chip

Ashley wipes out - there were great wipeouts like this during the Memory Chip POV challenge

Audience for LIVE shows - not quite as big as American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance or America's Got Talent

Dan explains to Danielle the reason for abandoning her for the week - so it would light a fire under her to fight to stay in

"I'm down to my thong right now"
(TMI from Shane while flirting with
JoJo in the have-not room)

Danielle's reaction after asking Ian what Shane, JoJo, and he did in the have-not room last night. Ian told her they were talking about climbing all over each other

Janelle: "My boobs weigh more than his head"
Danielle, Janelle, and Ashley laugh about Shane. This prolly helps Danielle feel better after hearing about Shane and JoJo

HGs are shown a clip of Shane's POV win and Britney jumping into the pool of avacado dip to celebrate with Shane

Julie tells us Dr Will BB2 is up next!

We see a clip of Dr Will winning on BB2

Then we see a clip of a hilarious Dr Will/Mike Boogie phone call from BB7

Dr Will is now Dr Tattoff - removing tattoos

This looks like Dr Will did on Dr 90210 when he was getting ready to remove Mike Boogies genital wart on national TV

Dr Will tells what he thinks of the HGs

We get a Dr Will/Mike Boogie phone call

Frank and his HOH interview with Julie

Nice dress and big jewelry

I didn't see or hear of any spills. Ian
Terry kicked its butt. BB bought a new
one, and Ian kicked its butt too

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