ATTWX's Big Brother 16

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB16 2014
The Most Twisted Summer Ever

HOH, BOB, POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Jun 25 (Wed) - Go Fly a Kite - Frankie HOH-A (not to be confused with the real HOH)

First 8 HGs enter the house and compete for HOH-A

Order they fell (no times given):
Paola (yellow), Joey (lt blue), Nicole (dk blue), Donny (green), Devin (purple), Cody (red), Amber (orange), and Frankie (pink)

Jun 26 (Thu) - Over the Coals - Caleb HOH-B (not to be confused with the real HOH)

Second 8 HGs enter the house and compete for HOH-B

Order they fell (no times given):
Victoria (yellow), Brittany (dk blue), Jocasta (red), Christine (lt green), Zach (lt orange), Derrick (green), Hayden (lt blue), and Caleb (orange)

Week 2

Jun 29 (Sun) - Donny and Paola pre-nominated by HOH-B (Caleb)
Victoria and Brittany pre-nominated by HOH-A (Frankie)
(not to be confused with the real nominees)

BOB - The Pouring Twenties

Victoria and Brittany (purple) win against Donny and Paola (blue)
Frankie is dethroned as HOH-A and gets thrown in the pool

Caleb HOH - Donny and Paola Nominated

Jul 2 (Wed) - Miami Lice - Donny POV
Used to remove himself

HGs crawl through hairy soapy water and try to spell the longest word:
  • Zach (Purple) - W A R N I N G - 7 letters
  • Cody (Green) - C O N P E T I V E L Y - incorrect
  • Caleb (Brown) - S P E C I A L I Z E - incorrect - missing "p"
  • Victoria (Pink) - P H A R M A C I S T - incorrect - missing "c"
  • Paola (Blue) - C A L T O R U - incorrect - trying for "calculator"
  • Donny (Yellow) - S P L I T T E R S - 9 letters - winner
Joey nominated

Jul 3 (Thu) - Joey evicted 13-0
Paola gets no votes
Devin, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Zach, Brittany, Nicole, Christine, Victoria, Jocasta, Hayden, Amber, and Donny vote Joey

And Then There Were 15

BB Rager - Amber HOH-A - Devin HOH-B

First the girls (sorority sisters) compete for HOH-A:
Christine (red), Paola (orange), Amber (yellow), Brittany (green), Nicole (light blue), Jocasta (dark blue), and Victoria (purple)

Then the guys (frat brothers) compete for HOH-B
Cody (red), Donny (orange), Hayden (yellow), Frankie (green), Devin (light blue), Zach (dark blue), Derrick (purple)

Week 3

Jul 6 (Sun) - Paola and Brittany pre-nominated by HOH-B (Devin)
Hayden and Nicole pre-nominated by HOH-A (Amber)

BOB - We Did What?

While looking at pictures flashing by, the first team to get 3 correct answers is the winner. Punishments are given for each question (Brittany wears beer goggles, Hayden drinks hangover cure, Brittany does a cannonball into the pool, Paola wears leaky beer helmet, and Hayden rinses his head in a toilet bowl)
Wasn't that a party!!!!

Hayden and Nicole win against Paola and Brittany
Amber is dethroned as HOH-A and gets a big barrel of guck dumped on her

Devin HOH - Paola and Brittany Nominated

Jul 9 (Wed) - BB Galaxy - Devin POV
Used to remove Brittany

Devin (green), Paola (purple), Zach (yellow), Derrick (orange),
Amber (pink), and Brittany (blue)

Zach nominated

Jul 10 (Thu) - Paola evicted 10-2
Jocasta and Donny voted Zach
Brittany, Derrick, Caleb, Amber, Hayden, Cody,
Frankie, Nicole, Christine and Victoria voted Paola

And Then There Were 14

Underwater Polo - Nicole HOH-A - Derrick HOH-B

Highest two scores win: Amber 17, Cody 17, Caleb 21, Frankie 24, Christine 4, Nicole 29, Victoria 12, Brittany 16, Zach 8, Donny 20, Hayden 17, Jocasta 22, Derrick 28

Week 4

Jul 13 (Sun) - Amber and Donny pre-nominated by HOH-A (Nicole)
Jocasta and Caleb pre-nominated by HOH-B (Derrick)

BOB - Abraca-BOB-ra

Amber and Donny win against Jocasta and Caleb (who throws it to save Amber). Nicole is dethroned as HOH-A and disappears and gets changed to a frog for a week

Derrick HOH - Jocasta and Caleb Nominated

Jul 16 (Wed) - Tumblin' Dice - Donny POV
Used to remove Jocasta

Inside large dice, HGs must return to platform with the rolled number. They draw names to determine the order and that HG challenges another. Loser is eliminated:
  • Christine (purple) challenges and loses to Devin (green)
  • Derrick (orange) challenges and loses to Devin
  • Donny (yellow) challenges and beats Devin
  • Donny challenges and beats Caleb (pink)
Devin nominated

Jul 17 (Thu) - Devin evicted 11-0
No one votes Caleb
Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Zach, Cody, Victoria,
Frankie, Amber, Christine, and Brittany vote Devin

And Then There Were 13

Deviled Eggs - HOH ENDURANCE

HGs divided into pairs by drawing numbers. 1st pair to get 12 eggs through the chicken wire and placed into place are the two HOHs.
Times weren't shown, and by the time the feeds came on, the comp was over (less than an hr):
  • Victoria/Christine - blue
  • Caleb/Nicole- grey
  • Brittany/Jocasta - orange
  • Amber/Zach - gold
  • Donny/Hayden - purple
  • Cody/Frankie - red - HOHs
Week 5

Jul 20 (Sun) - Cody HOH-A - Frankie HOH-B

Victoria and Brittany pre-nominated by HOH-A (Cody)
Jocasta and Amber pre-nominated by HOH-B (Frankie)

BOB - Knight Moves

Jocasta and Amber (gold) win against Victoria and Brittany (purple). Frankie is dethroned as HOH-B and gets tarred and feathered

Cody HOH - Victoria and Brittany Nominated

Jul 23 (Wed) - BB Cup - Victoria POV
Used to remove herself

Low score each round gets eliminated and wins a prize. Prizes can be traded with previous prizes
  • Cody - red - Penalty Kick - use kicking machine to kick himself in the butt 10 times every time the whistle blows
  • Brittany - blue - Goal Oriented - kick 2400 goals and retrieve them in 24 hours or unable to compete in the next POV
  • Zach - green - vacation to Germany
  • Nicole - yellow - wear Germatard for a week
  • Victoria - pink - POV
  • Caleb - orange - $5,000
Donny nominated

Jul 24 (Thu) - Brittany evicted 10-0
No one votes Donny
Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden, Amber, Derrick, Caleb
Christine, Victoria, Zach, and Frankie vote Brittany

And Then There Were 12

Country Hits - Frankie HOH-A - Zach HOH-B

2 HGs head to head - winner picks next 2 until last 2 people standing

Week 6

Jul 27 (Sun) - Jocasta and Victoria pre-nominated by HOH-A (Frankie)
Christine and Nicole pre-nominated by HOH-B (Zach)

BOB - Wedding Crashers

Christine and Nicole win against Jocasta and Victoria
Zach is dethroned as HOH-B and gets cake in the face (well sort of since the machine misses 3 times)

Frankie HOH - Jocasta and Victoria Nominated

Jul 30 (Wed) - Giddy Up - Hayden POV
Used to remove Victoria

Timed event riding rocking horses and stacking gold bars. Jocasta took slop for a week to buy another chance, and she still lost.
Victoria - Blue, Donny - Pink, Frankie - Green, Jocasta - Green, Christine - Red, Hayden - Purple

Amber nominated

Jul 31 (Thu) - Amber evicted 9-0
No one votes Jocasta
Hayden, Victoria, Donny, Derrick, Zach, Caleb,
Christine, Cody, and Nicole vote Amber

And Then There Were 11

Getting Loopy - Ran out of time on the live show (not to be confused with an endurance comp)

True/False questions based on video loops the HGs got to study

Week 7

Aug 3 (Sun) - Donny HOH-A - Nicole HOH-B

Jocasta and Zach pre-nominated by HOH-B (Nicole)
Caleb and Victoria pre-nominated by HOH-A (Donny)

BOB - Domino Effect

Victoria and Caleb (red) win against Jocasta and Zach (blue). They build a domino trail that includes punishments:
  • Victoria has to shave Caleb's hair
  • They both have to eat slop for 2 weeks
  • They have to dress up like Adam and Eve and be hooked together for 48 hours
Donny is dethroned as HOH-A and gets dunked in a dunk tank

Nicole HOH - Jocasta and Zach Nominated

Aug 6 (Wed) - BB Comics - Christine POV
Not used

HGs ride a zip line to peek at comics in a window and build their wall to match
  • Victoria (blue) - 35:00 (min:sec)
  • Zach (yellow) - 26:17
  • Caleb (green) - 15:48
  • Jocasta (orange) - 14:39
  • Nicole (purple) - 12:20
  • Christine (red) - 11:50
BOB twist dropped for the night

Jocasta evicted 6-2
Caleb, Christine, Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria vote Jocasta
Donny and Hayden voted Zach

And Then There Were 10

Mathcathalon - Caleb HOH

Hayden and Donny nominated

Best of Duck - Donny POV
Used to remove himself

Victoria - red, Zach - green, Caleb - yellow,
Donny - orange, Hayden - lt green, Christine - purple

Nicole nominated

Hayden evicted 7-0
Cody, Christine, Derrick, Donny, Frankie, Zach, Victoria vote Hayden
Nicole got no votes

And Then There Were 9

Week 8

Aug 10 (Sun) - Big Brother Tourn-eye-ment
Nicole HOH-A - Christine HOH-B

Elimination rounds with final 2 standing as HOH's
  • Round 1: Nicole beats Cody, Victoria beats Derrick, Christine beats Donny, Zach beats Frankie
  • Round 2: Nicole beats Victoria, Christine beats Donny
Donny and Zach pre-nominated by HOH-B (Christine)
Caleb and Frankie pre-nominated by HOH-A (Nicole)

BOB - Moving the Chains

Frankie and Caleb (Baltimore Ravens) win against Zach and Donny (Pittsburg Steelers). Frankie slides his balls up the contraption by himself as Caleb informs him he is going to throw it and sit it out.
(Ed note: Caleb could have done more damage if he had pulled his chain as originally intended. We learn on the feeds later before fishies that Caleb tried to enter the comp after it started, and PRODUCTION wouldn't let him. Hmmmmmm comp fixed much?)

Winning team and HOH get an outing to the Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, CA via RV complete with meeting Jerry Jones, Cowboy players, wives, autographed shirts, hats, and tailgating

Nicole is dethroned as HOH-A and gets a giant barrel of Loserade dumped on her

Christine HOH - Donny and Zach Nominated

Aug 13 (Wed) - OTEV The Pissed Off Penguin - Zach POV
Used to remove himself

Last HG to find the correct drink each round is eliminated. Last one standing is POV. Order they were eliminated:
  • Donny - orange - Brittany Sour
  • Nicole - red - Jocasta-kazi
  • Christine - blue - Devin & Devin
  • Derrick - yellow - Paola Colada
  • Caleb - purple - Amber-ita
  • Zach - green - POV
Nicole nominated

Aug 14 (Thu)

Nicole evicted 6-0
Caleb, Zach, Cody, Victoria, Frankie, Derrick vote Nicole
Donny got no votes

And Then There Were 8

Dead of Household - Derrick HOH-A - Frankie HOH-B

HGs shown zombies in the mirrors and Zombie Apocolypse warning messages the night before.

Week 9

Aug 17 (Sun)
Donny and Christine pre-nominated by HOH-A (Derrick)
Caleb and Cody pre-nominated by HOH-B (Frankie)

BOB - The Black Box

First team to find 5 bones to fit the puzzle on the wall wins. Donny and Christine (green) are the star board. Cody and Caleb (maroon/blue stripes) are the circle board. Donny wins by himself as his partner Christine is trying to throw it. At one point Donny finds two bones and hands one to Christine who hands it off to Caleb on the other team. (Donny is heard later on the feeds saying this move breaks his heart.) Cody and Caleb lose.

Derrick is dethroned as HOH-A and gets put in the black box to get dumped on

Frankie HOH - Cody and Caleb Nominated

Aug 20 (Wed) - Zingervention - Frankie POV
Used to remove Caleb

Zingbot comes into the house and is busted. He tells props instead of zings. Kathy Griffin enters the house and saves they day by showing Zingbot how it's done and then hosts the comp to fix Zingbot. HGs have to connect the boxes with lines to light up all the lights

Props and Zings by Zingbot and Kathy Griffin:
  • Zingbot - You all look more attractive in person - Props
  • Zingbot - Donny, I love your beard but I wish it didn't cover your handsome face - Props
  • Kathy Griffin - Caleb, you and Amber have something in common. You think she's drop dead gorgeous and she wants you to drop dead - Ziiing
  • Kathy Griffin - Christine, there's a belief that glasses make people look smarter. Thanks for disproving that - Ziiing
  • Kathy Griffin - Victoria, I would zing you but I'm only supposed to zing people that are actually playing the game
  • Kathy Griffin - What do you call someone who's not afraid to cry, wears pink, and cuddles with men? You call them Zach - Zing, motherf*ck*r
  • Zingbot - Good luck players. You're all winners in my eyes. Oh, what a beautiful chamber
  • Zingbot - Frankie, that's a nice tan but I'm surprised you get any sun at all considering how much time you spend in your sister's shadow - Grande Zing
  • Zingbot - This is a house of good looking dudes. There's not one unattractive man in here. Oh wait, I didn't see you there Derrick - Ziiiing
  • Zingbot - Donny, your look is very Duck Dynasty. Too bad your social game is more like Suck Dynasty - Ziiing
  • Zingbot - Cody, you're such a nice guy. You haven't made any enemies this summer, except for maybe Christine's husband - Ziiiing Zing Zing Ziiiiing
Zach nominated

Aug 21 (Thu) - Zach evicted 5-0
Derrick, Christine, Donny, Caleb, Victoria vote Zach
Cody got no votes

And Then There Were 7

Comeback Fight - Nicole returns

And Then There Were 8

Shuffleboard game aiming at a spinning table - most discs after 7 rounds is the winner - in case of tie, the disc closest to the center goes back into the house
  • Hayden - white - 3
  • Zach - blue - 4
  • Jocasta - yellow - 5
  • Nicole - black 5 (closest to the center)
Week 10

Aug 24 (Sun) - Punching for Days - Cody HOH

HGs punch the numbers to answer questions. Last HG to punch in gets eliminated for the round until last HG standing. Order eliminated:
  • Nicole - Light Blue
  • Victoria - Purple
  • Christine - Blue
  • Caleb - Red
  • Derrick - Yellow
  • Donny - Green
  • Cody - Pink - Won
Nicole and Donny nominated

Aug 27 (Wed) - Sting Operation - Cody POV
Not Used

Hgs study items, guess how many, and stay or fold with their guesses. Donny wins the first round. On the next 3 rounds everyone folds but Cody giving him 3 badges in a row to win POV. He also wins a private screening of the new tv show Scorpion and picks Nicole and Donny to watch with him in the HOH room

Cody (red), Christine (blue), Derrick (orange)
Donny (lt blue), Nicole (green), and Frankie (pink)

Aug 28 (Thu) - Donny evicted 5-0
Christine, Victoria, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick vote Donny
Cody got no votes

And Then There Were 7

Sloppy the Snowman - HOH ENDURANCE

The first to fill the head of the snowman and get "the piece of coal" wins. The smaller snowman is a prize/punishment for the first to fill it. America is asked to vote during the show for the prize/punishment:
  • $5,000/5,000 Hollas (get hollered at over the loud speaker the rest of the season
  • 5Gs/5Ts - wear one of five Ts the rest of the season)
Week 11

Aug 28 (Sun) - Caleb HOH

Slippery slope comp takes about 2 1/2 hrs. Feeds come on after the show airs on the East Coast. Derrick fills the small snowman head for the prize/punishment (2 hrs:11 min)

Nicole and Christine nominated

Sep 3 (Wed) - BB Blast - Christine POV
Used to remove herself

HGs watch videos showing a series of wires and then must cut the correct wire. If they cut the wrong wire, their bomb explodes and they are eliminated. The first HG to go out has to wear a Tyrannosaurus Jerk costume for a week. Order they were eliminated:
  • Rnd 1 - Cody (green) - Tyrannosaurus Jerk costume
  • Rnd 2 - none
  • Rnd 3 - Caleb (purple)
  • Rnd 4 - Victoria (orange)
  • Rnd 5 - none
  • Rnd 6 - Derrick (pink) and Nicole (red)
  • Christine (blue) is POV
Victoria nominated


Nicole evicted 4-0
Christine, Derrick, Frankie, Cody vote Nicole
Victoria got no votes

And Then There Were 6

What the Bleep - Derrick HOH

T/F questions - Derrick wins on the first question

Victoria and Christine nominated

Mazed and Confused - Frankie POV
Not used

First HG to get a ball through 3 mazes is the winner.
Derrick (red), Frankie (blue) - winner, Caleb (yellow)
Christine (purple), Victoria (green), Donny (orange)

Christine evicted 3-0
Frankie, Caleb, Cody vote Christine
Victoria got no votes

And Then There Were 5

Week 12

Week 12 didn't happen because the Big Gold Button was pushed. If it had counted, Frankie won HOH and POV (not used) and Cody and Victoria were nominated

Week 13

Sep 14 (Sun) - Seed Saw - Caleb HOH

First to walk a seed across at a time until they are all in the shovel wins. If any seeds fall out, they have to start over.
Frankie (purple), Victoria (yellow), Caleb (blue) - HOH, Cody (orange)

Victoria and Frankie nominated

Sep 16 (Tue) - BB Freakshow - Cody POV
1st comp on Sep 14 - results erased
2nd comp POV not used

Morphomatic - 1st comp was erased:
  • Victoria - yellow - 17:18
  • Cody - pink - 12:14
  • Caleb - orange - 8:39
  • Derrick - purple - 6:17
  • Frankie - blue - 5:54
2nd comp - Cody put up a time of 2:21 - HGs had to beat it or be eliminated. No one beat his time. (They wore the same colors)

Morphed faces - 1st set:
  • Miss Twist - Amber Paola Zach
  • World's Oldest HG - Joey Christine Frankie
  • Great Evicto - Cody Jocasta Caleb
  • Human Backstabber - Hayden Amber Brittany
  • The Slop Swallower - Nicole Donny Devin
  • Competition Beast - Hayden Victoria Derrick
Morphed faces - 2nd set:
  • Harriest HG Alive - Donny Joey Zach
  • Tattood Woman - Brittany Amber Cody
  • The Have-Knot - Jocasta Devin Frankie
  • The Block - Paola Victoria Caleb
  • The Human Hamster - Derrick Hayden Brittany
  • Two-Faced - Paola Christine Nicole Joey Zach Jocasta
Frankie evicted 2-0
Cody and Derrick vote Frankie
Victoria got no votes

And Then There Were 4

Foggy Memory - Derrick HOH

Standing in the circle with walls - Before or After
Cody and Derrick end in a 6 - 6 tie (Victoria has 4). Derrick wins the tiebreaker

Sep 17 (Wed) - Victoria and Caleb nominated

Stalking the Veto - Cody POV
Not used

1st to fill in the clues with correct HG photos is POV
  • Cody - yellow - POV
  • Victoria - blue
  • Derrick - red
  • Caleb - green
Caleb evicted by Cody

And Then There Were 3

Sep 19 (Fri) - Fly High or Bye Bye - ENDURANCE
Pt 1 of HOH

Week 14

Sep 24 (Wed) - FINALE

Cody wins Pt 1
  • Victoria fell 1st (about 45 min)
  • Derrick fell 2nd - (it took a little over an hour)
Ancient B B-gypt - Pt 2 of HOH - SKILL/KNOWLEDGE
Derrick wins Pt. 2

Derrick and Victoria (losers from Pt 1) scale a wall and put HG pictures in nomination order at voting time
  • Derrick - 15 min 29 sec
  • Victoria - 30 min 03 sec
Scales of Just Us - Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH - Cody HOH

How well do Cody and Derrick (winners of pt 1 and pt 2) know the jury
4-4 tie - went to tie breaker

Derrick and Victoria automatically nominated

Victoria evicted by Cody

And Then There Were 2

Derrick Winner 7-2
Jocasta and Donny vote for Cody
Hayden, Zach, Nicole, Christine, Frankie, Victoria, Caleb vote Derrick

And Then There Were 0


Week 1

Jun 26 (Thu) - TEAM AMERICA - Joey Van Pelt
Joey is chosen by America to be the 1st member of the Team America Alliance. There will be 3 members chosen and then they will do stuff for $5,000 apiece for each task

Week 2

Jul 3 (Thu) - TEAM AMERICA - Donny Thompson
Donny is chosen by America to be the new 1st member of the Team America Alliance since Joey got evicted. There will be 2 more members chosen

What food do you want the have-nots to have? (Victoria, Brittany, Zach, and Derrick)
  • Vegan S'mores
  • The Wurst BLT

Week 3

Jul 9 (Wed) - TEAM AMERICA - Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande
Derrick and Frankie are chosen by America to be the new members of the Team America Alliance. The now complete team is told to go to the BY and find two other people who use the words "Bald Eagle" and "Apple Pie"

What food do you want the have-nots to have? (Caleb, Devin, Amber, and Hayden)
  • Offal Burritos
  • Baddy Melt

Week 4

Jul 16 (Wed) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #1 - What should Team America do?
  • Get 2 HGs to kiss and then spread rumors that they are in a showmance
  • To keep the spotlight off of Team America, get three other HGs to spread a rumor that someone in the game is related to a past Big Brother contestant

They decided to spread the rumor that Zach is the cousin of Amanda Zuckerman/BB15. Task successful - he told 3 friends and they told 3 friends and so on and so on. Bam - $5,000 to Team America

What food do you want the have-nots to have
  • Hot Sludge Sundae
  • Deep Fish Pizza
Week 5

Jul 23 (Wed) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #2 - Who should Team America get nominated
  • Someone they believe is a floater
  • Someone they believe is a physical threat
I call B.S. on this one. They decide to get Amber nominated since she is such a physical threat against all the alpha males in the house. They were going to nominate her anyway, so they decided she is a physical threat (and not the other way around). Task successful and Team America makes another $5,000

Jul 24 (Thu) - Have-nots are back - chosen by the 4 laziest HGs from the FitBits they are wearing: Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick

Week 6

What do you want the HGs to wear for pictures in the photo booth
  • Viking Hat
  • Peace Sign Glasses
These exclusive votes are a waste of my time - the glasses win, but they pose with both items

Jul 30 (Wed) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #3 - Which mission should Team America do
  • Hide a HGs personal items and convince him/her to publicly blame someone for doing it
  • Play the role of puppet master and get two HGs to have an arguement at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting
Mission fails and Team America doesn't get squat for this one

Jul 31 (Thu) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #4 - Which mission should Team America do
  • Vote against the majority of the house and then publicly accuse two people during the eviction fallout
  • Get two members of Team America to become HOH this week by winning it and/or convincing others to throw it
Mission fails because Donny declines to do it for fear it will affect his game. Again I say B.S. - wouldn't Eric Stein BB8 have loved to be able to pick and choose tasks?

What food do you want the have-nots to have
  • Cajun Chumbo
  • Pea Lime Pie
Week 7

What food do you want the have-nots to have (Christine picks Donny and Zach)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish
  • Beetloaf
Week 8

Aug 13 (Thu) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #5 - Which mission should Team America do
  • Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted
  • Have each member of Team America create and name a fake side alliance with the person they trust the least
Mission fails because they decline to do it - the wimps. Again I say B.S. - wouldn't Eric Stein BB8 have loved to be able to pick and choose tasks?

What food do you want the have-nots to have (Frankie picks Christine and Victoria)
  • Transylvania Goulash
  • Frankenstew

Week 9

Aug 21 (Thu) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #6 - Which mission should Team America do
  • Create a distraction by hiding a favorite piece of clothing from each HG then organize a neighborhood watch program to keep it from happening again
  • Weaken another player's game by keeping them awake for 24 hours straight

Mission passed so they are up to $15,000 apiece. Again I say B.S. - It says "piece of clothing" and they took Frankie's glitter and Christine's bear. Zach should have been paid for this task because he got all the blame from everyone, and it hurt his game

What food do you want the have-nots to have (Cody picks Nicole and Donny)
  • Root Cake
  • Squish Kabobs

Week 10

Aug 28 (Thu) - TEAM AMERICA
Task #7 - Team America is told to come up with their own task. Donny wants them to save him from elimination thinking America made Team America and doesn't want them to split up. Frankie blows that off and wants to put on a Big Brother show. Each HG imitates a HG who is evicted. We are asked if we are impressed with Team America's mission.
  • Option 1 - Reward Team America for their latest mission
  • Option 2 - Do not reward Team America for their latest mission
Mission fails - TA is told (by card in the DR) that on the live show, Julie will ask one of the members what they would like for the final Have-Not food item. That member should answer "apple pie". Julie then tells them the answer is an overwelming "NO". We didn't want to watch some dang Frankie J Grande Show - we've been forced to watch that all season. Donny is right on with what we would want the task to be

What food do you want the have-nots to have (Caleb picks Nicole and Derrick)
  • Snot Roast
  • Breakfast Eareal
Week 12

Sep 7 (Sun) - LUXURY - Jorff Proposal

Which housepet should the HGs take care of for a day
  • Dog
  • Bunny
Task #8 - Which mission do you want to see Team America complete:
  • Wear down the competition by convincing everyone to fast for 24 hours while Team America secretly eats
  • Wear down the competition by convincing everyone there's a rodent in the house and keep them up all night trying to catch it
Mission accomplished - I call B.S. on this one too. They didn't "see the mouse" until about 2 a.m. - not all night. Also when they evicted Donny, they busted up Team America. There shouldn't be more tasks

Week 13

Sep 14 (Sun) - LUXURY COMP - Jury Fury

HGs locked in HOH with a TV screen. Jury members enter and trash the house. They go to the BY. HGs choose a previous HG to gamble on. Jury members find KO pucks (trashing the house even more as they go) and knock out another jury member. Hayden is the last jury member standing and wins $5,000 for himself and his HG partner (Victoria). Partners, order they left, and who KO'd them are:
  • Christine (no one picked her) - purple - by Jocasta
  • Frankie - Zach - pink - by Nicole
  • Derrick - Donny - blue - by Nicole
  • Caleb - Jocasta - orange - by Nicole
  • Cody - Nicole - green - by Hayden
  • Victoria - Hayden - yellow - winners
Week 14

Sep 24 (Wed) - TEAM AMERICA - Incentive - Derrick Wins

An extra $50,000 is offered to any member of Team America who wins the game. Joey (sorry), Donny (sorry), and Frankie (yay) are already out of the running

AMERICA's CHOICE - Which HG do you like best for $25,000? Donny

All HGs in the running - top 3 were Zach, Donny, and Nicole

BB16 Houseguests

*** BB16 HOHs and Nominations are not true counts compared to other seasons because they had the crutch of double HOHs and Nominations adding more numbers. All other seasons had to sit out a week after winning HOH. Nominations came in at 4 per week instead of 2 per week like all other seasons

Amber Borzotra

26 - North Hollywood, CA
Hometown: Knoxville, TN

13th Place - 5th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times

Amber at Explore Talent
Amber on Twitter
Amber on MySpace
Amber at Wikipedia
Amber in Lea Michele On My Way Video

Brittany Martinez

29 - Torrance, CA
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Event Coordinator

14th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
Kick 2400 Goals in 24 Hrs from BB Cup

Brittany at etsy
Brittany at IMDb
Brittany at Wikipedia

Caleb Reynolds aka BM Cowboy

26 - Hopkinsville, KY
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Adventure Hunting Guide

4th Place - 14th Evicted
HOH 4 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
$5,000 from BB Cup
Shave Head from Domino Effect
Eat Slop for 2 Weeks from Domino Effect
Adam Costume and Hooked to Victoria for 48 Hours in Domino Effect
RV trip to Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Moving the Chains

Caleb's Wedding Pictures
Survivor: Caleb and his medical evacuation
Caleb at Explore Talent
Caleb at Yooying
TMZ Article about Caleb - Is He or Isn't He Racist
Petition to Disqualify Caleb from BB16
Caleb on Twitter
Caleb at facebook
Caleb at younow
Caleb as notw8354 on YouTube
Caleb at Wikipedia
Thug Killed Boar With a Stick For Fun by meet magazine
The Beast Mode Cowboy Collection by 88BillTCat88

Christine Brecht

23 - Tucson, AZ
Shift Supervisor/Barista

6th Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
RV trip to Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Moving the Chains

Christing Brecht at Blogspot
Christine at Explore Talent
Christine at Liven Up - The List
Christine (stinestinks) on Twitter
Christine at Vine
Christine at IMDb
Christine at Wikipedia
YouTube - Christine Brecht Baptism
Christine & Tim Wedding on vimeo
Tim's Cover of Problem by Ariana Grande
Tim answers to haters about Christien and Cody

Cody Calafiore

23 - Howell, NJ
Hometown: Hackensack, NJ
Sales Account Executive

Runner-up - 16th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 3 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
A Nomination Erased by Reset
10 Penalty Kicks when whistle blows for 24 hrs from BB Cup
Preview TV Show Scorpion
Wear Tyrannosaurus Jerk Costume for a Week from BB Blast

Cody Soccer Draft Prospect
Cody the Model
More Cody the Model
Cody on Twitter
Cody on Facebook
Cody at Vine
Cody at IMDb
Cody at Wikipedia
YouTube TU-Lafayette Postgame: Cody Calafiore
YouTube Soccer Package
Cody punches himself awake - Vine by lynzilmon
C-IN2: Cody Calafiore for Grip Athletic
What Happened Last Night Official Trailer

Derrick Levasseur

30 - Providence, RI
Police Officer - Sergeant

Winner - $500,000
HOH 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (Auto Nom F3)
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
$50,000 Team America bonus for winning BB
$20,000 for Team America Task #1, 2, 6, & 8
$5,000/5000 Hollas from Sloppy the Snowman
Voted to Team America by America

ID Greenlights All-New Crime Series
Derrick Achievements at Salve Regina University
Derrick Graduating at Flickr
Derrick on Facebook
Derrick at Wikipedia

Devin Shepherd

26 - San Antonio, TX
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Former Professional Baseball Player
Motorcycle Sales Manager at Harley Davidson

15th Place - 3rd Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Devin at Perfect Game
Devin at Cardinal Nation
St Louis Cardinals Draft Selections 2008
Devin - Baseball Statistics
Devin at Wikipedia
Devin Shepherd for Rockford RiverHawks

Donny Thompson

42 - Albemarle, NC
School Groundskeeper

8th Place - 10th Evicted
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
$25,000 America's Favorite Houseguest
$15,000 for Team America Task #1, 2 & 6
Voted to Team America by America
Preview TV Show Scorpion (Chosen by Cody)

Donny on Twitter
Donny at Wikipedia

Frankie Grande aka Rhinestone Silversmith

31 - New York, NY
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
YouTube Personality/Broadway Actor

5th Place - 13th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Dethroned HOH by BOB 2 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
An HOH and POV Erased by Reset
$20,000 for Team America Task #1, 2, 6, & 8
Voted to Team America by America Grande Army
RV trip to Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Moving the Chains

Frankie at Wikipedia
TMZ - Frankie Grande Offends Contestant's Family with 'Rape Joke'
The Wire - Frankie Grande...the Most Hated BB Contestant
Frankie J Grande Is a Despicable Human Being by Tamara Tattles
Ariana's "Big Brother" Frankie! by Papa Woody
BB16 The Detonators Joke About Raping Victoria by BB Summer

Hayden Voss

21 - Long Beach, CA
Hometown: Marlborough, MA
Pedicab Driver

11th Place - 7th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
$5,000 from Jury Fury

Suffolk Univ Ice Hockey
Hayden Given a Good Sport Award
Hayden at Her Campus
Hayden on Facebook
Hayden as Teenage Child on YouTube
Hayden in Haven on YouTube
Hayden on Instagram
Hayden at Wikipedia
Sam and Hayden Snap Point - Dad's 40th Birthday

Jocasta Odom aka Mama J

33 - Lovejoy, GA
Hometown: Griffin, GA

12th Place - 6th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
Slop for a week in Giddy Up

Jocasta Odom Website
Jocasta at Blog Talk Radio
Jocasta at YouTube
Jocasta at Pininterest
Jocasta at IMDb
Jocasta at Wikipedia
Jocasta Speaks - Vine by Dalton Ross

Joey Van Pelt aka Alex

27 - Seattle, WA
Makeup Artist/Hairstylist

17th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
1st HG Voted to Team America (evicted before benefiting)

Joey at Explore Talent
Joey in local theater Rocky Horror Picture Show
Joey on Twitter
MakeupMonster on YouTube
Joey at Instagram
Joey at IMDb
Joey at Wikipedia
Joey's Opinion on Each House

Nicole Franzel aka Fruit Loop Dingus

21 - Ubly, MI
Recent Nursing Graduate

7th & 10th Place - 11th & 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 2 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
Wear Froggy Costume for a Week from Abraca-BOB-ra
Wear Germitard for a Week from BB Cup
Preview TV Show Scorpion (Chosen by Cody)

Nicole on Twitter
Coconuts on Instagram
Nicole on Facebook
Nicole at IMDb
Nicole at Wikipedia

Paola Shea aka Pao Pao

27 - Astoria, NY
Hometown: East Hampton, CT

16th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Paola at Model Mayhem
Paola on Twitter
Paola Racelis DJ on YouTube
Paola at IMDb
Paola at Wikipedia
Paola Shea for Maxim Gamer Girl

Victoria Rafaeli

22 - Weston, FL
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY/Holon, Israel

3rd Place - 15th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 7 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
A Nomination Erased by Reset
$5,000 from Jury Fury
Eat Slop for 2 Weeks from Domino Effect
Eve Costume and Hooked to Caleb for 48 Hours in Domino Effect

Victoria's Vision
Victoria Rafaeli Photography
Victoria on Twitter
Victoria Rafaeli Productions on Facebook
Another Photography Production on Facebook
Victoria on Instagram
Victoria at Pinterest
Victoria at IMDb
Victoria at Wikipedia

Zach Rance aka #ZachAttack

23 - Palm Beach, FL
Univ of Florida Grad in Economics
My Day 1 Pick To Win
He had me at "I graduated with a strong 2.7 GPA"

9th Place - 9th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
German Vacation for a Week from BB Cup

Zach Rance Yolo Fest
Rancey Pants on Twitter
Rancey Pants on Instagram
Zach on Facebook
Zach on younow
Zach on LinkedIn
Zach on Myspace
Rancey Pants on YouTube
Zach at Wikipedia
BB16 Zach Rance- SexyBack
Zach Rance in Taylor Swifts "Shake it Off" by mspensfan4ever
BB16 Zach Rance - Remember the Name by Earthdog chops
Top 25 Greatest Zach Rance Moments #BB16 - by Zarlasht Ghani
Evel Dick Smashing Zach Rance's Phone

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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would be so greatly appreciated. In all the
years I've done this site I've received a
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Big Brother 16 Flashbacks
Flashbacks at CBS Live Feeds
6/26 Quad - 10:46pm - Feeds fire up
6/28 F3 - 3:11pm - Entire cast says "Happy Birthday Jaden Sophia" to Devin's daughter
6/29 F4 - 12:38am - Hammock Dump!!!
6/29 F4 - 6:32pm - Hammock Dump!!!
6/30 F4 - 2:05am - Caleb tells Amber how he feels - gets shut down
7/9 F3 - 5:15am - Frankie gets in the wrong bed
7/15 F2 - 1:00am - Victoria's crow story
7/27 Quad - 4:42am - Fun times with Nicole, Hayden, and a dead fish. Even funnier on quad
8/22 F1 - 2:41am - Christine hates Julie Chen's guts for calling her out on national tv
8/30 F3 - 2:21am - FrankieJGrande is a vile, disgusting pig - not funny

Big Brother 16 Videos and Other Stuff
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BB16 House Tour with Julie Chen
#B16Saga (PROMO) by Wil Heuser
Amber Alert by @Tawnie
Duck at Nite:16.02 by 88BillTCat88
Big Brother in 2 Minutes by TrashTalkTV
Everyone Please Rise for FrankieJGrande by Princess Glammy Realty
Calebs Accomplishments listed as he claims them at Survivor Sucks
Whoot! Ian Terry talks about my site on Rob Has a Podcast

BB9 Spoilers and Updates by Madrosed Why BB9? Because I LOVE the description :)

Big Brother 16 Logo

Front of the House


Blocked Feeds

First in the House

Joey Van Pelt


The Fish

Izzy the Dog for only a day from America's Vote

The Twists:

Twisted Twist 1: There are 2 HOH's
Each HOH nominates 2 people

Twisted Twist 2: Battle of the Block
Even HOH's aren't safe from eviction. The 4 noms compete in BOB. The losing side stays on the block and their HOH is eligible to be nominated

Twisted Twist 3: Team Frankie Grande... I mean Team America (c) Alex Gold
This interactive twist lets fans influence the game. They vote 3 weeks to form a Secret Alliance Team who will then do stuff for $5,000 for each member
BB16 Twist "Team America" Should be Called "Team Frankie Grande"

Twisted Twist 4: HGs Put on House Arrest... I mean HGs fitted with activity trackers for the entire season so we can keep track of who walks the most and burns the most calories (as if we give a rat's a$$ and don't have enough stuff to keep track of here)

Twisted Twist 5: #BBRewind
If one HG pushes the button, the week
is like it didn't happen. HOH, POV, and
nominations are all done over

Memory Wall


BB Staff Guy Stocking the Pantry

BB Staff Guy Stocking the Pantry

Gilbert Gottfried - voice for
OTEV - The Pissed Off Penguin

Rachel Reilly BB12/BB13 visits with Julie
We love Zankie (um not .ankie - just Z)

Another BB Staff Guy doing something or other

Scary Zombie Face in the Mirror for
Dead of Household

Some random guy walks past the
window while it's reflecting

Kathy Grifin and Zingbot for Zingervention

Will Arnett to dump the bucket on Julie
for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The very professional medic who had no
stretcher to move Victoria when she
collapsed next to the toilet. Never mind she
could have injured her neck or back with the
fall. Never mind she talked about how sue
happy everyone is in her family. He
decided not to use a back board or neck
brace and had HGs help him schlep her to
the DR and put her on the DR couch

Another random staff guy who
wants his red bag back

Jeff Schroeder (BB11/BB13) proposes to Jordan Lloyd (BB11/BB13) in the BY

Jordan's dog for after the proposal

Jorff's family for after the proposal

Brett Eldredge sings to everyone as
pictures of Jorff play on the screen

The Arm that pushed Izzy through the front door

Dan Gheesling BB10/BB14 weighs in again

Creepy Spiders - Julie is going to face her fear of spiders the next day on The View. She wants us to vote whether she should put her head in a tank with one huge creepy spider or a tank with a bunch of smaller creepy spiders. We vote for a bunch of smaller spiders, but Julie ignores our choice and picks the large creepy spider. Good thing we voted

Walk from the DR

Table for 16

Table for 8

Table for 4

Key Box


Chess Set

Jury House

Hammock Dumps

Amber Borzotra & Paola Shea

Paola Shea got flipped off
and Brittany Martinez LHFAO

Amber Borzotra got flipped off the back

Brittany Martinez fell off
while trying to hammock surf

Frankie Grande kinda fell off the back

Benny The Squirrel

BB Galaxy - POV

BB Cup - POV

BB Comics - POV

BB Comics - POV - another one

Dead of Household - Pre HOH

BB Blast - POV

BB Freakshow - POV
Incredible Two Headed Benny

BB Freakshow - POV

BB Freakshow - POV
Benny The Bearded Squirrel

Ancient B B-gypt - HOH Pt 2

Ancient B B-gypt - HOH Pt 2 :)

CBS Internet Ad

Memorable Moments

HG's Welcome Toast - Group 1

HG's Welcome Toast - Both Groups

Big Brother Is Watching

Live feeds come on - they are all holding a pose to get ready for the live feeds to come on

HGs are told they are live and it all
turns to chaos (so do the feeds)

Most HGs look for a bed after
entering the house. Donny wants
to start the phony chainsaw

Frankie and Joey have wild
colored hair in common

Frankie introduces himself - broadway style

House meeting for the first 8 in the house except where is Nicole? CBS edits her in on the show by flashing on her once in awhile

From house meeting (minus
Nicole) to exercise class

The other 8 HGs are in the house

And we have another poser this season - gak

Streaking in the first hour of feeds
Hayden Joey

Fun in the BY starring Amber

The girls are up and getting dressed for the day

Frankie shows what a douch he is very early in the season. Nice way for CBS's cash cow to represent the Grande family name and CBS

All the HGs say Happy Birthday to
Devin's daughter. Did you know that
Devin has a daughter?

Rub-a-dub - three men in a...
bird's nest HOH bed
Frankie - Devin - Caleb

Frach posing the same in a hammock

Joey grows a pair

Victoria and Joey listen to the screen

HGs goof off in the BY

More goofing off in the BY

Christine and Nicole notice how they have a bunch of beautiful people in the house

HGs get the screen that nominations are today

The 2 HOHs draw eggs to see who
makes their nominations 1st and 2nd

Caleb got egg #1 so sets up his
keys 1st in the 1st HOH room

Frankie got egg #2 so sets up
his keys 2nd in the 2nd HOH room

This is the new nomination ceremony
with the new style memory wall, new
style key boxes, and the 2 HOHs

The 1st HOH (Caleb) turns his
keys and shows his 2 nominations

The 2nd HOH (Frankie) turns his
keys and shows his two noms

Devin is on his way to get someone
else to come up to the HOH room

Devin brings Christine and Amber into the Bomb Squad alliance w/o the rest of the alliance knowing. At the rate he's going, it will be a 16 person alliance before he is done

Paola is having a little trouble with her swing

HGs are introduced to slop

Something about this display of slop
on sticks just doesn't look right

Paola and Donny form a great friendship

Joey apologizes to Devin for trying to form an all girl alliance. I mean really - the nerve - trying to form an alliance so early in the game.

The have-nots room

Styling for the Miami Lice competition
Zach Victoria Cody

Paola, you spelled Caltoru
(instead of calculator)

Tree house in the bird house

Alex (Joey) comes out to fight

Alex tries to talk to the houseguests

Alex tries to get into the HOH room

Devin hides from Alex and doesn't let her in

HGs congratulate Cody for getting HOH after the BB Rager competition

Julie announces there was a foul and Devin is now the HOH. Cody has to step down

"Ummm I broke the door handle"

Donny comforts Jocasta for some dang thing

Victoria and Brittany enjoy the pool

The guys putting on makeup for the live show

One of the zillion alliances in a season where everyone is alligned with everyone
Christine, Hayden, Nicole

Devin tells his alliance it's not a dictatorship, but this is how it WILL be...that or else he's telling them he has a daughter

The planets for the BB Galaxy comp:
Exterminatus & Brenchal9812
Chilltopia & Brigadia
Zing & Quack Packtune
Donaturn & Floaton
Renegadon & Mcranda

HGs don't believe Victoria when she tells of
cats on leashes. They DO exist - meet Patches
my r/l kitty (she's been a leash kitty since I
got her many years ago)

Devin tells Paola that if she throws
the comp, she'll be safe

Paola thinks she's guaranteed safety, so
she just poses for her final speech

Zach goes nuts on his final speech

Amber and Jocasta react to Zach's speech

Relaxing in the rock room

HGs gather in the HOH for reveal - it's
so crowded in there this early

This card from Derrick's daughter gives
him a much needed boost everytime the
going gets rough

Nicole reads her letter from home

Another one of CBSs cheesy hash tags #ManTears

You could see Derrick working his magic from day one. Making the HGs think every one of his decisions was their idea. He dodged being nominated the entire LONG season

Haycole are so cute together

Amber to infinity

Team America meets to discuss the new task

Caleb isn't happy with Amber

Derrick and the Sock Monkey on the spy screen

HGs celebrate Brittany's 2400th kick

Hayden tells Nicole they are like
Hansel and Gretel or something

Nicole reacts to Zach calling her a Froot
Loop Dingus during the nomination ceremony

Amber says she will go on a date with Caleb if he eats a pickle (he hates them something awful). He eats one, so she has to go on a date. It doesn't go well because she barely looks at him, and looks at the other guys in the yard

Caleb finally realizes Amber isn't that
into him and moves into stalker mode

Derrick learns of his grandfather passing away (only a week after Frankie learned about his)

Caleb is mad at Amber

Zach came into the house wanting America
to hate him - America LOVES him

Frankie came into the house wanting
America to love him - America HATES him.
They're not impressed at all with this 31
yr old Justin Bieber wannabe who acts,
dresses, and squeels like a 12 yr old girl

No one has recognized Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother. It must have killed him to go this long. He finally announces to the house that he is her brother and a YouTube media mogul, and no one can say Ariana's name but him, yada yada yada

America's two favorite players are Have-Nots
Zach Donny

Derrick touches his chin hair again/always

HGs watch Cody fishing in the swimming pool

"Hamsterwatch - Jokers get on this one
hash tag whodoneit" (Zach wonders who
stole the clothes, and Derrick plays along)

Not only a stalker but a peeping tom/spy as well

A very touchy feely season

Julie gets ready to do the ALS
Ice Bucket Challenge

Will Arnett dumps ice water on Julie

Derrick and Victoria at the table

Derrick's masterpiece with the skewer
sticks from the Have-Nots choice


While @ArianaGrande performs for the
VMA Awards, @FrankieJGrande
performs a BB show for us

Nicole is enjoying the fish

Meanwhile in the Twitter world, David Girton/BB15 gets his Twitter account cancelled for posting stuff like this all the time
(without the asterisk)

It's official - HGs have lost their minds
Christine Cody Frankie Nicole

Nicole and Cody goof off forever (playing
with each other's hair, etc). All of a sudden
Nicole says that in the jury house, Hayden
played with her hair for hours. Cody drops
her like a hot potato...

...Bye bye Nicole - Hello Frankie

Frankie always wears those pants that
make him look like he has a load of you
know what in his pants

Victoria is asking Derrick (wishful thinking maybe?) who's wife and daughter was that during Derrick's HOH way back when

Jury Deliberations
Christine Frankie Nicole Hayden
Dr Will Kirby BB2/BB7
Donny Jocasta Zach Caleb

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