ATTWX's Big Brother 17

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB17 2015
Big Brother Takeover

HOH, POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Jun 24 (Wed) - Flying Tomatoes - James HOH-A

First 8 HGs enter the house and compete for HOH-A. Da'Vonne volunteers to sit it out per request from Julie. First to catch 10 tomatoes or last to fall is the HOH. Clay (lt green), Austin (lt blue), and Meg (teal) fall off first at the same time. Jace (dk blue), James (orange), Audrey (pink), and Shelli (yellow) fall off next at the same time. Photo finish shows James is last to touch the carpet. No times are given

Jun 25 (Thu) - UFOh No!!! - Jason HOH-B

Last 8 HGs compete for HOH-B. Vanessa volunteers to sit it out per request from Phil Keoghan. Last HG to get sucked into the Mother Ship is HOH-B. Times weren't given. Order they got abducted: Steve (blue), Jeff (green), John (purple), Becky (pink), Liz/Julia (orange), Jackie (yellow), and Jason (red)

Week 2

Jun 28 (Sun) - Becky and John pre-nominated by HOH-B (Jason)
Jackie and Steve pre-nominated by HOH-A (James)


Becky and John (yellow) win against Jackie and Steve (orange)
Jason is dethroned as HOH-B and gets cement dumped on him

James HOH

Jackie and Steve Nominated

Jul 1 (Wed) - Nose-a Scotia - Steve POV
Used to remove himself

HGs dig for gold (crawl through noses goo for letters) and try to spell the word worth the most points (letters worth from 0 - 3 points):
  • James (red) - L I F E G U A R D S - 1 0 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 1
    10 letters/8 points
  • Jason (blue) - Z O N E S - 3 1 1 0 1
    5 letters/6 points
  • Steve (orange) - T R O M B O N I S T S - 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 0 1 1 1
    11 letters/12 points - winner
  • Beckie (purple) - C L O S E S T - 2 1 1 1 0 1 1
    7 letters/7 points
  • Jackie (yellow) - J U D G E - 3 1 1 1 0
    5 letters/6 points
  • John (pink) - B O O G E R S - 2 1 1 1 0 1 1
    7 letters/7 points
Jace nominated

Jul 2 (Thu) - Jace evicted 12-1
Audrey votes Jackie
Jeff, Da'Vonne, Jason, Steve, Liz/Julia (counted as one vote), Austin, Meg, John, Clay, Becky, Shelli, and Vanessa vote Jace

And Then There Were 16 (counting swapping twins)

Ginger Fever - Becky HOH-A - Shelli HOH-B

HGs divided into 2 groups to build a puzzle. First to build the puzzle in each group is Co-HOH
  • Julia/Liz (red), Steve (orange), Becky (yellow) - winner, Da'Vonne (green), Meg (lt blue), Vanessa (blue), John (lt green)
  • Audrey (red), Clay (orange), Jackie (yellow), Austin (green), Jason (lt blue), Jeff (blue),Shelli (lt green) - winner
Week 3

Jul 5 (Sun) - John and Da'Vonne pre-nominated by HOH-B (Shelli)
Jason and Steve pre-nominated by HOH-A (Becky)

BOB - Give Me Props

Jason and Steve (green) win against John and Da'Vonne (yellow) by lining cameras up to show the correct prop named on a list. Becky is dethroned as HOH-A and gets excessive powder

Shelli HOH

John and Da'Vonne Nominated

Jul 8 (Wed) - High Maintenance - John POV
Used to remove himself

Two HGs at a time try to bring back a missing item from Kathy Griffin's list. Last or wrong is eliminated until last HG standing. Order they are eliminated: Da'Vonne (orange), Steve (red), Shelli (lt blue), Meg (pink), Clay (yellow), John (dk blue) winner)

Meg nominated

Jul 9 (Thu) - Da'Vonne evicted 7-2
Becky, Jackie, and Jeff votes cancelled by Da'Vonne and Last Laugh
Audrey and Jason vote Meg
Clay, John, Austin, Julia/Liz, Vanessa, James, Steve vote Da'Vonne

And Then There Were 15 (counting swapping twins)

Gronk Pong - Austin HOH-A - Vanessa HOH-B

HGs get 1 shot - 2 highest scores win. Austin gets 28 pts to become HOH-A. Liz, James, Vanessa have to break a 23 pt tie. Vanessa gets 52 to become HOH-B (James - 35 and Liz - 22). The rest of the HGs points: Jackie 0, John 0, Audrey 17, Clay 6, Jeff 14, Becky 0, Jason 0, Meg 1, and Steve 0

Week 4

Jul 12 (Sun) - Meg and Jason pre-nominated by HOH-A (Austin)
James and John pre-nominated by HOH-B (Vanessa)

BOB - Gronk's Amazing Foam Party

Match patterns to what a model/actor in the foam is wearing and drag them out of the maze. Jason and Meg (blue) win against James and John (red). Austin is dethroned as HOH-A and gets a ton of soap suds dumped on him

Vanessa HOH

James and John Nominated

Jul 15 (Wed) - Gronk and Roll - John POV
Used to remove himself

Inside large dice, HGs must return to platform with the rolled number. They draw names to determine the order, and that HG challenges another. Loser is eliminated:
  • Vanessa (purple) challenges and loses to Audrey (orange)
  • John (green) challenges and beats Audrey
  • James (blue) challenges and loses to Austin (yellow)
  • Shelly (pink) challenges and loses to Austin
  • F2 - John beats Austin and is POV
Jeff nominated

Jul 16 (Thu) - Jeff evicted 7-4
Jackie, John, Steve, and Liz/Julia vote James
Austin, Meg, Clay, Shelli, Jason, Becky, and Audrey vote Jeff

And Then There Were 14 (counting swapping twins)

Bustin' Moves - Liz/Julia HOH-A - Shelli HOH-B

HGs watch a dance group dance and then answer T/F questions. Wrong answers are eliminated until last two standing

Week 5

Jul 19 (Sun) - James and Jackie pre-nominated by HOH-A (Liz)
Jason and John pre-nominated by HOH-B (Shelli)

BOB - Grunge BOB

Jackie and James (red) win against Jason and John (blue) by being first to find 4 keys, unlock Alice in Chains, and take her to Nirvana. They crawl through Mudhoney and look in Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, Sound Garden, and Smashing Pumpkins. Liz is dethroned and Smells Like Team Spirit (crud dumped on her). She and the losers (Jason and John) have to dress and perform as The Whackstreet Boy Band for a week because grunge fans don't like boy bands

Shelli HOH

Jason and John Nominated

Jul 22 (Wed) - Saved By the Smell - Vanessa POV
Used to remove Jason

HGs are shown "smells" (colors) and must answer a question about what order a color is shown. They pour that color into a flask. If it's incorrect, the flask blows up and they are eliminated

Order eliminated: James (yellow), Shelli (green), Meg (blue), John (pink) and Jason (purple) together, and Vanessa (teal) wins

Audrey nominated

Jul 23 (Thu) - Audrey evicted 10-1
Audrey receives 1 penalty vote for eating food while havenot
Austin votes John
Clay, James, Jason, Vanessa, Becky, Jackie, Steve, Liz/Julia, and Meg vote Audrey

And Then There Were 13 (counting swapping twins)

Pop Till You Drop - Jackie HOH-A - Vanessa HOH-B

HGs face off 2 at a time to hear a song and pick if it was an HOH, POV, or BOB. First to face off are chosen by random draw. Winner of each round chooses the next 2 to compete

Jason beats Steve, Austin beats John, Jackie beats Becky, Vanessa beats Liz, Jackie beats Meg, James beats Austin, Vanessa beats Clay, Jackie beats James to become HOH-A, and Vanessa beats Jason to become HOH-B

Week 6

Jul 26 (Sun) - Julia/Liz and James pre-nominated by HOH-A (Jackie)
Becky and Clay pre-nominated by HOH-B (Vanessa)

BOB - Splashy Headlines

Julia/Liz and James (red) win against Becky and Clay (blue) by splashing paint to uncover letters and solving a puzzle about HGs from last season. Jackie is splashed with paint and dethroned. James, Julia/Liz, and Vanessa win a dinner from Outback Steakhouse. They each pick someone to go to dinner with them

Vanessa HOH

Becky and Clay Nominated

Jul 29 (Wed) - Get Nutty - Clay POV
Used to remove himself

HGs roll an acorn up and over the hill, and run around to catch it on the other side. They must "collect 250 nuts "without dropping or they start over again

Vanessa (purple), Julia/Liz (orange), Clay (blue) wins, Becky (yellow), Shelli (green) together, and John (red)

Jason nominated

Jul 30 (Thu) - Jason evicted 7-2
Meg and James vote Becky
Austin, Julia/Liz, Steve, Jackie, Shelli, Clay, and John vote Jason

And Then There Were 12 (counting swapping twins)

On The Edge - Twin Twist/BOB are over - HOH ENDURANCE

Week 7

Aug 2 (Sun) - James HOH

Estimated times (times not shown)
  • Steve - 42 min
  • Austin - 42 min
  • Meg - 47 min
  • Julia - 47 min
  • Jackie - 1 hr 28 min
  • Liz - 1 hr 28 min
  • Becky - 1 hr 43 min
  • Clay - 1 hr 43 min
  • John - 2 hr 4 min
  • Shelli - 2 hr 4 min
  • James wins
Shelli and Clay nominated

Aug 5 (Wed) - Game of Throws - James POV
Not used

Low score each round gets eliminated and wins a prize. Prizes can be traded with previous prizes
  • Jackie - purple - Knight in Shining Armor - wear the armortard for a week
  • Shelli - orange - Castle Guard - 2400 rounds in 24 hours - hit punching bag, stab a target, and knock down a bar - ring a bell in the house after 100 rounds and declare the castle safe
  • Vanessa - gold - Knight of Shining Armor - polish the armor on the Knight in Shining Armor non stop for 24 hours. Can only eat, shower, and use the bathroom when the Knight in Shining Armor does
  • Clay - red - Trip to Ireland
  • Becky - green - $5,000
  • James - blue - POV
Aug 6 (Thu) - Clay evicted 9-0
No one votes Shelli
Steve, Austin, Meg, Julia, Jackie, Liz, Becky, John, James vote Clay

And Then There Were 11

Midway Meyham - HOH ENDURANCE

Week 8

Aug 9 (Sun) - Becky HOH

Feeds come on after the show airs on the East Coast - the comp takes about 1 Hr 40 min

The first to fill the glass jar on top of the gas pump is HOH. Two other prizes are up for the taking - fill the glass ball and claim $5,000 or a Never-Not Pass (not a have-not for the rest of the season). Once the HOH is taken, these prizes are void. Becky was far enough ahead to claim the pass, make another trip, claim the $5,000, make another trip, and take HOH

Colors are the gas pumps and not what they are wearing:
Steve (orange), Meg (olive), Austin (light blue), Shelli (yellow), Jackie (dark blue), John (red), Becky (dark pink), Julia (green), Liz (light pink), Vanessa (purple)

Shelli and Steve nominated

Aug 12 (Wed) - BB Comics - Steve POV
Used to remove himself

HGs ride a zip line to peek at comics in a window and build their computer screen to match
  • Shelli (purple) - 25:31 (min:sec)
  • Vanessa (orange) - 21:44
  • Austin (yellow) - 21:20
  • Becky (pink) - 17:02
  • Meg (green) - 15:37
  • Steve (red) - 13:57
Vanessa nominated


Shelli evicted 8-0
No one votes Vanessa
Steve, Meg, Austin, Jackie, John, Becky, Julia, Liz vote Shelli

And Then There Were 10

Getting Loopy - Steve HOH

HGs were shown video loops the night before. T/F questions asked about the loops they saw

Meg and Jackie nominated

Slippery Slope - John POV
Not used

Guide 3 balls into 3 holes

John (green), James (orange), Vanessa (yellow),
Jackie (pink), Meg (purple), Steve (blue)

Jackie evicted 6-1
Vanessa, John, Austin, James, Liz, and Julia vote Jackie
Becky votes Meg

And Then There Were 9

Week 9

Aug 16 (Sun) - Mixed Emojis - Liz HOH

HGs face off and are asked questions about a bunch of emojis. They have to be first to answer correct to move to the next round. Names are drawn to see who faces off the first round

Rnd 1: James vs Meg, John vs Austin, Vanessa vs Julia, Becky vs Liz
Rnd 2: Meg vs John, Julia vs Liz
Rnd 3: John vs Liz

John and Becky nominated

Aug 19 (Wed) - OTEV The Rocking Roll - Liz POV
Not used

Last HG to find the correct BUTTER each round is eliminated. Last one standing is POV. Order they were eliminated:
  • John - green
  • Steve - yellow
  • Becky - blue
  • Meg - purple
  • Austin - teal
  • Liz - pink - POV
Aug 20 (Thu) - Becky evicted 6-0
Steve, Vanessa, Meg, Austin, Julia, and James vote Becky
No one votes John

And Then There Were 8

Ready, Set, Whoa! - HOH ENDURANCE

Week 10

Aug 23 (Sun) - Austin HOH

Feeds come on after the show airs on the East Coast - Comp takes about 1 hr

HGs (runners) take the starting line position - they must hold 3 buttons down (two hands, one foot) until the signs light up "READY...SET...GO" and sprint to another button. Last button hit is eliminated for that round. Signs light up words that rhyme with "GO" to throw them. Also it can take up to 30 min for the word "GO" to appear

Order they were eliminated: Meg (orange), Julia (pink), Vanessa (yellow), John (red), Steve (blue), James (green), and Austin (orange) is the winner

John and Steve nominated

Aug 26 (Wed) - Newly Zingle - Vanessa POV
Not used

Morphomatic - Zingbot comes into the house and announces he is newly zingle and ready to mingle. He has been upgraded to Zingbot 9000 and he has an official twitter name (#ZingbotOfficial). He zings all the HGs and then takes them to the BY to host the comp

Zingbot is looking for potential fembots on HGs have to identify 6 fembots made up of the features of 3 HGs in the shortest amount of time. Julia (pink) does it in 4 min 45 sec. Austin (orange), Steve (purple), John (maroon), and Meg (blue) are all knocked out of the running when they go over Julia's time. Vanessa (orange) wins with 2 min 52 sec

The Fembots:
Sample - Clay Jace Da'vonne (eyes, nose, mouth)
Fembot1 - Julia, Jeff, Jackie
Fembot2 - Da'vonne, Venessa, Audrey
Fembot3 - John, Meg, Shelli
Fembot4 - James, Jason, Becky
Fembot5 - Austin, Liz, Jace
Fembot6 - Clay, Audrey, Steve

Zings by Zingbot:
  • James guess what? I heard Meg is going to take you some place very very special after the show...the friend zone
  • (Julia) Liz I'm confused. Suddenly you're less attractive, less intelligent, and less charming. Oh, wait...that's just Julia
  • Steve what's less cool than a trombonist who cries for his mommie? Nothing
  • (Austin) Will someone please take out the trash. It stinks in here. Oh, wait...that's just Austin
  • Meg your New York attitude is very Sex in the City. Too bad your gameplay is more Sux in the City
  • John 5 out of 5 dentists agree - the only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair
  • Vanessa you have been playing a masturful game...assuming that game is the crying game
  • Liz you've become such an important part of Austin's life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, his dad, or his girlfriend?
Aug 27 (Thu) - John evicted 5-0
No one votes Steve
Meg, Julia, Vanessa, Liz, and James vote John

And Then There Were 7


Week 11

Aug 30 (Sun) - Vanessa HOH

Feeds come on after the show airs on the East Coast. The comp takes about 10 minutes (if that)

The 4 jurors enter the house and compete with the HGs. They stand (or squat) on a tiny disk at the end of a rope and swing around past giant hands. Last Juror standing (John) comes back in and last person standing (Vanessa) is the HOH

Order they were eliminated: Julia, Steve, Meg, James, Liz, Jackie, Becky, Shelli, John, and Vanessa (winner)

And Then There Were 8

Meg and James nominated

Sep 2 (Wed) - Hide and Go Veto - James POV
Used on himself

One at a time, HGs have 30 min to go hide their veto. They have 3 min turns until five vetos are found. Veto not found is POV

Order vetos found:
  • Liz (yellow) found by Vanessa
  • Vanessa (pink) found by Julia
  • Julia (orange) found by Meg
  • Meg (purple) found by James
  • Austin (blue) found by Vanessa
  • James (green) POV
Julia nominated


Meg evicted 4-1
James voted Julia
Liz, Steve, John, and Austin voted Meg

And Then There Were 7

BB Road Trip - Liz HOH

HGs are shown photochops of evicted HGs and asked T/F questions. Last HG standing (Liz) is HOH

James and John nominated

Boomerang - Julia POV
Not used

HG got a contraption to practice on the day before. Each HG gets 2 balls. Highest total points wins
  • Steve (blue) - 0 + 0 = 0
  • John (red) - 0 + 0 = 0
  • Austin (purple) - 6 + 9 = 15
  • Liz (green) - 15 + 0 = 15
  • Julia (yellow) - 13 + 4 = 17 winner
  • James (orange) - 0 + 0 = 0
James evicted 4-0
Austin, Julia, Vanessa, and Steve vote James
No on votes John

And Then There Were 6

Week 12

Sep 6 (Sun) - Starting Lineup - Steve HOH

HGs are shown a bunch of baseball trading cards of all HGs. The cards rotate really fast and gradually slow down. When the HGs figure which one is missing, they build a puzzle of the missing HG. Last HG to finish their puzzle is eliminated that round. Last HG standing is HOH

Order they are eliminated: Vanessa (yellow), Austin (purple), Julia (blue), John (green), and Steve (orange) is HOH

Austin and Liz nominated

Sep 9 (Wed) - Bowlarina - Austin POV
Used to remove himself

HGs spin 15 times to open a gate blocking bowling pins. They have to knock 4 pins down in 15 sec. or the gate closes and they spin again. First HG to knock 4 pins down wins the round until last HG standing. Jessie draws names for order and that person (listed first) chooses who they want to challenge
  • Rnd 1: Liz (red) beats Steve (green)
  • Rnd 2: Julie (purple) loses to Austin (blue)
  • Rnd 3: John (yellow) beats Liz
  • Rnd 4: Vanessa (orange) loses to Austin
  • Rnd 5: John loses to Austin
Julia nominated

Sep 10 (Thu) - Julie evicted 3-0
No one votes Liz
Austin, Vanessa, and John vote Julia

And Then There Were 5

Under the Rainbow - HOH ENDURANCE

Week 13

Sep 13 (Sun) - Vanessa HOH

The pattern this season is not showing times. It takes about 47 min (or as answered in a later tie breaker question 2825 seconds)

First HG to get 10 eggs through the chicken wire and into their pot of gold egg holders is HOH. There is a luxury holder for a trip away from the BB house with a HG of the winners choosing. Liz goes for the luxury prize when she falls behind and announces she will take the HOH with her. Vanessa wins HOH. The #PinkFreak enters the house to take Vanessa (Roxy) and Liz (Dakota) to an Ariana Grande concert at the Staples Center

Liz (blue), Vanessa (green), John (yellow), and Austin (orange)

Steve and John nominated

Sep 15 (Tue) - Surprise "LIVE" Eviction Episode (taped Monday shutting feeds down for 2 days so they can show a phony live show)

Life In Pieces - John POV
Used to remove himself

HGs see a preview (as do we) of a new TV show called Life in Pieces. They will get to watch the first episode in the HOH room while we get to watch fishes or Jeff Schroeder clips

HGs run across a balance beam and put puzzle pieces on a magnatized board. If they don't get back to the other side and hit a button in 20 seconds, all the pieces they've put up fall off the board. If they don't then hit a reset button in 10 seconds, they are eliminated. First to finish wins. Vanessa is the only HG eliminated.

Liz (red), Steve (green), John (yellow), Austin (blue), Vanessa (orange)

Austin nominated

Austin evicted 1-1
John votes Austin - Vanessa breaks the tie
Liz votes Steve

And Then There Were 4

What the Bleep? - Steve HOH

HGs are shown statements from previous HGs with words bleeped out. They are then asked T/F questions about the bleeped out words. HG with the most points wins. John and Steve get 5 points. Liz gets 3 points. Steve wins the tie breaker

Sep 16 (Wed) - John and Liz nominated

Martial Smarts - Vanessa POV
Used to remove herself

Hosted by Caleb Reynolds #BB16 - HGs answer questions about what day things happenened by hitting or kicking buttons to get the right day number to show. Last HG to answer for each round gets a strike. Two strikes they are out. Last HG standing is POV
  • Rnd 1 and Rnd 2 were missed by Liz (black)
  • Rnd 3 and Rnd 4 were missed by Steve (red)
  • Rnd 5 and Rnd 6 were missed by John (blue)
  • Vanessa (pink) is POV
Liz nominated

John evicted by Vanessa

And Then There Were 3

Week 14

Sep 20 (Sun) - How 'Bout Dem Apples? - ENDURANCE
Pt 1 of HOH

Sep 24 (Wed) - FINALE

Vanessa wins Pt 1 of HOH

HGs sit on candy apples, get dunked in a pool of red, and get slammed into a mouth wall. Last HG not to fall off wins Pt 1. Times not listed:
  • Steve (yellow) fell 1st (about 3 hr 40 min)
  • Liz (green) fell 2nd - (about 3 hr 50 min)
  • Vanessa (purple) wins the first round
Colossal Crossword - Pt 2 of HOH - SKILL/KNOWLEDGE
Steve wins Pt 2

Liz and Steve (losers from Pt 1) carry letters up a giant crossword puzzle. Best time wins
  • Steve - 28 min 27 sec
  • Liz - 31 min 11 sec
Scales of Just Us - Pt 3 of HOH - Steve HOH
Jury Statements

How well Vanessa and Steve (winners of pt 1 and pt 2) know jury
Steve wins 5-4

Liz and Vanessa automatically nominated

Vanessa evicted by Steve

And Then There Were 2

Steve Winner 6-3
Vanessa, Austin, and Julia vote Liz
John, James, Meg, Becky, Jackie, and Shelli vote Steve

And Then There Were 0


Week 1

Jun 25 (Thu) - BB TAKEOVER

Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, puts two former TAR contestants into the house (Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon)

Week 2

Jun 28 (Sun) - BB TAKEOVER - BB Fast Forward with Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan introduces BB Fast Forward. Vanessa and Da'Vonne who volunteered to sit out the HOH challenges get to move to next week without being nominated or eliminated. They each get to choose a HG too. Vanessa chooses Austin and Da'Vonne chooses Liz

Week 3

Jul 9 (Thu) - BB TAKEOVER - BB Last Laugh with Kathy Griffin

A phone booth is moved into the BB house. Kathy Griffin calls 16 HGs with rude tips. The HG who answers the 7th call (Da'Vonne) is instead given the last laugh and gets to cancel 3 votes at the next eviction. We knew ahead of time it would be the 7th call (the HGs didn't and went in randomly).

Week 4

Jul 15 (Wed) - BB TAKEOVER - Gronk's Party Week with Rob Gronkowski

The takeover voice tells the HGs to party in different places all night long. There were no havenots for the week, but if anyone failed to party they would be havenots. No one had to be a havenot

Parties: Shower, Toga, Limbo, Hot Tub, Conga Line, Costume, Pool, Kitchen, Backyard Noise, Kiss Someone, and at the POV meeting

Gronk's Party Ship

The veto winner (John), BOB winners (Jason and Meg), and HOH winners (Austin and Vanessa) are invited to the back yard to try for a chance to win a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas with Gronk and his family aboard Gronk's Party Ship. They drink from cups...Meg wins

Which food should the have-nots be able to eat (Jackie, Audrey, John, and Becky)
  • Grunge Cake
  • Y2Kale
Week 5 - 90's Party Week

Jul 22 (Wed) - BB TAKEOVER - NONE - no explanation or anything. So much for that twist

Which item do you want to give the HGs to play with this week? It showed up about 1 am and lasted about 5 minutes
  • Hula Hoop
  • Jump Rope

Week 6

Which food should the have-nots be able to eat
  • Popcorn
  • Something or Other (I completely missed the vote)

Week 7

What sleepover activity do you want the HGs to do?
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Ghost Stories

Week 8

What pool toy do you want to give the HGs
  • Inflatable Shark
  • Pool Noodle

Week 9

What breakfast treat do you want to give the HG?
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Donuts

Which food should the have-nots be able to eat (Jackie, Audrey, John, and Becky)
  • Pork Chops
  • Something else (missed the vote)
Week 10

What game do you want the HG to play?
  • Hide and Seek
  • Simon Says
Enough keeping up with these insignificant votes that happen on the live feeds. They don't show them on the show, and half the time, they show them on the feeds late at night just long enough to say they did

Week 11 - Week 13

Week 14

Sep 23 (Wed) - AMERICA's CHOICE - Which HG do you like best for $25,000? James

All HGs in the running - top 3 were John, James, and Jason

BB17 Houseguests

Audrey Middleton

25 - Hometown: Villa Rica, GA
Current City: Villa Rica, GA
Digital Media Consultant

14th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

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BB17 - Audrey Middleton: Tribute by Zach Schneider

Austin Matelson aka The Wrestler Judas
aka Judas Draven aka Judas Devlin

30 - Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
Current City: Woodland Hills, CA
Professional Wrestler
My Day 1 Pick To Win

5th Place - 14th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
BB Fast Forward from BB Takeover
Private Outback Steakhouse Dinner
Watch Life in Pieces

Austin at Wrestlingdata
Judas at Cagematch Wrestling Database
Pre BB Fan with @SheilaKennedy and #JUDDNATION
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Ryan Kahanu PT assessing the back tuck for Athilates
Production BUSTS Austin for being DIRTY!!!! FUNNY! - HD BB17
Austin's GF reacts to his showmance with liz by shaniqua davidson
Freakshow Wrestling- Judas Draven Vs Andrea The Giant
Liztin 5ever- True Love Kerrigan Saila

Becky Burgess aka Basic Becky

26 - Hometown: Denver, CO
Current City: Denver, CO
Retail Manager

9th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
$5,000 for Game of Throws
$5,000 for Midway Meyham
Never Not Pass for Midway Meyham
Private Outback Steakhouse Dinner

Becky at LinkedIn
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Clay Honeycutt aka Poopie Head

23 - Hometown: Dickinson, TX
Current City: College Station, TX
Graduate Student at Texas A&M

12 Place - 6th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Trip to Ireland for Game of Throws
Private Outback Steakhouse Dinner

Clay Honeycutt Dot Org
Saturday Down South - TX A&M Aggies
Clay at Campbell Models
TMZ Burglars Strike Football Player
Clay Honeycutt Blog
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Clay licking his lips by Dawg
Clay admits to tweeting horrible tweets

Da'Vonne Rogers aka Day
aka Mama Day

27 - Hometown: Inglewood, CA
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Poker Dealer

16th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
BB Fast Forward from BB Takeover
BB Last Laugh from BB Takeover

Da'Vonne on Facebook
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Jace Agolli aka NikolaPoe

23 - Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
Current City: Venice Beach, CA
Personal Trainer

17th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Jace on Facebook
NikolaPoe on Twitter
Jace on Twitter - Older Acct
NikolaPoe on Instagram
Jace at IMDb
Jace at Wikipedia
Speech Jace Couldn't Give on Exit by UgotBronx
BB17 Jace Agolli RAP w/ Rachel Reilly & Ryan Allen Carrillo
BB17 Jace Interview w/ Nick Uhas & Kevin Campbell

Jackie Ibarra

27 - Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Current City:Las Vegas, NV
Professional Dancer

10th Place - 8th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
Armortard (humilitard) for a week Game of Throws
Polished by Vanessa 24 hrs Game of Throws

Watch Jackie From 'Big Brother 17' Dance In Real Life
The Amazing Race cast
Jackie on Facebook
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Jackie Fan Page on Twitter
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Jackie at IMDb
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Boob Shake for Whackstreet Boys by barry at survivorsucks
Jackie Ibarra ~ Bombastic by Survivor233

James Huling

31 - Hometown: Sumter, SC
Current City: Wichita Falls, TX
Retail Associate
200th New HG to enter the BB House

7th Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
Private Outback Steakhouse Dinner

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James Huling Big Brother casting 17
A James HoH Tribute by 88BillTCat88

Jason Roy

25 - Hometown: Fall River, MA
Current City: Swansea, MA
Supermarket Cashier
After great shoutouts I'm wishing he
had been my first impression pick to win

13th Place - 5th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 2 Times
Dress like Whackstreet Boy Band for a week and sing on cue

25 Reasons We’ll Miss Jason on BB17
Reality Show Tees
TheJayRoy on Twitter
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JayRoy at Tengaged
Jason at Wikipedia - BBOTT
Jason at Wikipedia - BB17

Jeff Weldon

26 - Hometown: Tampa, FL
Current City: Tampa, FL
Account Executive

15th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

8 Times Jeff Was Sexist On BB17
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dude bro dude like by @hamsterwatch
BB17 Live Feed Highlight - Jeff.. wash your junk

John McGuire aka Johnny Mac
aka Rock Star Dentist

27 - Hometown: Scranton, PA
Current City: Jefferson Township, PA

4th Place - 15th Evicted
9th Place - 10th Evicted
POV 4 Times
Nominated for Eviction 8 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
Won a chance to go back into the BB House
Dress like Whackstreet Boy Band for a week and sing on cue
Watch Life in Pieces

Keystone Dental Center
26 Reasons Why JMac was the Best HG - TV Guide
r/BigBrother Johnny Mac's Random Comments Thread
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Johnny Mac on Twitter ran by friends and family
TheRockstarDMD YouTube Channel
slowfuse61 YouTube Channel
John at Wikipedia
Airtap Cover
Drifting Cover

Julia Nolan
Liz Nolan

23 - Hometown: Miami, FL
Current City: Miami, FL
Julia: Marketing Intern
Liz: Marketing Coordinator

Dethroned HOH by BOB 1 Time
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
BB Fast Forward from BB Takeover
Dress like Whackstreet Boy Band for a week and sing on cue
Private Outback Steakhouse Dinner
Survived 5 evictions so Julia entered as herself
6th Place - 13th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Runner-up - Evicted 17th - $50,000
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Exclusive Trip Outside to see Ariana Grande in Concert
Watch Life in Pieces

Nolan Twins
Liz at Model Mayhem
Julia/Liz at Casa Bikini Fashion Show
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Phone Service Commercial
Performance Art

Meg Maley aka Grandma

25 - Hometown: Collingswood, NJ
Current City: New York City, NY

8th Place - 11th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
Cruise on Gronk's Party Ship

Meg on Facebook
Meg on Twitter
Meg on Twitter ran by family
Beyond the Blonde YouTube Channel
Meg at Wikipedia
Meg Maley|Host and City Lover
Streets of St Patty's: New York Style

Shelli Poole

33 - Hometown: Marietta, GA
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Interior Designer

11th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Castle Guard to complete 2400 rotatons in 24 hrs Game of Throws

Shelli on Twitter
Shelli on Instagram
Shelli at Wikipedia
BB17 Mrs Robinson Parody by 88BillTCat88

Steve Moses aka P.T.
aka Geek Squad McGee

22 - Hometown: Gouverneur, NY
Current City: Gouverneur, NY
College Student

Winner - $500,000
HOH 4 Times
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Nomination Save by BOB 1 Time
Watch Life in Pieces

Gouverneur Man is Part of Big Brother
Steve Moses Stuff For Sale
Steve on Facebook
geeksquadmcgee1 - Steve's New Twitter
Steve's Original Twitter
Steven's YouTube Channel
Steve at Wikipedia
Mr Blue Sky Cover - Electric Light Orchestra - One Man Choir
Monstosity - A Knex Ball Machine
Steve Falls gif by @jordaneaustinnn
Steve Moses is Home

Vanessa Rousso aka Lady Maverick

32 - Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Current City: Las Vegas, NV
Professional Poker Player

3rd Place - 16th Evicted
HOH 4 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
BB Fast Forward from BB Takeover
Private Outback Steakhouse Dinner
Knight of Shining Armor (polish Jackie) for 24 hrs Game of Throws
Exclusive Trip Outside to see Ariana Grande in Concert
Watch Life in Pieces

Vanessa Rousso - Poker News Day
Vanessa Rousso Card Player - The Poker Authority
The Hendon Mob Powered by Global Poker Index
Images Search - Vanessa Rousso Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
Vanessa Rousso, Chad Brown Separate
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Official Fan Page on Facebook
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Vanessa Rousso shuts Tony G down
Poker Pro Vanessa Rousso Trapped By NHL Pro Pat LaFontaine
WSOP 2012: Vanessa Rousso's Vegas Pad
Vanessa on GoDaddy Commercial
High Rollin -- Vanessa Rousso's Lamborghini Gallardo
Vanessa by uncdavid at SurvivorSucks

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Big Brother 17 Flashbacks

Flashbacks at CBS Live Feeds
6/25 Quad - 9:00pm - Feeds fire up
6/25 F1 - 9:35pm - Becky talks hit by a train
6/25 F1 - 10:24pm - Shoutout to me from Jason
6/26 F3 - 10:01pm - Jason: "ATTWX it"
6/28 F4 - 8:50am - Hammock dump!!
6/28 F4 - 3:59pm - Hammock dump!!!!
6/28 F3 - 11:23pm - Jason: "This Guy" ATTWX
6/29 F4 - 7:19pm - Jason: Jace 1st out ATTWX
6/30 F2 - 4:28am - Conspiracy Theory
6/30 F2 - 1:45pm - House vs Audrey
7/1 F3 - 10:31pm - Skit by Becky/Johnny Mac
7/7 F3 - 3:20am - HGs have busted the twins
7/7 F1 - 5:20pm - Jason imitates memory wall
7/18 F2 - 3:55pm - Hamsterwatch vs Jokers
8/12 F2 - 12:55am - Twins Routine
8/19 F2 - 2:019m - Suspended house - FAIL

BB17 Videos, PhotoChops, Gifs, and Stuff
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AM2PM w/ Andrew and Pete
@backstreetboys tweet #WhackstreetBoys
BB Season 17 Cast Assessment by Madrosed
#BB17: The Saga (PROMO) by Wil Heuser
BB17 Tribute - Smile by Marie W
Brilliant Video Wall Gif by @idolknights
Duck at Nite 17.01 by 88BillTCat88
Gronk Parties by TVtater
James Finishing Austin Off by @BBFeedsFairy
PhotoChop by @BigBro411 and ATTWX
Reality Blurred - Confessions of a BB Live Feed Watcher by Hamsterwatch
The Talk BB Preview with CBS Daytime Hunks
Trash Talk TV - Big Brother in 2 Minutes
Tribute to James and Meg by BB Lover
Tribute to James and Meg by @EarthDogBB17
BB17 - All Votes & Evictions

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Big Brother 17 Logo

Front of the House

Cast Photos

Blocked Feeds

First in the House

Da'Vonne Rogers


The Fish in the Table

The Twists:
Twist 1: Two HOH's and BOB
Each HOH nominates 2 people
see BB16

Twist 2: Big Brother Takeover
A new twist every week for two weeks

Twist 3: Twin Twist
If twins swap places for 5 evictions without
getting caught evicted, they are both in
See BB5

Memory Wall

They deleted Jace's picture to add
Julia's picture. That ain't right


Kevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight

Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race

Production Guy (or Beefcakes as
HGs call them) steals a toaster

Kathy Griffin for Last Laugh Takeover

Feeds slip: Beefcakes set up for a comp

Another Feeds Slip: Beefcakes
clean up for a comp

A Bunch of Models/Actors
for Amazing Foam Party

The Voice of Rob Gronkowski
Hosting Gronk's Party Week

Dancers for Bustin' Moves HOH Comp

Beefcake's feet - cleaning HOH-B room
This crazy angle of the fish tank reminds me of back in the day when we could see people through the fish tank during #FOTH

Britney Haynes #BB12/#BB14

Chef from Outback Steakhouse
for Splashy Headlines

Server from Outback Steakhouse
for Splashy Headlines

Beefcakes/Girl Beefcakes in the storage
room almost caught by the HGs

Jessie Godderz BB10/BB11 Hosts Bowlerina

Squealing-jumping-12-yr-old girl covered in
glitter takes Liz and Vanessa to a concert.
Oh my bad - that's Frankie J Grande BB16

Beefcakes caught in the storage
room before Pt 1 of final HOH

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas BB12/BB13
(first BB couple to get married) stop by to
announce a #BrenchelBaby is coming

Caleb Reynolds BB16 hosts Martial Smarts

Some random guy who stepped onto
the stage during LIVE FINALE

Walk from the DR

Table for 14 16 17

Table for 8

Table for 4

Key Box


Chess Set

Jury House

Disappeared Before it Started:

Tyler Gattuso - Leak Rumor was he was a
possible HG and sent to sequester. He was
probably cut because of the leak rumor and
sent home after HGs were revealed

The giant hammock in the sitting room

CBS Internet Ad

Memorable Moments

HG's Welcome Toast - First Group

HG's Welcome Toast - Whole Group

Big Brother Is Watching

James Huling is the 200th
HG to enter the BB House

A see through sky walk has been
put in upstairs. It's going to be hard
for HGs to hide up there to spy

Audrey introduces herself as
BB's first transgender woman

First-day-in alliance - this year it's females

Benny the Competition Squirrel
in Flying Tomatoes

Austin takes out his ball holding column
when he falls from Flying Tomatoes.
That's as fun as a hammock dump!

Live feeds come on

Jason: Shout out to ATTWX - And Then There Were X. It's like the cliff notes of every season. They on it. (Points at Da'Vonne) Day was first in

Becky: Oh and I was first in for the second group

Jason:That don't count - sit down. That was one of my first questions. Who the hell was 1st in?

The hammock chair is replaced
before we ever see the feeds

All In - HGs that is

HGs all gather when they hear "BB Takeover"

Bros - Jace and Austin

TAR is in the house

A full house when all 16 HGs gather

Hanging out in the BY

Jace streaks

Sorry, sorry, sorry...I just had to
post another cap of Jace streaking

Hammock Spill!!!!! Vanessa
falls out instead of gets out

HOHs plan who to nominate in new HOH room

The 2nd HOH room where the fish are stashed

The Bros - Austin and Jace

Jeff & Jackie #TAR
Yah - they look as excited to be
there as I am to have them there
After Jeff left, Jackie turned
into a fun HG to watch

Shell Town - Jace and Austin
The Bros texting each other

The Diverse Alliance
Jason Da'Vonne Audrey James

Nominations - I'm missing the old key boxes

Benny the Competition Squirrel in DuBob

Austin Julia/Liz Jace
I'm laughing at them laughing at DuBob

Graceful move by John in DuBob

I'm really laughing at Jace laughing at DuBob

Hammock Dump!!! The Bros!!!!
And they saved their drinks

Austin works on Clay's sore shoulder

House meeting by Da'Vonne to call Audrey out

"It's called I'm Leaving"
Jace is up at 8am doing live art (from
a lack of pens, paper, music, etc.)

HOH James must choose the Have-nots for
the week. He chooses the 4 who got free
fast forwards and cant be eliminated
(Vanessa, Da'Vonne, Liz, and Austin)

What a plane old pot of slop looks like

Have-nots room is revealed

Benny the Squirrel in Nose-a Scotia

Now that Jace is marked for elimination, he
gets the side eye from everyone he passes

Julia/Liz change in the diary room and have
about 15 minutes to tell what's going on

Julia/Liz swap during the live vote on TV

HGs gather to send Jace out the door

Jace learns about the twin twist

Vanessa and Johnny Mac talking in the
bathroom. Nice socks Vanessa - I'll
bet she has another pair just like them

Shelli and Clay - HOHitis much?

Some may like them, but I'm not too crazy
for the pants OR the rat shoes with tails

Missing the old keybox and HGs pulling keys.
The order of the keys was fun and said alot

Benny the Dr. Squirrel in Give Me Props

HOHs room reveal for Becky and Shelli

After being asked to throw the BOB then
winning the POV to save himself, Shelli has
the gaul to ask JohnnyMac to throw the POV
so SHE (Shelli) doesn't have to get more
blood on her hands. JohnnyMac says NO! Then
she has the gaul to ask him who she should put
up as a replacement. His answer: "I don't care"

Becky tells of being hit by a train

"8 weeks - full recovery - no plastic surgery"

Becky: "Next time you call
someone a trainwreck, think of me"

Dude - seriously. There are cures
for this problem. It's out of hand ...
er I mean ... it's out of control

Jeff and Austin host a nightly podcast where they ask the other HGs interesting stuff


Da'Vonne notices something different about Liz

HGs on lockdown in the BY

Photo of Jodi Rollins BB14
used for Give Me Props

JohnnyMac won the POV to be able to get himself off the block, and Shelli had the gaul to ask him not to use the POV to save himself so she wouldn't get more blood on her hands

Austin on his way to the HOH room

JohnnyMac forced to be a competition beast
so early in the season because the HOHs
use him to throw the BOB and then he has
to save himself from being evicted

John says he did nothing on the BOB and lost

Twins swap places again

The HGs find out from Day and Jason
about the twin twist. Clay is over the
top with his excitement of finding out

The HGs examine Liz/Julia's photo and are
sure it's a photochop with half of 1 twin
on one side and half of 1 twin on the other

Jason imitates the HGs on the memory wall

Cute whale pillows

Day celebrates getting the Last Laugh

An odd alliance - keep your enemies closer?

Day lets us know Jason is exterminating ants

#DevinHasADaughter is in the audience for
the eviction of #DaVonneHasADaughter

Da'Vonne holds the door open as
long as she can get away with so the
HGs can get a view of the audience

"There's Thickums"

The final podcast - Jeff and Austin rubbed
the women wrong (in and out of the house)
so they hand it over to Becky and Shelli

James runs the show with his tin foil headsets

Becky and Shelli host a contest to see
which guy knows how to treat a lady better: Austin, Jeff, or James

Austin wins the Silver Power of Love. One of the contest questions should have been how do you dump your princess in a castle at home so you can cheat on her on national tv


Julia fesses up to Vanessa that she's a twin. Another J name - it's BB the Duggars Version

Austin gives us a look

Steve gives the HGs a look from the balcony

Twins switch again

Julia is back in the house, but what
the hell Clay? Shelli's yellow ribbon
robe and cowboy boots? That ain't right

JohnnyMac #RockstarDentist can
tell there are switching twins. One
has a crown on tooth number nine

Benny the Squirrel in Amazing Foam Party

Hammock dump! Clay and Steve think it's
not so easy to get onto the hammock

JMac thinks this hat has magical powers
from all the kisses he gets wearing it

Enough already - maybe some loose
fitting boxers would help with this?

Apparently BB is ok with Jason folding
his clothes on the pool table

HGs told to entertain us for booze so
they play Truth or Dare. Gak it was awful
to watch (I'm with Jason on that one).

"I'm looking for my soulmate. I work
hard and play harder. I like movies,
and I love long walks on the beach"

The girls are watching Austin in the BY

See I told you so

Ha ha - that's how we feel too, Jason

Makes me homesick to be living in Vegas

This is how we mostly see Audrey
unless she is stirring s#%t up

Froot Loops AND the look - Bonus!

The turning point - when Vanessa finds a reason to put up Jeff as replacement nominee

One last Gronk party - right in
the middle of the POV ceremony

Is it really real?
Meg Audrey Jason

Extensions and fake eyelashes...
the price to pay to be beautiful

A date with Julie/Liz and Austin.
She's not that into him. Just using him
to get farther. He's into her though and
misses her when she switches with Julia/Liz

Again with the tugging, pulling, adjusting because the boxers are too tight

Johnny Mac looks just thrilled
to be at the HOH room reveal

Oh look - it's Barbie and Ken

Julia/Liz tells Julia/Liz she won HOH for them

This grown a$$ woman is standing
there reading a HOH letter written
by her dog..."woof woof"

Steve is disappointed he wanted to throw
the comp, but not on a question by missing
it. He would have thrown it smarter

Big Brother - the Musical
Is it real? Is it really Real?

Steve has a run in with an ironing board

Whackstreet Boy Band - World BB House Tour

James hides in plastic trash bags and
crawls under the counter. Audrey brings
an unsuspecting HG into the storage room
so James can grab them and scare them

Audrey and James are laughing at the
water Julia/Liz dumped all over
the floor when James scared her

Oops - I hate when that happens
while putting on eyeliner

The beginning of the end for Audrey.
It wasn't the very beginning, but it
especially went down hill from here

A 12 person alliance - I think this is BB's
largest alliance ever. Isn't this what
BB16 Devin Shepherd was trying to do?

Wackstreet Boys - starring (L to R):
Johnny Mac as Mac Attack
Jason as Jay Dog
Julia/Liz as Liz Biznez

Whackstreet Boys on BB House Tour in the LR

Whackstreet Boys on BB
House Tour on the sky walk

Whackstreet Boys on BB House Tour in the cheap-far-away-so-you-can't-see-them seats

Jackie shakes her boobs
for The Whackstreet Boys

Audrey's last days - worst case
of giving up I've ever seen

Audrey is the first HG ever
to not make it to the POV meeting

"This POV meeting is adjourned"

So this is what Audrey was doing in the DR
all those hours days during her last week

She lives

Julia/Liz looks like she's seen a ghost
when Audrey makes her appearance

Audrey tries to talk strategy with
Shelli and Clay...Clay is over it

It's all about the eyes.
Audrey is supposed to be telling
the truth when this happens

It's all about the eyes.
Cocodiablo and Chanzebub.
@LynchMgm did this picture for me
My dogs Coco and Chanel

Audrey scares the crap out of live feeders
by jumping out of bed and singing Is It
after being down for days

Audrey tries to blow up the twin twist,
but the house already knows about it.
Julia/Liz even joins in with the show

Whackstreet Boys on BB House Tour in the BY

Julie tells Whackstreet Boys they are
a nationwide hit in the real world

Julie shows The Backstreet Boys
tweeted to The Whackstreet Boys

The HGs are excited for The Whackstreet Boys

The Whackstreet Boys end their World BB House tour with a live television performance

Dinner date with Liz and Austin. Austin
doesn't read the body language? Folded
arms AND wrapped in a blanet

Wow - look quick. It's possible
for the kitchen to look clean

Steve watching from above

Shelli tears Clay a new one because he
dared talk to her while she was wearing
no makeup. She didn't want cameras to
pick her up with no makeup. Too late

Clay while Shelli is tearing him a new one

"Who wants to see our HOH room?"
Vanessa Jackie

Notice this scene because it will happen
on a daily basis all season: Vanessa having
a major major meltdown in her green knit
cap and rediculous hanging down suspenders

JohnnyMac does some building in the kitchen

Vanessa acts like she cares for Jason after backdooring him and grins behind his back


Austin goes in for a kiss - this just
after Liz told Julia (and us) she was
going to use him to get farther in the game

Steve plays with the camera

Benny the Squirrel in Getting Nutty

James being James

Jason backdoor nomination by
Vanessa. Meg looks like how I feel

I think they (have nots) are both asleep
Shelli Clay

Clay speak as interpreted by BB
edit: "Hasenpfeffer shower"

"Live in a bag"

"Weep for deja slide in Jason"

"Zakk Wylde'd know what I'd do
without you, you know, you know"

"Oh, hands in...The winds just sock and protect them...The voicemail...Deflect some of the..."

"I didn't add much gripper"

"...wazza bauttle...The Pipicle...meat"

James scares Steve coming out of the bathroom

Vanessa's weekly act. Who is she going
to suck the life from this week

Vanessa continues her sad act
outside for everyone to hear

Ick...Johnny Mac watches
Drunken Clay and Drunken Meg

Meg and Clay hanky panky.
What would Shelli think? Maybe
she shouldn't yell at Clay for
talking to her when she isn't
wearing any makeup

Hard to take Jackie seriously
when she's wearing the armortard

Vanessa's I'm lying, not down with that, squashing your idea, killing your soul look

CBS shows us what #BB16 F2
Cody and Derrick are up to

#BB17 was a fun season with the aluminum foil

Steve entertains us and a nice view of the BY

James and Clay go at each other

Vanessa is killing 3 souls
at once - Meg's just there

Becky's HOH room reveal

Yikes - a very healthy HOH
fridge with Kale and stuff

Brussel sprouts!!

Vanessa sprays her hair with...

...this stuff - spray disinfectant

What is Steve doing??

Vanessa immediately goes to the HOH and
tries to make a deal. Becky wants no part of it

Jackie's week of wearing the humilitard is over

Steve's two closest allies hate each other

Austin marks his property and gives Liz a hickey. The hickey we see on the feeds

The hickey they show on the CBS edit.
It's minimal compaired to the other
one, and it's still so middle school

The HGs check out the great comic book
covers after the BB Comics comp

Benny the Squirrel in BB Comics

Becky dodged a bullet during the DE

Wait....WHAT?...What just happened?
Everyone (including us) is mind boggled
at Steve's noms during the DE

Awkward - John catches Vanessa squealing in
the HOH room immediately after they had a fight

Another great prank by James.
He wrapped Steve's bed and all
his belongings in plastic wrap

Austin's mirror face

Is Vanessa turning into Audrey, or is
it miserable cold in the have-not room?

Rediculous spit wad hairdo

Austin's fingers - where have they
been? Where are they going? We
see you two in the green light

HGs entertain us with a court session

Picture day - Meg and Becky with the
inflatable shark we feedsters gave them.
Imagine the picture if we had given
them the pool noodle instead

James pranks Julia

Austin chokes and the twins watch and laugh

Benny the Squirrel in OTEV - The Rocking Roll

Johnny Mac describes Vanessa's gameplay

James announces to us that he and
Meg are engaged. Meg announces
to us that she can't stand James

Julie goes to the HGs on the live
show, and on cue they snap and point

They show a clip of James pranks in
the house on the live show. Wonder if
that makes some of the other HGs (Liz...
Austin) wonder what else we can see in
the green light...probably not since
they don't stop

They show a clip of Meg's epic fall with
head bump in OTEV on the live show

CBS shows some great zings from the past
to introduce #ZingbotOfficial on Twitter.
It's McCrae Olson from BB15!!!

Of course Meg is 1st out in Ready, Set, Whoa

The alliance I've wanted all season
Steve and Johnny Mac

The alliance I haven't wanted all season
Austin and Vanessa

James hiding for another prank

I can't hear what Vanessa and Steve
are talking about. All I can see is
the green hat and suspenders. Thank
goodness she isn't wearing the diaper
load pants. That would do my brain in

Julia moves the chair for Zingbot

Zingbot has is newly single and has
been upgraded to Zingbot 9000

The HGs are excited about Zingbot
and his new twitter - @ZingbotOfficial.
They won't be so excited after they
get zinged by Zingbot 9000

Steve enjoys his zing by Zingbot

Johnny Mac tells Zingbot to bring it...

...but in DR he says (Zingbot) "You're Stupid"

Liz isn't happy with Zingbot saying that
Austin stinks and she's with someone who
has a girlfriend on the outside. She does
think since she's single, that makes her
OK...SMH. Austin (being the Superfan he is)
should remember what people on the outside
thought of BB16 Christine being all over
BB16 Cody when she had a husband

Cool stuff in Zingbot's Bachelor Pad

All the HG names - there are so many "J"
names, you'd think it was BB Duggar's Season

HGs who were done with their turn (or
didn't play the veto) would watch from
the HOH room. I don't see why two grown
men would think it cool to trash the room.
You can see in the picture who is tossing
the popcorn. Do they think it's funny?

Benny the Squirrel in Newly Zingle

What kind of crap nomination speech is this?
..."Victims aren't we all?"...etc...GAK

"You guys didn't go out of your way to make me
feel safe" - Johnny Mac after Liz yells at him

The brainwashing just never ends

Steve talks with his hands

"Please cast your vote to evict"

The limo delivers the latest
evicted HG to the jury house

The HGs step out of the limo like
it's some big secret who it is when
we already know who was just evicted

Becky's toe

Jurors are shown the tapes. They get
to see Meg hit her head in Otev

Shelli, Jackie, and Becky react
to Meg banging her head in Otev

Julie sends the jurors into the BB
house for a chance to get back in

Awkward - no hugs for Vanessa

Johnny Mac says the hand
pushes you inappropriately

Steve and John play chess

Meg is begging Vanessa for her BB life
and looks horrified while doing it

Steve says "And Then There Were 8"

#MacIsBack and Steve and John celebrate

Vanessa is right there to welcome Johnny Mac
back and says she wants to deal with him

There aren't very many HGs
left for the HOH room reveal

Austin asks Liz to be his GF outside the house and she says she will. Then to us in the DR she says the GF better be gone. I think the whole thing that creeps me out about this whole deal is Austin bragged about his beautiful princess girlfriend in all his introduction interviews and that he was playing for her. Now he's trying to say they were over before he came into the house. He can't have it both ways - makes him a real creep. In Liz's case, she keeps saying she is single so it isn't her problem. Hmmmm....

James and Meg argue over which one should go up as a pawn in front of Vanessa. "Pick pick pick me" Vanessa has a fix for that. She nominates both of them

Steve and Vanessa talk
strategy in the HOH room

Blonde girls in bikinis jumping - Austin wants Liz to stop jumping because he is afraid guys will be googling and finding Liz on porn sites. For one thing, how does he know about this google search? For another, controlling much?

Apparently Austin is ok with this
being on the internet though

"For you Baliegh" James wins an
important POV and celebrates

Camera day - HGs reenact
their memory wall picture

Hard to listen to Vanessa when
she wears her diaper load pants

They say you can see slight details when
someone is lying. If you look close enough,
I think you can tell that Austin is lying

Steves homemade timer for playing chess

Steve is the first person all season
to try the tub in the HOH room

Kids don't try this at home

While Austin is #BlanketingLikeAudrey you
can see the camera behind the window

Bobby McGee is #BlanketingLikeAudrey

James and his cat Gizmo are
featured on the live show

Last night of HaveNots for BB17
Julia John James Meg

The house after Hide and Go Veto

ewwww - but Liz looks good

Benny the Squirrel in Road Trip

A lot of noise for such a small audience

Benny the Squirrel in Boomerang

Steve won HOH and is a very happy camper

Did Liz figure she would go the whole
season without being nominated?

The twins look at the newly stocked stock room

Benny the Squirrel in Starting Lineup
Players Cards

Benny the Squirrel in Starting Lineup

Liz tells Julia what we knew all
along from watching the feeds

Benny the Squirrel in Bowlarina
Thanks to @Hamsterwatch for this one :)

Camera day in the BB House

Jessie Godderz BB10/BB11 hosts Bowlarina

The twins are impressed by Mr Pectacular

Steve is dizzy

Steve is still dizzy

Austin figures out it's easier
to crawl after spinning

Austin throws winning veto in everyone's face

Jessie does his tear away thing

Vanessa justifies telling Julia to
challenge Austin in the head to head

Steve enjoys his HOH robe and tells
Johnny Mack he needs to wear one once

F5 receive messages from home
Johnny Mack's family

F5 receive messages from home
Johnny Mack's family

Vanessa's GF Mel

Liz and Julia's Parents

Steve's Mom

Vanessa uses candy to strategize
every possible senario for F4

An appropriate reaction to
#ThePinkFreak by Johnny Mack

#ThePinkFreak takes Liz and Vanessa to an Ariana Grande concert. Their exclusive passes include great seats in the nose bleed section

Benny the Squirrel in Under the Rainbow

Benny the Squirrel in Life in Pieces

Vanessa justifies why she evicted Austin

F3 Liz Steve Vanessa

Fancy dinner to review the season

Goodbye messages right before the feeds go off

Round table jury deliberations
with Dr Will Kirby BB1/BB7

Benny the Squirrel in Colossal Crossword

F2 Steve Liz

Photo bomb - who's that guy
peaking around the corner

Cross examinations by the Jury


Witnesses evicted to the outside world
Jace Shelli Clay
Da'Vonne Jason Jeff

That's a wrap - ATTW0

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