ATTWX's Big Brother 18

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB18 2016
Craziest Summer Vacation of All Time

HOH, POV, Roadkill Comps and Evictions

Week 1

Jun 22 (Wed) - Clusterf*ck of Events, Comps, and Comp Names to finally arrive at the first HOH and first Evictee. Let me see if I can get this all straight:

HGs divided into companions (teams) with one returnee (has-been) on each team - they take turns choosing

Ride the Rocket - ENDURANCE

The order the last person of each team falls determines where they will be sent and the prize that comes with it:
Tiffany, Glenn, Nicole, Michelle, Bridgette, Frank, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Paul, Jozea, James, Natalie, Bronte, Paulie, Corey, Victor

Last person to fall for each team (no times given) and the prizes:
  • Jozea for #Big Sister - yellow - Notburgh - Have-nots for the week (Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Jozea, and Paul)
  • Paulie for #Category4 - blue - Mysteryland - Wear naked pixel costume for a week (Frank, Bridgette, Michelle, Paulie)
  • Corey for #Freakazoids - red - Cash City - $10,000 divided between them (Nicole, Tiffany, Glenn, and Corey)
  • Victor for #Unicorn - green - Safeville - Safe from elimination for 2 evictions (James, Bronte, Natalie, and Victor)
Hit the Road - Pt 1

Team Unicorn sits this round out because they are safe from the first round. First team to stack 15 blocks and ring a bell is safe from having someone evicted. A HG places a block and then takes the place of another HG who then stacks a block. Team Category 4 (blue) wins. Team Big Sister (yellow) and Team Freakazoids (orange) must move to the next round

Hit the Road - Pt 2

Team Unicorn and Team Category 4 sit this round out. First team to build the puzzle/building is safe from competing in final/eviction round. Team Big Sister (yellow) wins and sends Team Freakazoid (orange) to compete in the final round

Jun 23 (Thu) - Hit the Road - Pt 3 aka Coconut Oasis

Team Freakazoids must now play individually. The last member to fill in the holes in "S O S" is evicted. The remaining 3 then choose the HOH. Corey (pink), Nicole (blue), Glenn (purple), Tiffany (green)

PSHEW!!!! We finally get there:

Glenn evicted by a photo finish

And Then There Were 15

Nicole HOH

Jozea and Paulie nominated

Week 2

Jun 26 (Sun) - Take It Off - BB ROADKILL - Frank

HGs take turns in the BB RV. They are timed while taking their clothes off down to their swim suits and holding down 3 buttons. If they let up on any buttons, the clock goes faster (1 button is 30 times faster, 2 buttons is 60 times faster, and 3 buttons is 120 times faster). Fastest time wins and gets to nominate a 3rd HG for eviction. Frank wins with a time of 2 min 37 sec (we just have to take their word for it)

Paul nominated by Roadkill (Frank)

Jun 29 (Wed) - Dizzy Dog - Paul POV
Used to remove himself

HGs spin 15 times and get 45 seconds to stack dog treats. Before time runs out, HG must crawl through the dog house and get back to spin 15 times for 45 more seconds. If the clock runs down, buzzer sounds and they are eliminated. First HG to stack 40 dog treats is POV

Da'Vonne (red), Paul (teal), Nicole (orange), Corey (yellow),
Paulie (purple), Jozea (blue)

Bridgette nominated by Frank
Paul was Roadkill nom, so Roadkill nominates the replacement

Jun 30 (Thu) - Jozea evicted 7-4-0
Bronte, Natalie, Paul, and Victor vote Paulie
Zakiyah, Frank, Da'Vonne, Michelle, James, Tiffany, Corey vote Jozea

And Then There Were 14

Berry Balanced

Teams take turns getting a berry and returning it to their berry cupboard. They can take the longer (easier) route or the shorter (harder) route. If a HG falls, they are eliminated and the column of berries they are working on is emptied. First team to return 40 berries is HOH (with HOH going to the person who returns the last berry)

Week 3

Jul 03 (Sun) - Paulie HOH

Bronte and Paul nominated

Eighteen Dollars - BB ROADKILL - Victor

HGs take turns in the BB RV. They mark 6 tags to total $18 worth of returns. Victor wins with the fastest time (not shown - we just have to take their word for it)

Tiffany nominated by Roadkill (Victor)

Jul 6 (Wed) - Toe to Toe in the Toezarks - Paulie POV
Used to remove Paul

Spelling comp: HGs dig for letters in the toe jam goo and try to spell the word worth the most points (letters worth from 0 - 3 points):
  • Paul (green) - S L O U C H E D - 1 1 1 1 2 2 0 1
    8 letters/9 points
  • Tiffany (blue) - T W I N K L I N G - 1 2 0 1 3 1 0 1 1
    9 letters/10 points
  • Da'Vonne (purple) - R E D E M P T I O N - 1 0 1 0 2 2 1 0 1 1
    10 letters/9 points
  • Zakiyah (yellow) - D U R A T I O N - 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1
    8 letters/6 points
  • Bronte (orange) - P O W E R F U L - 2 1 2 0 1 2 1 1
    8 letters/10 points
  • Paulie (red) - S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y
    1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 1 1 - 14 letters/10 points
    winner - rang in earliest of the 10 pointers
Victor nominated

Jul 7 (Thu) - Victor evicted 9-1-0
Paul votes Bronte
Natalie, Bridgette, Zakiyah, James, Da'Vonne, Frank, Michelle,
Nicole, and Corey vote Victor

And Then There Were 13

Kiss My Ace - Bridgette HOH

One HG from each team serves - low score is eliminated from that round. Last person standing (Bridgette) is HOH and the team is safe. Team Freakazoids (first team to go out) are have-nots

Team Unicorn (blue) - Team Freakazoids (orange)
Team Category 4 (yellow) - Team Big Sister (purple)

Week 4

Jul 10 (Sun) - Tiffany and Paul nominated

Horn Star - BB ROADKILL - Frank

HGs take turns in the BB RV. They honk the different horns the same order they are shown. Fastest HG to get the sequence right (Frank) is the Roadkill (not shown - we just have to take their word for it)

Bronte nominated by Roadkill (Frank)

Jul 13 (Wed) - Veto-licious - Bridgette POV
not used

HGs are shown cooking flavors and must answer a question with a flavor. They pour that flavor into a flask. If it's incorrect, the flask blows up and they are eliminated

Order eliminated: Bronte (lime green) and Natalie (orange) Rnd 1, Paulie (blue) Rnd 2, Tiffany (purple) Rnd 3, Paul (green) Rnd 3, and Bridgette (pink) wins

Jul 14 (Thu) - Bronte evicted 5-4-0
Frank, Natalie, James, and Paulie vote Tiffany
Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, Corey, and Da'Vonne vote Bronte

And Then There Were 12

Euro Trippin - Paulie HOH

T or F questions based on pictures the HGs were shown on the memory wall the night before. Last person standing (Paulie) is HOH and team Category 4 is safe (Michelle, Bridgette, and Frank). Team Unicorn (Natalie and James) is the first complete team to go out are have-nots

Week 5

Jul 17 (Sun) - Tiffany and Natalie nominated

Gas-Ping For Air - BB ROADKILL - Tiffany

HG (Tiffany) who hangs the most stink trees in the BB RV is Roadkill. 31 trees hung - not shown - we just have to take their word for it

Corey nominated by Roadkill (Tiffany)

Jul 20 (Wed) - Scooper Star - Corey POV
used to remove himself

HGs see a pattern of ice cream scoops and arrange their cones to match (moving one scoop at a time). Loser of each round is eliminated until a winner is found
  • Rnd 1 - Corey (purple) wins - Tiffany (green) eliminated
  • Rnd 2 - Paul (pink) wins - Natalie (blue) eliminated
  • Rnd 3 - Paulie (lt blue) wins - Da'Vonne (orange) eliminated
  • Rnd 4 - Corey wins - Paul eliminated
  • Rnd 5 - Corey wins - Paulie eliminated
Da'Vonne nominated by Roadkill (Tiffany)

Jul 21 (Thu) - Tiffany evicted 8-0-0
Michelle, Zakiyah, James, Nicole, Frank,
Corey, Bridgette, and Paul vote Tiffany

And Then There Were 11

Jul 22 (Fri) - Battle Back - Special (not so) "LIVE" Edition

Evicted HGs fight for a chance to get back into the BB House. Victor wins Battle Back
  • Rnd 1: Glenn vs Jozea - Berry Balanced setting
  • Rnd 2: Jozea vs Victor - Kiss My Ace setting
  • Rnd 3: Victor vs Bronte - Euro Trippin setting
  • Rnd 4: Victor vs Tiffany - Watch Your Dubstep setting
And Then There Were 12 again

Week 6

Jul 24 (Sun) - Watch Your Dubstep - James HOH - ENDURANCE

HGs step over a moving thing while handcuffed to a door overhead. If they move too much or drop their arm, a bunch of stuff falls on them and they are eliminated. James hangs in there the longest

Order they fall: Paul (23 min), Nicole (1 hr 19 min), Zakiyah (1 hr 40 min), Michelle (1 hr 49 min), Corey (2 hr 41 min), Victor (2 hr 42 min), Frank (2 hr 46 min), Natalie (4 hr 4 min). Finally Bridgette and then Da'Vonne drop after trying to deal who should drop (abt 6 hr)

Bridgette and Frank nominated

Jul 27 (Wed) - OTEV The Dopest DJ - Michelle POV
Not used

Last HG to find the correct RECORD each round is eliminated. Last one standing is POV. Order they were eliminated: James, Da'Vonne, Nicole, Frank, and Bridgette. Michelle wins POV

Jul 28 (Thu) - Frank evicted 9-0
Da'Vonne, Paul, Paulie, Nicole, Victor,
Michelle, Zakiyah, Corey, and Natalie vote Frank
Frank's ticket #6 is One Way

And Then There Were 11

Perfect Shot - HGs practice until show ends

Week 7

Jul 31 (Sun) - Paul HOH

HGs practice with a yellow ball as long as they want. When they feel confident, they roll one red ball to try to get the highest score. If two HGs get the same high score, the earliest to roll is HOH. The four lowest scores will be the Have-nots for the week
  • Corey - 0 - Have-not
  • Zakiyah - 0 - Have-not
  • Natalie - 2 - Have-not
  • Paulie - 6 - Have-not
  • Bridgette - 10
  • Victor - 14
  • Michelle - 16
  • Nicole - 19
  • Da'Vonne - 19
  • Paul - 21 - Friendship ... er HOH
Bridgette and Paulie nominated

Aug 3 (Wed) - Ready, Set, Whoa Track Meet - Paulie POV
Used to remove himself

HGs (runners) take the starting line position - they must hold 3 buttons down (two hands, one foot) until the signs light up "READY...SET...GO" and sprint to another button. Last button hit is eliminated for that round. Signs light up words that rhyme with "GO" to throw them. Also it can take up to 30 min for the word "GO" to appear

Order they were eliminated: Corey (#6 lt blue), Bridgette (#5 purple), Natalie (#2 orange), Paul (#1 green), Victor (#4 red), and Paulie (#3 blue) is the winner

Da'Vonne nominated

Aug 4 (Thu) - Da'Vonne evicted 6-2
Zakiyah and Michelle vote Bridgette
Paulie, Nicole, Victor, Corey, James, and Natalie vote Da'Vonne
Da'Vonne's ticket #8 is One Way

And Then There Were 10

Harsh Hashtags - ENDURANCE

Week 8

Aug 7 (Sun) - Victor HOH

True to the entire cast last season for this same competition, James doesn't even last 10 minutes

HGs stand (or squat) on a tiny disk at the end of a rope and swing around into a hard #USUCK sign. First 3 HGs to fall (James, Bridgette, and Corey) are Have-nots. Last person standing (Victor) is the HOH

Order they fall: James (abt 5 min), Bridgette (abt 10 min), Corey (abt 20 min), Michelle (abt 30 min), Nicole (abt 50 min), Zakiyah (abt 1 hr), Paulie (just over 1 hr), Natalie (1 hr 49 min), and Victor wins

Michelle and Zakiyah nominated

Aug 10 (Wed) - Hide and Go Veto - Paulie POV
Not used

One at a time, HGs have 30 min to go hide their veto. They have 3 min turns until five vetos are found. Veto not found is POV. It took 4 hr 47 min to find the vetos

Order vetos found:
  • Victor found by Nicole
  • Zakiyah found by Nicole
  • Michelle found by James
  • James found by Victor
  • Nicole found by Victor
  • Paulie's veto not found - POV

Zakiyah evicted 3-2
Julie asked James to stand and use his power to eliminate 2 votes. He named Paul and Corey
Paulie and Nicole vote Michelle
Natalie, James, and Bridgette vote Zakiyah

And Then There Were 9

Statcathalon - Corey HOH

More or Less questions - HOH was found in 2 questions

Bridgette and Michelle nominated

Veto Time - Corey POV
Not used

Find 3 clocks in the ball pits (one at a time), place in a slot, and grab POV first

Corey (lt blue), James (red), Michelle (green)
Paul (orange), Bridgette (yellow), Nicole (dk blue)

Bridgette evicted 5-1
Natalie votes Michelle
Paulie, Nicole, Victor, James, and Paul vote Bridgette

And Then There Were 8

Week 9

Aug 14 (Sun) - Hollywood Squirrels - Victor HOH

There are squirrels everywhere!!! Head to head style, HGs are asked questions about a bunch of squirrels. They have to be first to answer correct or be eliminated. Winner of the round chooses the next two to face off
  • Rnd 1: James vs Michelle
  • Rnd 2: Paul vs Nicole
  • Rnd 3: Natalie vs Victor
  • Rnd 4: Paul vs Paulie
  • Rnd 5: James vs Victor
  • Rnd 6: Victor vs Paul
Paulie and Corey nominated

Aug 17 (Wed) - Zingbot For President - Victor POV
Not used

Zingbot 9000 enters the house and announces he is running for president. After zinging the HGs they play a KEEP OR TRADE type game. Low score each round gets eliminated and wins a prize. Prizes can be traded with previous prizes
  • Paul - green - Secret Service for a week - wear black suit, vest, tie, sunglasses - search all HGs and clear 5 checkpoints every time he hears the announcement "Red alert, security breech"
  • Nicole - orange - vacation for 2 anywhere in the U.S.
  • Corey - purple - patriotard for a week - includes a banner on one hand and an eagle on the other
  • Paulie - yellow - bake an apple pie on cue for the rest of the season - he wears an apron and a chef hat, and has to wave a flag the whole time it's baking
  • James - pink - $5,000
  • Victor - blue - POV
Zings by Zingbot 9000:
  • Corey, what do you call the man who sweeps Nicole off her feet, sets her heart a flutter, and makes her hear wedding bells? Hayden...zing...zing
  • Victor, I was trying to think of the perfect twitter to describe you, and I realized it is best said in Spanish:TuElDoucheBag
  • James, You love to scare people in the house. However this summer the people you've scared the most are Natalie's parents...zing...son-in-law they never wanted...zing
  • Paulie, anyone who says that you're a less attractive, less charming, and all around lesser version of Cody is correct...zing...poor man's Cody...zing
  • Houseguests, big news. I have a BB Baby announcement. It sleeps all day, cries all night, and can't stop throwing up. Please welcome Big Meech...zing zing zing
  • Natalie, we all know you're not the brightest bulb; but luckily what you lack in smarts, you make up for in arm pit hair...zing
  • Nicole, watching you on BB16 was a little bit tough. You threw your game away for a showmance, you were terrible in comps, and had no chance of ultimately winning it all. Oh wait! That's this za za...zing
  • Paul, you have alot of catch phrases...pissed...friendship...your boy. Well, I've got a chatch phrase everyone will get behind: Shut the f*ck up...zing
Aug 18 (Thu) - Paulie evicted 5-0
No one votes Corey
Michelle, Paul, James, Natalie, and Nicole vote Paulie

And Then There Were 7

The Black Box

Week 10

Aug 21 (Sun) - Natalie HOH

Victor draws a number for HG who gets an advantage from Fill Your Pie Hole. Michelle (pie #1) gets 30 extra seconds to search for discs. HGs can't see anything in the black box and hold a button down until they give them 30 seconds to search. This goes on for 2 hrs. HG with the most discs is HOH (some discs are decoys)

Michelle and James are disqualified or letting up on their button when they aren't supposed to. Paul and Nicole find 5, and Corey and Natalie find 10. Natalie gets back 4 seconds earlier so is HOH

Victor nominated by Natalie - Paul nominated by Michelle

Aug 24 (Wed) - BB Weather - Paul POV
Used to remove himself

HGs see weather reports all night. They take turns being weather reporters and read a teleprompter filling in the blanks. HG with the most correct answers is POV
  • Natalie Rainbow - dark blue - 10
  • James Showers - green - 13
  • Corey Breeze - pink - 15
  • Victor Caliente - black - 19
  • Michelle Drizzle - blue - 20
  • Paul Storm - red - 21
Corey nominated by Michelle

Aug 25 (Thu) - Victor evicted 2-1
Co-HOH's so only 3 votes:
Paul votes Corey
Nicole and James vote Victor

And Then There Were 6

Welcome to Loch Mess - ENDURANCE

Week 11

Aug 28 (Sun) - Nicole HOH

Last HG standing on the wall is HOH. The 5 jury members get to compete for a chance to go back in
  • Da'Vonne and Zakiyah (grey) hold hands and jump - 20 min
  • Corey (yellow) - 25 min
  • Bridgette (grey) - 33 min
  • Paulie (grey)- 48 min
  • Victor (grey) - 50 min - Last jury member - back in the house
  • Paul (purple) - 1 hr 35 min
  • James (black)- 2 hr 4 min - Nicole (pink) is HOH
And Then There Were 7 again

Paul and Michelle nominated

Aug 31 (Wed) - Santa's Little Counters - Nicole POV
Not Used

Hgs study items, guess how many, and stay or fold with their guesses. Worst guess to stay is eliminated, and best guess to stay gets a candy cane. HG with 3 candy canes is the winner:
  • Rnd 1: Victor (green) eliminated - 77 nutcrackers
    Nicole (orange) and James (purple) tie for candy cane
  • Rnd 2: James eliminated - 513 cards
    Nicole candy cane
  • Rnd 3: Corey (blue) eliminated - 1879 names on nice list - Michelle candy cane
  • Rnd 4: Michelle (lt blue) eliminated - 139 teddy bears
    Nicole wins POV
  • Paul (lt purple) folded on most, so not eliminated
    and no candy canes
Sep 1 (Thu) - Michelle evicted 2-2
Nicole HOH breaks the tie
Victor and Corey vote Michelle
Natalie and James vote Paul

And Then There Were 6

Poached Eggs

Week 12

Sep 4 (Sun) - Victor HOH

HGs roll an egg up, over, and down the chicken wire, and then roll
it down a ramp to aim at letters. First HG to knock down the letters
"H" "O" "H" is the HOH. They can also place an egg in the "HAVE"
slot to avoid being a have-not. They have to watch out for poaching eagles that fall down and stomp on their cage

Corey orange, James green, Natalie yellow, Paul blue, Victor red

James and Natalie nominated

Sep 7 (Wed) - Being MacGyver - Corey POV
Not Used

HGs play individually. They have to solve the puzzle to escape 3 rooms in the shortest time. Natalie goes first and sets a time of 9 min 6 sec. Nicole (green), Victor (tan), and James (orange) run out of time and blow up. Corey (blue) beats Natalie's time with 6 min 44 sec. It looks suspicious because he goes straight for the answers without even stopping to look around or think. Paul (lt blue) is last and blows up. Corey wins POV and a trip for two later to the set of the new show MacGyver in Atlanta

Sep 8 (Thu) - Natalie evicted 3-0
No one votes James
Paul, Nicole, Corey vote Natalie

And Then There Were 5

Slide-In Theater

Week 13

Sep 11 (Sun) - Corey HOH

First HG to fill large bottle (8 gal) with butter for their popcorn is HOH. They can fill a smaller bottle to get a larger scoop, but Corey didn't go that route to win. Took about 1 hr 15 min

Paul green, Corey yellow, Nicole blue, James red

Victor and Paul nominated

Sep 13 (Tue) - FAST FORWARD WEEK - SPECIAL "LIVE" SHOW (taped early and feeds shut down Mon and Tues until after the show so they can air the show and pretend it's LIVE when it's not)

BB Comics - Nicole POV
Not used

HGs ride a zip line to peek at comics in a window and build their computer screen to match up to 35 min. Shortest time wins
  • James (green) - exceeded 35 min
  • Victor (orange) - 29:35 (min:sec)
  • Corey (purple) - 20:37
  • Paul (blue) - 18:04
  • Nicole (yellow) - 13:55
Victor evicted 2-0 for the 3rd time
Nicole and James vote Victor
No one votes Paul

And Then There Were 4

What the Bleep? - Paul HOH

HGs are shown statements from previous HGs with words bleeped out. They are then asked T/F questions about the bleeped out words. HG with the most points wins. Paul and Nicole get 6 points. James gets 3 points. Paul wins the tie breaker

Sep 14 (Wed) - Corey and Nicole nominated

Cover Your Bases - Paul POV
Not used

HGs answer questions about what day things happenened by stepping on numbers as they run the bases. Last HG to answer for each round gets a strike. Three strikes - out. Last HG standing is POV
  • James - Team Pranksters - purple - Out Rnd 1, 2, 3
  • Nicole - Team Coconut - blue - Out Rnd 4, 6, 7
  • Corey - Team Reindeer - green - Out Rnd 5, 8, 11
  • Paul - Team Pelicans - red - Out Rnd 9, 10 - POV
Corey evicted by James

And Then There Were 3

Sep 16 (Fri) - Hang In There Kitty - ENDURANCE
Pt 1 of HOH

Week 14

Sep 21 (Wed) - FINALE

Paul wins Pt 1 of HOH

Cat Ladies (I include myself here) were robbed from being able to watch this on the feeds.

HGs (cats) chase a laser beam around. When it stops they have to climb on that spot and stay there until the laser beam lights up. They then chase it through milk bowls, the litter box, etc. until it stops again. Three places they have to hang are couch buttons on the back of a couch, scratching posts, and curtain hangers in a window that tilts

Nicole (yellow) falls off at about 1 hr 17 minutes, James (blue) falls immediately after Nicole, and Paul (orange) is the winner of HOH Pt 1

Snapshot - Pt 2 of HOH - SKILL/KNOWLEDGE
Nicole wins Pt 2

Nicole and James (losers from Pt 1) run through a long waiting line, pick 3 HGs pictures that fit their question, place them in a roller coaster, shove it down the hill, snap a picture , run back through the obnoxious line, check their photo, and make sure the entire car with correct HGs is included in the picture....PSHEW! They do this for 3 pictures
  • James - 19 min 06 sec
  • Nicole - 7 min 24 sec
Scales of Just Us - Pt 3 of HOH - Paul HOH
Jury Statements

How well Paul and Nicole (winners of pt 1 and pt 2) know jury
Paul wins 4-3

Nicole and James automatically nominated

James evicted by Paul

And Then There Were 2

Nicole Winner 5-4 - #PaulWasRobbed
James, Victor, Michelle, and Bridgette vote Paul
Corey, Natalie, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne vote Nicole

And Then There Were 0


Week 2

Jul 02 (Sat) - From Berry Balanced:

Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Paul (Team Big Sister) have the least amount of berries in their cupboard and are Have-nots for the week. Along with slop, they can eat berries

Week 3

Jul 09 (Sat) - From Kiss My Ace:

Nicole, Tiffany, and Corey (Team Freakazoids) are the first to have all team members eliminated and are Have-nots for the week. Along with slop, they can eat peanuts and popcorn

Week 4

Jul 13 (Wed) - From From Veto-licious

Winning POV (Bridgette) wins a dinner in the back yard cooked and served by Outback Stakehouse people. Bridgette's Team Category 4 (Michelle, Paulie, and Frank) get to attend along with one other team of Bridgette's choice. She chooses Team Big Sister (Zakiyah, Paul, and Da'Vonne)

Jul 16 (Sat) - From Euro Trippin

Natalie and James (Team Unicorn) are the first to have all team members eliminated and are Have-nots for the week. Along with slop, they can eat British baked beans, French baguettes, and Italian basil

Week 6

Jul 28 (Thu) - LUXURY - The Secret Room

Messages appear on the TV Screen, HGs look for a hidden room, and Paul finds it first. Since no one can keep a secret, all of the HGs get a ticket. One of the tickets is a round trip. The other 11 are one way tickets. The tickets are opened when they are evicted. The round trip ticket puts that HG right back into the house. Tickets good until Aug 18

Jul 30 (Sat) - From Perfect Shot

Zakiyah, Corey, Natalie, and Paulie roll the lowest scores and are Have-nots for the week. Along with slop, they get marshmallows and trail mix

Week 7

Jul 31 (Sun) - LUXURY - America's Care Package

Each week America votes on a prize to give to one HG. This happens 5 weeks. Natalie receives the first care package which contains a Never Not Pass (she doesn't have to be a Have-not for the rest of the season)

Aug 6 (Sat) - From Harsh Hashtags

James, Bridgette, and Corey are the first three to fall and are Have-nots for the week. Along with slop, they get hashbrowns and corned beef hash

Week 8

Aug 7 (Sun) - LUXURY - America's Care Package

James receives the second care package which gives him power to eliminate two eviction votes

Aug 13 (Sat) - From Hollywood Squirrels

Michelle, Nicole, and Natalie (never not pass) are the first three out and are Have-nots for the week. Along with slop, they get to eat like squirrels and eat sunflower seeds and corn on the cob

Week 9

Aug 14 (Sun) - LUXURY - America's Care Package

Nicole receives the third care package. She is safe from being nominated or evicted, and has to wear a super safetytard for the week

Aug 19 (Fri) - Party at the BB County Fair
Clusterf*ck of events for the day. Let me see if I can get this all right

HGs are treated to a backyard concert one song by Ziggy Marley

Dart For Dollars

HGs throw darts and keep the prize they hit:
Paul $500, James $0.25, Nicole $7.50, Natalie $0.25, Michelle $0.25, Victor $500, Paulie $1,000, and Corey $500

Dunk a Hunk

HGs each get 5 chances to dunk Jessie Godderz BB10/BB11 in the dunk tank. HG who dunks him the most gets the Tec Pack Spectacular prize (50" 4K TV, New Tablet, and Smart Phone). According to the feeds, Paulie wins this prize and $1,000. Paulie is edited out of this episode because he is evicted from the night before, so they give the Tec Pack Spectacular prize to Victor for the made for TV version

Fill Your Pie Hole

Pie eating contest to find a chip:
Victor, Michelle (saved by Co-HOH America's Care Package), Natalie (saved by Never-Not pass), and James are Have-nots

Aug 20 (Sat) - From Fill Your Pie Hole

James, Victor, and Michelle (Michelle's America's Care Pkg) find "Have-nots" in their pie. Along with slop, they get to eat pies. Natalie finds one too, but she has the never-not pass

Week 10

Aug 21 (Sun) - LUXURY - America's Care Package

Michelle receives the fourth care package. She is Co-HOH for the week and nominates one person

Aug 27 (Sat) - From Welcome to Loch Mess

Corey and Victor are the first two to fall off the wall and are have-nots. They get to eat seaweed and squid with their slop

Week 11

Aug 28 (Sun) - LUXURY - America's Care Package

Corey receives the fifth and final care package. He gets to bribe another HG with $5,000 to do something to benefit Corey's game. Offer is good through the following HOH comp, and he doesn't get to keep it if not used

Corey gives the $5,000 bribe to Victor to vote out Michelle on the next eviction. Victor was already going to vote that way, but this solidifies the Final Four Alliance with Nicole, Corey, Victor, and Paul

Sep 3 (Sat) - From Poached Eggs

There's no Have-nots. Nicole outgoing HOH, Victor wins HOH, Natalie has Never-Not Pass, and the rest put an egg in the "HAVE" slot

Week 13

Sep 15 (Thu) - LUXURY - POP TV and BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK gives the F3 a build it yourself sushi dinner

Viewers vote if they want HGs to get pizza or sushi

Week 14

Sep 21 (Wed) - AMERICA's CHOICE - Which HG do you like best for $25,000? Victor

All HGs are in the running - top 3 were Victor, Natalie, James. Victor wins with over 4 million votes. Sounds like a Kaysar Ridha BB6 type vote to me

BB18 Houseguests

Bridgette Dunning aka Cabbage Patch Kid

24 - Hometown: Fresno, CA
Current City: Ventura, CA
Traveling Nurse

10th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times (1 Roadkill)
Wear naked pixel costume for a week from Ride the Rocket
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious

Bridgette at starnow
Bridgette at
Bridgette on Twitter
Bridgette on Instagram
Bridgette on Facebook
Bridgette at Linkedin
Bridgette at Wikipedia

Bronte D'Acquisto

26 - Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current City: Denver, CO

15th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (1 Roadkill nom)
Safe from elimination for 2 evictions from Ride the Rocket

Metro Women in Math
Bronte at Model Mayhem
Bronte on Twitter
Bronte on Instagram
Bronte on Instagram - Private
Bronte on Facebook
Bronte on MySpace
Bronte at IMDb
Bronte at Wikipedia
Eastside Stories Episode 1 on YouTube
Bronte - Pet Sitter

Corey Brooks aka Cocoa

25 - Hometown: Dallas, TX
Current City: Dallas, TX
Baseball Coach

4th Place - 15th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times (1 Roadkill)
$2,500 from Ride the Rocket
$500 Dart For Dollars
Patriotard for a week - Zingbot for President
America's Care Pkg - Bribe another HG with $5,000
Trip for 2 to the set of MacGyver in Atlanta

Corey at Athlete Network
Fan Connexion
Corey at Linkedin
Corey on Twitter
Corey on Facebook
Fan Connexion on Facebook
Corey on Instagram
Corey at Wikipedia
Corey's Goat Story posted by @IsItUpOrDown
Leaked Intro #notgaycorey by EARTHDOGBB

Da'Vonne Rogers BB17 aka Mama Day

28 - Hometown: Inglewood, CA
Current City: Lancaster, CA
Poker Dealer

12th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 0 (0 Total)
POV 0 (0 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 (1 Roadkill) (3 Total)
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious

Da'Vonne on Facebook
Da'Vonne on Twitter
Da'Vonne on Instagram
Da'Vonne Channel on YouTube
Da'Vonne at IMDb
Da'Vonne at Wikipedia
Da'Vonne hosts BBAD Da'Vonney Awards

Frank Eudy BB14 aka The Dictator aka Curly Q
aka Frank the Tank

32 - Hometown: Marion, AR
Current City: Charlotte, NC
Medical Sales Rep

13th Place - 6th Evicted
HOH 0 (3 Total)
POV 0 (3 Total)
Roadkill 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (7 Total)
Wear naked pixel costume for a week from Ride the Rocket
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious
Hit his day 100 in the house - never a Have-Not or on slop

Frank on Twitter
Frank on Facebook
Frank at Wikipedia
Sid Vicious Revealed as Frank's Dad
BB18 Frank Votes To Evict Tiff by PassThePaxil

Glenn Garcia aka Papa G

50 - Hometown: Bronx, NY
Current City: Bronx, NY
Dog Groomer/Former Police Detective

18th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 0 Times (eviction by comp)
$2,500 from Ride the Rocket

Pet Pampering Patrol Mobile Dog Grooming Salon
Doggone it, pamper me - write up in Daily News NY
Glenn on Twitter
Pet Pampering Patrol on Twitter
Glenn on Instagram
Glenn at Wikipedia

James Huling BB17

32 - Hometown: Sumter, SC
Current City: Wichita Falls, TX
Staff Recruiter

3rd Place - 16th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (3 Total)
POV 2 Times (4 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (4 Total)
$5,000 - Zingbot for President
$0.25 Dart For Dollars
Safe from elimination for 2 evictions from Ride the Rocket
America's Care Package - eliminate two votes
Do It Yourself Sushi Dinner from POP TV

James on Facebook
James Fan Page on Facebook
James on Twitter
James on Twitter (older acct)
James Channel on Youtube
James at IMDb
James at Wikipedia
James and AFP by PassThePaxil
James Huling Big Brother casting 17
A James HoH Tribute by 88BillTCat88

Jozea Flores

25 - Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Make-up Artist

17th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Josze at Model Mayhem
Picture on Pinterest
Jossie Photos at Image Amplified
Jozea at OTSM
Palace Boys Jossie Flores on Ustream TV
Jozea on Twitter
Jozea on Instagram
Jossie on Facebook
justdatsexiinigga on MySpace
Jossie Channel on YouTube
Jozea at Wikipedia
BB18 Perry "Dee" Rodent - You're So Delusional by 88BillTCat88
beyonce bow down/i been on
1000 years Jossie flores

Michelle Meyer aka Meech

23 - Hometown: Washington Township, MI
Current City: Washington Township, MI

7th Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (Co-HOH)
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$0.25 Dart For Dollars
Wear naked pixel costume for a week from Ride the Rocket
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious
America's Care Package - Co-HOH or a week
30 Sec Advantage in The Black Box

That Nutrition Girl
Michelle at Linkedin
Michelle on Twitter
Michelle on Twitter (run by Alex)
Michelle on Twitter (run by Renee)
Michelle on Instagram
Michelle's YouTube Channel
Michelleoelle on reddit
Michelle Meyer on Google Plus
Michelle at Wikipedia

Natalie Negrotti aka Nat Nat

26 - Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela, South America
Current City: Franklin Park, NJ
Event Coordinator

6th Place - 13th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (Co-HOH)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$0.25 Dart For Dollars
Safe from elimination for 2 evictions from Ride the Rocket
America's Care Package - Never Have-Not Pass

NY Jets - Gameday Girl
Flight Crew - Best of Natalie
Contestant - Miss NY USA 2016
Natalie at Linkedin
Natalie on Twitter
Natalie on pinterest
NataliaMercedes99 - YouTube Channel
Natalie at Wikipedia
Jets Talk Live
Natalie for TV Hostess

Nicole Franzel BB16

23 - Hometown: Ubly, MI
Current City: Ubly, MI
ER Nurse

Winner - $500,000
HOH 2 Times (3 Total)
POV 2 Times (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (6 Total)
$2,500 from Ride the Rocket
$7.50 Dart For Dollars
America's Care Package - Safe from Eviction for a week
Wear Super Safetytard for a Week
Vacation - Zingbot for President
Do It Yourself Sushi Dinner from POP TV

Nicole on Twitter
Coconuts on Instagram
Nicole on Facebook
Nicole at IMDb
Nicole at Wikipedia

Paul Abrahamian aka Patty

23 - Hometown: Tarzana, CA
Current City: Tarzana, CA
Clothing Designer

Runner-UP - $50,000
HOH 3 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 6 Times (1 Roadkill)
$500 Dart For Dollars
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious
Solved the code to find the secret room holding tickets
Round trip ticket (expired before used)
Secret Service for a week - Zingbot for President
Guitar Pick from Ziggy Marley
Do It Yourself Sushi Dinner from POP TV

Paul Interview at The Beard Mag
Deadskull Apparel
Paul on Linkedin
Paul on Twitter - newer one
Paul on Twitter
Strange Faces LA on Twitter (Paul's Band)
Paul on Facebook
Strange Faces LA on Facebook
Reviver on Facebook
Paul on Instagram
deadskullapparel on Instagram
Strange Faces LA on Instagram
reviverofficial on Instagram
ReviverOfficial Channel on YouTube
Strange Faces La on SoundCloud
Paul at Wikipedia
Faircourt VIP Couples Makeover
Deadskull in DTLA
Reviver - M30 (Official Video)
Shira - Surprised - Paul Male Actor
Perry "Dee" Rodent - Mouth Is Movin' for Paul by 88BillTCat88 I mean Paulie Calafiore

27 - Hometown: Howell, NJ
Current City: Howell, NJ
Brother of BB16 Cody Calafiore
My Day 1 Pick To Win
(Not happy with this pick)

9th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$1,000 Dart For Dollars
Wear naked pixel costume for a week from Ride the Rocket
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious
Bake an Apple Pie when Zingbot sings - Zingbot for President
Tec Pack Spectacular (50" TV, Tablet, Phone) Dunk a Hunk

Paulie at Linkedin
Paulie on Twitter
Paulie on Instagram
Paulie on Facebook
Paulie at Vine
Paulie at Wikipedia
N.J. 'Big Brother 18' cast member evicted, Twitter throws party I mean Tiffany Rousso

32 - Hometown: West Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Current City: West Palm Beach Gardens, FL
High School Teacher
Sister of BB17 Vanessa Rousso

13th Place - 5th Evicted
Roadkill 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times (1 by Roadkill)
$2,500 from Ride the Rocket

Tiffany at Linkedin
Tiffany on Facebook
Tiffany on Twitter
Tiffany on Instagram
Tiffany Plays Sequester 2.0

Victor Arroyo

25 - Hometown: Slidell, LA
Current City: Slidell, LA
Gym Manager

5th Place - 14th Evicted
8th Place - 11th Evicted
16th Place - 3rd Evicted
HOH 3 Times
POV 1 Time
Roadkill 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$25,000 America's Favorite Player
$5,000 Bribe from Corey's America's Care Package
$500 Dart For Dollars
Last HG Standing on Ride the Rocket
Safe from elimination for 2 evictions from Ride the Rocket
Battle Back Championship Title and Belt (won 3 rounds to get it)
First HG Evicted THREE TIMES in one season
Tec Pack Spectacular (50" TV, Tablet, Phone) Dunk a Hunk

New Orleans Privateers
Victor on Linkedin
Victor on Instagram
Victor on Facebook
Victor at Wikipedia
R3HAB & KSHMR - Strong (Official Music Video)
BB18 VIctor's Puppet Show with Baldwin the Eagle

Zakiyah Everette aka Z

24 - Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Current City: Charlotte, NC
Preschool Teacher

10th Place - 8th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Outback Steakhouse - Big Australian Dinner - Veto-Licious

Zakiyah on Pinterest
Zakiyah on Prezi
Zakiyah on Instagram
Zakiyah at Wikipedia

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Flashbacks at CBS Live Feeds
6/23 Quad - 10:36pm - Feeds fire up
6/25 F1 - 11:04pm - Corey's story about friend who lights a goat on fire - not cool
6/28 F3 - 2:15am - Hilarious Paul & Jozea show
7/16 F3 - 3:47am - Paul show (no Jozea) - addresses dickheads who asked about his beard on live show - hilarious
7/17 F3 - 11:11am - Paul conked on the nose/face by awning
7/25 F4 - 4:17pm - Paul cracks the code to the secret room

Big Brother 18 Videos and Other Stuff

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Buy 3000 Pablos At One Time
BB 18: The Saga Ep. 1 by Wil Heuser
Production in Fish Tank by @bigbrothernet
Michelle doing the BB16 INTRO (Reddit)
COOL Coloring Pages of the HGs by omgwtflols
PISSED but still FRIENDSHIP by @BBfan1005
BB18 Care Package Surprise by PassThePaxil
Sitting Ducks by bigdaddysean
Uphill battle of the Sitting Ducks by BBTooms

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Big Brother 18 Logo

Front of the House

Skimpily Dressed Group Photos

Blocked Feeds

First in the House

Michelle Meyer


The Fish in the Bed

Fang the Alligator

Raffi the Giraffe

Pablo the Pelican

Baldwin the Bald Eagle

Couple of Reindeer for a comp

Mr Jenkins, the Potted Basil

Orwell the Owl from POP TV BB After Dark for build your own sushi

New Baby Pablo since Pablo got kidnapped

The Twists:
Twist 1: Stowaways
4 returnees enter the house via stacked trunks:
Nicole Franzel BB16, James Huling BB17, Da'Vonne Rogers BB17, Frank Eudy BB14

Twist 2: Companions
Four teams of 4 with one Stowaway per team

Twist 3: Cluster F*ck on Week One
After a series of comps and eliminating
teams, the last team competes with the
loser being eliminated. The remaining 3
of the losers team then pick who is HOH

Twist 4: Battle Back
First five eliminated HGs have a chance
to fight to get back into the house
"Redemption Island" style (from Survivor)

Memory Wall


The Hand in the Fish Tank

The Two Ball Getters in Kiss My Ace

Chef Adrian Richardson - cook from Outback Steakhouse cooked a meal for Veto-Licious

Waitress from Outback Steakhouse
served a meal for Veto-Licious

Production seen weekly cleaning the fish
tank before the changing of the HOHs

Internet Trolls in Harsh Hashtags

Production seen on a strange brief
flash to the Veto Time competition
during the LIVE show

Production breaks down the large
table to make way for the medium table

Zingbot 9000

Ziggy Marley and Friends
for one song in the BY

Jessie Godders for Dunk a Hunk

Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd BB11/13

Production breaks down the slip and slide comp

Derrick Levasseur BB16

Walk from the DR

Table for 16

Table for 8

Table for 3

Key Box


Chess Sets

Jury House

Disappeared Before The Show Started:

The sand on the bathroom floor


Memorable Moments

HG's Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Big Brother Is Watching from the Other Side

Live feeds come on - they don't find
out they are live for about an hour

HGs try to guess who the returns are going
to be. Jozea thinks the plates are a clue
because they are all from different places

Frank BB14 returns to the house.
Where's his awesome hair?

The 4 has-beens enter the house. The noobs (newbies) are as excited to see them as I am

Awwww - isn't Bridgette adorbs
with her finger to the face

"You look like Vanessa"

"Vanessa who?"

Julie's voice comes over the
TV and the HGs get excited

Have-nots room

Televised scene: Victor talking to Nicole and takes his shirt off in the middle of the convo

Nomination ceremony - bring back
the key wheel please - this is boring

The Spy Girls are formed: Natalie (Flirty Spy),
Bronte (Wifey Spy), Bridgette (Spunky Spy) I mean Tiffany is pretend sleeping and hearing the spy girls make an alliance

Benny the Squirrel in Take It Off

Bronte and Natalie work out
with Victor the instructor

The P and J Show with
Paul and Jozea - hilarious!

Jozea: "Is this camera on?"

Camera man fooling around with close-ups

Paul: "I know you see me, grr. Turn yourself on"

Still looking for a working camera
(they were all working the whole time)

Jozea: "I'm plastic - no wrinkles
here. This is how I smile"

"It wasn't me"

Another Has-beens celebration as they
steamroll all the newbies. Frank and James try
the jump-up-180-degree-turn-slap-back-sides
trick, but it doesn't quite work

James pranking Paul while he sleeps.
James and his endless pranks - it was
cute for awhile last season. This season
it's just tiresome. We want new material.

Benny the Squirrel in Dizzy Dog

Bahahaha - Paul Dog down

Bahahaha - Jozea is making a strong and sturdy heart that is going to hold 40 dog treats

Paul celebrates POV win in the storage room I mean Tiffany tells I mean Paulie she is Vanessa's
sister. She calls Vanessa the Derrick of

Jozea calls a house meeting in the
have-nots room. We all know how well
those house meetings turn out

Bridgette spys on the HOH room during the house meeting and Paulie picks on his arm

The P & J show

Paul demonstrates how to apply
makeup on Natalie his model

The completed projects. Natalie and
Paul applied each other's makeup

Pixel costumes are done. @CowboyBB5 didn't have to hold his hat with his hand...just saying I mean Tiffany puts on the green hat and glasses. I'm traumatized by flashbacks

The ironing board is brought out for
HGs to get ready for the live show

Jozea does an amazing job with
Tiffany's makeup only to have
her vote him off that night

One last look at Jozea before his eviction.
He's got it and proud to flaunt it. I don't
see anything wrong with that.

Paulie being a horse's a$$
while Julie reads the votes

Long line filing into the HOH room for the reveal

Da'Vonne knocks off this race at warp speed....well snail's pace anyway

Zakiyah must have thought
Da'Vonne's technique was most
excellent - she tries it too

James throws the comp because he doesn't want his teammates (Victor, Bronte, and Natalie) to be safe from nomination. It didn't take the has-beens long to figure out how to work the new twist in their favor. I thought James never throws comps. That's what he keeps saying

Nice view of downstairs at BB house

The roach motorhome
they use for Roadkill comps

BB14 Jodi Rollins air freshener
used in Eighteen Dollars. Jodi makes
almost as many appearances as
Benny the Competition Squirrel

Sometimes you have to look quick to find Benny the Squirrel. He barely made an appearance in Eighteen Dollars for one quick shot. The rest of the time he wasn't sitting by the door

Benny the Squirrel in Eighteen Dollars

Victor thinks he will help his game by telling Paulie and the rest of the house he won Roadkill. Huge mistake - they used that info to work around him and get him evicted

Michelle shows us her nails done up for the 4th

Roadkill Reveal I mean Tiffany gives us Deja Vu

Victor hints to Paul to pick him to play in Veto

Paul picks Zakiyah instead of Victor
with the reason she is on his team

Da'Vonne plays in Toe to Toe in
the Toezarks
and then this happens

Benny the Squirrel in Toe to Toe in the Toezarks

Bonus! Another Benny the Squirrel in Toe to Toe

Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads
Fish heads fish heads eat them up yum
(Sung to the tune of Fish Heads)

Michelle accidently drowns her hair
extensions in the washing machine

Michelle wonders if her hair
extensions can be saved

No longer the P & J Show - it's
just Paul's Friendship Show

Rubber Duckies in the house are always fun

HGs are laughing at Tiffany's eviction speech calling Frank a Dictator and his sidekick Bridgette a Cabbage Patch Kid

The show claims Frank smacks Da'Vonne
on the ass. It looks fishy to me. All
we hear is a really loud smack and Da'Vonne
screaming "Stop hitting me on my ass, Frank"
complete with subtitles. They have cameras
24/7. If they wanted to show the incident,
they certainly would have it on the tapes

Next we see Da'Vonne yammering about
Frank hitting her on the butt

Finally we see Frank appologize to
Da'Vonne. He didn't realize he had
upset her so bad...CBS's Public
Service Announcement is done

Benny the Squirrel in Horn Star

Da'Vonne introduces the guys

The guys do a dance for the girls...yowza!

Paul ends the dance with twirking...YOWZA!

Camera Day - they have an underwater camera

Natalie and Bridgette on Camera Day

Natalie and Bridgette again on Camera Day

Frank is WAY TOO Rough with Nicole in
the pool. Who does he think he is...some
kind of wrestler or something?

Bronte gets a bright idea - she MUST tell
the Spy girls that she is a mathmatician
and is the nerd of BB18

The Spy Girls are so excited with Bronte's
news about being a math nerd

Benny the Squirrel in Veto-licious

Benny the Squirrel at the Outback
Steakhouse dinner in the BY

The 180 degree jump, turn, butt bump goes horribly wrong with Frank landing on Bridgette's ankle. I'll bet that little move comes to an end like the celebration in the end zone in the NFL did for awhile

Close-up of Bridgette's ankle. She's lucky it isn't broken

The HGs help Bridgette up to her HOH room

"Friendship" from Paul brings a "Mateship" from Chef Adrian Richardson of Outback Steakhouse

What's he looking at? Eyes up here James....

Oh this is what James is looking at. Is he even listening to Bronte trying to strategize with him?

Bridgette has been going on and on in DR about what she's going to do to the person who won Roadkill and nominated her friend, Bronte. Frank informs Bridgette he is the Roadkill person (she thought it was great because she knows his decisions are all for the greater good)

Tiffany is almost blanketing like Audrey
Middleton of BB17, except Tiffany
knows she isn't getting evicted

This is how you do it - Blanketing
by BB17 Audrey Middleton

HGs always get excited when something
is going on outside the BB house

A sky writer asks someone to marry them

Nicole and Paul lower the awnings,
only this awning isn't looking so good

The awning comes down on Paul's face

Paul icing his nose after the awning attack

James and Nicole teaching Zakiyah to
swim. Her look of excitement after doggy
paddling across the pool by herself is
absolutely delightful....go Zakiyah!

Paulie is blanketing sort of...well
just wearing a blanket. I'd blanket
too if I couldn't measure up to Cody

Nicole and Corey blanketing. Oh wait!
That's not blanketing. That's fooling
around under the covers. Yah we see it

What's this? I think it's Benny the
Squirrel in Euro Trippin!!!!

It's always fun to see the duck every season

Tiffany gives a brutal eviction-save-me speech about going after The Dictator and his Cabbage Patch Kid. LOL - Paul's face is priceless

Frank (The Dictator) and Bridgette
(The Cabbage Patch Kid) are shocked
when Tiffany isn't evicted

Nicole's dress looks like it came from
Kids R Us...and don't even get me
started about her shoes. Oh oops, I'm
supposed to be nice about HG's shoes.
Dan Gheesling BB10/BB14 blocked me
from Twitter for making fun of his shoes

Enjoy the great art featuring evicted HGs
Glenn, Jozea, and Vic. Pictures were
used in the Euro Tripping HOH comp

Frank is picking up Bridgette's mannerisims.
I just hope he doesn't start the giggling

Tiffany was after The Dictator and the
Cabbage Patch Kid for about 5 minutes
after being saved from eviction. She then
paired up with Frank and Bridgette and turned
her sites on Da'Vonne after eviction was over

Dang! That's really frightening - not a pretty crier

"I'm a silly girl...a silly silly girl." More
Vanessa 2.0 if I've ever heard it. Please BBPTB
I'm begging you - not another season of this

Paul is listening at the Safari Room
door to hear Tiffany and her melt down

I couldn't find Benny the Squirrel
in Gas-ping for Air. The skunks
must have ran them all away

He bakes, he twerks, he's funny, he's smart, he owns his own company, and he's good looking. Dang - what CAN'T he do

The Muffin Man

Benny the Squirrel in Scooper Star

Nicole being her super sweet self. Oh
wait. I mean Nicole sitting in a bunch
of sweet stuff being her usual self

Da'Vonne gets renom by Roadkill
(Tiffany) and flips her hair at Tiffany
when she takes her seat #Shade101

Paulie gets a haircut just before the
live show. We all can't wait to see
the final product on the live show

Paulie's Dad weighs in
on how Paulie is doing

Paulie's Brother (Cody BB16) weighs
in about how Paulie is doing

Tiffany's Sister (Vanessa BB17) weighs
in about how Paulie is doing

Oh My Gosh! I keep expecting Bridgette
to break out singing the "You're My
Cuppy Cake" song any minute

Da'Vonne sings to Tiffany: "I beat you.
I beat you. You tried and failed. I beat you"

Glenn's limbo house (where he was
held until he competed in Battle Back

Jozea's limbo house

Victor's limbo house

Bronte's limbo house aka The
Jury House for many seasons

Julie tells the HGs that Teams and Roadkill Comps are done (after the 5th HG evicted)

Julie doesn't need her cue cards
during the "special not so live show"

Benny the Squirrel in Battle
Back Championships
- the
round with Bronte and Victor

We finally see Paulie's haircut.
It reminds me of someone else

Oh yah - that's who it reminds
me of (I think they look great!)

Paul sleeps in the balls in Watch Your
. They said it was still going
when the sun was coming up (abt 6 hrs).
We saw NONE of it, and that's not right

James wins Watch Your Dubstep
and gets a kiss from Natalie. Enjoy it
while it lasts, James. You'll probably
get moved to the "Friendship Zone"
just as soon as the season ends

How do you tell when Nicole is lying
to you? When she smiles like she is
your best friend while talking

How else do you tell when Nicole is lying
to you? When she twists her head around.
I keep expecting it to spin all the way around
and green pea soup to come spewing out

Are you kidding me? Zakiyah did THAT in
the storage room in front of other people?!?!

Benny the Squirrel in OTEV - The Dopest DJ

Michele does a face plant in the OTEV
competition. It seems someone does
this every season. Uh oh - have I
found another thing to keep track of?

After her face plant, Michele looks like Carrie.
Not to worry - it's just her hair dye

Da'Vonne keeps getting sprayed
in the face during these comps

HGs get messages on the TV
screen about a hidden room

It's exciting that Paul finds the room,
but BIG WOOP. Being first to find it has
no advantage. All of the HGs get a chance
at a round trip ticket back in the BB House

Jason Roy BB17 talks about Da'Vonne

Meg Maley BB17 talks about James

Hayden Voss BB16 talks about Nicole

Mike Boogie Malin BB2/7/14 talks about Frank

Photo Bomb!!!

Julie reveals Frank's #6 ticket.
It's a one way ticket to go home

Michelle feels water dropping on her.
We then get fishies while they fix the leak

Michelle lifts jacket on her head to show
why she is covering her face. She had a
mascara mishap while crying outside

The hammock dumps a tipsy Nicole

Victor dumps Paul out of the hammock

Benny the Squirrel and Benny's Tours
Co. in Perfect Shot HOH comp

Paul's HOH letter from his mom:
"Wear underwear and no humping"

HGs wait for the first America's Care Package

Incoming! A season Never Not Pass for Natalie

Benny the Squirrel in Ready,
Set, Whoa Track Meet

Benny the Squirrel on the signs in
Ready, Set, Whoa Track Meet

Benny the Squirrel in Harsh Hashtags

Da'Vonne's #8 ticket was a one
way trip to the jury house

Zakiyah dumps Paul out of the hammock

Looks like a normal guy just
talking in a hot tub right?

WRONG - look what he's doing

Ewwwww - here he goes

What kind of piss poor excuse of
a person pees in the hot tub on
a live feed camera...or pees in a
hot tub....PERIOD

Benny the Squirrel in Hide and Go Veto

Zakiyah has a one way ticket to jury

Bridgette has a one way ticket to jury

Benny the Squirrel from Vetolicious is used on the table for the Have-nots food for the week

Victor and Paul celebrate
the Sitting Ducks Alliance

There are Benny the Squirrels every
where in the Hollywood Squirrels comp

Naked Benny in Hollywood Squirrels

Bennys are on the podeums and screens

There are Bennys on the questions

There are even Bennys under the push buttons

Paul falls into the hammock and onto the
ground while doing his security rounds

Nicole tells of her hammock dump. Who
dumps the hammock while doing a retell?

Paul frisks James on his secret service
rounds, and James foot falls off. James
has built a melon man in his place

You think this week was painful for Paulie
because he realized he was not going to
win? It was 90 times as painful for us to
watch his actions certain type of thing

Michelle shows Paulie she blew up his game

Look inside the head of the robot for Zingbot For President. It's Benny the Competition Squirrel

Benny the Squirrel is the brains of
the robot - Zingbot For President

Paulie does alot of

He also does some

Rachel and Brendon (BB12/BB13) introduce their new baby - Adora Borealis Villegas

OH EM GEE - Paulie did THAT to Julie? How the heck does he think that is acceptable?

The HGs look relieved, I look relieved, and Julie
even looks relieved that Paulie only has a one
way ticket. This sets off one of the greatest
parties I've ever seen #PauliesEvictionParty

Tickets are now expired so HGs reveal what they had. Paul who cracked the code for the secret room also has the Round Trip Ticket

Oh look! It's Crystal the Fortune Teller. She's the 15th HG from BB13. Oh yah...and Jessie Godderz comes back to host a comp

Benny the Squirrel in The Black Box

Friendship Times With Paul
is featured on the CBS show

Victor dumps Paul out of the hammock again

Victor rolls out of the hammock,
and Paul falls off the other side

Benny the Squirrel in BB Weather

Jodi Rollins BB14 flashback used in BB Weather. A storm was named after her

Two worst Co-HOH's ever. Their move came
back to bite them in the A$$. Michelle was
evicted the following eviction, and Natalie
was evicted the one after that

"I" (flips hair to one side) "have" (flips hair to the other side) "chosen" (flips hair to the other side) "to" (flips hair to the other side) "nominate" (flips hair to the other side) "Paul" (flips hair...)

Julie asks Victor what he would think of having ANOTHER chance to go back into the house

Jury is told about the jury buy back

Jury reactions when seeing Victor is the
5th member for a chance to go back

Jury and HGs together before
Welcome To Loch Mess starts

Benny the Squirrel in Welcome to Loch Mess

Thelma and I mean Davonne and Zakiyah hold hands and jump after 20 minutes

Paulie is done - D...U...N - done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting Ducks make a final 4 alliance with
Nicole/Corey and name it The Final Four.
Sitting Ducks get boned by them too

Natalie tells Nicole to her face that her shirt
is cute, but behind her back it kinda looks like
Single White Female again. Nicole tells where
she got the shirt, but I didn't understand the
name. Nicole said it was from online for $175

Victor and Paul are bummin about
everyone else being in a Showmance.
They do a show about starting a dating
service. Paul's advice from experience:
"I'm garbage. You're garbage. Let's
be trash together"

Santa Benny and Reindeer Benny
the Squirrel in Santa's Little Counters

Victor's family - HGs are homesick
and get to hear from their families

Corey's family

Nicole's family

Michelle's family

Paul's family

Natalie's mom

James's family


Benny the Squirrel in Poached Eggs

Run little goat! Don't let some drunk a$$ pour
lighter fluid on you and try to set you on fire
and laugh while you are too scared to move
Goat lives matter too

Paul give his long lost pal a goodbye
message and his picture fades to gray

Natalie starts wearing a messy bun and
glasses. Trying to look like Nicole?
Makes me think Single White Female

Benny the Squirrel in Being MacGyver

A comp where HGs gather in the HOH
room after their turn and watch the other
HGs compete. Thank goodness BB hid
the popcorn and candy this time. It was
disturbing to watch James and Austin
trash the room last season

The famous scene where Natalie
throws James under the bus

Benny the Squirrel in Slide-in Theater

Paul comes up with a new technique for the slip and slide comp. If only he'd have thought of it sooner. All future HGs should remember this method in case they get to do the slip and slide

Hammock dump!!! Getting into the
hammock, a tipsy Nicole falls out.
Paul saves her drink on her way over

Superhero Benny and Monster Benny with two heads and creepy octopus arms in BB Comics

Paul's cartoon with Pablo added
(in Motormouth) by @BennyDSquirrel

Victors's cartoon with Baldwin added
(on the sign) by @BennyDSquirrel

Michelle draws Snakole in the jury house

Staff has to step in after POS Paulie brings Da'Vonne's daughter's name into an argument

Victor enters the jury house and gets
applause from the HGs for breaking the
record for going into the BB House 3 times

Benny the Squirrel in Cover Your Bases

Paul gets a new baby Pablo

Corey just got evicted and the F3
celebrate being Final Three. There's
Your Boy with the whole bottle

This time the table reveal is
definitely not for Have-nots

Fancy final dinner while HGs share
memories for the show before the finale

Tribute show included an In
Memoriam comment


Jozea - May soon be risen again in BBOTT

Victor - Gets risen two more times






Paulie - Please don't ever rise again

Victor - Gets risen one more time


Pablo - Moment of silence for Pablo




Benny the Squirrel in Hang In There Kitty

Benny the Squirrel in Snapshot

Pablo is in the audience with Paul's family

Jury duty with Dr Will Kirby BB2/BB7
Da'Vonne Victor Bridgette Corey
Paulie Zakiyah Natalie Michelle

Michelle cries because Corey
looked at her with an ugly smile

Dr Will doesn't know what to
think of Michelle's crying

Paul and Nicole on trial

Jury Alliance
Paulie Zakiyah Michelle Bridgette Corey
Victor Natalie Da'Vonne James

Jury votes - Victor asks if Paul and Nicole thought he was coming back into the game

Early evictees who got to see the outside world:
Glenn Tiffany Frank
Bronte Jozea
What's up with no digging up the dirt this time? Preseason guests (and us) got boned

Julie reads the keys

That's a wrap. Can it get much better than
this? Paul finishes 2nd place and Victor gets
America's Favorite Player!!! Who needs a
stinking America's Care Package anyway?
(oh, and Nicole won)

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