ATTWX's Big Brother 2

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB02 2001

HOH Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

July 5 (Thu) - Wheel of First Impressions - Mike Boogie HOH

July 7 (Sat) - Sheryl and Nicole nominated

Week 2

July 10 (Tue) - Justin expelled
Holding a knife to Krista's throat is the final straw after several warnings in the DR

And Then There Were 11

Jul 12 (Thu) - Sheryl evicted 5-3
Will, Monica, and Shannon vote Nicole

And Then There Were 10

Jul 14 (Sat) - To the Mat - Krista HOH

Autumn and Kent nominated

Week 3

Jul 19 (Thu) - Autumn evicted 7-0

And Then There Were 9

By the Numbers - Hardy HOH

July 21 (Sat) - Shannon and Will nominated

Week 4

July 26 (Thu) - Shannon evicted 6-0

And Then There Were 8

Higher/Lower - Kent HOH

Krista and Mike Boogie nominated

Week 5

Aug 2 (Thu) - Mike Boogie evicted 4-1
Will votes for Krista

And Then There Were 7

Face the Facts - Hardy HOH

Aug 4 (Sat) - Kent and Will nominated

Week 6

Aug 9 (Thu) - Kent evicted 4-0

And Then There Were 6

Pushing It To the Limit - Nicole HOH

Aug 11 (Sat) - Monica and Krista nominated

Week 7

Aug 16 (Thu) - Krista evicted 3-0
Will votes for Krista

And Then There Were 5

Aug 18 (Sat) - No Show

Week 8

Aug 22 (Wed) - Big Brother Road Trip - Hardy HOH

  • Pt 1 - sitting in high chairs and running remote control cars over flags in states that answer questions they are asked. The top 2 winners (Hardy and Bunky) get to compete the next day
  • Pt 2 - going through an obstacle course in order that HGs have been evicted
    • Bunky - 2:20
    • Hardy - 2:07
Aug 25 (Sat) - Will and Bunky nominated

Week 9

Aug 30 (Thu) - Bunky evicted 2-1
Monica votes Will, and Nicole votes Bunky. Hardy breaks the tie

And Then There Were 4

Strange Bedfellows - ENDURANCE

There's a bell in the middle of the key box. Julie offers a get away to Santa Barbara for anyone who wants to ring it first and they are out of the competition for HOH. Will: "Santa Barbara is just down the road - come on." No one accepts the offer and it is withdrawn

A banner flies over at about 9:45 PM that causes Nicole to freak out and let go of the key: "N&W IN HOTTUB I'M BETRAYED & HURT - J". One of the Big Brother people tell her there's no way she could know it was from her husband Jeff and apologizes for the banner. After Nicole calms down, they let her back in the contest due to outside interference

At 3 hours they are offered a limo outside to take them to favorite fast food if they let go - no takers

After 4 hours they have all pee'd the bed for no bathroom breaks

Click the following link for a really interesting transcription of conversation after the HOH contest found on the Mortys TV site: (Warning explicit language)

MortysTV: Conversations after the HOH ended

Week 10

Sep 4 (Tue) - Monica HOH
  • Nicole - 4 hr 10 min (approx.) - lets go when Will pulls the sheet off her and she reaches to pull it back on
  • Will - 4 hr 25 min (approx.) - takes an offer for a mystery envelope "wildest fantasy or worst nightmare". He wins the giant peanut butter jar that was used in a previous comp. (Note: after Nicole left, he and Monya did some talking and Will promised to take the next deal and let her be HOH if she nominated Nicole and Hardy. He also promised to vote for Hardy to leave)

Nicole and Hardy nominated

Sep 6 (Thu) - Hardy evicted by Will

And Then There Were 3

Pt 1 of HOH

The evicted HGs are asked to describe the remaining HGs with one positive and one negative word. Julie reads these to the HGs and they have to guess who is being described
  • Autumn: Brave - Nicole
  • Kent: Energetic - Will
  • Krista: Strong - Monica
  • Shannon: Aggressive - Nicole
  • Sheryl: Explosive - Monica
  • Bunky: Arrogant - Will
  • Mike Boogie: Loyal - Nicole
Will finishes with 5 points, Nicole 4 points, and Monica 3 points

Week 11

No shows for the week of 9/11

Week 12

Sep 18 (Tue) - Pt 2 of HOH

The 3 HGs run around the house doing tasks like eat a PB&J sandwich, wash windows, etc. Nicole finishes with 7 points. With points from Pt 1 and Pt 2, Will and Nicole compete in Pt 3

Pt 3 of HOH - Nicole HOH
7 questions about HGs and events

Monica and Dr Will automatically nominated

Monica evicted by Nicole

And Then There Were 2

Sep 20 (Thu) - Will winner 5-2
Autumn and Hardy vote Nicole to win
Will nullifies Bunky's vote for Nicole to win
Nicole nullifies Shannon's vote for Will to win

And Then There Were 0


Week 1

July 5 (Thu) - FOOD/LUXURY - Up Close and Personal

HGs stuff lots of bags of groceries and themselves into a 2002 Buick Rendezvous SUV and stay in for 60 seconds to win the groceries for the week. (If they had failed, they would be on PB&J for the week.) They are then told the last one out wins the SUV - no bathroom, no smoking, or no sleeping. Kent wins at 1 hr 36 min

July 7 (Sat) - LUXURY - The Dirty Dozen

HGs find all the keys with their names and get the hot tub unlocked

Week 2

July 10 (Tue) - LUXURY - Bird's Eye View

Mike is inside the house and the other HGs have 5 minutes to decide what gourmet food they want. They have to spell it out with their bodies. Mike climbs a high chair and tries to guess the food. He guesses filet mignon and the HGs get a fancy meal

July 14 (Sat) - FOOD - A Pound of Flesh

Men vs Women - they write down their own estimated body weight then get weighed. The team closest to the actual weight gets food for the week. The losers go on PB&J. The men win

Week 3

July 17 (Tue) - LUXURY - Ride the Bull

Men vs. Women riding a mechanical bull. The women win a Texas Style Barbecue

AMERICA'S CHOICE - Mike Boogie and Krista have birthdays this week. Which should receive a private gourmet dinner and a surprise greeting from home? Krista

Krista wins and views a video from her brother and sisters and then takes Mike Boogie along for a dinner of crawfish so they can celebrate their birthdays together

July 21 (Sat) - FOOD - Catch of the Day

HGs each write 3 foods they want on balls that are then mixed with 100 balls. The balls are then thrown over the wall. The balls caught are the food they get for the week with no other supplemental groceries

Week 4

July 24 (Tue) - LUXURY - Cross Dressing

Teammates stand on opposite sides of a clothesline and pass their clothes across the line. Winners get their clothes professionally cleaned (as many as they can gather in 5 minutes). Hardy gets his done too as HOH
  • Team One - Monica, Will, Krista, and Mike
  • Team Two - Bunky, Shannon, Nicole, and Kent - Winners
AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which gift should the HG's get? Toaster

  • A pull-up bar
  • A massage chair
  • A toaster
LOL - look at Will and Shannon when the box was lifted to reveal the toaster

July 28 (Sat) - FOOD - Food Pyramid

Each HG is assigned a food group and must answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly for their food group
  • Nicole wins vegetables
  • Hardy wins meat
  • Monica loses dairy products
  • Mike Boogie wins starches
  • Will wins seafood
  • Krista loses fruit
  • Bunky wins sweets
Week 5

Jul 31 (Tue) - LUXURY - Spinning Discs

After HGs select CDs they would most like to listen to, they toss blank CDs at a bowl in the pool. Monica wins and gets to listen on a personal CD player. Their choices and number of discs they got into the floating bowl:
  • Monica - 5 - Michael Jackson Off The Wall
  • Will - 1 - Everlase Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
  • Krista - 2 - Train Drops Of Jupiter
  • Bunky - 1 - New York City's Best DJs Vol 4
  • Mike Boogie - 2 - JZ - AKA Shawn Carter (didn't say which one)
  • Kent - 4 - Pat Travers Canadian Ax Man
  • Nicole - 1 - Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon (Go Nicole!!!!)
  • Hardy - 3 - (beats the heck out of me - Inkaboo or some dang thing like that???)
AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG should receive a three-minute call from home? Hardy by a difference of just 34 votes gets a call from his grandma

Aug 4 (Sat) - FOOD - The Perfect Meal

HGs order their most favorite meal and get assigned a day of the week. If they win, the HGs eat that day. If not, they eat PB&J for that day. They have to eat their favorite meal in under 5 minutes and keep it down for 3 minutes. The catch - their meal is liquefied in a blender
  • Bunky - Chicken Burrito - Successful
  • Kent - Prime Rib, Potato, Creamed Corn - Successful
  • Krista - McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet Of Fish - Not Successful
  • Monica - Cheeseburger - Successful
  • Nicole - Thai Food with Tofu - Successful
  • Will - Sashimi - Successful
  • Hardy - Turkey with Mashed Potatoes - Successful (didn't have to compete as HOH but did anyway)
Week 6

Aug 7 (Tue) - LUXURY - Rescue 911

Men (Gray CPR Tecnicians) vs. Women (Blue Paramedics) - The HGs dress dummies (blow up dolls) in their likeness, go in the house blindfolded and rescue a dummy and bring it back to the basketball court. The women win by finding 3 dummies and win the luxury of their choice up to $100. The choices:
  • Krista - Flowers sent to Mike
  • Monica - Cigarettes
  • Nicole - Flowers sent to her husband
  • Will - Flowers sent to Shannon
  • Bunky - Vitamins
  • Kent - Perfume for his wife
AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which pet should the HGs take care of for a week (pig, hamster, fish)? Ophelia the pot-bellied pig

Aug 11 (Sat) - FOOD - A is for Apple

HGs each have 60 seconds in a giant cereal bowl to find 2 letters and name as many foods as they can name that start with that letter. Their weekly food is the list they name (ie: eggs, protein powder, frogs legs, granola, milk, and sugar)

Week 7

Aug 14 (Tue) - LUXURY - All the News That Fits

Teams: Bunky and Will, Krista and Monica, Nicole and Hardy. HGs are asked what may have happened in the outside world. Bunky and Will win 3 minutes in the Diary Room with current magazines, newspapers, and a newsreel playing on a TV

AMERICA'S CHOICE - What should be added to the BY (back yard)? Trampoline

Each HG made a suggestion:
  • Monica - Porch Swing
  • Nicole - Exercise Bike
  • Hardy - A Heavy Bag
  • Bunky - New Grass
  • Krista - Swing Set
  • Will - Trampoline
Week 8

Aug 21 (Tue) - LUXURY - Blockbuster

Bunky breaks through his block of ice first to get to the movie ticket frozen inside. He wins a viewing of American Pie 2 and picks Monica to watch it with him in the HOH room

FOOD - An Offer Almost Too Good To Refuse

First Julie sends HGs to find jars of peanut butter hidden throughout the house. Then Julie calls each HG to the diary room and offers money to put HGs on PB&J. Bunky refuses $2,500 to have HGs eat PB&J for 5 days. He accepts $5,000 and 4 days of PB&J. Nicole, Monica, and Will refuse all offers. Hardy finally accepts $7,500 and 3 days of PB&J. The money goes to Bunky by a lower number printed inside the lid of his peanut butter jar

Aug 22 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG should get a letter from home? Bunky

Aug 25 (Sat) - FOOD - Big Brother Jenga

HGs use color coded building blocks (each color for a different food group) to build a tower and get a food item from each one they successfully use

Week 9

Aug 28 (Tue) - LUXURY - The Great Escape

First HGs decorate lil dolls in their image (except Nicole who hates arts and crafts and lets Will decorate hers which she hates even more). Then the HGs use balloons, string, and helium tanks to fasten to baskets containing their dolls. The first two to fly their basket above the BB fence line win a one-hour helicopter tour of Los Angeles. Will and Bunky are the winners

AMERICA'S CHOICE - What wardrobe should be given to the HGs in their coming in-house shopping spree (sportswear, swimwear, or sleepwear)? Sportswear

LUXURY - Shop Til You Drop

HGs are given 90 seconds to browse and then 90 seconds to "shop til they drop". Value of clothes each HG grabbed:
  • Monica - $1,000
  • Nicole - $1,000
  • Will - $701
  • Hardy - $600
  • Bunky - $350
Week 10

Sep 4 (Tue) - FOOD - Shop Til You Drop
(Yes - they named this comp the same as the previous luxury comp)

Each HG is given 4 minutes to gather food from the stocked shelves of the food triangle and then navigate a BY obstacle course. Whatever food they are still carrying at the end and can drop into a shopping cart, they get to keep. They can't go back and pick up any items they drop

Sep 5 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Should BB transform the BY into a winter wonderland or a sunny day at the beach for a day? Snowy winter wonderland

LUXURY - Fire and Ice

HGs get visitors: Jeff Varner and Sue Hawk from Survivor, and Alicia Calaway and Gervase Peterson from Survivor: The Australian Outback. The Survivor team enters the house by ringing the doorbell, and they stay over night. They compete against Big Brother for the next luxury challenge. The competition involves HGs bound together, finding letters to spell out Big Brother or Survivor, diving into the pool filled with ice, finding keys, placing keys on tiki torches, and extinguishing flames. The winning team gets $15,000. Winners: Survivor team - 4-2

LUXURY - Crack the Code

Each HG is paired with a Survivor person (Will - Jeff, Hardy - Sue, Monica - Gervase, and Nicole - Alicia). They are shown a blow up picture from a fan site for each HG. They have to crack a code, find the mouse, and the winner gets to go look at a computer to see more of their fan page. BJS GDZSDC EHIMNAC means AIR (letter before) HEATED (letter after) MACHINE (unscramble). The mouse is in the dryer in the BY. Hardy and Sue crack the code first

Week 11

No shows for the week of 9/11

Week 12

Sep 16 (Sun) - FOOD and LUXURY - From the Lips to the Hips

HGs load as much food and wrapped gifts into baskets as they think they can hold at arms length for 60 sec. If they make it, they can keep the gift they got. If they go another 30 seconds, they can pick another gift off the table of gifts. All 3 make their 60 seconds and bonus 30 seconds. Monica tells us in the DR they are crappy gifts

AMERICA'S CHOICE - Who would viewers like to have a live internet chat with? Dr Will - BB sets up the computer so Will reads questions on the screen and speaks the answers (picture of computer screen says "why don't you change your shorts more often?")

Sep 20 (Thu) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Who would you like to win (Nicole or Will)? In the event of a tie this vote will decide the winner. The vote wasn't a tie, but I'll bet Dr Will would have been chosen

BB 2 Houseguests

Autumn Daly

28 - Irving, TX
Autumn Daly
10th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Autumn on Facebook
Autumn at Linkedin
Autumn at IMDb
Autumn at Wikipedia

Bunky aka Bill Miller

36 - Harrisburg, NC
Technical Writer
Bunky Miller
5th Place - 7th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$5,000 from An Offer Too Good To Refuse
1 hr Helicopter Tour of LA
3 min in DR to view current events
Private viewing of American Pie 2 (chooses Monica)
AC - Letter from home
$350 worth of clothes from shopping spree

Bunky on Facebook
Bunky on Twitter
Bunky at IMDb
Bunky at Wikipedia
The Original HAIRY BACK Video Spoof!

Dr Will Kirby aka The Evil Doctor

28 - Miami Beach, FL
Dr Will Kirby
Winner - $500,000
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
1 hr Helicopter Tour of LA
3 min in DR to view current events
$701 worth of clothes from shopping spree

dr will intro
My Tribute To Dr Will
Big Brother Star Delivers Own Baby, Gets Cash
Kirby Dermatology
Dr. Tattoff Laser Tattoo Removal
Dr. Will's T-Shirts
Dr Will on Facebook
Dr Will on Twitter
Dr Will on Instagram
Will at IMDb
Will at Wikipedia
Rare Video of Dr Will Posted by Dogdave
Dr Will Kirby Dishes Big Brother Gossip

Hardy-Ames Hill

31 - York, PA
Hardy-Ames Hill
4th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Call from Home (Grandma)
Look at his Fan Web Site on the Computer
$600 worth of clothes from shopping spree

My Tribute to Hardy
Miami Social Trailer
Hardy on Facebook
Hardy at IMDb
Hardy at Wikipedia

Justin Sebik aka Goofy Toof

26 - Bayonne, NJ
Investment Operations Associate
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Justin Sebik
12th Place - DQ'd Before 1st Eviction

US Big Brother Man in More Trouble
Justin on Twitter
Justin at IMDb
Justin at Wikipedia

Kent Blackwelder aka Daddy
aka Big Daddy aka Rocky Top

46 - Powell, TN
Mortgage Broker
Kent Blackwelder
7th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
2002 Buick Rendezvous SUV

Knox Man Sues
Kent on Facebook
Kent on Twitter
Kent at IMDb
Kent at Wikipedia

Krista Stegall

28 - Opelousas, LA
Krista Stegall
6th Place - 6th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
AC Birthday video from her brother and sisters
Flowers sent to Mike Boogie - Rescue 911 comp

BB Knife Incident Results in Lawsuit
Survivor Castaway Alleged Victim Former BB HG
Krista on Twitter
Krista on Linkedin
Krista at IMDb
Krista at Wikipedia

Mike Boogie Malin aka Michael Carri

30 - Beverly Hills, CA
Bar Owner
Mike Boogie Malin
8th Place - 4th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

My Tribute To Mike Boogie
Mike Boogie Gets Arrested
Mike Boogies His Way to the Big House
Mike Boogie Falls Through Les Deux Skylight
Enrique Iglesias Video - Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)
Mike "Boogie" Malin on the TV show Monk
Mike Boogie at IMDb
Mike Boogie at Wikipedia
Dr Will About Removing Mike Boogie's Genital Wart on Dr 90210

Monica Bailey aka Monya

40 - Brooklyn, NY
Candy Store Manager
Monica Bailey
3rd Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Gets to listen to Michael Jackson's Off The Wall CD
Cigarettes - Rescue 911 Luxury Comp
Private Screening Of American Pie 2 (chosen by Bunky)
$1,000 worth of clothes from shopping spree

Monica's Porn Cameo -Monica has a
cameo in Steven Daigle’s latest porno

Monica on Facebook
Monica at Linkedin
Monica at IMDb
Monica at Wikipedia

Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
aka Nicole Marie Nilson

31 - Atlanta, GA
Personal Chef
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Runner-Up - 10th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Flowers sent to her husband - Rescue 911 Luxury Comp
$1,000 worth of clothes from shopping spree

Reality Dish - Pt 1 of 7
Nicole Marie Christner on Facebook
Nicole on Twitter
Nicole at IMDb
Nicole at Wikipedia

Shannon Dragoo aka Primm Princess

29 - San Antonio, TX
Shannon Dragoo
9th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Shannon at IMDb
Shannon at Wikipedia

Sheryl Braxton

43 - Ponte Verde Beach, FL
Interior Design
Sheryl Braxton
11th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Sheryl at Exit Real Estate Gallery
Sheryl at Trulia Real Estate
Sheryl at Business Journals
Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage
Sheryl on Facebook
Sheryl on Twitter
Sheryl at Linkedin
Sheryl at Google+
Sheryl at IMDb
Sheryl at Wikipedia

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Big Brother 2 Tributes and Videos
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Big Brother 2 Theme
Big Brother All Summer - Where Are They Now
Dr Will on BB7 talks about BB2 HGs
Justin Gets Expelled from the BB House
Shannon cleans toilet w/ Hardy's toothbrush
Top 20 Memories - 9/11 Attack on WTC

Big Brother 2 Logo
BB2 Logo

Front of the House
BB2 Cast in Front of the House

Blocked Feeds
Blocked Feeds - FOTH

First in the House
First to Enter - Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich

Ophelia the Pig
Ophelia the Pig - Day 34 to 41

Memory Wall
Memory Wall

4 Visitors from Survivor
Visitor - Jeff Varner
Jeff Varner

Visitor - Sue Hawk
Sue Hawk

Visitor - Gervase Peterson
Gervase Peterson

Visitor - Alicia Calaway
Alicia Calaway

Walk from the DR
Short Walk From Diary Room

Table for 12
Table for 12

Table for 8
Table for 8

Table for 4

Key Box
Key Box

Chess Set

Memorable Moments

HGs High 5 instead of Toast

Big Brother is watching

Hardy shoves past everyone and jumps
across the room to get the best bed

Monica is excited to get the only waterbed

Kent is last in and is stuck with a sleeping bag

Spin the bottle truth or dare
Kent sits this one out

Mike Boogie shows his a$$ on the first show

Two bedrooms separated by plexiglass

First HOH reveal - really cramped
quarters compared to later seasons

Mike Boogie is the first HOH on Big Brother. They didn't have HOH in BB1

Autumn crawls into bed with Hardy

The hot tub is locked until won in a competition

The hammock - looking for victims

Enjoying the pool - I wonder how many
laps make a mile in THIS pool

Will and Mike Boogie talk the guys into
wearing the women's bathing suits for
"The Dirty Dozen" luxury challenge

HGs play in the GUCK after they win
"The Dirty Dozen" luxury challenge

The hot tub is open

HGs really enjoy the hot tub. Strawberries
and whipping cream are involved

Nicole doesn't do the hot tub

The guys think Sheryl is ONE HOT MAMA

Bunky is the first BB HG to
ever have his key pulled

Sheryl is the first BB pawn to be nominated.
The term hasn't been invented yet, but that's
what Mike Boogie does with his nominations.
True to the curse, the "pawn" goes home

Dr Will proposes a fast to cleanse the soul, but it's really to see the willpower of the HGs

Dr Will is the puppeteer and HGs
are the marionette puppets

BB gives HGs a camera to shoot
a tour of the house

HGs watch their video and enjoy
popcorn and the works

Bunky tells Kent he's gay

Justin and Kent have words over Kent's personal pillow he brought from home

Oh look - it's Goofy Toof - called into the DR.
BB warns him about his actions in the house and makes him repeat the rules back to them

Bahahahahaha - the budget they used
on competitions for Big Brother 2...

Will and Shannon in the SR (storage
room). It must be a PB&J week from all
the groceries on the shelves

Justin and Krista messing around
before "the knife" incident

The Justin Krista knife to the throat incident

Justin called to the DR. "Uh oh. We got problems. We got problems. Do you think it could be that knife I held to your neck?"

Justin's interview after being
ejected from the game

Julie listens to Justin explain why
he shouldn't have been ejected

HGs mourn Justin's sudden
exit and pack his stuff

HGs walk evicted HG to the door

No live audience for BB2. Both
nominated families were flown in
to be there to greet the evicted HG

Nicole celebrates not being
the first elimination

Mike Boogie goes on and on about how
bad he feels that Sheryl got eliminated.
I can't hear a word he says - all I can
do is laugh at his effed up hair

Mike Boogie: "Let's do it now before
the other people get here"

Autumn says NO. "I think I'd be a little
more at ease if we were like alone"

Mike Boogie is outta there. "I
understand It's fine. That''s cool"

Mike Boogie yells "I'm not the aggressor"
at Autumn, but the above three pictures
are worth a 1000 words

Autumn is upset about being bullied
by Shannon and Mike Boogie

Krista wants to know "Who's drawers?"

Shannon sucks up to everyone after
finding out she's a bully

WTF? Bunky walking around in a blue
cape while juggling tennis balls

Krista wears HOH robe to do
the nomination ceremony

Chill Town aka The Brat Pack
Dr Will - Mike Boogie - Shannon

Hot Box Gang aka the Outcasts
Everyone else

The women's team enjoys a Texas style BBQ

Nicole hates hot tubs and pools, but
she gives the hot tub a try anyway

Dr. Will feeds Nicole a line of baloney

It had to be awful to eat nothing
but peanut butter and jelly for a week

Kent talks to the camera (not us)
because the HGs are driving him crazy

AC picks Krista to celebrate her birthday
with a BD dinner. She chooses Mike Boogie
to share since it's his BD too

Shannon's boyfriend Jim
isn't too fond of Dr. Will

Julie has an unfortunate wardrobe
malfunction on national live TV

No one walks Autumn to the door
since she requests it that way

Autumn's son and boyfriend are there

Monica and Krista feel bad about
Autumn not getting any votes

An awesome couple according to them.
(I like how they are both looking at Will)

Shannon tries smoking to fit in

Will consoles Shannon when she
realizes she's a total bitch

Bahahahaha - the BB budget for comps

The HOH basket is a shelf

Mike Boogie doesn't think
the Kent/Bunky show is funny

There's a black widow in the back
yard. Oh, and there's one in the glass
she is holding against the wall too

I just can't quit pointing out the budget
they had for BB Comps - too funny!!!

Speaking of budget - The HGs get
a toaster for America's Choice

Monica's first time to visit the HOH room

BB2 HGs do laundry Walton's Mountain style

Nicole uses the washboard for washing
clothes. Krista says that back home
washboards are for making music

Hardy laughs at Shannon

Shannon scrubs the toilet with
Hardy's electric toothbrush

BB informs Shannon she has to apologize and get rid of Hardy's toothbrush so he can't use it

Hardy is confused. He can't figure how
Shannon broke his toothbrush when she
didn't even curl her hair (her excuse
was reaching for the curling iron)

Nicole cooks a great meal for the HGs. Shannon runs off at the mouth and makes everyone feel uncomfortable

Weekly HG meeting to discuss issues.
Shannon runs off at the mouth and
makes everyone feel uncomfortable

HGs fix up a date for Shannon and Will since one of them will be evicted this week

Kent enjoys being HOH

The Odd Couple
Bunky and Kent

Will floats on a floatie in the hot tub

HGs find King Tut in the BY to
introduce The Food Pyramid comp

Kent finds pictures from home in his HOH room

Sharp knives weren't taken away from BB
HGs until the end of BB2. Justin's knife
incident was early in the season. If BB2ers
did fine the rest of the season, why were
they banned for all following seasons?

Monica enjoys listening to her personal CD won in a comp (Michael Jackson's Off the Wall)

Will cleans house

Nicole shaves Will's legs

Crows show up at the BB house

HGs have been talking about evil
and hauntings, so BB gives them
an Ouija Board for the night

Nicole an-duh Hardy talk strategy.
(An-duh is Hardy's favorite saying)

Will and Monica pinky swear

Too Hype (and that's all
the hype that deal needs

The BBQ of BB2

Hardy and Bunky talk in the Hot Box

BB shows Dr Will a taped goodbye
message from Mike Boogie

BB shows Krista a taped goodbye
message from Mike Boogie

Hardy actually says "Tee Hee"
when he gets HOH again

Will tells Nicole she's falling in love
with him. Nicole tells us Will is a
freak and she needs liquor

Nicole an-duh Hardy talk more strategy

Ummmmm - hello
Enough said

Will uses left over blank CDs to signal
the bird he's been feeding. "Little
Moe, come and get some bread"

Bunky and the blow up doll

It's aaaaawwwwwwwn

We (America's Choice) give HGs
a pig named Ophelia for a week

HGs getting to know Ophelia

Ophelia goes wee wee wee all the way to
the litter box (and I don't mean squealing)

Ophelia gets to sleep in the big bed

Is Will being two faced?

Ophelia poops in the shower

The Untouchables
Krista Hardy Monica

Will can't believe he got a key

Bunky - Before and After

We (America's Choice) give Dr Will
the HGs a trampoline for the BY

Ophelia attacks a loaf of bread

HGs take a family portrait
and say "bye" to Ophelia

Nicole an-duh Hardy talk more strategy

Bunky does Will's big hair

Nicole an-duh Hardy talk more strategy

Dr Will cries tears for Krista's eviction
and her getting no votes. There is hope
the Evil Dr Will has feelings afterall

The giant PB jar used for
An Offer Too Good To Refuse

I love Monica's bandana hair
(bandanas of every color)

Bunky cries again

Bunky and Dr Will go on and
on and on (in the mirror)

BB gives remote control cars to the HGs
so that they can practice - they need it

Nicole thinks America hates her
because she never gets the prizes
(plus the banners aren't so kind)

Nicole makes a video for her
husband and she shows the PB&J
birthday cake she made for him

Waiting for midnight and PB&J diet to end

BB lets HGs paint tributes
after closing off a bedroom

Will's tribute to BB2, Ophelia the Pig,
and the trampoline we gave him

Will entertains himself, other HGs, and us

"Not nominating you, Will, would be
like Christmas without presents"

Will's shorts

Will plays with Nicole's doll. He decorated
it for her. She hates arts and crafts and
refuses to decorate it. "Don't have any
fun, don't have any fun." "Pick up your
towels". "No one is allowed to talk".
"I'm freaking out about everything".

Bully and the Bitch
That's what Bunky calls Nicole and Hardy

Dr Will and Bunky's helicopter ride over LA

Bunky and Dr Will take a selfie
before selfies became "selfies"

In Shop Til You Drop, the HGs
get to look through the stuff for
90 seconds before shopping starts

In the 2nd-in-a-row Shop Til You Drop,
Dr will thinks its a great idea to stuff his
pants full of food since they keep all they get
through the obstacle course. Great idea until it
all starts falling out the bottom of his pants

Julie interviews Team Survivor
Gervase Sue Julie Alicia Jeff

Team Survivor enters the house

A nice visit on the back patio

Guests treated to dinner by HGs
(cooked by Nicole)

Sue Hawk bangs pots and
pans to wake everyone up

Team Survivor sits in on the weekly meeting. They have lots of advice for Team Big Brother

Team Survivor leaves the next day

Nicole an-duh Hardy - more strategy talk?

Nicole lets go of the key to pull the
sheet back from Dr Will and is
disqualified from the endurance comp

Monica gets ready to nominate 2 people

Monica is told of 9/11 and her cousin
being missing. Monica lost her cousin
in that attack. Monica and her family
wanted her to stay and finish the game

HGs are told about 9/11. I can't
even imagine what it would be like
to be locked in the house when the
nation was under such a horrible
attack that changed our world

Gah!! Bra straps!!

Dr Will tests his metal detector that
he won in From the Lips to the Hips

Monica entertains us and her with her voice
changer won in From the Lips to the Hips

Due to banners and America hating her and
thinking she has blown her marriage, Nicole is
pretty much a wreck the last part of the season.
Thank goodness for DR "doses" that keep her
from walking out or losing it completely

Jury Duty - The Odd Couple
Kent and Bunky

Jury Duty - Chill Town
Mike Boogie - Krista - Shannon

Jury Duty - It's awwwwwwwwn

Jury Duty - TOP (the other people)
Hardy Sheryl Autumn

Will's great final speech. He said he would give ZERO percent to charity and would spend the prize money on toys and fun (in so many words)

The jury (not sequestered after eviction,
so there's major outside influence)
Sheryl Autumn Kent Bunky
Monica Krista Boogie Shannon Hardy

What a putz. Boogie proposes to
Krista in his special-made-light-blue
leather basketball suit

After talking with Julie and proposing and
junk, HGs enter the house to read the votes

The gangs all here (well not counting Justin)

I never noticed a lid for the key box before

The jury reads their votes. They put
their keys in the box before the show.
Will nullifies Bunky's vote and Nicole
nullifies Shannon's vote

Julie talks to the two winners
Nicole $50,000 - Dr Will $500,000

Interesting fact: Dr Will was the last to
enter the BB house and took first place

Interesting fact: Nicole was the first
to enter the BB house and got bit by
The First to Enter The House Curse

And Then There Were 0

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