ATTWX's Big Brother 3

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB3 2002
Expect The Unexpected

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

July 10 (Wed) - Wheel of First Impressions - Lisa HOH

July 11 (Thu) - Lori and Marcellas nominated

July 13 (Sat) - Gunning For You - Gerry POV
Used to take Marcellas off

Amy nominated

Week 2

July 18 (Thu) - Lori evicted 5-4
Danielle, Jason, Gerry, and Josh vote for Amy

And Then There Were 11

In the House - Marcellas HOH

July 20 (Sat) - Tonya and Josh nominated

Week 3

July 24 (Wed) - An Offer You Can't Refuse - Danielle POV
Not used

July 25 (Thu) - Tonya evicted 5-3
Gerry, Lisa, and Chiara vote for Josh

And Then There Were 10

One Step Beyond - Roddy HOH

July 27 (Sat) - Amy and Marcellas nominated

Week 4

July 31 (Wed) - Pool Sharks - Eric POV
Not used

Aug 1 (Thu) - Amy evicted 7-0

And Then There Were 9

Face Off - Gerry HOH

Aug 3 (Sat) - Lisa and Eric nominated

Week 5

Aug 7 (Wed) - Turnover - Chiara POV
Not used

Aug 8 (Thu) - Eric evicted 4-3
Roddy, Chiara, and Josh vote for Lisa. Gerry breaks the tie

And Then There Were 8

Gutterball - Chiara HOH

Aug 10 (Sat) - Josh and Roddy nominated

Week 6

Aug 14 (Wed) - Persistence of Memory - Lisa POV
Not used

Aug 15 (Thu) - Josh evicted 5-0

And Then There Were Still 8 - Amy Returns

A Fishy Mix of Houseguest Soup - ENDURANCE

Aug 16 (Fri) - Amy HOH
Chiara who can't compete adds ingredients to the tub every so often (squid, electric eel, cod liver oil, seaweed and pond scum, etc)
  • Roddy - out as soon as they add first ingredient before Thursday show ends
  • Marcellas - 1 hr
  • Gerry - 1 hr
  • Danielle - some time after an hour
  • Lisa - 1 hr 51 min
  • Jason - not sure how much longer than Lisa
Week 7

Aug 21 (Wed) - Chiara and Roddy nominated

Slippery Proposition - Gerry POV
Not used

Aug 22 (Thu) - Chiara evicted 4-1
Danielle votes for Roddy

And Then There Were 7

Total Recall - Jason HOH

Aug 24 (Sat) - Amy and Gerry nominated

Week 8

Aug 28 (Wed) - Gnome Drop - Jason POV
Not used

Aug 29 (Thu) - Gerry evicted 4-0

And Then There Were 6

Evicted HGs Statements - Marcellas HOH

Aug 31 (Sat) - Amy and Roddy nominated

Week 9

Sep 4 (Wed) - Big Brother Charm School - Amy POV
Not used

  • Amy - 1 min 15 sec - 0 penalty time
  • Jason - 1:29 - :59 plus :30 penalty
  • Lisa - 1:35 - 1:20 plus :15 penalty
  • Marcellas - 1:44 - 1:29 plus :15 penalty
  • Roddy - 2:31 - 1:31 plus 1:00 penalty
  • Danielle - 2:37 - 1:22 plus 1:15 penalty
Jason and Amy as top two finishers win Aqua-Massages

Sep 5 (Thu) - Roddy evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

Freeze-Frame - Jason HOH

Week 10

Sep 12 (Thu) - Amy and Marcellas nominated

Laser Labyrinth - Marcellas POV
Not used

This week introduces the Golden POV where a nominee can use the POV to remove theirself from the block. Marcellas doesn't use it LOL!!!
  • Marcellas - 1 min 07 sec - :52 plus :15 penalty
  • Amy - 1:34 - 1:04 plus :30 penalty
  • Jason - 1:58 - :28 plus 1:30 penalty
  • Lisa - 4:06 - :21 plus 3:45 penalty - she throws it on purpose and walks through the beams
  • Danielle - 4:34 - 1:34 plus 3:00 penalty
Marcellas evicted 2-1
Lisa votes for Amy - Danielle votes for Marcellas
Jason breaks the tie with Marcellas

And Then There Were 4

And Then There Were Four - Danielle HOH
WooHoo!!!! Great name for a competition!!!

Sep 14 (Sat) - Amy and Lisa nominated

Week 11

Sep 19 (Thu) - Amy evicted by Jason
No POV comp was held

And Then There Were 3

HOH Lifeboat - Pt 1 of HOH - ENDURANCE

Sep 21 (Sat) - Lisa wins Pt 1 of HOH
  • Jason - 45 min
  • Danielle - 4 hr 23 min
Complete Tasks - Pt 2 of HOH

Jason wins Pt 2 of HOH. HG who completes the most tasks in 7 minutes wins this part. Jason wins by completing 4 tasks to Danielle's 3
  • Arrange pictures of HGs in order of eviction at Memory Wall
  • Wash, ring out, and put a towel in the dryer
  • Make and eat a PB&J Sandwich
  • Arrange HGs in order they won POVs
  • Dive in pool, fish photos of HGs out, and arrange in order of HOHs (not done by either)
Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH
Jason vs Lisa - HGs described Danielle, Jason, and Lisa and they have to guess who they were describing.

Lisa HOH - 8-5

Danielle and Jason automatically nominated

Jason evicted by Lisa

And Then There Were 2

Week 12

Sep 25 (Wed) - Lisa Winner 9-1
Jason votes for Danielle

And Then There Were 0


Week 1

July 10 (Wed) FOOD - Up A Tree - successful

HGs each load up a bag and get into a nest with a partner of the opposite sex. They must all be loaded with groceries and seated before the 90 sec. buzzer. This then leads to the luxury part of the competition

LUXURY - Build a Nest Egg

The last couple to leave their nest gets to split $3,000 a week as long as they are both in the house. Once one gets evicted, the pot stops growing. Jason and Lori win, but Lori is evicted first so I figure they each win $1,500 apiece
  • Lisa/Josh- 2 hr 24 min
  • Amy/Gerry - 2 hr 32 min
  • Chiara/Eric - 2 hr 35 min
  • Danielle/Marcellas - 2 hr 53 min
  • Tonya/Roddy - 4 hr 37 min
Jul 11 (Thu) - LUXURY - Slime Tank - successful

To get the hot tub unlocked, three teams of four (two men, two women) enter a pool of slime, switch bathing suits with members of the opposite sex and race to the finish line in their new outfits. All 12 have to complete this task in under six minutes

Jul 13 (Sat) - FOOD - Eggs Over Easy - successful

Males and Females line up on opposite sides of a wall and toss eggs with food items written on them to the other side. Safely caught eggs are food they get for the week

Week 2

Jul 17 (Wed) - LUXURY - Book Em Five-O Style

Two teams enter the house (one person at a time) and name one of 6 missing items. First team to name all 6 wins a Hawaiian luau
  • Marcellas (Green team captain), Gerry, Eric, Tonya, Lisa, and Amy - winning team
  • Lori (White team captain), Jason, Roddy, Josh, Chiara, and Danielle
Jul 20 (Sat) - FOOD - Architectural Digestion or Brownie House

With hands tied behind their back, HGs have 15 minutes to eat a house made of brownies. They have milk and water available with straws. The team that gains the most weight from eating wins and the other team eats PB&J for the week. Roddy suggests drinking the milk and water to his team. Josh gets disqualified for stuffing brownies down his pants. Jason gains the most weight (5.2 lb)
  • Roddy (Red team captain), Josh, Jason, Amy, and Lisa - Winners - 18.4 lbs
  • Danielle (Blue team captain), Tonya, Eric, Gerry, and Chiara - 13.8 lbs
Week 3


HGs have a chance to win exercise equipment in a competition chosen from 3 options (bowling, jousting or boxing). America chooses bowling. The BY is turned into a human bowling alley. Each HG gets one chance to be the bowler and one chance to be bowled, climbing inside the ball and being rolled down the lane. Their total number of pins knocked over from two tries is their final score, with the highest scorer choosing the exercise equipment for the house. Danielle wins and chooses a silent elliptical trainer

Jul 27 (Sat) - FOOD - Gastronomic Batik

HGs place as many irregularly shaped pieces into a container as they can. Each piece represents a type of food. They win many food groups, and a mystery piece gives them a week's worth of catered lunches from Subway

Week 4

Jul 31 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG should have a private, gourmet dinner date with the HG of their choice? Marcellas wins and takes Amy to the DR

Aug 3 (Sat) - FOOD - I Can Eat Anything Better Than You

Kind of like Name That Tune. The HGs say how many of an item they can eat in 2 minutes. For example 5 deep fried chicken livers wins it for Marcellas and his team
  • Blue Team: Lisa, Jason, Eric, and Marcellas - Winners
  • Red Team: Danielle, Josh, Roddy, and Chiara - Eat PB&J for the week
Week 5

Aug 7 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG should get a letter from home? Jason

Aug 10 (Sat) - FOOD - Big Brother Ballast

HGs play a full-scale version of the game Ballast and win a good supply of food

Week 6

Aug 14 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - HGs are settled in their house. Which housewarming gift should they receive (blender, microwave, or massage chair)? Microwave


  • Julie asks Lori, Tonya, Amy, and Eric (separately) how much of the $500,000 grand prize they would forfeit to return. Lori says $50,000 and the others say half. Lori is eliminated
  • Julie asks how many of the 42 days remaining would they be willing to eat PB&J. Tonya says 21, and the others say 42. Tonya is eliminated
  • Julie tells Eric and Amy they won't have to eat PB&J or forfeit the prize money if they return
  • Final decision is up the the HGs vote. Roddy and Chiara vote for Eric. Danielle, Jason, Gerry, Marcellas, and Lisa vote for Amy who returns to the house
Interesting note: Lori has been secluded in Cancun, Mexico. Tonya has gone to the Caribbean. Amy has gone to Ixtapa, Mexico, which she calls Margaritaville. Not sure where Eric went being evicted last - probably to the nearest local motel

Week 7

Aug 21 (Wed) - FOOD and LUXURY - The Whirlwind Booth

Guys in speedos and girls in bikinis step into a booth to grab food vouchers and money and they stuff their swimsuits. Each HG is responsible for a different day and has 30 seconds. They have to grab 10 food vouchers to win their day and as much cash as they can. Roddy and Chiara dont get 10, but Amy as HOH gets 10 giving the HGs food on Roddy's day. They also use the money to send a gift to someone on the outside. The HGs pool the money they grabbed and give it to Gerry to buy an anniversary present for his wife. He buys her an orange tree with the $220
  • Fri - Chiara - 7 food vouchers - $20
  • Sat - Lisa - 10 food vouchers - $25
  • Sun - Danielle - 13 food vouchers - $25
  • Mon - Roddy - 7 food vouchers - $10
  • Tue - Gerry - 11 food vouchers - $40
  • Wed - Jason - 19 food vouchers - $40
  • Thu - Marcellas - 18 food vouchers - $40
  • Bonus - Amy - 10 food vouchers - $20
LUXURY - Surprise Concert With Sheryl Crow

Aug 24 (Sat) - FOOD - Making the Donuts

HGs pass oversized donuts through 7 workstations. They only win half their normal food supply, but manage to pass the mystery donut which wins them a week's worth of Dunkin' Donuts baked goods and beverages

Week 8

Aug 28 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG should get a video from family members? Danielle

Aug 31 (Sat) - FOOD - Sweet Surprise

The HRD (high rent district) bedroom is closed off and hgs are moved out. But first it's converted over for this challenge. HGs have 90 seconds to find 7 food medallions hidden in hundreds of baked pies. Each medallion represents a day of the week, and they find all 7

Week 9

Sep 4 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - What do you want HGs to have 90 seconds to shop for (new clothes, toys and games, sporting goods)? New clothes

LUXURY - Big Brother Botique

Week 10

Sep 12 (Thu) - FOOD - The Dinner Party From Hell

HGs dress up for a formal dinner party but they have to eat the grossest food imaginable (sexual organs of a sea urchin, escargot, boiled pigs feet, etc.). They fail and all HGs (including Jason as HOH who didn't participate) are on PB&J for the week

Sep 14 (Sat) - LUXURY - Phone Home

HGs each are given a three-minute phone call home from T Mobile, plus a $1,000 gift to a relative. Calling them into the Diary Room one-by-one, Julie Chen offers them $5,000, then $10,000, and finally $15,000 in addition to their already awarded prizes. The catch is that if they accept the money, the other HGs lose their phone calls and $1,000 prize. Julie tells them that nobody will find out that they said yes, unless they themselves tell them. Danielle comes in first and accepts the $5,000 offer. Amy goes next and holds out for $10,000. Lisa refuses all three offers, saying the phone call is more important to her. Jason finally accepts the $15,000 offer. Amy wins the phone call because her cell-phone has the lowest number printed under a strip of yellow tape. Julie announces there is a winner for $10,000, and it takes them about 30 seconds to figure out it was Amy. Jason admits he accepted $15,000, Danielle admits $5,000, and Lisa admits none so that leaves Amy

FOOD - Squeeze Play

HGs wear suits made of sponge, soak up water, and transfer it to 7 other pools. They fill the other pools until a duckie floats over the red line. Each pool represents a different day and a different theme for food delivery
  • Monday - Italian - Won
  • Tuesday - Surf and Turf - Won
  • Wednesday - Japanese - Won
  • Thursday - Mexican - Lost so they get PB&J
  • Friday - Southern BBQ - Won
  • Saturday - Indian - Lost so PB&J
  • Sunday - Chinese - Won
Week 11

Sep 18 (Wed) - LUXURY - Surf's Up

HGs ride a hydraulic surfboard with the two highest times winning a sailboat ride on the ocean. Amy and Jason win and get to leave the house for their trip
  • Amy 2:04
  • Jason 1:56
  • Danielle - 1:43
  • Lisa - 1:04
AMERICA'S CHOICE - Who does America want to have an internet chat with? Lisa

BB gives the HGs a printed screen shot from one of their fan-made websites

Week 12


BB3 Houseguests

Amy Crews aka Southern Belle
aka Queen Amy

23 - Memphis, TN
Real Estate Appraiser
Amy Crews
4th & 10th Place - 10th & 3rd Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 6 Times
Secluded in Ixtapa, Mexico for a couple of weeks
Gourmet Dinner (chosen by Marcellas)
Half Hour Aqua Massage
90 Second Clothes Shopping Spree
3 Min Call Home
$1,000 Gift Sent Home
Trip Away From BB House - Sailing With Jason

Amy's 2006 Wedding Pictures
Amy Crews
Queen Amy Blog at Wordpress
Amy at Smoking Gun
Amy on MySpace
Amy on Facebook
Amy on Twitter
Amy at IMDb
Amy at Wikipedia
Amy Audition for Big Brother 3

Chiara Berti aka Kiki aka Chihora

25 - New York, NY
Marketing Representative
Chiara Berti
8th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Chiara at Smoking Gun
Chiara Berti Blog
Chiara on MySpace
Chiara on Facebook
Chiara on Twitter
Chiara at IMDb
Chiara at Wikipedia
Chiara Audition for BB3

Danielle Reyes aka Dani

30 - Fairfield, CA
Media Buyer
Danielle Reyes
8th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Danielle on Facebook
Danielle at IMDb
Danielle at Wikipedia
Danielle Audition Big Brother 3

Eric Ouellette aka The Lizard King

27 - Milford, CT
Eric Ouellette
9th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Eric at IMDb
Eric at Wikipedia
Eric's Audition for BB3

Gerry Lancaster aka Portable So What

51 - Shadow Hills, CA
Gerry Lancaster
7th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$220 to send his wife and orange tree

Gerry at IMDb
Gerry at Wikipedia
Gerry's Audition for BB3

Jason Guy aka Jay aka Sugar

25 - Mobile, AL
Jason Guy
3rd Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$1,500 Nest Egg Competition With Lori
AC Letter From Home
Half Hour Aqua Massage
90 Second Clothes Shopping Spree
Trip Away From BB House - Sailing With Amy

Jason Guy News Anchor for WESH 2 News Orlando
Reality Dish - Part 1 of 7
Jason Sings On Youtube
Jason MySpace Fan Site
Jason on Facebook
Jason on Twitter
Jason at IMDb
Jason at Wikipedia
Jason Guy Christmas
Jason's Audition for BB3

Josh Feinberg

28 - Long Island, NY
Josh Feinberg
8th Place - 5th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Josh on MySpace
Josh at IMDb
Josh at Wikipedia
Josh's Audition for BB3

Lisa Donahue aka Leelee
aka Princess of Darkness (self named)

26 - Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Donahue
Winner - $500,000
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
90 Second Clothes Shopping Spree
AC Live Internet Chat With Fans

Lisa Donahue
Lisa at Wire Image
Screencaps Of Lisa By CSnet
Lisa on Facebook
Lisa on Twitter
Lisa on Instagram
Lisa at IMDb
Lisa at Wikipedia
Lisa Audition for Big Brother 3
Reality Dish - Part 1 of 7

Lori Olsen

37 - Foxboro, WI
Bank Representative
Lori Olsen
12th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated For Eviction 1 Time
$1,5000 Nest Egg Competition With Jason
Secluded in Cancun, Mexico for a few weeks

Lori on Facebook
Lori at IMDb
Lori at Wikipedia
Lori's Audition For BB3

Marcellas Reynolds aka Marci

34 - Chicago, IL
Fashion Stylist
Marcellas Reynolds
5th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated For Eviction 3 Times
Gourmet Dinner (chose Amy)
90 Second Clothes Shopping Spree

Marcellas Reynolds
Marcellas Facebook
Marcellas on Twitter
Marcellas on Instagram
Marcellas at Pinterest
Marcellas at Linkedin
Marcellas at Blogspot
Marcellas at IMDb
Marcellas at Wikipedia
Marcellas Audition for Big Brother 3
Reality Dish - Part 1 of 7
Marcellas Reynolds on MTV Program

Roddy Mancuso

30 - Morristown, NJ
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Roddy Mancuso
6th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated For Eviction 3 Times
90 Second Clothes Shopping Spree

MMM Interviews Roddy Mancuso & Bethany Ashton Wolf
Roddy on MySpace
Roddy on Facebook
Roddy at IMDb
Roddy at Wikipedia
Roddy's Audition For BB3

Tonya Paoni

35 - Las Vegas, NV
Retail Sales
Tonya Paoni
11th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated For Eviction 1 Time
Secluded in the Caribbean for a few weeks

Springfield Woman Arrested Charged In 09 Double Fatal Crash
Article in The Las Vegas Review Journal
Tonya at IMDb
Tonya at Wikipedia
Tonya's Audition for BB3

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Lori/Dani Fight About Gerry's Hands
Marcellas Evicted (Didn't Use Veto)

Big Brother 3 Logo
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Front of the House


Blocked Feeds
Fish 1

First in the House
First - Amy Crews
Amy Crews


Bearded Dragons
Godzilla and Rodan

Memory Wall

Visitor - Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow

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That Guy

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Chess Set

Memorable Moments

HGs Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Choosing beds - Nice beds on one side of the glass - Army cots on the other

Jason is last to find a bed and gets a hard bamboo slab in the hall

Amy opens a beer from the grocery stash while doing a food endurance comp

Mandanas come out on day one

Danielle goofing with Chiara

The hot tub is locked from the HGs

HGs win a challenge and open the hot tub

Josh and Tonya do laundry in the BY

HGs go nuts when they learn Jason is a virgin

Plotting in the HOH room:
Lisa Chiara Eric Josh

Gerry and Josh in the storage room

Lisa eavesdrops on Gerry and Josh. She can hear the storage room from the HOH room

Marcellas was anti social at first and got nominated for eviction the first week

Jason and Danielle form a secret alliance

Lisa and Chiara goofing in the pool. Is Chiara teaching her the secret finger snapping language?

HGs tally up the eggs in Eggs Over Easy

Chiara dances on the bed for Jason

Gerry uses cards to figure strategy

The POV is introduced to the HGs

Tonya has a big gun

Tonya has big guns

Amy is upset because they hid her cheese

Gerry is BB's first POV holder

Marcellas talks about Tonya to Lisa and Lori: "Tonya is a stripper masquerading as a mother"

Josh, Roddy, and Eric watch the show going on in the shower

Shaving cream bikinis by Tonya and Chiara - Josh watches too

Luau for winning team of Book Em Five-O Style

The losing HGs watch the fancy dinner through the windows

Danielle entertains the HGs

Group hug after Marcellas tells them he was engaged once

Danielle is furious because Gerry didn't wash his nasty hands

"Come on! Right now! Who's the spokes person? Who started it? It was you, right?"

Eric and Tonya talk strategy

Lounging around:
Chiara Tonya Lisa

Lori looks for Chiara's boobs and Josh enjoys

HGs walk Lori to the exit door

Making a PB&J bikini for Tonya

PB&J bikini pageant:
Lisa Chiara Tonya

The guys have suits for the bikini show too

Eric in his tossed salad suit

Tonya shaves "beast fur" (Marcellas's words) with Marcellas's clippers

Tonya yells at Amy. She's mad because Amy is drinking the booze. "Just so you know...just so you know. I'm not one to screw with"

Marcellas defends Amy after Tonya's outburst

Amy flirts with Roddy

Amy flirts some more with Roddy

Chiara is mad because Roddy gives Amy a kiss

Josh and Tonya react to Tonya's eviction. They thought Josh was going

Marcellas has a crush on Roddy and gives him a manicure

Jason and Chiara

Hungry HGs get a catered meal from Subway

Lisa talks about the Big O (and no, I'm not talking about tires): "I can orgasm just from my navel being touched the right way"

The wet spot blanket

Amy loves her cheese

Roddy says he feels bad for nominating Marcellas and Amy. Marcellas says he can't help Roddy feel better

When Eric asks why he should use the POV on them, Amy answers this way (look at the photo)

Amy and Marcellas have a big fight

Amy and Marcellas make up

Nominees in the DR - Marcellas thinks he's a dead man walking

Julie to Josh (far left) on live TV: "settle down Beavis"

Danielle's abs class

Eric talks in his sleep: "Saw a lawyer, underlayer"

Marcellas tends to his rubber duckies

The guys turn Marcellas's rubber duckies into a game of Duck Ball

Marcellas gives facials to Roddy, Eric, and Jason

Eric says "Hi"

After Eric says "Hi", Lisa sees the light and now knows her special purpose. She knows why she was put in the BB house, and she starts to cry. Yup - she actually said and did that. You can't make this crap up

Chiara thinks Roddy is a hottie

Chiara accidently calls Roddy "Hardy" (of BB2)

HGs react to Chiara's goof

BB compares Hardy BB2 and Roddy

Lisa wants a date with Eric because one of them will be evicted

Lisa gives Eric a framed picture of them with "Hi" in the corner

All episodes start with a recap in blue

Chiara being Chiara

Expect the Unexpected

HGs are shown the twist - where the evicted HGs are and one is coming back

Amy in Ixtapa, Mexico, Tonya in the Caribbean, Lori in Cancun, Mexico, and Eric coming out of the BB House

PB&J Time
Maybe if they'd give them apple jelly, they wouldn't mind it so much

After being nominated, Josh packs and threatens to D.O.R.

Lisa: "I keep my mouth shut and my eyes open"

After BB2's Justin was evicted, sharp knives were banned from the BB house. So why is there a sharp knife on the counter?

Amy comes back and is HOH. Her HOH reveal

Roddy and Marcellas talk strategy

The "Amy Marcellas Show" is back together again

Gerry's gorilla dance

Chiara nominated - throws pillows off hammock and climbs in. Gotta love the one that lands in the pool

Amy goes on about Chi-whora: "She can just go right back to wherever she came from"...

..."being the drunk S*L*U*T at the mall"...


The girls want more booze

THIS is the first girl/girl kiss on BB

HGs enjoy their own personal Sheryl Crow concert

HGs get a personal chat with Sheryl Crow

"Sheryl Crow, we love you, we love you, we love you"

"That was Sheryl Crow. We love her, we love her, we love her"

Amy and Lisa kickin in the backyard

Jason is called to the DR to vote for eviction. He stops by Danielle's room to confirm who they are voting for

Danielle says to switch it up - go opposite. Jason is confused by that answer and votes to evict Chiara instead of Roddy

Julie makes a great comment to the HGs: "And then there were eight"

Chiara leaves her childhood blankie (named Woobie) to Roddy. What are the odds that Chiara's childhood blankie and Eric's (BB8) childhood bear are both named Woobie? And what are the odds they both brought said Woobies to the BB house? I'm just askin.

Gerry is fascinated by Marcellas

Back patio really changed through the years. Notice the lil dryer and wash tub for washing clothes. The chairs look quit comfy, and that tiny BBQ couldn't win many BBQ vs BB HG matches (c)hamsterwatch

Marci admires himself in the DR mirror

"Me and you and a gnome named Boo" (sung to the tune of Me and You and a Dog Named Blue. Marcellas says Boo is perfect like him. I don't know why that song popped into my head with the switched up words, but now I have an ear worm.

Marcellas wants Boo to hang out with Jason's good gnome. Jason won POV so his gnome didn't fall. Marcellas's gnome didn't break when it fell

Roddy didn't know his gnome was on crack. His gnome also survived the fall in the POV

Roddy's bad gnome

HGs invent their version of water polo using Marcellas's rubber ducks

Amy and Lisa introduce us to their four secret weapons in water polo

Marcellas talks to himself in full conversations

Danielle says Roddy is the devil. Ummmm...WHO is the Devil?

Amy is concerned about Marci's comments for nominating her. I feel bad for her, but I'm crazy about the lil HD decoration behind her head

Jason and Roddy goofin in the DR. They want the next HOH comp to be syncronized swimming

HGs think Roddy looks like his gnome

Danielle finds Amy's lost ring in the gazillions of pies

Amy doesn't use POV to take Roddy off the block. Early in the season in An Offer You Can't Refuse, Amy told Roddy she'd take him off the block if he were nominated if he'd give his box to her. Roddy wouldn't promise to not vote against Amy though who was also on the block. You go Amy!

Amy is devastated. After not using POV to take Roddy off the block, he tells her she proved she's not good for her word

Amy falls out of the hammock. This is one of the funniest nights ever on the live feeds

Expect the Unexpected - the Golden POV is introduced. The difference is the winner can remove theirself from the block if nominated

The Golden POV gets a new POV box

Marcellas wins the first Golden POV

Amy has fallen and she can't get up

"My sisters - my brothers - my mama. They're sitting at home and they're like 'use the veto fool'. I'm not going to use it"

Marcellas didn't use POV to save himself and it bit him in the behind

Not having packed, Marcellas grabs some clothes on his way out

Julie whacks Marcellas up side the head. "What were you thinking !?!?!", she asks

One of Julie's most awesome statements on the show: "And then there were four"

Danielle imitating Amy (behind Amy's back)

HGs excited over pages from their "fan sites"

Jason says he will be Amy's date to the fair when they both get home

Final 2 - Lisa and Danielle

Jury Questions

Jury questions are really hard on Dani. Jury fallout was great fun this season! What's up with the devil duck over Dani's shoulder

Jury Duty:
HGs weren't sequestered after eviction and got to go home to watch the show. They saw Dani's horrible DR statements
All evicted HGs were on the jury

HGs go back in and reveal their votes. Jason was the only vote for Danielle

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