ATTWX's Big Brother 5

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB5 2004
Project DNA (Do Not Assume)

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

July 6 (Tue) - Treadmills of Terror - Jase HOH

Jul 8 (Thu) - Nakomis and Mike nominated

Week 2

July 13 (Tue) - Fla-ringo Toss - Scott POV
Not used. This was a Golden POV. Only 6 HGs play (HOH, 2 nominations, and they each choose who they want to play)

July 15 (Thu) - Mike evicted 10-0

And Then There Were 12

Majority Rules - Marvin HOH

July 17 (Sat) - Lori and Holly nominated

Week 3

July 20 (Tue) - Snag the Veto - Jase POV
Used to remove Holly - Karen nominated

July 22 (Thu) - Lori evicted 7-2
Diane and Will voted for Karen

And Then There Were 11

High Low - Drew HOH

July 24 (Sat) - Nakomis and Holly nominated

Week 4

July 27 (Tue) - Bluff Me a Veto - Nakomis POV
Used to remove herself - Adnat (Adria) nominated

July 29 (Thu) - Holly evicted 7-1
Jase voted for Adria

And Then There Were 10

I Have A Secret - ENDURANCE
Also see FOOD competition below

July 31 (Sat) - Diane HOH
  • Nakomis - 1 hr 48 min
  • Karen - 3 hr 9 min
  • Cowboy - 4 hr 12 min
  • Scott - 4 hr 36 min
  • Marvin - 5 hr
  • AdNat - 5 hr 21 min
  • Will - 5 hr 32 min
  • Jase - 9 hr 32 min
Scott and Jase nominated

Week 5

Aug 3 (Tue) - This Little Piggy Won The Veto - Jase POV
Used to remove himself - Marvin nominated

Aug 5 (Thu) - Scott evicted 4-3
Jase, Drew, and Cowboy voted for Marvin

And Then There Were Still 10
AdNat kept their secret for 5 weeks so Natalie entered the house

Home Is Where the Answer Is - Nakomis HOH

Aug 7 (Sat) - Diane and Marvin nominated

Week 6

Aug 10 (Tue) - Pop Goes the Veto - Drew POV
Drew used to remove Diane for the Six Finger Plan that Nakomis came up with - Jase nominated

Aug 12 (Thu) - Jase evicted 6-1
Cowboy voted for Marvin

And Then There Were 9

The Puck Stops Here - Adria HOH

Aug 14 (Sat) - Will and Marvin nominated

Week 7

Aug 17 (Tue) - A Very Veto Christmas - Adria POV
Not used. Drew won a digital camera, and Will won an MP3 player. The rest won junk like ear muffs, mittens, sweaters, nose hair clippers, underwear 8 sizes too big, and ice skates

Aug 19 (Thu) - Will evicted 4-3
Extra vote because Adria had to break a tie. Karen, Nakomis, and Diane voted for Marvin

And Then There Were 8

Who Said It - Nakomis HOH

Aug 21 (Sat) - Adria and Natalie nominated

Week 8

Aug 24 (Tue) - Mug Shot - Adria POV
Adria used to remove herself - Cowboy nominated

Aug 26 (Thu) - Natalie evicted 4-1
Adria voted for Cowboy

And Then There Were 7

Putting for Power - Marvin HOH

Week 9

Aug 31 (Tue) - Adria and Cowboy nominated

Ice Ice Veto - Karen POV
Not used

Sep 2 (Thu) - Adria evicted 4-0

And Then There Were 6

Chemical Reaction - Drew HOH

Sep 4 (Sat) - Marvin and Diane nominated

Bounced - Diane POV
Used to remove herself - Nakomis nominated

Marvin evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

Ready Set Gone - Nakomis HOH

Week 10

Sep 7 (Tue) - Drew and Cowboy nominated

Caged - Diane POV
Diane used to remove Drew - Karen nominated

Sep 9 (Thu) - Karen evicted 2-0

And Then There Were 4

Before or After - Drew HOH

Sep 11 (Sat) - Nakomis and Diane nominated

Week 11

Sep 14 (Tue) - Socket To Me - Cowboy POV
Not used

Nakomis evicted by Cowboy

And Then There Were 3

Earthquake - ENDURANCE - Pt 1 of HOH

Sep 17 (Fri) - Drew wins Pt 1
  • Cowboy - 4 min (helping Diane tie her hair back)
  • Diane - 46 min 9 sec
Twisted Twosome - Pt 2 of HOH
Cowboy wins Pt 2 against Diane

Encore Presentation - Pt 3 of HOH - Drew HOH
Jury Statements

Cowboy and Diane automatically nominated

Diane evicted by Drew

And Then There Were 2

Week 12

Sep 21 (Tue) - Drew winner 4-3
Natalie, Adria, and Nakomis voted for Cowboy

And Then There Were None


Week 1

Jul 6 (Tue) - FOOD - Hungry, Hungry Helix

Each HG timed while grabbing different foods. Holly didn't complete in the time limit. Lori took $10,000 putting the rest on PB & J. This made gathering the food balls a waste of time

Jul 8 (Thu) - LUXURY - Margarita Madness

HG's build a giant margarita and win hot tub privileges and a Mexican fiesta

Week 2

July 17 (Sat) - FOOD - Catapoultry

The HGs catapult rubber chickens into baskets with different foods like beer and pizza. Will hits the "bad egg basket" and loses all the food the HGs have. They only have about a minute left and end with milk, butter, bacon, sausage, and seafood.

Week 3


Week 4

July 24 (Sat) - FOOD - Alphabet Soup

HG's win various food items they spell. Scott can't spell cheese. They get wine, beer, pizza, eggs, beef, steak, cheese, lobster, apples, and a few others

July 29 (Thu) - FOOD - I Have A Secret
Also see HOH comp above

As the first 5 HGs come down from endurance comp, they pick an envelope to find what food of the day they all get for the week:
  • Day 1 - Marvin - Mom's Kitchen
  • Day 2 - Scott - British
  • Day 3 - Cowboy - Breakfast
  • Day 4 - Karen - Japanese
  • Day 5 - Nakomis - Italian
The next show didn't address these envelopes. Thanks to Alwaysroomforcake at for helping me find what was in the envelopes

Week 5

Aug 7 (Sat) - FOOD - Fast Times and Custard Pie

HG's eat pies to uncover different foods. Only the HGs who find "eat" in their pies get to eat for the week. Natalie gets 2 Eat cards and gives one to Diane. Will gets the Steal card and takes Diane's card away. Final lucky eaters for the week: Marvin, Cowboy, Karen, Natalie, and Will

Week 6

Aug 14 (Sat) - FOOD - Back Yard Burger Bonanza

  • Blue Team: Cowboy, Karen, Nakomis, and Will build the most burgers and eat for the week and win the notorious BBQ for the house
  • Red Team: Drew, Marvin, Diane, and Natalie eat PB&J for the week
Aug 17 (Tue) - LUXURY - Admit One

Will, Diane, and Drew win a private screening in the HOH room to see Without A Paddle

Week 7

Aug 21 (Sat) - FOOD - Blenderlicious aka Smoothies From Hell

HGs sit down to their favorite meal and find they have to blend it and drink it. Marvin is the only one who can't drink his, so they eat 6 of the 7 days

Week 8

Aug 24 (Tue) - LUXURY - The Web

HGs spell INTERNET with the balls they get and win a 14 item shopping spree from Amazon dot com. They pick stuff like a fire pit, water volleyball, Omaha steaks, and exercise equipment. Diane wins $1,000 for going through the fastest

Aug 26 (Thu) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG do you want to get a walk on part to be on The Young & the Restless - Marvin

Week 9

Aug 31 (Tue) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG do you want to get a phone call from home - Cowboy

Week 10

Sep 11 (Sat) - LUXURY - Trashin The Fashion

HGs trash their favorite item of clothing and win a 2 min 45 sec shopping spree (Nakomis, Diane, Cowboy, and Drew)

Week 11


BB05 Houseguests

AdNat akd Adria & Natalie Okins

30 - Birmingham, AL
Fitness Professional
Adria Montgomery-Klein Natalie Montgomery-Carroll
Adria Montgomery-Klein
7th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times

Natalie Montgomery-Carroll
8th Place - 7th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

2002 NPC Team Universe Report
The Fitness Twins
The Fitness Twins on Twitter
Adria at IMDb
Natalie at IMDb
AdNat at Wikipedia

Cowboy aka Michael Ellis

23 - Durant, OK
Security Officer
Cowboy Michael Ellis
Runner-Up - 13th Evicted - $50,000
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
AC - Phone Call From Home
Ice Skates
Clothes Shopping Spree for 2 min 45 sec

"Cowboyisms" by
Cowboy To Be In A Movie?!
Michael on Facebook
Michael at IMDb
Michael at Wikipedia
How Cowboy Became An All Star

Diane Henry

22 - Burlington, KY
Cocktail Waitress
Diane Henry
3rd Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
$1,000 - The Web competition
Private Screening of Without A Paddle
Clothes Shopping Spree for 2 min 45 sec

diane on eBay
Diane at IMDb
Diane at Wikipedia

Drew Daniel aka Andrew

22 - Urbana, OH
Recent College Graduate
Drew Daniel
Winner - $500,000
HOH 4 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Digital Camera
Private Screening of Without a Paddle
Clothes Shopping Spree for 2 min 45 sec

My Tribute to Drew BB5
Drew on The Bold and The Beautiful
Drew on MySpace
Drew at IMDb
Drew at Wikipedia
Mrs Giggles View of Drew

Holly King

27 - Los Angeles, CA
Holly King
12th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Holly King
"Hollyisms" by
Holly on MySpace
Holly at IMDb
Holly at Wikipedia
Holly in a Budweiser Commercial
Holly in a Mini Cooper Commercial
Holly King - Steve Harvey Show

Jase Wirey aka Jason aka Jase Atwood

28 - Decatur, IL
Volunteer Firefighter
Jase Wirey
10th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Jase at IMDb
Jase at Wikipedia
BB7 US Jase Performs Janelle-free Rap

Karen O'Neil Ganci

30 - Saddle Brook, NJ
Portrait Artist
Karen O'Neil Ganci
5th Place - 10th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Karen O'Neil Ganci's Art
Karen on Facebook
Karen at IMDb
Karen at Wikipedia

Lori Valenti

26 - Boston, MA
Yoga Instructor
Lori Valenti
13th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$10,000 in Hungry, Hungry Helix

Lori Valenti
Lori on Twitter
Lori at IMDb
Lori at Wikipedia

Marvin Latimer

36 - Conway, SC
Marvin Latimer
6th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
AC to appear on The Young & the Restless

Marvin Latimer
The Marvin Show on Facebook
Marvin on Rachael Ray's The Rachael Ray Show
Marvin on Facebook
Marvin at IMDb
Marvin at Wikipedia

Mike Lubinski aka The Don

41 - East Pointe, MI
Commercial Painter
Mike Lubinski
14th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Mike on MySpace
Mike at IMDb
Mike at Wikipedia

Nakomis aka Jennifer Dedmon

21 - San Antonio, TX
Restaurant Hostess
Nakomis Dedmon
4th Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 3 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Clothes Shopping Spree for 2 min 45 sec

Nakomis on MySpace
Nakomis on Facebook
Nakomis at IMDb
Nakomis at Wikipedia
Nakomis's Best Bits

Scott Long

25 - Pittsburgh, PA
Sales Representative
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Scott Long
11th Place - 4th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Carve Bar
Scott on MySpace
Scott on Facebook
Carve Bar on Facebook
Scott on Twitter
Scott at IMDb
Scott at Wikipedia

Will Wikle

26 - Tupelo, MS
Registered Nurse
Will Wikle
9th Place - 6th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
MP3 Player
Private Screening of Without A Paddle

Will on Facebook
Will on Twitter
Will on Instagram
Will at IMDb
Will at Wikipedia
BB Top 20 - Will Wikle
Will Wikle: Big Brother to Big Star

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Big Brother 5 Theme
BB5 Before Comp - Guys in Panties
Favorite Moment #8 - Twins Revealed
Live Wire Flashback - BB5 Freakouts
BB5 Margarita Madness
BB5 Margarita Party (per Cowboy: "the margarita party was phenomonon")

Big Brother 5 Logo

Front of the House


Blocked Feeds
Fish 1


Cowboy and Nakomis don't know they are brother and sister

Twins Adria and Natalie switch places

First in the House
First - Adnat
Adnat (one of the twins) - First In


Memory Wall

Walk from the DR

Table for 13

Table for 8

Table for 4

Key Box


Chess Set

Jury House

Memorable Moments

HGs Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

LOLOL - HOH baskets in BB5

When feeds went to FISH - we could see HGs through the tank (note top right)

Margarita Party

Enjoying the hot tub

Gretchen and Marcellas make fun of the mandanas on House Calls

The hammock almost takes victims

Scott and Cowboy - Bath Buddies

The cement slab bedroom. Later it was turned into the exercise room

Marvin shows his HOH room

Scott streaks

HG fun with Holly and Jase

Pinky Swear
Karen Diane Nakomis Will Adria

Playing Drink Mother F&%ker
Drew has a really really big glass

The Big Cheesse

Life Saver strategy is introduced

Cowboy Drew Jase Scott
Four Horsemen to the end

More bath buddies

Jase and Holly caught kissing on spy screen by Scott and Drew

Holly gives her pink hat and lucky kitty to Jase at eviction

Four Horsemen goofing in the mirror while Karen watches

HGs paint piggies for the next POV competition

The others discover the spy screen

Jase and Scott dress up for the POV meeting

The twin twist is announced

Jase wants to start a new alliance:
"Looking for a few good ladies for my alliance...maybe a couple of twins"

Cowboy to Drew:
"You and I are the splittin image of each other"

Jase gives Holly's kitty to Diane at the eviction meeting

Adnat try to figure out what Carma Electra is

Adria goes around power tripping about how the HGs should vote. She wants to break a tie vote. (power tripping - verb like paranoying and nervousing)

Drew, Diane, and Will watch Without a Paddle in the HOH room

Feedsters spend night after night watching Diane "fingerpaint" on Drew

HGs didn't have the luxury of a washer/dryer

HGs win prizes by unscrambling the balls

The prizes arrive from amazondotcom

The HGs burn the kitty that Holly gave to Jase who then gave the kitty to Diane

*There's a shark in the BB house

Marvin reacts to winning America's Choice

Cowboy BBQs (burns) the really really really expensive steaks that were won in the luxury competition

Cowboy's hat trick

Final 4 go shopping for clothes

The jury watches the tape

Prison art ... er I mean jury house art. (Karen draws Cowboy)

Jase and Holly check in from outside the house. Why is Jase wearing makeup? How many other odd things can you find?

Drew and Cowboy are final two

Jury duty from the jury house

Jury Alliance
Marvin Nakomis Will
AdNat Karen Diane

Early Evictee Alliance
Mike Scott
Lori Holly Jase

Julie reads the votes. The live audience is seated outside Julie's room

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