ATTWX's Big Brother 6

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB6 2005
Summer Of Secrets

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

July 7 (Thu) - Wipe Out - Rachel HOH
Combined with FOOD comp below

  • James - 10 min
  • Janelle - 41 min
  • April and Sarah - 2 hr 15 min
  • Maggie - 2 hr 22 min
  • Howie - 2 hr 35 min
Ashlea and Kaysar nominated

Week 2

July 12 (Tue) - Rec-Tangled - Rachel POV
Not used

July 14 (Thu) - Ashlea evicted 9-2
Janelle and James voted for Kaysar

And Then There Were 13

Fast and Easy - Cappy Eric HOH

Jul 16 (Sat) - Janelle and Michael nominated

Week 3

July 19 (Tue) - High and Dry - James POV
Not used

  • Cappy - 9 min 03 sec
  • Rachel - 8 min 30 sec
  • Howie - 7 min 45 sec
  • Janelle - 6 min 48 sec
  • Michael - 6 min 44 sec
  • James - 6 min 31 sec
July 21 (Thu) - Michael evicted 9-1
Kaysar voted for Janelle

And Then There Were 12

Majority Rules - Kaysar HOH

Jul 23 (Sat) - Maggie and James nominated

Week 4

July 26 (Tue) - Knight Moves - James POV
Used to remove himself - Cappy Eric nominated

July 28 (Thu) - Cappy Eric evicted 5-4
April, Beau, Ivette, and Jennifer voted to evict Maggie

And Then There Were 11

Power Roller - Maggie HOH

Jul 30 (Sat) - Kaysar and James nominated

Week 5

Aug 2 (Tue) - Couch Potato - Sarah POV
Used to remove James - Janelle nominated

Aug 4 (Thu) - Kaysar evicted 7-1
James voted to evict Janelle

And Then There Were 10

Eliminator - Howie HOH

Aug 6 (Sat) - Sarah and James nominated

Week 6

Aug 9 (Tue) - A Lotta Pinata - James POV
Used to remove himself - Ivette nominated

Closest number of candies to 20
  • Ivette - 3
  • Jennifer - 6
  • Rachel - 7
  • Sarah - 10
  • Howie - 16
  • James - 18
Aug 11 (Thu) - Sarah evicted 6-1
James voted to evict Ivette

Kaysar picked by America to return
And Then There Were Still 10

Pressure Cooker - ENDURANCE
Combined with LUXURY Competition - see below

Aug 13 (Sat) - Jennifer HOH

Janelle and Rachel nominated

Week 7

Aug 16 (Tue) - Coast For the Most - Rachel POV
Used to remove herself - Kaysar nominated

  • Jennifer - 1 point
  • Kaysar - 3 points
  • April - 4 points
  • Howie - 4 points
  • Janelle - 5 points
  • Rachel - 6 points
Aug 18 (Thu) - Kaysar evicted 7-0

And Then There Were 9

Face the Facts - Janelle HOH - FAST FORWARD

Maggie and Jennifer nominated

Aug 20 (Sat) - Goal For It - Janelle POV
Used to remove Maggie - Ivette nominated

Jennifer evicted 5-1
April voted to evict Ivette

And Then There Were 8

On the House - Beau HOH

Week 8

Aug 23 (Tue) - Rachel and Howie nominated

Get Your Pairings Straight - James POV
Not used

Aug 25 (Thu) - Rachel Evicted 5-0

And Then There Were 7

High/Low - April HOH

Week 9

Aug 30 (Tue) - Janelle and Howie nominated

Playing It Dirty - April POV
Used to remove Janelle - James nominated
Combined with LUXURY comp - see below

Sep 1 (Thu) - James evicted 4-0

And Then There Were 6

Playing It Straight - Howie HOH - FAST FORWARD

  • Maggie - 7 points
  • Janelle - 8 points
  • Ivette - 9 points
  • Beau - 11 points
  • Howie - 12 points
Ivette and Beau nominated

Sep 3 (Sat) - Roll Me a Veto - Big Brother Casino - Maggie POV
Not used - Hosted by Holly King BB5

Beau Evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

Magnetic Attraction - Ivette HOH
Tie breaker - Maggie guessed 1 giving it to Ivette

Week 10

Sep 6 (Tue) - Janelle and Howie nominated

Morph-O-Matic - Janelle POV
Used to remove herself - April nominated

Pictures morph 3 faces together. HG getting them correct in the shortest amount of time wins POV
  • Howie - 9:18
  • April - 4:16
  • Maggie - 3:59
  • Ivette - 3:28
  • Janie - 2:30

Jennifer Maggie Michael

Kaysar Janelle Sarah

Rachel Beau Kaysar

April Sarah James

Ivette Jennifer Howie

Ashlea Michael Eric

Morphed faces (hair, eyes, and mouth):
  • Jennifer Maggie Michael
  • Kaysar Janelle Sarah
  • Rachel Beau Kaysar
  • April Sarah James
  • Ivette Jennifer Howie
  • Ashlea Michael Eric
Sep 8 (Thu) - Howie evicted 2-1
Janie voted April and Maggie voted Howie. Ivette broke the tie

And Then There Were 4

Before or After - Janelle HOH

Sep 10 (Sat) - Maggie and Ivette nominated

Week 11

Sep 13 (Tue) - The Missing Link - Ivette POV
Used to remove herself - April nominated

April evicted by Ivette

And Then There Were 3

The Key To Being Safe - Pt 1 of HOH - ENDURANCE

Sep 16 (Fri) - Ivette wins Pt 1 of HOH
Also combined with luxury competition below
  • Janelle - 3 hrs 45 min
  • Maggie - 4 hrs 20 min
Padlocked - Janelle wins Pt 2 of HOH

Jury Statements - Ivette HOH
It takes two tie breakers to decide the winner of Pt 3 and final HOH

Janelle and Maggie automatically nominated

Janelle evicted by Ivette

And Then There Were 2

Week 12

Sep 20 (Tue) - Maggie winner 4-3
Beau, James, and Janelle vote for Ivette
April, Rachel, Jennifer, and Howie vote for Maggie

And Then There Were 0


Week 1

Jul 7 (Thu) - FOOD - Wipe Out
Combined with HOH comp above

Two teams stand on surfboards and shoot coconuts into the Big Kahuna's mouth. The Orange team gets 23 coconuts and the Blue Team gets 7. HGs of the winning team are told the last one standing on the surf board becomes the first HOH
  • Orange Team - Howie with April, James, Janelle, Maggie, Rachel, and Sarah - winners
  • Blue Team - Kaysar with Ashlea, Beau, Cappy, Ivette, Jennifer, and Michael - PB&J for the week
Week 2

Jul 16 (Sat) - FOOD - Snack Shack From Hell

HGs eat items in under 3 min. to win their food categories
  • Howie and James - beverages - ice-clam sundaes - fail
  • Janelle and Beau - bread & cereal - pepper-only pizza - win
  • Rachel and April - dairy - sauerkraut cream pie - fail
  • Maggie and Jennifer - meats - chocolate snake - win (vegetarian Maggie lets Jennifer eat solo)
  • Ivette and Sarah - fruits and veggies - turkey pot poi - fail
  • Michael and Kaysar - snacks and sweets - tuna malt - win
  • Bonus Round - beer and wine - egg salad sardines - Michael and Janelle volunteer. Eric pulls rank and bumps Janelle - win
Week 3

Jul 23 (Sat) - FOOD - Will Spell 4 Food

Each HG spells a word for a chance to remove a wedge from the PB&J wheel if they are correct. Wedges removed reveal "food". After spelling, the wheel is turned and lands on a PB&J wedge leaving HGs on PB&J for the week
  • Ivette - avocado - correct
  • Janelle - spaghetti - spagetti
  • James - ham - correct
  • Rachel - broccoli - broccli
  • Jennifer - mayonnaise - correct
  • April - pepperoni - correct
  • Beau - asparagus - correct
  • Cappy Eric - marshmallow - correct
  • Maggie - papaya - correct
  • Howie - rhubarb - rubarb
  • Sarah - cauliflower - coliflower
Week 4

Jul 30 (Sat) - FOOD - Matching Munchies

Four panelists and 6 contestants (one for each day of the week) try to make two matches to win food for the day. They win food for every day and the bonus round which gives the combination to one of the safes. They find PB&J sandwiches. Janelle finds the lucky sandwich that has a food pass giving immunity from PB&J for the rest of the season

Week 5

Aug 2 (Tue) - LUXURY - Big Brother Cineplex

HGs find quarters and use them to find "Admit One" tickets to the competition. They divide into two teams of 3 and and see how many HGs it takes to screw lightbulbs into a marquee sign to spell a hidden message first ("Sold Out"). The winning team wins a private viewing to see Four Brothers starring Mark Wahlberg in the HOH room
  • Blue Team: Rachael, Jennifer, Sarah - Winners
  • Red Team: Beau, Ivette, Maggie
Aug 6 (Sat) - FOOD - Conveyor Belch

HGs split into two teams and eat treats coming down a conveyor belt. Food not eaten falls into a bucket. The team with the lightest bucket wins. Janelle has a food pass for the season so picks a team of people she wants to lose. She does a most excellent job of making them think she is eating - and yet hardly eats anything
  • Red Team: Howie, Rachel, James, Jennifer, and Sarah - Winners (35.10 lbs)
  • Blue Team: Janelle, Ivette, Maggie, April, and Beau - Losers (35.50 lbs)
Week 6

Aug 11 (Thu) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which evicted HG do you want to go back into the BB house (Ashlea left sequester): Kaysar (with 82% of over 5 million votes - Eric came in 2nd)

Aug 13 (Sat) - LUXURY - Pressure Cooker
Combined with HOH comp - see above

HGs hold a button and exit in groups of 3 (1st two wait inside until the 3rd person releases the button). Julie opens the purple box at the start of the comp containing flies to bug the HGs. Howie opens the green box at 5 hrs containing a dead 25 lb catfish making it smell awful

Group One:
  • Beau - approx 6 hrs - blue - martini bar (he proceeds to make drinks until his group is released)
  • Janelle - approx 6 1/2 hrs - red - Netflix membership and 42" plasma TV
  • April - approx 8 hrs - orange - $3,000
Group Two:
  • Ivette - approx 10 hrs - black - annoying airhorn sounds
  • James - approx 10 1/2 hrs - silver - pizza
  • Maggie - approx 11 hrs - gold - rotten eggs
Group Three:
  • Rachel - approx 11 hrs (no more boxes)
  • Kaysar - approx 14 hrs (after Jennifer "swears on her life" to put up two of her people and then back door James)
  • Jennifer wins HOH
Week 7

Aug 20 (Sat) - None

Week 8

Aug 27 (Sat) - None - No show

Week 9

Aug 30 (Tue) - LUXURY - Playing It Dirty
Combined with POV comp - see above

HGs find keys in the mud, run to one side and try locks to unlock 4 vetos plus a silver veto and carry vetos back across and put them in a veto holder (one at a time). Janelle finds the Silver Veto first which has the combination to the second safe in the Gold Room. She opens the safe and wins a Travelocity voucher for a trip for two to the Bahamas. Janelle later admits in the DR that she was only trying her keys in the Silver Veto lock

AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG do you want to receive a phone call from a loved one? Janelle gets a phone call from Michael Donnellan who was the 2nd HG evicted

Week 10

Sep 10 (Sat) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which HG should leave the BB house to watch a taping of Two and a Half Men (starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T Jones), and hang out backstage with the cast? Janelle

Week 11

Sep 16 (Fri) - LUXURY - The Key to Being Safe
Also combined with HOH Pt 1 above

Ivette (who won Pt 1 of the HOH competition) was given the combination to the final unopened safe in the gold room. It contained a card saying her prize was waiting for her outside - a pair of Vespa Scooters

Week 12


BB6 Houseguests

April Lewis aka Busto

30 - Dallas, TX
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
April Lewis
4th Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$3,000 from Pressure Cooker

My Tribute to April
April on Twitter
April on Facebook
April at IMDb
April at Wikipedia

Ashlea Evans

22 - Plantation, FL
Fashion Design Student
Ashlea Evans
15th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Ashlea at Explore Talent
Ashlea on MySpace
Ashlea on Facebook
Another Ashlea on Facebook
Ashlea at IMDb
Ashlea at Wikipedia

Beau Beasley aka Bo Bo

25 - Pembroke Pines, FL
Personal Shopper
Beau Beasley
6th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Martini Bar - drank it in the Pressure Cooker

Beau on MySpace
Beau on Facebook
Beau on Twitter
Beau at Friendster
Beau at IMDb
Beau at Wikipedia

Cappy (Eric) Littmann aka Crappy Cappy

36 - Boston, MA but really Las Vegas, NV
Cappy (Eric) Littmann
13th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Cappy - President of 2008 Las Vegas Guns and Hoses
Cappy on MySpace
Cappy on Facebook
Cappy at IMDb
Cappy at Wikipedia

Howie Gordon aka Beefcake Howie
aka Jedi Howie aka Hurricane Howie

34 - Chicago, IL
Meteorology Student
Howie Gordon
5th Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times

My Tribute To Howie
Howie is a Weatherman in Monett, MO
Howie Gordon Dot Com (extremely impressive web site)
Howie on Facebook
Howie on Twitter
Howie on IMDB
Howie on Wikipedia
Pretty Fly for a Jedi

Ivette Corredero

25 - Miami Beach, FL
Ivette Corredero
Runner-Up - 14th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Long, loud, obnoxious air horn blown at her from Pressure Cooker
Pair of Vespa Scooters

Ivette on Facebook
Ivette on Twitter
Ivette at IMDb
Ivette at Wikipedia

James Rhine aka The Veto King aka James Whine

29 - Atlanta, GA
Loss Prevention Manager
James Rhine
7th Place - 9th Evicted
POV 4 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Pizza from Pressure Cooker

James at Model Mayhem
The Pussycat Dolls-When I Grow Up (1:24 mark)
James Facebook
James On Twitter
James at IMDb
James at Wikipedia

Janelle Pierzina aka Janie aka BBB of BB6
aka Buxom Blonde Bombshell

25 - Miami Beach, FL
VIP Cocktail Waitress
Janelle Pierzina
3rd Place - 13th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 6 Times
Season Food Pass for Immunity from PB&J
Netflix Membership and 42" Plasma TV
Trip for 2 to the Bahamas
AC - Phone Call from a Loved One (Michael Donnellan)
AC - Watch taping of Two and a Half Men and hang out with the cast

Celebrity Real Estate Agent: Janelle Pierzina
Janelle on Facebook
Janelle on Twitter
Janelle on eBay
Janelle's YouTube Channel
Janelle at IMDb
Janelle at Wikipedia
Janelle: Big Brother Dominance (Encore)
Janelle Tribute - Jem
Janellously: A Tribute to the Haters

Jennifer Vasquez aka Jen aka J-Blo

27 - Plano, TX
Arena Football League Dancer
Jennifer Vasquez
9th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Private Screening of Four Brothers

Jen Vasquez Sucks
2009-10 Ice Angel Squad and Model Jennifer Vasquez
Jennifer at IMDb
Jennifer at Wikipedia

Kaysar Ridha aka King Kaysar aka Waddup Kaysar

24 - Irvine, CA
Graphic Designer
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Kaysar Ridha
12th and 10th Place - 4th & 6th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
AC to go Back In the House

Kaysar By Design
Official BB6 Blog of Kaysar Ridha
Kaysar on Facebook
Kaysar on Twitter
Kaysar on Instagram
Kaysar at Linkedin
Kaysar at Youtube
Kaysar at IMDb
Kaysar at Wikipedia
Kaysar Music Video
Kaysar Promo on House Calls

Maggie Ausburn aka Maggot

26 - Las Vegas, NV
ER Nurse
Maggie Ausburn
Winner - $500,000
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Rotten Eggs from Pressure Cooker

Maggie After Winning at Las Vegas Sun
Maggie Now at metacritic
Maggie Fan Page on Twitter
Maggie at IMDb
Maggie at Wikipedia

Michael Donnellan

28 - Irvine, CA
Michael Donnellan
14th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
AC to go Back In the House

Michael Donnellan
The Art of Michael Donnellan - Forum
Michael on MySpace
Michael on Facebook
Michael on Twitter
Michael at IMDb
Michael at Wikipedia

Rachel Plencner aka Ray Ray

33 - Parker, CO
Horse Breeder
Rachel Plencner
8th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Private Screening of Four Brothers

Rachel's Fan Site on MySpace
Rachel on Facebook
Rachel at IMDb
Rachel at Wikipedia

Sarah Hrejsa

22 - Chicago, IL
Lingerie Store Manager
Sarah Hrejsa
11th Place - 5th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Private Screening of Four Brothers

Sarah on MySpace
Sarah on Facebook
Sarah on Twitter
Sarah at IMDb
Sarah at Wikipedia

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Gigglefest over April & Kmart
Janelle's Impression of Lori from BB3
Undiagnosed Staring Disease
Cappy Impression
May the Force Be With You
Bye Bye, Bitches!
Michael and Cappy
Michael and Cappy Fight from Another View
Janelle drunk, making fun of Nerd Herd
BB6 "core" Sovs Tribute
BB6 Stay the Same - Tribute Video
Top 25 BB Moments #9 - Knight Moves

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Blocked Feeds

Twist - Secret Pairs

Michael & Kaysar (Neighbors)

Rachel & Howie (Best Friends)

Ashlea & Janelle (Ex-Roommates)

Sarah & James (Dating)

Ivette & Beau (Former Co-Workers)

April & Jennifer (Sorority Sisters)

Maggie & Eric (Friends)

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April Lewis

Pets - First Set
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Pets - Second Set
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Memory Wall

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The Hand that Removed the Dead Fishes

Visitor - Holly King BB5
Holly King BB5 - Hosted Roll Me A Veto

Walk from the DR

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Chess Set

Jury House

Memorable Moments

HGs Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

All beds in one room (not counting the cot in the hall and 3 sleeping bags on the dresser)

The cot in the hall

Kaysar finds a place to say his prayers while HGs cook in the kitchen

"Who wants to see my HOH room?"

Kaysar fiddles with this red flashy light thing for hours. I was sure it was the answer to some big secret or the Holy Grail or something

Rachel finds the remote to the spy screen, the spy screen, and clues to the hidden room on the spy screen

Rachel sneaks by sleeping Sarah to find the secret room

Key to the hot tub in the secret room

The hot tub is open

James Michael Kaysar

Howie shows off his grey underwear....alot!

Howie is all made up with no place to go

Hammock spill!!!!!!!!! Janelle and Ashlea get dumped and Howie watches

Cappy busts Kaysar for repeating that he called Michael a pervert to Michael

Kaysar and Michael play Foosball

We see Howie's grey undies...alot

Maggie wants to talk to Cappy

Maggie and Cappy all fulla themselves. They figured out that everyone is with a partner and plan to deny that they are partners

Ashlea and Janie on the hammock

HGs say goodbye to the first evicted HG - Ashlea

Howie hugs Janie till she falls over

Ivette makes a ghetto slip 'n slide

Cappy is king of the HOH room

Jennifer is all over Michael until Michael isn't as interested, and Cappy brainwashes everyone that Michael is a molester and a sexual harrasser

Beau is all over Kayser - Cappy doesn't say anything about that

Howie is all over Beau (and everyone else) - Cappy doesn't say anything about that

Cappy calls a meeting and spews a bunch of crap about them all being a team, winning as a team, and losing as a team

Cappy spews more crap - probably about Michael the Molester

Cappy spews more crap about Michael the Molester

Beau and Michael look down from the balcony

Michael stares cappy down

HGs wonder if the exercise room is just for looks

Ivette finds a sign on the fridge
"It's time to get in shape"

Sarah sees a clock on the wall that is stuck on 5:34. She tries it for the combination, and the exercise room is now open

Ivette goofs with the camera

Ivette goofs more with the camera

Sarah sees a clock on the wall that is stuck on 5:34. She tries it for the combination, and the exercise room is now open

Janelle, Kaysar, and Michael in the BY (backyard). This is the greatest lounge chair of all BB seasons

Ivette imitates Michael. She makes fun of Michael's walk and says she will go Cuban on his a$$

Michael to Cappy: "You talk alot, you can't act on it, and you've got a small pen#s

Cappy blows up at Michael's comment

Fight night breaks out

Ivette and Kaysar get into it

Big Brother sends Michael to the storage room

Cappy is sent to the DR

Kayser gets sent to the hammock

Ivette is sent to the exercise room

We get sent to FISH, and BB gives all the HGs a warning. We all hope Cappy is evicted, but when feeds come back, we find Cappy and all the other HGs in bed

James and Cappy wait for "go" in High and Dry comp

The gold room is lousy for taking caps

Janelle breaks up with her New York boyfriend on national TV

Michael gives Janelle a Spiderman kiss

"BB5 pairs - Where are they now"? Cowboy is married, Nakomis has green hair, Drew and Diane broke up (he's dull - she's not), Holly and Jase broke up (he's country - she's city), and the Fitness Twins are getting fit

Janie and her (my) spelling bee sign

Where the spelling bee sign is today

Howie shows his Jedi moves. Notice how the sheep are watching.....NOT

The HGs find a clue to find the first number for the combination to the safe in the gold room. They are told it's the number of seas visible on the map in the gold room

17 total seas - the HGs guess about every number but 17. That clue was a bust

James fesses up and gains Kaysar's trust. He tells Kaysar that he and Sarah are a pair

Maggie is set up to lose the Knight Moves POV. Ivette was already knocked out first. Then Janelle, Howie, Kaysar, and James give the win to James

Maggie confronts Kaysar about sealing her fate. Kaysar: "I sealed your partner's fate. I caught the bigger fish"

Kaysar and Janelle think they've found a new twist...BB has put two sane people in a house full of crazy people

BB seals the fate of any partners trying to make it to the finals. They reveal to the HGs that the prize is $1,000,000 if partners make it to the end. Think anyone will let partners make it to finals now?

James conforts Sarah who is upset for losing HOH

Ivette and Maggie: "It may get nasty". That's putting it mildly

James thinks Maggie is a cop by her interrogation tactics

Howie loves Boobies

James's hand-on-the-bible speech to Ivette

Picking teams for POV. HGs pick who they want instead of using ping pong balls

KMart BD party for April

April is happy with her BD gifts from KMart

Sarah, Jennifer, and Rachel are happy with the movie and treats

SOV 6 imitate Cappy

Maggie and Mag's Hags

Kaysar meets Julie the first time

April "doesn't smoke"

The hammock takes victims!!! Thats Maggie, I believe Rachel, and I have no clue who's leg that is

James and Sarah find margarita/decorate pinatas party and don't tell other HGs

HGs decorate pinatas for POV comp

J-Blo does this to Howie.....alot

HGs decorate shirts to campaign for AC (which evicted HG does America want to go back in)

Kaysar voted back in and HGs knock him down

Ivette and her shrine to Cappy

Beau pee pees in his prize box while locked in The Pressure Cooker

Jennifer: "I swear on my life"

Noooooooooooooo - don't take your finger off the button

Ivette and James form a secret alliance to the dismay of the SOV6 and The Nerd Herd

April and Rachel check out Beau's chocolate pee pee

Howie shows off his black speedos he got in his HOH basket

Howie wipes out while showing off his black speedos

Birthday party for Kaysar and Maggie. Later Maggie complains that she doesn't want to eat her cake-of-poo

Jennifer wears her boyfriend's picture around her neck 24/7 and creeps us out

Jennifer nominates Kaysar and creeps us out. James is shocked it wasn't him

Hurricane Howie goes off on Busto (April) for "days"

April doesn't cay-ur

But in DR, April DOES cay-ur

April tells Howie he can't do the comp with no finger

Kaysar learns from Julie that he got 82% of Americas vote

Janie wins HOH and wants the HOH key, but J-Blo tosses it away. Janie: "Give me that key, Bitch. Give me that key

"Pack your bags, Jenny"

"Pack your bags, Bitches"

Janie's crazy hair day

Janelle studies the memory wall

James spies from the gold room

Ivette builds a shrine to Cappy and creeps us out

Janelle has lots of stuff

Janie and Howie in the gold room

Maggie: "It will be seen as an act against April. Is that considered lying when you hold a secret?" (Maggie always had such a way with words)

Maggie: "That would be seen as going against The Friendship." The cult leader has spoken

James isn't surprised he's not picked for POV comp. He also figures he's being back doored

Janie receives a phone call from Michael for America's Choice. She asks if Britney Spears had her baby

Ivette has a melt down over Janie winning the phone call for AC

HGs refuse to believe America chose Janie

April calls me a piece of shit:
April: You know what? If America did honestly pick her...
Maggie: Well f*ck them then
April: ...the fans then that watch this show are all pieces of shit...bottom line

My tribute to April - click to play

April says Janie has a huge target on her back for winning all the prizes

"Keep me" speeches. Janie and Howie goof off knowing James is going to be back doored

The Nerd Herd isn't impressed with Howie's &Keep me" speech. (I was!!)

April Before

April After

Julie asks Beau how it feels to possibly win $1,000,000. It's a Fast Forward week and Howie is just about to be told to make instant nominations. The reminder that Beau and Ivette are the last pair in the house works. Howie nominates Ivette and Beau

Fun with Howie and Janie

Howie's unusual sleeping position

Howie's first jack shack, complete with Rachel's photo for inspiration

Howie's second jack shack. We enjoyed seeing this for many seasons

Howie kneels to accept his HOH key

Howie's HOH basket

To heck with the rest of the HOH basket. The lightsabers were an instant hit

Lightsabers looked great when the lights were off. Lightsaber fights were the only time BB wouldn't turn on the green light when lights were off

Holly King stops by to host a POV comp

Ivette finally wins HOH and is really excited

Howie swims 440 laps to make a mile

Howie was training Janie to become a true Jedi. Their fights all over the entire house were fun to watch

The BBQ grill blows up on Ivette

Janie stares at faces on the memory wall, and it annoys the Nerd Herd who is watching on the spy screen. It pays off because Janie wins the Morph-O-Matic POV comp

Howie touches someone on the memory wall with his lightsaber, and it annoys the Nerd Herd who is watching on the spy screen.

The Nerd Herd spells S-E-X with their legs

A disturbing cap of April and Maggie

Jedi Howie

Julie: "Can you hear me now?"
We can't see her. They can't see OR hear her

The jury watches the tapes

And Then There Were 4

HGs watch the fish voluntarily. We had to watch them way too much when BB didn't want us to see what was going on

April on being so close to the end of the season: "I get to have sex with my husband!! I get to have sex with my husband!!"

The Nerd Herd sees Janie off on her AC get away like they are her best friends

The NH can't believe America picked Janelle

The whining we saw on the TV edit was mild from the 3 who didn't get chosen. They went on all day - non stop - and they were ruthless

Janelle returns with her autographed shirt from the cast of Two and a Half Men

Janelle has an oops with the volley ball net

Maggie feels weird

Maggie goes to bed really mad

The jury watches the tapes

Ivette goes off on April after April tells Ivette she would have played the game differently if she hadn't been influenced by Ivette

Janelle listens to the fight from inside

All season long, Ivette yammers about needing to win the money for her family. Yet she evicts Janelle at the final elimination and keeps a friend she met only 3 months ago - a move that ended up costing her $450,000.

The F2 (Final 2)

Jury Duty - watching the F2 after their questions was great fun

The Jury:
Jennifer April Howie Janelle
James Rachel Beau

Howie gives one of the greatest key placing speeches ever: "Unfortunately I can't vote on America's number one choices, Kaysar and Janie. I'm stuck voting for America's last choices. Don't hate the HGs. Hate the game"

The HGs who escaped early:
Kaysar Ashlea Michael
Cappy Sarah

Julie tells the jury and the F2 that America voted Kaysar back in with 82% of the vote.

Julie reads the keys

That's a wrap

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