ATTWX's Big Brother 7

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB7 2006 Allstars
Good vs Evil

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Jul 06 (Thu) - Falling Stars - Jase and Janelle Double HOH

Alison and Danielle nominated

Week 2

Jul 11 (Tue) - One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Veto
Janelle POV - not used

Jul 13 (Thu) - Alison evicted 8-2
Diane and Nakomis voted for Danielle

And Then There Were 13

Alison Rules - Kaysar HOH

Week 3

Jul 16 (Sun) - Diane and Nakomis nominated

Jul 18 (Tue) - Big Brother Golf - Erika POV
not used

Jul 20 (Thu) - Nakomis evicted 8-2
Will and Janelle voted for Diane

And Then There Were 12

Pay Attention - James HOH
Based on pictures HGs were shown on Memory Wall earlier today

Week 4

Jul 23 (Sun) - Will and Chicken George nominated

Jul 25 (Tue) - How Bad Do You Want It? - Chicken George POV
used to remove himself

Jase nominated

Jul 27 (Thu) - Jase evicted 9-0

And Then There Were 11

Define and Dismiss - Janelle HOH

Week 5

Jul 30 (Sun) - Erika and Boogie nominated

Aug 1 (Tue) - Torture Test - Mike Boogie POV
used to remove himself - Wakeup calls every 15 min (time chosen by AC) interfere with HGs being alert for this challenge. They get a 1 minute warning to be up and outside for the POV comp

Diane nominated

Aug 3 (Thu) - Diane evicted 7-1
Dr Will voted for for Erika

And Then There Were 10

Caught in a Web - ENDURANCE
After 2 hours, HGs had to hang below the web
Combined with LUXURY comp below

Week 6

Aug 6 (Sun) - Danielle HOH
  • Dr Will - time not aired - prolly about 5 minutes after they went off the air
  • James - 2 hr 10 min
  • Mike Boogie - 2 hr 15 min
  • Kaysar - 2 hr 15 min 1 sec
  • Marcellas - 2 hr 25 min
  • Chicken George - 2 hr 35 min
  • Howie - 2 hr 45 min
  • Erika - 2 hr 46 ish - gave it to Danielle
James and Janelle nominated

Aug 8 (Tues) - Digging Your Own Grave - Janelle POV
used to remove herself
Combined with LUXURY comp below

Kaysar nominated

Aug 10 (Thu) - Kaysar evicted 5-1 (on his birthday)
Howie voted for James - James picked Janelle's vote to not be counted

And Then There Were 9

The Ghosts of Big Brother Past - Erika HOH (or not)
Combined with LUXURY Comp below

Week 7

Aug 13 (Sun) - Due to technical difficulties, a redo of the HOH comp resulted in Janelle HOH

Danielle and Erika nominated

Aug 15 (Tue) - Anything You Can Do I Can Do Veto
Danielle POV - used to replace herself

  • April Lewis BB6 - eat 15 pieces of sushi in 5:04 - Dr Will beats it and eliminates Marcellas
  • Scott Long BB5 - toss rings to 10 points in 1:58 - James beats it and eliminates Erika
  • Jack Owens BB4 - spin in chair then walk a glass of champagne to table in :37 - James doesn't make it and is eliminated
  • Hardy-Ames Hill BB2 - ride mechanical bull :58 seconds - Dr Will doesn't make it and is eliminated - Daniele wins POV
Marcellas nominated

Aug 17 (Thu) - Marcellas evicted 6-0

And Then There Were 8

Prom Night - George HOH

Erika and James nominated

Week 8

Aug 20 (Sun) - Gnome is Where the Veto Is - James POV
used to remove himself

Howie nominated

Howie Evicted 3-2
Janelle and James voted for Erika

And Then There Were 7

Revenge of the Gnomes - Boogie HOH

James and Janelle nominated

Aug 22 (Tue) - Voo Doo Dolls - Janelle POV
used to remove herself

George nominated

Aug 24 (Thu) - James evicted 3-1
Danielle voted for George

And Then There Were 6

But First - Erika HOH

Week 9

Aug 27 (Sun) - Janelle and George nominated

Aug 29 (Tue) - Two-Faced - Janelle POV
used to remove herself

Danielle nominated

Aug 31 (Thu) - FAST FORWARD
Danielle evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

Battle of the Sexes - Janelle HOH

Erika and George nominated

I'm Knots About Veto - Erika POV
used to remove herself

Mike Boogie nominated

George evicted 2-0

And Then There Were 4

Week 10

Sep 3 (Sun) - Big Brother Bowl - Boogie HOH

Janelle and Erika nominated

Sep 5 (Tue) - When the Stars Align - Janelle POV
used to remove herself

Dr Will nominated

Dr Will evicted by Janelle

And Then There Were 3

Sep 7 (Thu) - Mount HOH - Pt 1 - Erika won

Fly By Night - Pt 2
Boogie won against Janelle and won a car

Jury Statements - Pt 3 - Boogie HOH

Janelle and Erika automatically nominated

Janelle evicted by Mike Boogie

And Then There Were 2

Week 11

Sep 12 (Sun) - Mike Won 6-1
Marcellas voted for Erika

And Then There Were 0


Pre Season
Jun 21 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - 20 HGs were revealed and America voted for who they wanted on the show

Week 1

Jul 6 (Thu) - HGs from America's Choice entered the BB house, followed by 6 more HGs the producers wanted in
  • America's Choice: Diane Henry BB5, Erika Landen BB4, Howie Gordon BB6, James Rhine BB6, Janelle Pierzina BB6, Jase Wirey BB5, Kaysar Ridha BB6, Nakomis Dedmon BB5
  • Producer's Choice: Alison Irwin BB4, Chicken George Boswell BB1, Danielle Reyes BB3, Mercellas Reynolds BB3, Mike Boogie Malin BB2, Dr Will Kirby BB2
  • Didn't get in: Bunky (Bill) Miller BB2, Cowboy Michael Ellis BB5, Dana Varela BB4, Ivette Corredero BB6, Lisa Donahue BB3, Monica Bailey BB2
Week 2


Week 3

Jul 16 (Sun) - FOOD - Slop Til You Drop

Bobbing for Apples style, HGs have to retrieve 12 rats from the slop
  • Red Team: Jase, Mike Boogie, Dr Will, Erika, Diane, Chicken George - Winners (HOH Kaysar gets to eat too)
  • Blue Team: Janelle, Nakomis, James, Howie, Marcellas, Danielle - First HGs to go on slop for the week
Week 4

Jul 23 (Sun) - FOOD - A Balanced Diet

HGs are divided into teams of 2 to play for each day of the week. The board has sections (slop, veggies and beer, bread and kumquats, meat and ice cream, and a slop trap at the top). They must raise a bowling ball as high as they can before it falls into a hole. The section the ball falls in is the food they will get for the day. If it passes other sections, they get that food too. If it gets to the top without falling in, they get a feast for the day
  • Monday - James and Erika win a feast
  • Tuesday - Mike Boogie and Diane win a feast
  • Wednesday - Will and Danielle win veggies and beer, bread and kumquats
  • Thursday - Kaysar and Howie win a feast
  • Friday - Janelle and Marcellas win veggies and beer
  • Saturday - Jase and Chicken George win a feast
Week 5

Jul 30 (Sun) - FOOD - Food Fight

HGs catch flying balls - each round has a ball with a star. The HG who catches the star is on food for the week and chooses a HG to go on slop
  • Round 1: Mike Boogie is on food and puts Marcellas on slop
  • Round 2: Howie food - Dr Will on slop
  • Round 3: Kaysar food - Chicken George on slop (safe move since George is on slop for the rest of the season after the How Bad Do You Want It POV comp)
  • Round 4: James food - Diane on slop
  • Round 5: Danielle food - Erika slop
  • Janelle is HOH so gets food
Aug 1 (Tue) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - How often do you want the HGs to get wakeup calls? Every 15 minutes
  • Every 3 hours
  • Every 1 hour
  • Every 30 minutes
  • Every 15 minutes

The HGs received wakeup calls all night long. They were then given a warning alarm at 5 am. They had 1 minute to get up, get dressed, and be ready in the back yard for the Torture Test POV competition (see above)

LUXURY - Pit Stop (at the Big Brother Speedway)

The winning team gets to watch Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby starring Will Farrell. Teams are spun around in the car and then climb out and complete tasks in the fastest time (put on decals, change tire, wash windows, etc). Mike Boogie has stitches in his toe from showing off and kicking a pair of goggles out of the park after winning the Torture Test POV comp. He chooses the blue team (who wins) and gets to watch the movie with them. HGs who are on slop are allowed to eat treats during the movie
  • Blue: Team Shake - Winners - 1 min 37 sec - Diane, James, Danielle, Dr Will, and Janelle
  • Red: Team Bake - Losers - 1 min 53 sec - Howie, Chicken George, Erika, Kayser, and Marcellas
Week 6

Aug 6 (Sun) - LUXURY - Caught in a Web
Combined with HOH comp above

The first 5 HGs to fall off the web got to choose an egg and win the prize inside. Three prizes were good, and 2 were rotten eggs:
  • Dr Will - nothing - rotten egg
  • James - ticket to nullify vote of choice in next eviction ceremony
  • Mike Boogie - $10,000
  • Kaysar - nothing - rotten egg
  • Marcellas - one week slop pass
Aug 8 (Tue) - LUXURY - Digging Your Own Grave
Combined with POV comp above

Erika hosts from inside the house, HGs can't see each other, and they bid on good stuff (subtracting points) or bad stuff (adding points). They start with 40 points and the HG who has the most points at the end is POV. We don't see the points totals, but this is who bid on what:
  • Janelle - POV
    • Week of army cots and cold showers for HGs
    • The 4 HGs not playing eat slop for the week and can't go to the margarita party
    • Win 10 points and not play in next POV comp
  • Danielle - Stay in solitary confinement for 24 hours (exercise room stripped of everything with only a porta potty and slop)
  • James
    • Margarita for the HGs who aren't on slop
    • Phone call from a loved one
  • Mike Boogie
    • Plasma TV
    • Trip for 2 to Aruba
  • Marcellas - Slop pass for the rest of the season
  • Dr Will - $5,000 (gave up all 40 points to win)
Aug 10 (Thu) - LUXURY - Ghosts of Big Brother Past
Combined with HOH competition above

No prizes - just the fun of a seance and seeing ghosts of previous HGs. Questions for the HOH comp were based on this seance
  • BB2 Bunky Miller took one of the spiders from the spider cage
  • BB4/BB7 Alison Irwin took the mime's shirt from the tribute wall
  • BB3 Josh Feinberg took Marcella's white robe
  • BB5 Holly King took a red devil duck from the bathroom wall
  • BB6 Cappy Littman took a chess piece from the bottom of the stairs
  • BB1 Chicken took the Chicken Man's chicken necklace
Week 7

Aug 13 (Sun) - FOOD - Big Brother Bakery

HGs make 7 different dishes from slop. They are judged by BB4 Jun Song, BB5 Marvin Latimer, and BB2 Nicole Nilson Schaffrich. If they get 10 points or more for a dish, they eat that day. If they get 15 points, they get the BBQ and fixins. Tuesday is the only day they have to eat slop, and they get 15 points on one dish to win the BBQ

Week 8


Week 9

Aug 27 (Sun) FOOD - The Birds and The Bees

All won food and a Christmas in August featuring Neil Patrick Harris coming to the house

BB7 Houseguests

Alison Irwin - BB4 - Producer's Choice

25 - Meadville, PA
Alison Irwin - BB4
14th Place - 1st Evicted
HOH 0 Times (2 Total)
POV 0 Times (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)

ali intro
Alison's Secret BB4 and TAR5 Blog
Alison on Facebook
Alison at IMDb
Alison at Wikipedia
Alison's Best Bits

Bunky (Bill) Miller - BB2 - Didn't Get In

31 - Harrisburg, NC
Bunky Miller - BB2

bunky intro
Bunky at Slave 4 Master
Bunky on Facebook
Bunky at IMDb
Bunky at Wikipedia
The Original HAIRY BACK Video Spoof!

Chicken George Boswell - BB1 - Producer's Choice

47 - Rockford, IL
Chicken George Boswell - BB1
5th Place - 10th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (1 Total)
POV 1 Time (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times (6 Total)
On Slop for Remaining 60 Days
Head Shaved in How Bad Do You Want It

chicken george intro
Chicken George's Dental Visit
Chicken George on MySpace
Chicken George on Facebook
Chicken George on eBay
George at IMDb
George at Wikipedia
Big Brother Meets Project Runway

Cowboy (Michael) Ellis - BB5 - Didn't Get In

25 - Durant, OK
Cowboy (Michael) Ellis - BB5

cowboy intro
"Cowboyisms" by
Cowboy To Be In A Movie?!
Michael on Facebook
Michael at IMDb
Michael at Wikipedia
How Cowboy Became An All Star

Dana Varela - BB4 - Didn't Get In

31 - Queens, NY
Dana Varela - BB4

dana intro
Dana on Facebook
Dana at IMDb
Dana at Wikipedia

Danielle Reyes - BB3 - Producer's Choice

34 - Vacaville, CA
Danielle Reyes - BB3
6th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (2 Total)
POV 1 Time (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times (4 Total)
Watch movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Solitary Confinement for 24 Hours

dani intro
Danielle on Facebook
Danielle at IMDb
Danielle at Wikipedia
Danielle Audition Big Brother 3

Diane Henry - BB5 - America's Choice

24 - Cincinnati, OH
Diane Henry - BB5
11th Place - 4th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (1 Total)
POV 0 Times (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (8 Total)
Watch movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

diane intro
diane on eBay
Diane at IMDb
Diane at Wikipedia
Diane's Best Bits

Dr Will Kirby - BB2 - Producer's Choice

33 - Miami, FL
Dr Will Kirby - BB2
4th Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (0 Total)
POV 0 Time (0 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (6 Total)
Watch movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
$5,000 in Digging Your Own Grave

dr will intro
My Tribute To Dr Will
Big Brother Star Delivers Own Baby, Gets Cash
Kirby Dermatology
Dr. Tattoff Laser Tattoo Removal
Dr. Will's T-Shirts
Dr Will on Facebook
Dr Will on Twitter
Dr Will on Instagram
Will at IMDb
Will at Wikipedia
Rare Video of Dr Will Posted by Dogdave
Dr Will Kirby Dishes Big Brother Gossip

Erika Landin - BB4 - America's Choice

36 - Los Angeles, CA
Erika Landin - BB4
Runner-Up - 13th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 1 Time (2 Total)
POV 2 Times (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 6 Times (9 Total)

erika intro
My Tribute To Erika
The Josh and Erica Show
Erika on MySpace
Erika on Facebook
Erika Twitter
Erika on Linkedin
Erika at IMDb
Erika at Wikipedia
BB7 Erika - Stupid Girl

Howie Gordon - BB6 - America's Choice

35 - Chicago, IL
Howie Gordon - BB6
8th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (2 Total)
POV 0 Times (0 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)

howie intro
My Tribute To Howie
Howie Gordon Dot Com
Howie on Myspace
Howie on Facebook
Howie on Twitter
Howie on eBay
Howie on IMDB
Howie on Wikipedia
Pretty Fly for a Jedi

Ivette Corredero - BB6 - Didn't Get In

26 - Miami Beach, FL
Ivette Corredero - BB6

ivette intro
Ivette on Facebook
Ivette on Twitter
Ivette at IMDb
Ivette at Wikipedia

James Rhine - BB6 - America's Choice

30 - Miami, FL
James Rhine - BB6
7th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (1 Total)
POV 1 Time (5 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times (7 Total)
Watch movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Ticket to Nullify Vote of Choice in Next Eviction Ceremony
Margarita Party for the HGs
Phone Call From a Loved One (Sarah from BB6)

james intro
James at Model Mayhem
The Pussycat Dolls-When I Grow Up
(watch quick at about the 1:24 mark)
James MySpace
James Facebook
James On Twitter
James at IMDb
James at Wikipedia
Big Brother 7 - James Whine tribute: "Shut Up!"

Janelle Pierzina - BB6 - America's Choice

26 - Grand Rapids, MN
Janelle Pierzina - BB6
3rd Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 4 Times (6 Total)
POV 5 Time (7 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times (11 Total)
Watch movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
AC for Prom Queen and $25,000

janie intro
Janelle's Wedding Linked at Dogdaves
Janelle Pierzina Official Fan Site
Janelle on MySpace
Janelle on Twitter
Janelle on eBay
Janelle at IMDb
Janelle at Wikipedia
Janelle on Regis and Kathy Lee
Janelle: Big Brother Dominance (Encore)
Janelle Tribute - Jem
Janellously: A Tribute to the Haters
Janelle's Best Bits

Jase Wirey Atwood- BB5 - America's Choice

30 - Taylorville, IL
Jase Wirey Atwood - BB5
12th Place - 3rd Evicted
HOH 1 Time (2 Total)
POV 0 Times (2 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (3 Total)

jase intro
Jase on Facebook
Jase at IMDb
Jase at Wikipedia
Jase's Best Bits
BB7 US Jase Performs Janelle-free Rap

Kaysar Ridha - BB6 - America's Choice

25 - Irvine, CA
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Kaysar Ridha - BB6
10th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 1 Time (2 Total)
POV 0 Times (0 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)

kaysar intro
Sovereign Soul Clothing
Official BB6 Blog of Kaysar Ridha
Kaysar at Linkedin
Kaysar on Facebook
Kaysar on Twitter
Kaysar at Youtube
Kaysar at eBay
Kaysar at IMDb
Kaysar at Wikipedia
Kaysar Music Video
Photo Shoot by PAPhotography
Kaysar Promo on House Calls
Kaysar's Best Bits

Lisa Donahue - BB3 - Didn't Get In

30 - Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Donahue - BB3

lisa intro
The Wit And Wisdom Of Lisa by Dingo
Lisa Donahue
Lisa at Wire Image
Lisa Donahue Fan Site
Screencaps Of Lisa By CSnet
Lisa on Facebook
Lisa at IMDb
Lisa at Wikipedia
Lisa Audition for Big Brother 3
Reality Dish - Part 1 of 7

Marcellas Reynolds - BB3 - Producer's Choice

38 - Chicago, IL
Marcellas Reynolds - BB3
9th Place - 6th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (2 Total)
POV 0 Time (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (4 Total)
One Week Slop Pass (gave it to Chicken George)
Slop Pass for Rest of the Season

marcellas intro
Marcellas Reynolds
Top 15 Gay Reality Stars
Marcellas Reynolds on MTV Program
Marcellas Facebook
Marcellas on Twitter
Marcellas at IMDb
Marcellas at Wikipedia
Marcellas Audition for Big Brother 3
Reality Dish - Part 1 of 7

Mike Boogie Malin - BB2 - Producer's Choice

35 - Los Angeles, CA
Mike Boogie Malin - BB2
Winner - $500,000
HOH 3 Times (4 Total)
POV 1 Time (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (3 Total)
Watch movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
$10,000 in Caught in a Web Comp
Plasma Television in Digging Your Own Grave
Trip for 2 to Aruba in Digging Your Own Grave

mike boogie intro
My Tribute To Mike Boogie
Mike Boogie Gets Arrested
Mike Boogies His Way to the Big House
Mike Boogie Falls Through Les Deux Skylight
Enrique Iglesias Video - Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)
Mike "Boogie" Malin on the TV show Monk
Mike Boogie at IMDb
Mike Boogie at Wikipedia
Dr Will About Removing Mike Boogie's Genital Wart on Dr 90210

Monica Bailey - BB2 - Didn't Get In

45 - Brooklyn, NY
Monica Bailey - BB2

monica intro
Monica MySpace
Monica on Facebook
Monica at IMDb
Monica at Wikipedia
Monica's Porno Cameo

Nakomis (Jennifer) Dedmon - BB5 - America's Choice

23 - San Antonio, TX
Nakomis Dedmon - BB5
13th Place - 2th Evicted
HOH 0 Times (3 Total)
POV 0 Times (1 Total)
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time (5 Total)

nakomis intro
Nakomis on MySpace
Nakomis on Facebook
Nakomis at IMDb
Nakomis at Wikipedia
Nakomis's Best Bits

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
David Letterman - Dave and Julie Chen's Prank on Les Moonves
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View

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Howie dances in sombrero & undies
Will & Boogie DR Phone Calls
Danielle locked out of the HOH room
BB7 US Failed Shomances
James Talks About
Will and Janelle water fight in kitchen
Will with glasses making fun of Howie
BB7 first wakeup call
Marci and Janie making fun of the HG's pictures on the wall Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 End
Howie with pool stick light saber
It's a Blow Up Intertube
Jury House
BB7 Dr Will's Fairy Tale Time Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5
Tribute: BB7 Allstars...The End
Tribute: How to Play Big Brother
Tribute: BB7 - Baywatch has nothing on Hamsterwatch!

Big Brother 7 Logo

Front of the House

Blocked Feeds

First in the House
First - Janelle
Janelle Pierzina

Memory Wall


Spiders - Bunky, Cowboy, Lisa, and Monica

EWE - for a brief moment for a clue


Ghost of Alison Irwin - BB4 & BB7

Ghost of Cappy Eric Littman - BB6

Ghost of Holly King - BB5

Ghost of Josh Feinberg - BB3

Ghost of Bunky Miller - BB2

Ghost of a Chicken - BB1

BB4 Jun Song - BB5 Marvin Latimer -
BB2 Nicole Nilson Schaffrich

BB2 Nicole Nilson Schaffrich again

BB6 April Lewis

BB5 Scott Long

BB4 Jack Owens Jr

BB2 Hardy-Ames Hill

The Grim Reaper

Lots of little gnomes

Neil Patrick Harris

Walk from the DR

Table for 14

Key Box

Chess Set

Jury House

The original jury house was boarded up for a coming hurricane, so they moved the HGs to a new jury house for safety. However, they took a hurricane with them - Hurricane Howie that is

Internet Ad

Memorable Moments

Well Well Well! I got this in the mail just before BB7 started. Look who's on it (see next photo for close up)

It's the Chicken Man!

HGs Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

The real memory wall from seasons past (Howie's light saber, Marcellas's notorious golden POV, Hardy's toothbrush, a key from each season, etc (thanks to Entertainment Tonight for the great cap)

Julie reads the keys to put HGs IN the house

The first 4 take the big bed

Chicken George is the last HG in and can't believe it: "Me getting into the house is like a donkey winning the Kentucky Derby"

Final HGs who didn't get in:
Cowboy Bunky
Monica Lisa Dana Ivette

Is it just me, or does that look like blood? Yuck

Will jumps on the "50 lb" bolder. Guess he thinks jumping off and landing back on that little pedestal will be as easy as jumping on

Janelle and Jase get their HOH room. The HOH decor changes for each HOH this season

Dani dives right in and starts stirring the pot. She thinks they should try to talk Jase into not agreeing with Janelle on nominations. This would cause Janelle and Jase to be nominated, and they could vote Janelle out

Alison takes Danielle's idea and runs with it

Janelle and Jase don't want to go from HOH to being nominated in the same week, and they DO agree. They nominate Alison and Danielle for stirring the pot...HA!

CBS wants your vote dollars. You can call in and say who you think will be evicted, and may win $10,000

Howie hangs out with Dr Will.
Dr Will: "Howie and I have one thing in common. We're both attracted to me"

Chicken George thinks the HOH door is the door to the Diary Room. He's so lost in this big new BB house compaired to his BB1 house

Janey and Howie get all their ducks in a row concerning strategy

The HGs can't sleep. They are listening to the Chicken Man snoring

The HGs build an Allstar BB slide

Kaysar tries out the slide

Howie has a unique outfit for the slipping slide

The HGs get creative in their sliding

The HGs get even more creative and send George and Howie at the same time.

Co-HOHers announce that the new way of choosing POV players will no longer be HG choice. It will be by random draw. They should have said they would spin for players, because that's what they did (see following picture)

For this special POV (because of two HOHs) they only need two more POV players. Alison and Danielle spin a wheel to pick the other 2

Before the One Man's Trash comp, Howie and James dump all sorts of nasty stuff on the 6 contestants

Janey gets dumped by the hammock and doesn't spill a drop of wine. Dr Will and Mike Boogie watch

Ali spys on HGs by hiding in the big green vase

Chicken George gets embarrassed when Julie shows a clip of him snoring. Marcellas comforts him, and I can't get over the chicken necklace

Howie entertains the other HGs with his pool stick Jedi moves. Seems no one is even watching

Howie and Alison have fun dancing

What the HOH sees on their Live Show interviews from Julie

The first evicted HG always has so many people seeing them off

True to her BB4 form, Erika bawls at her goodbye message

If looks could kill - and who is Dani flipping off?

One question in Alison Rules knocks out 9 of the 11 competing HGs at once. Guess they don't know Alison so well

Alison on The Early Show after her eviction

Full moon outside the BB house

Full moon inside the BB house (compliments of Boogie)

Kaysar's HOH room

Erika butters up the HOH:
"Ok Kaysar, I'll marry you"
"Ok Kaysar, I'll be your girlfriend"
"I don't want to be fate sealed"

BB compairs BB2 Dr Will to BB7 Dr Will to show his tan (or lack of)

Howie asks us to find the toast on Will

Howie trains Chicken George to be a Jedi

We get our first view of slop in Slop Til You Drop. PB&J is history

HGs are supposed to retrieve rats from the slop (Bobbing for Apples style). James gets a rat, and Nakomis gets her own bandana

Mike Boogie shoves Diane so long, she thinks she's going to drown in the slop. The expressions on HGs behind them say alot

HGs find the new slop in the storage room

Janelle and Marcellas entertain us at the memory wall

They think living in the BB house is like a crazy soap opera, and name the characters:

Dr Will is the Evil Manipulator

Erika is the sultry brunette

Diane is the trailer trash diva

Howie is the pervert

Marcellas and Boogie are clandestine lovers

Chicken George is the lonely janitor

Season 6 HGs (or Sea Sick as Dr Will calls them) know that the entire house is coming after them

Nakomis is dialing for a POV player

Mike Boogie enters the house on his birthday to find Erika decorated with whipped cream

Mike Boogie eats the whipped cream

HGs call Kaysar out about who he will nominate to be evicted

Dr Will tells Kaysar "I'll go up. Use the veto and put me put"

Diane cries to Nakomis about their being nominated

Lucky us - we get to vote on who we think will be evicted. It has no influence on who is evicted (unless the writers change the script to evict the most popular vote)

Dr Will and Boogie's first diary room phone call. Dr Will: "I'm at the nomination ceremony and Kaysar put BOTH our keys in the box"

Dr Will floats on a floatie in the hot tub

Kaysar listens to his CD in his HOH room. He can't hear Howie's cries for help from the shower

Howie is stuck in the shower. He forgot to bring a towel for his exit in front of the cameras, and Kaysar can't hear him hollering for help

Dr Will isn't crazy about Howie "molesting" him

Nakomis thinks in the big bed

Marcellas: "Janelle and Marcellas are in the bathtub together. Big Brother Allstars starts now"

Janelle gets a kick out of Marcellas wondering why it's always the blondes that are his undoing

Kaysar prays

Kaysar and his hookah

The internet and live feeds are all buzzing about whether Diane and Jase are in a secret alliance called Mr and Mrs Smith (formed before they got into the BB house). BB tries to offer evidence, but doesn't give an answer

Chicken George stays true to his dressing up on Big Brother 1 for live shows

HGs are shown clips of prior comps for the Pay Attention HOH comp that is about to happen

Can the slop look any worse?

Look at all the weight Dr Will adds to the weight lifting bar for his workout

James asks what this key does after winning his first HOH ever. (He went through BB6 without winning an HOH)

James's HOH room

It's week 4 and BB6 has been in the HOH room every week

Erika hangs in the HOH room like she does - no matter who is HOH

"It's a blow up innertube...innertube...YAH"!!

Danielle, James, and Janelle are trying to make the slop taste good

George collapses in the hot sun after doing his part in winning a feast in "A Balanced Diet"

Dr Will gets a spray tan

Dr Will and his tan - ROFLMAO

James nominates Chicken George.
George to James: "And you went after the most strategic player in Big Brother history is what you are telling me?"

Jase thanks James for not nominating him, and says he didn't come up to his room before because it was always crowded. They make a deal not to nominate each other

Jase raps and entertains the HGs

Chicken George shows he can rap too

There's a new way to select HGs for the POV competition, and a new magic ping pong ball is introduced: "Houseguest's Choice"

You can't tell me there are more than 3 magic ping pong balls in that bag

Marcellas shaves off Kaysar's gorgeous hair in the How Bad Do You Want It POV competition

Jase is told he will be nominated after Chicken George removes himself from the chopping block. He is furious with James because of the deal they made, goes outside, and throws a fire extinguisher across the patio because he is getting back doored again (like BB5)

Dr Will give his famous "I hate you ALL - vote me out" speech

We get another chance to blow another dollar on who we think will be evicted

Boogie is sloshed and in the bathtub with Janey and Erika. I wonder if he shows them his wart like he showed us 4 years later on Dr 90210

Jase on The Early Show with Julie Chen

Dr Will: I said "I hate you all. Vote me out", and not one person voted for me

Janelle's HOH room

HAMMOCK DUMP!!!! Janey doesn't spill a drop of her wine either

Dr Will's puppet show with Fanelle, Dr McDreamy, Howie (the sponge), Scarika, and the floaters

Marcellas goes crazy during the wakeup calls and wants to jump

James wants Janelle and BB6 to nominate Chill Town. The rest of BB6 wants the floaters

James is so done with the BB6 group and swears revenge when he learns Diane is going to be nominated.

Mike Boogie: I formed a suballiance between us, James of season 6, and Danielle who we tried to vote out the first week. Someone get these fools a blindfold cuz they're in the dark

Danielle hangs out in Caught in a Web

Marcellas feels bad about the Chicken Man not being able to eat pizza with them because he is on slop the rest of the season. Marcellas gives his slop pass to Chicken George

Chicken George gets to have pizza with the rest of the HGs

We get another chance to blow a dollar by answering a trivia question about BB6. I have an idea - how about I ask you all a trivia question and you send me a dollar and tell me the answer

Danielles HOH room

Howie hangs on the stairs by Alison's green vase to exercise. Dr Will watches

Howie dances and makes us laugh

Kaysar tries to fix Dr Will's sore back from hanging out about 15 minutes in Caught in a Web. Kaysar hasn't had any training - he's just seen it done

Danielle tells James she is going to nominate him as a pawn to throw off the BB6 alliance

Janelle got a fuzzy blue blanket in her HOH basket, and I just had to have one. I still have my black one!!

BB7 was a "house of hairless men"

Dr Will: Boogie, did you win POV?
Boogie: No, I won a TV and a trip to
Aruba. Did you win POV?
Dr Will: No, I won $5,000!!!!!
Both: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

HGs watch Dani suffering in Solitary

Dr Will and Mike Boogie decide to tell HGs that Marcellas won all the big prizes instead of them

Erika blubbers in her goodbye speech like she always does

Ghosts show up in the BB House

Erika's really convincing, really real ghost sighting reaction

Janey's really convincing, really real ghost sighting reaction

Mike Boogie and crew's really convincing, really real ghost sighting reaction

Howie is NOT happy about his HOH button not working

HGs are told about the Coup D'Etat and walk in to find the first clue. (See Coup D'Etat in the Food/Luxury section for clues)

Kaysar on the Early Show

HGs lost hot water in the showers - Dr Will showers in the kitchen sink

Dr Will's shower turns a water fight with Janey

Oh yay - another chance to spend a buck with trivia about BB3

Janelle's HOH room

HGs put on a rock show for fun
Boogie Janelle Howie Will

The rockers rock out in the outside shower

James cheers for the rockers - Erika is boring

Danielle shows her I mean bra...a great example for young girls (like her daughters) who may be watching

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