ATTWX's Big Brother 8

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BB8 2007
Alice In Wonderland

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Jul 05 (Thu) - Mushroom Madness - Kail HOH

Week 2

Jul 08 (Sun) - Carol and Amber nominated

Jul 10 (Tue) - Hide and Seek - Daniele POV - not used

Jul 12 (Thu) - Carol evicted 10-1
Jen voted Amber - America wanted AP to vote for Carol

And Then There Were 13

Majority Rules - Jen HOH

Week 3

Jul 15 (Sun) - Dick and Daniele nominated

Jul 17 (Tue) - Cutthroat Christmas - Daniele POV
used to remove herself - Joe nominated

Joe won a slop pass, Jen won a red unitard to wear for a week, Mike won a Big Brother date, Dick won a plasma tv, and Amber got to choose a HG (Kail) to be handcuffed to for 24 hrs

Jul 19 (Thu) - Joe evicted 9-1
Kail voted EvelDick - America wanted AP to vote for Joe

And Then There Were 12

Getting Schooled - EvelDick HOH

Week 4

Jul 22 (Sun) - Jen and Kail nominated

Jul 24 (Tue) - Tea and a Veto - Jen POV
used to remove herself - Mike nominated

Jul 26 (Thu) - Mike evicted 7-2
Zach voted Kail - America wanted AP to vote for Kail causing a hinkey vote that no one would confess to

And Then There Were 11

The Eliminator - Dustin HOH

Week 5

Jul 29 (Sun) - Jen and Kail nominated
Kail volunteered to be a pawn

Jul 31 (Tue) - Vincent Van Veto - Jameka POV
Jameka used to remove Jen because she felt she was destined to save Jen since Jen drew Jameka's magic ping pong ball. Dustin won a trip for 2 to Barbados and $5,000
Nick nominated

Aug 2 (Thu) - Nick evicted 6-2
Zach voted Kail - America wanted AP to vote for Kail causing another hinkey vote that no one would confess to

And Then There Were 10


Week 6

Aug 5 (Sun) - Daniele HOH - 1 hr 36 min
  • Amber - 6 min
  • Eric - 9 min
  • Jameka - 10 min
  • Zach - 32 min
  • Evel Dick - 44 min
  • Jessica - 59 min
  • Jen - 1 hr 31 min
  • Kail - 1 hr 36 min
Jen and Kail nominated

Aug 7 (Tue) - Numbers Don't Lie - Jen POV
Used to remove herself - Eric nominated

  • Zach, Daniele, Kail, and Jen wear bunny suits for 5 days
  • Daniele, Kail, Jen, and Jameka dump funky stuff on themselves every hour for 24 hrs
  • Kail and Jen eat slop for 720 hours (30 days)
  • Jameka and Kail can't compete in the next 5 HOH comps
  • Jen gives up $250,000 of the final prize money if she wins
Aug 9 (Thu) - Kail evicted 4-3
Jen, Zach, and Dick voted Eric. AP couldn't vote because he was nominated

And Then There Were 9

Let's Make a Duel - Jessica HOH

Week 7

Aug 12 (Sun) - Dick and Daniele nominated

Aug 14 (Tue) - Hard Act To Swallow - Evel Dick POV
Dick used to remove Daniele

Dustin nominated - Dustin volunteered to be a pawn

Aug 16 (Thu) - Dustin evicted 4-2
Jameka and Amber voted Dick - America wanted AP to vote for Dustin

And Then There Were 8

Strange Visitors - Daniele HOH

Week 8

Aug 19 (Sun) - Amber and Jameka nominated

Aug 21 (Tue) - Big Brother Speedway - Daniele POV
Daniele used to remove Amber

Jen nominated

Aug 23 (Thu) - Jen evicted 6-0
Jen got an extra penalty vote for eating while on slop. America wanted AP to vote for Jen

And Then There Were 7

Tanks For The Memories - Jessica HOH

Week 9

Aug 26 (Sun) - Amber and Zach nominated

Aug 28 (Tue) - Cat Scratch Veto - Eric POV
Not used

Aug 30 (Thu) - Amber evicted 3-1
Jameka voted Zach. America wanted AP to vote for Amber

And Then There Were 6

Big Brother Tea Party - ENDURANCE

Week 10

Sep 2 (Sun) - Zach HOH
No length of time given, but I'm guessing it went approx. 10 hrs. Eric won a phone call from home and gave it to Jessica. All HGs put on cold water for 8 days by all 4 picking to use 2 more small cups to fill the bottle

Jameka and Jessica nominated

Sep 4 (Tue) - Janelle-O-Vision - Daniele POV
Not used - Hosted by Janelle BB6/BB7

Sep 6 (Thu) - FAST FORWARD Jessica evicted 2-1
America wanted AP to vote for Jameka

And Then There Were 5

Before Or After - Evel Dick HOH

Jameka and Eric nominated

Niagra Balls - Zach POV
Not used - Jameka DQd with a magic blue ping pong ball going into her tube

Eric evicted 2-0 - NO HINKEY VOTES :)

And Then There Were 4

Week 11

Sep 9 (Sun) - Picture This - Zach HOH

Evel Dick and Daniele nominated

Sep 11 (Tue) - Special Live show
Big Brother Decoder - Daniele Diamond POV
Daniele removed Dick

Jameka nominated

Jameka evicted 1-0 - by Dick

And Then There Were 3

The Bunny Hop - Pt 1 of HOH - ENDURANCE

Sep 13 (Thu) - Zach wins Pt 1 of HOH
  • Daniele - 2 hr 47 min (approx)
  • Evel Dick - 7 hr 32 min
Chain of Command - Pt 2 of HOH
Evel Dick wins against Daniele

Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH - Evel Dick HOH

Zach and Daniele nominated automatically

Zach evicted by Evel Dick

And Then There Were 2

Week 12

Sep 18 (Tue) - Dick Wins 5-2
Jameka and Jen vote Daniele - America wants AP to vote for Dick

And Then There Were 0


Week 1


Week 2

Jul 08 (Sun) - FOOD - Butter Me Up

  • Red team wins - Amber, Carol, Dick, Jen, Mike, and Dustin
  • Blue team on slop - Daniele, Eric, Nick, Zach, Joe, Jameka, and Jessica
Jul 10 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Who should AP pour his heart out to? Kail

Week 3

Jul 15 (Sun) - FOOD - Name That Pie

  • Blue Team wins - Dustin, Evel Dick, Eric, Mike, Nick, and Zach
  • Red Team to eat slop - Amber, Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Joe, and Kail
AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Jessica

Jul 17 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG bed should AP crawl into? Joe (failed)

Week 4

Jul 22 (Sun) - FOOD - Mission ImPastaBowl

HG's earn various foods for the week including the BBQ grill and sweetbread (animal thymus glands and pancreas)

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Jen

Jul 24 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Who's property should AP covertly target? Jen (he spread mustard on one of her shirts)

Week 5

Jul 29 (Sun) - FOOD - Humpty Scramble

Jessica and Jameka win and choose to put Dick, Zach, Nick, Kail, and Jen on slop

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Jen

Jul 31 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which catch phrase should AP start? "I'd do that for a dollar"

Week 6

Aug 5 (Sun) - No Food or Luxury

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Jen

Aug 7 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP promise to take to the Final 2? Jessica

Week 7

Aug 12 (Sun) - FOOD - Big Brother Benefit Concert

  • Big Brother Blues win - Jameka, Eric, Amber, and Zach
  • Red House Rockers on slop - Dick, Daniele, Dustin, and Jen (Dick finds a slop pass and gives it to Jen, so shes not on slop)

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Dustin

Aug 14 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP give the silent treatment for 24 hrs? Jessica (failed)

Week 8

Aug 19 (Sun) - FOOD - Toga Slop Pong

  • Red Team wins - Evel Dick, Jessica, Eric, and Zach
  • Blue Team on slop - Amber, Jameka, and Jen (who is already on slop from previous comp)
Daniele is exempt from slop by being HOH. The house wins a feast for one day

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Amber

Aug 21 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - To which HG should AP give his childhood woobie? Jessica

Aug 23 (Thu) - LUXURY
Top two winners (Daniele and Amber) of the POV competition Big Brother Speedway get to leave the house and fly to NYC to be on Power of 10 hosted by Drew Carey

Week 9

Aug 26 (Sun) - LUXURY - Shop Til You Drop

Men vs Women - The women win a 2 min shopping spree for clothes

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Amber

Aug 28 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP kiss? Jessica (Evel Dick or Zach would have been way more fun

Week 10

Sep 2 (Sun) - No Food or Luxury competition

AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Jameka

Sep 4 (Tue) - AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP mimic? Evel Dick

Sep 6 (Thu) - FAST FORWARD
AMERICA'S PLAYER - Which HG should AP try to get nominated? Daniele (Voting was held during the live show. Eric was given a clue from Julie who asked Daniele to lead the HGs back in after HOH comp)

Week 11

Sep 9 (Sun) - None

Week 12

Sep 16 (Sun) - None
The Donato team reviews the season

BB8 Houseguests

Amber Siyavus Tomcavage aka Wamber

27 - Las Vegas, NV
Cocktail Waitress
Amber Siyavus Tomcavage
7th Place - 8th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
$1,000 from appearing on Power of 10
Shackled to HG of choice for 24 hrs (chose Kail)

Amber Twitter
Amber at IMDb
Amber at Wikipedia

Carol Journey aka Clarabelle

21 - Lawrence, KS
Carol Journey
14th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

2009 KC Chiefs Cheerleaders Squad
Resigned From KC Chiefs Squad To Be On BB8
Athletics Website University of Kansas
Carol on Facebook
Carol on Twitter
Carol at IMDb
Carol at Wikipedia

Daniele Donato aka Nickele (With Nick)

20 - Huntington Beach, CA
Daniele Donato
Runner-Up - 13th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 2 Times
POV 5 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Wear Bunny Suit for 5 Days
Dump funky stuff on herself every hr for 24 hrs
Appeared on Power of 10

Daniele on MySpace
Daniele on Facebook
Daniele on Twitter
Daniele at Friendster
Daniele at IMDb
Daniele at Wikipedia
Daniele on eBay
Tribute to Daniele's Compulsive Behavior

Dustin Simon Erikstrup

22 - Chicago, IL
Shoe Salesman
Dustin Simon Erikstrup
9th Place - 6th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Trip for 2 to Barbados

Dustin on MySpace
Dustin on Facebook
Dustin on Twitter
Dustin at IMDb
Dustin at Wikipedia
Dustin on eBay

Eric Stein aka America's Player (not to be confused with America's Choice) aka Jeric (with Jessica)

27 - New York, NY
Talent Management Assistant
Eric Stein
5th Place - 10th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$40,000 - AP completed tasks

Eric on MySpace
Eric Facebook
Eric at IMDb
Eric at Wikipedia
Eric on eBay

Evel Dick Donato aka E.D. aka Richard Louis

44 - Los Angeles, CA
Bar Manager
My Day 1 Pick To Win
Evel Dick Donato
Winner - $500,000
HOH 3 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Plasma TV

My Tribute To Evel Dick
Evel Dick on Stickam
Evel Dick on MySpace
Evel Dick on Facebook
EvelDick on Twitter
evel dick on eBay
Dick Donato at IMDb
Dick Donato at Wikipedia
You're A Mean One, Evel Dick
Megadeth Hangar 18 - Evel Dick is the alien with the big nose and wirey hair at the 2:47 mark
Kenny G Silhouette - Evel Dick is the door man with Kenny G at the bottom of the stairs at the 1:55 mark

Jameka Cameron

28 - Waldorf, MD
School Counselor
Jameka Cameron
4th Place - 11th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Dump funky stuff on herself every hr for 24 hrs
Can't compete in next 5 HOH Comps

Jameka on Facebook
Jameka at IMDb
Jameka at Wikipedia
A Session With God re: Jameka

Jen Johnson

23 - Beverly Hills, CA
Jen Johnson
8th Place - 7th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
Wear Bunny Suit for 5 Days
Dump funky stuff on herself every hr for 24 hrs
Eat slop for 720 hrs (30 days)
Gives up $250,000 of final prize money to be POV
Wear Red Unitard for a Week

Jenius Entertainment
Jen Johnson Model
Jen at Modeling Agency
Jen on MySpace
Jen on Facebook
Jen on Twitter
Jen at eBay
Jen at IMDb
Jen at Wikipedia
Jen & Josh Flash Mob Proposal
Big Brother 8 USA: More Jen Johnson and Her Ass
Jen Johnson Tribute (Big Brother 8)
Jen Johson - The best houseguest in BB history!
BB8's Jen Johnson on the Wipeout Course

Jessica Hughbanks aka Jeric (with Eric)

21 - Haysville, KS
Jessica Hughbanks
6th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Jessica MySpace
Jessica Facebook
Jessica at IMDb
Jessica at Wikipedia
Tomcat & Jess Tribute

Joe Barber II

23 - Chicago, IL
Joe Barber II
13th Place - 2nd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Slop Pass

Joe on MySpace
Joe Barber on Facebook
Joe on Twitter
Joe at IMDb
Joe at Wikipedia

Kail Harbick aka Mrs Robinson aka Quail

37 - McKenzie Bridge, OR
Business Owner
Kail Harbick
10th Place - 5th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Shackled to Amber for 24 hrs (because Amber chose her)
Wear Bunny Suit for 5 Days
Dump funky stuff on herself every hr for 24 hrs
Eat slop for 720 hrs (30 days)
Can't compete in next 5 HOH Comps

Kail Harbick
Harbicks Country Inn
Hanks For Her
Kail on MySpace
Kail on Facebook
Kail on Twitter
Kail at IMDb
Kail at Wikipedia
"Born to be Wild" Kail Harbick
"The Wedding" Darin and Kail

Mike Dutz

26 - Three Lakes, WI
Painting Contractor
Mike Dutz
12th Place - 3rd Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
BB Date in Back Yard

Mike Dutz Reading - Edited Version
Mike on Gay, Straight, or Taken
Mike on MySpace
Mike on Facebook
Mike on eBay
Mike at IMDb
Mike at Wikipedia

Nick Starcevic aka Nickele (with Daniele)

25 - Kimball, MN
Former Pro Football Player
Nick Starcevic
11th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

BB8 Nick Starcevic's Photo Shoot
Nick on MySpace
Nick on Facebook
Nick on Twitter
Nick on eBay
Nick at IMDb
Nick at Wikipedia

Zach Swerdzewski aka Rogre aka Ogre

30 - Burbank, CA
Graphic Designer
Nick Starcevic
3rd Place - 12th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
Wear Bunny Suit for 5 Days
Dump funky stuff on himself every hr for 24 hrs

My Tribute To Zach
Zach at Linkedin
Zach on Facebook
Zach on eBay
Zach at IMDb
Zach at Wikipedia
Zach dancing to the "Big Brother 6" theme

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Memorable Moments

HGs Toast

Big Brother is watching

Hidden from rest of HGs at first - Dick, Jessica, and Dustin learn they are exempt from eviction this week

The Dick at Night Show
E.D. puts on a show for feedsters late at night. THANK YOU DICK!! Future HGs should take a hint. He talks out loud, hides stuff, and decorates stuff

Eric, Dick, and Mike doing laundry

Mike and Jen date

Mike and Amber date

Mike and Carol date

Jen hates her photo on memory wall

MRA - Mrs Robinson Alliance. Kail and her boys Zach and Mike

Kail asks Nick to join the MRA

Jen gets nasty with E.D.:
"So, we're going to try to not let Dick touch us"

Jen shirts drive everyone crazy
Jensa Member - Jenth Degree - I'm a Jenius - etc

Tore up after Hide and Seek POV

Amber wants Daniele to use POV to remove Amber

Tie breaker - how many gallons in a tea cup? Nine considering the opening on the side

We look in on HGs after HOH comp

World's Strongest Man competition
Something only feedsters got to enjoy because it wasn't aired, or if it was it flew by so fast I don't remember it. Guess I'll have to watch the tapes

Kragnus and Magnus work out

Jen takes the uni out of unitard. This is according to Julie

Evel send Jen a message after she nominates him

Dick tells Jen off for being inconsiderate. Evel I love you, but um Dick wads? Pot banging? Blowing smoke in the face? Just kidding - I didn't mind any of it coming from you. (Well maybe the Dick wads)

Kail and Amber are shackled together

Mike with Amber on the BB date he won

Food fight after Im-Pasta-Bowl

HGs taunt POVers to make them spill the drinks on their heads

Mike does a dumb Marcellas (BB3) move. He pesters E.D. causing E.D. to give POV to Jen resulting in Mike's nomination and eviction

Mike's eviction speech. He speeks? Who knew? He talked so long Julie had to cut him off

Father and daughter mend broken fenses

Jessica and Jameka deliver slop

Jen pulls the magic ping pong ball with Jameka's name on it

"Jameka - Jameka - Jameka could have took the $5,000, but she didn't"

Jameka tells Amber God is so gangsta - that's why she loves him

Eric Stein - A bat flies toward Jessica
Hughbanks, and she jumps off the hammock
to run away. Eric flips off the back

LNC - Late Night Crew: Daniele Dustin Amber Jessica E.D. Eric and Jameka

We <3 Nick - Amber & Eric are liars - LNC is the nerd herd

Eric and Amber react to the banner plane. "What makes us liars?"

Jameka prays to Howie's (BB6 & BB7) Jack Shack

Jameka tells E.D. his mom is a bitch

"Cigars - Cigarettes - Cocktais"

Daniel confronts the HGs. They treat her rotten for E.D.'s doings

Strange visitors at the BB house. What fun feedsters and HGs had trying to guess what this all meant

Never ending beer pong. (Please BB Gods - ban plastic cups and ping pong balls from new seasons)

Jen grabs at Evel's cig and says he's burning her

LJC - Little Julie Chen Alliance

Julie calls Evel out for his Dick Wads

Janelle (BB6 & BB7) gives ED a spin

What's E.D. putting in his pocket? To this day I wonder if it's the green ping pong ball that magically ended in Jameka's tube and we weren't supposed to see it

HGs study changed memory board photos for next POV comp

The jury watches the tapes

Zach and Dick after HOH endurance - one of the most grueling HOH comps in BB history (imo)

Evil and Daniele celebrate being final 2

Jury Duty

Jury Alliance:
Dustin Jen Zach Amber
Jessica Eric Jameka

HGs who saw the outside world:
Carol Mike Kail
Joe Nick

Julie counts the votes

BB8 cast at Finale

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