ATTWX's Big Brother 9

ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

BB9 2008 Winter Edition
Til Death Do You Part

HOH & POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Feb 12 (Tue) - Falling For You
Jen/Parker Power Couple HOH
Won $5,000 each and had power to evict the first couple within hours)

Feb 13 (Wed) - Sharon/Jacob evicted (Neil then left for family matters and Sharon came right back in)

And Then There Were 14

Tunnel of Love (hosted by BB8 Jessica/Eric)
Alex/Amanda HOH

Week 2

Feb 17 (Sun) - Allison/Ryan & Jen/Parker nominated

Feb 19 (Tue) - In Sickness and Health - Natalie/Matt POV
not used

Feb 20 (Wed) - Jen/Parker evicted 3-1
Natalie/Matt are the 1 vote

And Then There Were 12

Big Brother Democracy - Chelsia/James HOH
This competition costs no hot water for 72 hours, women to wear bikinis for 24 hrs, no drinking cups for a week, a margarita party, women cook dinner for a week, and no washing machine for 2 weeks

Week 3

Feb 24 (Sun) - Amanda/Alex & Natalie/Matt nominated

Feb 26 (Tue) - Communication Breakdown
Sharon/Joshuah POV - not used

Feb 27 (Wed) - Amanda/Alex evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 10

Words of Love - Sharon/Joshuah HOH

Week 4

Mar 2 (Sun) - Allison/Ryan & Natalie/Matt nominated

Mar 4 (Tue) - Cupid Is As Cupid Does - Natalie/Matt POV
Used to remove themselves - Sheila/Adam nominated

Mar 5 (Wed) - Allison/Ryan evicted 2-0
Twist - siren went off and couples don't exist - Allison evicted 6-0

And Then There Were 9

Time After Time - Ryan HOH

Week 5

Mar 9 (Sun) - Sharon and Chelsia nominated

Mar 11 (Tue) - The Color Of Veto
Combination POV/LUXURY challenge (see below)
Chelsia POV - used to remove herself - James nominated

Mar 12 (Wed) - James evicted 5-1
Chelsia voted for James

Twist - siren went off: HG's vote between James and America's Choice (Alex) to come back in.
James voted right back in: 5-3
Ryan, Matt, and Sheila voted for Alex

And Then There Were Still 9

Big Brother Disco - ENDURANCE

Week 6

Mar 16 (Sun) - James HOH after 4 hrs 26 min
Sheila and Ryan nominated
  • Adam - 15 min
  • Josh - ??
  • Matt - 40 min (approx)
  • Sheila - 1 hr (approx)
  • Sharon - 2 hr 31 min
  • Chelsia - 3 hr 19 min
  • Natalie - 4 hr 26 min
Mar 18 (Tue) - Human Guinea Pigs - James POV
used to remove Sheila - Matt nominated

Mar 19 (Wed) - Matt evicted 4-3 - Tie broken by James
Chelsia, Joshua, and Sharon voted for Matt
Natalie, Sheila, and Adam voted for Ryan

And Then There Were 8

En Garde - Adam HOH

Week 7

Mar 23 (Sun) - James and Chelsia nominated

Mar 25 (Tue) - Club Evel Hosted by Evel Dick (BB8)
James POV - used to remove himself
Sharon volunteered and nominated

Mar 26 (Wed) - Chelsia evicted 5-0

And Then There Were 7

Big Brother Election - Natalie HOH
Questions were taken from a poll given to CBS fans

Week 8

Mar 30 (Sun) - James and Joshua nominated

Apr 1 (Tue) - Big Brother Boardwalk - James POV
used to remove himself - Sharon nominated

Apr 2 (Wed) - Joshua evicted 3-1
James voted for Sharon

And Then There Were 6

More or Less - Adam HOH

Week 9

Apr 6 (Sun) - Sheila and Sharon nominated

Apr 8 (Tue) - OTEV Great & Powerful Rhyming Rain God
Ryan POV - used to remove Sheila - James nominated

Apr 9 (Wed) - James evicted 3-0

And Then There Were 5

Glass Houses - ENDURANCE

Week 10

Apr 13 (Sun) - Sheila HOH
  • Sharon - 8 min
  • Ryan - 2 hr 47 min
  • Natalie - 3 hr 9 min
Sharon and Adam nominated

Apr 15 (Tue) - P.O.T.V. - Adam POV
used to remove himself (Adam's time: 3 min 20 sec)

Natalie nominated

Apr 16 (Wed) - Natalie evicted 1-1 - Tie broken by Sheila
Ryan voted for Natalie - Adam voted for Sharon

And Then There Were 4

Fact or Fiction - Ryan HOH

Week 11

Apr 20 (Sun) - Sharon and Sheila nominated

Apr 22 (Tue) - A Sprint To The Finish - Ryan POV
not used

Sharon evicted 1-0 by Adam

And Then There Were 3

Up A Creek - Pt 1 of HOH - ENDURANCE

Apr 23 (Wed) - Ryan wins Pt 1 of HOH
Sheila dropped at 36 min - Adam threw it to Ryan shortly after

Who's The Guinea Pig Now - Pt 2 of HOH
Adam wins Pt 2 of HOH against Sheila

Jury Statements - Pt 3 of HOH - Ryan HOH

Sheila and Adam nominated automatically

Sheila evicted by Ryan

And Then There Were 2

Week 12

Apr 27 (Sun) - Adam winner 6-1 - Joshua voted for Ryan

And Then There Were 0


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3

Feb 24 (Sun) FOOD - What A Catch
  • Sea Duction (yellow) - Natalie/Matt, Allison/Ryan, and Sharon/Joshuah - won
  • Dev-Ocean (green) - Amanda/Alex and Sheila/Adam - on slop
  • Chelsia/James exempt as HOH

Week 4

Mar 2 (Sun) FOOD - Big As-Paragus
  • Natalie/Matt (blue) - Carbs & Feast - not won
  • Sheila/Adam (red) - Veggies & Fruit - won
  • Allison/Ryan (green) - Meats & Cheeses - won
  • Chelsia/James (yellow)- Beverages & Snacks - won

Week 5

Mar 9 (Sun) FOOD - A Little Fon-L-Due Ya
  • Won-due-fuls (blue) - Matt, Adam, James, and Natalie - won
  • Spon-Tastics (red) - Sharon, Chelsia, Joshua, and Sheila - on slop for the week

Mar 11 (Tue) - LUXURY - The Color Of Veto
(Combined with POV comp above)

  • Sheila - wears Jen's (BB8) unitard for a week
  • Sharon - Slop Pass
  • Joshuah - letter from home
  • Adam - motorcycle
  • Ryan - $10,000
Mar 12 (Wed) AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which evicted HG do you want to go back in? Alex
Bogus Alert - Alex was voted by America to go back in. HGs chose between bringing James back in or the Mystery America's Choice. They picked James

Week 6


Week 7

Mar 23 (Sun) LUXURY - Big Brother Blackjack
Chelsia won a trip to Las Vegas worth $21,000
Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, and Sheila got to watch 21

Week 8

Mar 30 (Sun) FOOD - Smashing Food
Adam & Natalie eat food for the week
James, Ryan, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila are on slop

Week 9

Apr 6 (Sun) FOOD - Build A Gravy Train
  • All HGs eat the following: meat/fish, desserts/snacks, dairy/eggs, & bread/pasta
  • They also won outdoor toys and the BBQ grill
  • They didn't win the beer/soda, fruits/veggies, or the gourmet feast/carbs

Week 10


Week 11

Apr 20 (Sun) LUXURY - What Happens In Vegas
Sharon/Ryan won a viewing of What Happens In Vegas (starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) along with spa treatment, shopping for clothes, going to premiere, and meeting the cast after the show. Sheila/Adam lost and had to be shackled together for 24 hours.

Week 12

Apr 27 (Sun) AMERICA'S CHOICE - James awarded $25,000 for being America's favorite juror. Voting was held during the live show

BB9 Houseguests

Adam Jasinski aka Big Baller
aka 8-Baller aka Charlie

29 - Del Rey Beach, FL
Public Relations Manager
Adam Jasinski
Winner - $500,000
HOH 2 Times
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times
Shackled to Sheila for 24 Hrs

Big Brother Champ - Freedom Is a Reality
BB Suspect - Alleged Phone Drug Deal (has audio)
Group Applauds Retailer For Pulling Ads
Adam on Facebook
Adam on eBay
Adam at IMDb
Adam at Wikipedia
Big Brother 9 USA: What is Adam Doing?

Alex Coladonato

24 - Staten Island, NY
DJ Company Owner
My day 1 pick to win
Alex Coladonato
12th Place - 4th Evicted (tie with Amanda)
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
America's Choice to go back in but didn't

e-squared productions
Alex on Facebook
Alex on Twitter
Alex on Instagram
Alex at eBay
Alex at IMDb
Alex at Wikipedia

Allison Nichols

28 - Boston, MA
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Allison Nichols
11th Place - 5th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Allison on MySpace
Allison on Facebook
Allison at IMDb
Allison at Wikipedia
BB9 Allison Tribute

Amanda Hansen

24 - Fridley, MN
Amanda Hansen
12th Place - 4th Evicted (tie with Alex)
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time

Amanda on MySpace
Amanda on Facebook
Amanda on Twitter
Amanda at eBay
Amanda at IMDb
Amanda at Wikipedia

Chelsia Hart

21 - Cedar Falls, IA
College Student
Chelsia Hart
8th Place - 8th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times
$21,000 Trip to Las Vegas

UNI student house guest on Big Brother 9
Chelsia on MySpace
Chelsia on Facebook
Chelsia On Twitter
Chelsia at IMDb
Chelsia at Wikipedia

Jacob Heald

23 - Dallas, TX
Jacob Heald
15th Place - 1st Evicted (tie with Sharon)
Nominated for Eviction 0 Times
Evicted by HOH Power Couple before feeds started

Jacob on MySpace
Jacob on Facebook
Jacob at IMDb
Jacob at Wikipedia

James Zinkand aka Crazy James aka Jimmy

21 - Sarasota, FL
Bicycling Around the World
James Zinkand
6th and 9th Place - 7th and 10th Evicted
HOH 2 Times
POV 3 Times
Nominated for Eviction 4 Times
$25,000 Americas Favorite Juror

Creative Loafing Article
James on MySpace
James on Facebook
James on Twitter
James at IMDb
James at Wikipedia

Jen DiTurno

26 - Columbus, OH
Jen DiTurno
13th Place - 3rd Evicted (tie with Parker)
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$5,000 Power Couple HOH

Jen on MySpace
Jen on Facebook
Another Jen Facebook
Jen at IMDb
Jen at Wikipedia

Joshuah Welch

25 - Dallas, TX
Advertising Media Buyer
Joshuah Welch
7th Place - 9th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
Letter From Home

Joshuah on MySpace
Joshuah on Facebook
Another Joshuah on Facebook
Joshuah at IMDb
Joshuah at Wikipedia

Matt McDonald

23 - Charleston, MA
Roofing Foreman
Matt McDonald
10th Place - 6th Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times

2nd BB Star Accused in Drug Ring
Arrested for Allegedly Beating Pregnant Girlfriend
Matt on eBay
Matt at IMDb
Matt at Wikipedia
The Sadness of Matt

Natalie Lynn Cunial aka Chatty Natty
aka Charlie's Angel #2

28 - Salem, OR
Bikini Barista
Natalie Lynn Cunial
5th Place - 11th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 3 Times

BB9 Tribute To Natalie
Natty's Naughty Blog
Natalie at Model Mayhem
Natalie on MySpace
Natalie on Facebook
Natalie's FB Fans on Facebook
Natalie on Twitter
Natalie's Channel on YouTube
Natalie at IMDb
Natalie at Wikipedia

Neil Garcia

29 - Los Angeles, CA
Neil Garcia
14th Place - 2nd Out - D.O.R. (who knows?)

Neil Hosts Wehopediatv
Neil on MySpace
Neil on Twitter
Neil at IMDb
Neil at Wikipedia

Parker Somerville aka Parker Delon

26 - Northridge, CA
Parker Delon
13th Place - 3rd Evicted (tie with Jen)
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time
$5,000 Power Couple HOH

Parker at Model Mayhem
TMZ Writes About Parker
TMZ Still Wants Parker
Parker at Blogspot
Parker on Facebook
Parker Delon NOW Casting on Facebook
Parker on Twitter
Parker at IMDb
Parker at Wikipedia
Parker in an Commercial

Ryan Quicksall aka Rye Rye ana Rye Bread

27 - Colombus, OH
College Student
Ryan Quicksall
Runner-Up - 14th Evicted - $50,000
HOH 3 Times
POV 2 Times
Nominated for Eviction 3 Time
$10,000 POV Comp
Movie Premiere to see What Happens In Vegas
Shopping Spree and Spa Treatment

Ryan at IMDb
Ryan at Wikipedia

Sharon Obermueller aka Charlie's Angel #3
aka Keeper of The Blue Blankie

23 - Olathe, KS
Sharon Obermueller
4th and 15th Place - 1st and 12th Evicted
(Tie with Jacob for 15th place and back in when Neil Left)
HOH 1 Time
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 6 Times
Movie Premiere to see What Happens In Vegas
Shopping Spree and Spa Treatment

BB9 Tribute To Sharon
Sharon on MySpace
Sharon on eBay
Sharon at IMDb
Sharon at Wikipedia

Sheila Kennedy aka Ma aka Big Sheila
aka She-Bot aka Big Mama
aka Charlie's Angel #1

45 - Reseda, CA
Former Model
Sheila Kennedy
3rd Place - 13th

HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 5 Times
Shackled to Adam for 24 hrs
(more like 19 hrs and they removed the shackles often)
Wear Jen's (BB8) Unitard for a Week

Scott Baio is 45 and Single
Sheila on MySpace
Sheila on Facebook
Sheila on Twitter
Sheila at IMDb
Sheila at Wikipedia
BB9 Sheila Kennedy Dates Scott Baio
Sheila Kennedy from BB9 Ellie (1984)
BB9 Do The Shebot

Julie Chen aka Chenbot

Julie Chen

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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Pre Feeds Pool Shot

Front of the House

Blocked Feeds

Twist: Soulmates





Joshuah/Neil er Joshuah/Sharon

Sharon/Jacob er Sharon/Joshuah



Twist: HG Goes Back In

None of the above went back in - James stayed in

First in the House
First - Natalie
Natalie Lynn Cunial


Guinea Pigs

Memory Wall


Jessica and Eric - BB8

Nurse Tammy


Evel Dick - BB8

Walk from the DR

Table for 14

Table for 8

Table for 4

Key Box


Chess Set

Jury House

Same as BB11 Jury House

Housecalls Ad

Memorable Moments

Big Brother is watching

Last two couples don't get beds:
Sheila/Adam and Allison/Ryan

Ryan and Allison hanging in there

Parker is a snake - per Jacob
Jacob Jen Ryan Jacob Adam

All 16 HGs

The hammock claims Alex as it's annual victim

What the heck is James wearing?!

Neil's goodbye from the show

Where's Neil?

James at the guinea pig cage. HGs think the GP cage has all the answers

Matt and Parker react after Alex finds Amanda fell asleep while spying

Mr Bubble hot tub. James introduced us to his taint slap. I was amazed - flabbergasted - excited - in shock, so I missed the cap

Chelsia and Joshuah go off on Amanda

Amanda against the whole house

HGs react to the big fight

Kumbaya after the big fight

Allison and Natalie have fun with house cleaning

Chelsia and Natalie Strip

Strip show moves to fun in the pool and Matt tells us "you're welcome"

Alison, Amanda, and Sheila watch the pool. Sheila doesn't want her son to see her doing bad stuff, Allison probably doesn't want guys feeling her "no tah tahs", but I don't get Amanda's reason

Adam gets close to Allison

Natalie and Matt celebrate winning POV

Sharon's great droopy drawers on national TV

Joshuah and Sharon give announcement: When the siren comes, gather in the living room

James calls out Matt for playing both sides

Ryan and Natalie saved by the siren
(well Ryan was anyway)

The guys are excited there are no longer partners

Filing up the stairs to see HOH room

Sheila vs Jen (BB8) in the unitard

Jacob's sequester house

What Jacob did in sequester

Jen and Parker's sequester house

What Jen and Parker did in sequester

Amanda and Alex's sequester house

What Amanda and Alex did in sequester

Allison's sequester house

What Allison did in sequester

Alex told he was America's Choice

HGs have a choice to vote James back in or the mystery box with the HG America voted for

James is voted back in. What kind of goofs vote the same guy right back in who they just got through evicting?

Guinea Pig gets a guest appearance on live tv. Julie was asking James a question and the GP popped onto the screen

Bible Buddies:
Matt: Jacob married 2 bitches in 1 week
Adam: Dude gets busy man
Ryan: Jacob's the man

(ed. note: word of advice to Ryan - step away from the Oxycontin)

Joshuah reads his letter from home

HGs are right. The guinea pigs DO know what's happening

James breaks the tie and votes out Matt

HGs are told Alex was America's Choice

Natalie tells Matt they really might be soulmates

Sheila in green light. I don't know. It kinda looks like one of her Penthouse pictures to me

Guinea Pigs starring role

Who'd have guessed they would be a twist later

And smart too!

Adam gets baby food in his HOH basket

Chelsia, Sheila, Joshuah and Sharon watch 21 in the HOH room

Ryan, Adam, Natalie, and James don't get to watch 21. Instead they get the left over popcorn

Evel Dick (BB8) is in the house

Evel Dick banging pans

Evel encourages Crazy James in POV

Natalie dyes Easter eggs. Sharon watches (as usual)

Chelsia has a way with making egg salad. Actually she takes her anger out on the Easter eggs

We get a lesson on understanding Adam

Seems I've seen this type of scene somewhere before

Shenanigans against Sheila week

Sheila gets antiqued by James

HGs wait for the gravy to win the BBQ

James the Veto King by TD. To see TD's great toons go to BB9 Park by TD at

Sheila's dream man (a cross between Dr Will (BB2) and Evel Dick (BB8)

HGs hold a meeting for Natalie

T or F: There is another preexisting relationship in the house? (ed. note: T or F: Sharon's mouth is going to freeze that way if she doesn't knock it off

HGs look at the drive-in set up in the BY

Sharon and Ryan watch What Happens in Vegas. Grown up Sharon has her widdle bwoo bwankie with her at the movie

Sheila and Adam "shackled together for a week". They removed them when convenient for dressing, etc

We finally learn how the GPs were related

Jury deliberation over the wink between Adam and Ryan

F2 - Adam and Ryan celebrate

Jury Alliance:
Chelsia James Natalie Matt
Sheila Sharon Joshuah

Evictees who've seen the outside world:
Parker Amanda Alex
Allison Jacob Jen

Julie counts the votes

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