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ATTW X = And then there were X
(where X is equal to the number of HGs left in the house)

I'm done. If I want to watch a completely fiction show, I'll watch The Walking Dead or something.
If you want daily updates, go to As Jason Roy keeps saying on feeds: If you want
to know the history, check Wikipedia. Also don't forget to look for all the clever stuff other fans make

This was an amazing idea, and I was loving it until I saw the blatant manipulation by Production all season.
Production lost me during the Double Eviction. First Production had the gaul to try to change the rules on
the CP we were "voting" for. Then they changed them back. After that, they changed the POV Care Package
to a Diamond POV without bothering to change the wording on the vote. They managed to save TWO of
their golden girls instead of one. The final straw was taking the HOH from Jason after he clearly won it
by doing a redo, and then giving it to Shelby using the same excuse that should have been Jason's on the
first try. America clearly isn't doing all the choosing - Production is. I'm even convinced Production will
choose the winner. I'm tired of all the HGs who are favored by Production and saved through the season.
They can take their load of bull dookie somewhere else ... er I mean I'll take my business somewhere else

BBOTT 2016 Fall - Over The Top
CBS All Access Original

HOH, POV Competitions and Evictions

Week 1

Sep 30 (Fri) - BB Bug - Monte HOH

Scott drinks a potion and becomes infected (t shirt and bug necklace). When an alarm sounds, he passes the bug to another HG who is then infected. This goes on over a 24 hr period. The last HG infected is the HOH. Order they pass the bug: Shane, Danielle, Justin, Shelby, Scott, Neely, Kryssie, Morgan, Cornbread, Jason, Whitney, and Alex making Monte the HOH

Week 2

Oct 2 (Sun) - Jason and Danielle nominated

Oct 3 (Mon) - Cornbread nominated by America's Choice

Veto Vault - Jason POV
Used to remove himself

HGs try to find clues in the house and punch the correct number into the number stand. The correct number is 2449 for 2 extra chairs added to the large table, 4 flowers in a new flowerpot, 4 letters in the word "veto" on the fridge, and 9 fish in the temporary fishbowl

Oct 4 (Tue) Kryssie nominated

Oct 5 (Wed) - Cornbread evicted 9-1-0
No votes for Kryssie
Alex votes for Danielle
Neely, Jason, Whitney, Morgan, Justin, Shelby,
Scott, Shane, and America votes Cornbread

And Then There Were 12

Live By The Sword - Alex HOH - ENDURANCE - 2 hr 21 min

HGs hold a crown on their picture with a long pole. After 1 hr they
can only use 1 arm (and apparently their body) to hold the sword
Order they dropped the crown: Shelby 12min, Jason 20min,
Shane 33min, Morgan 1hr, Scott 1hr2min, Krissy 1hr8min,
Danielle 1hr25min, Whitney 1hr57min, Justin 2hr7min,
Neeley 2hr21min, Alex HOH

Week 3

Oct 9 (Sun) - Shane and Danielle nominated

Oct 10 (Mon) - Monte nominated by America's Choice

Veto For Sale - Shane POV
Used to remove himself - Hosted by Jeff Schroeder BB11/BB13

HGs take turns golfing and win prizes for points they finally get:
  • Shane - POV - 60
  • Monte - Missed the Cut - can't play for veto next time (didn't matter since he was evicted before then)
  • Danielle - Water Hazard - dive for a golf ball on cue from BB for a week
  • Alex - 19th Hole - disadvantage on the next HOH she plays
  • Shelby - Caddy Costume - dress like a caddy and haul a golf bag with golf clubs for a week
Oct 11 (Tue) - Kryssie nominated

Oct 12 (Wed) - Monte evicted 5-4-0
No votes for Kryssie
Morgan, Shelby, Whitney, and Scott votes for Danielle
Shane, Justin, Jason, Neeley, and America votes Monte

And Then There Were 11

BB Barcode - Scott HOH

Find the longest board

Week 4

Oct 16 (Sun) - Kryssie and Neeley nominated

Oct 17 (Mon) - Danielle nominated by America's Choice

Fitting In - Alex and Justin POV
Alex's veto not used, and Justin removes Kryssie

Scott chooses Double Veto. Head to head making puzzles

Oct 18 (Tue) - Shane nominated

Oct 19 (Wed) - Shane evicted 4-4-0
Scott the HOH breaks the tie and votes for Shane
No votes for Neeley
Kryssie, Justin, Jason, America votes for Danielle
Alex, Whitney, Morgan, and Shelby votes Shane

And Then There Were 10

Perfect Shot - Kryssie HOH
Hosted by Paul Abrahamian BB18 and Pablo

Find tokens in falling balls and trade for chances to make a shot

Week 5

Oct 23 (Sun) - Morgan and Scott nominated

Oct 24 (Mon) - Neeley nominated by America's Choice

Wall of Shame - Morgan POV
Used to remove herself

HGs take turns while the rest are locked in different rooms. Fastest time to answer 3 questions is HOH. Falling off is a 3 min penalty. Going over 30 min - disqualified
  • Justin - DQd
  • Kryssie - DQd
  • Neeley - 26:15 (min sec)
  • Shelby - 12:18
  • Scott - 8:51
  • Morgan - 8:35 - POV
Oct 25 (Tue) - Whitney nominated

Oct 26 (Wed) - Neeley evicted 4-3-0
No votes for Whitney
Jason, Danielle, and Justin votes Scott
Morgan, Shelby, Alex, and America votes Neeley

And Then There Were 9

One Strike, You're Out - Danielle HOH

HGs study baseball cards on the memory wall of pictures of the HGs doing stuff in the house. T or F questions about the cards

Week 6

Oct 30 (Sun) - Whitney and Shelby nominated

Oct 31 (Mon) - Scott nominated by America's Choice

The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady - Danielle POV
Used to remove Whitney

After a short scary Halloween video, HGs have to search (1 at a time) through a haunted house setting to find 3 items (brush, rattle, and doll). Fastest time wins. Going over 15 min - disqualified
  • Shelby - 5:06 (min sec)
  • Whitney - 4:52
  • Jason - 2:14 (min sec)
  • Scott - 2:08
  • Justin - 1:50
  • Danielle - 1:22 - POV
Nov 1 (Tue) - Morgan nominated

Nov 2 (Wed) - Scott evicted 3-0-0
No votes for Morgan
No votes for Shelby
Alex, Whitney, and America votes Scott
Kryssie, Jason, and Justin votes thrown out by Shelby (ACP#4)

And Then There Were 8

BBOTT Freshman Class - Shelby HOH

MORPHOMATIC - HGs go 1 at a time and try to beat the fastest time ahead of them with a 30 min limit
  • Whitney - over 30 min
  • Alex - 27:05 (min:sec)
  • Kryssie - over 27:05
  • Shelby - 3:42 - HOH
  • Morgan - over 3:42
  • Jason - over 3:42
  • Justin - over 3:42

    Cornbread/Morgan         Kryssie/Monte

     Danielle/Scott          Neeley/Shane

      Alex/Monte         Whitney/Shelby


Nov 5 (Sat) - Jason Co-HOH - ACP #5

Week 7

Nov 6 (Sun) - Whitney nominated by Shelby
Danielle nominated by Jason

Nov 7 (Mon) - Alex nominated by America's Choice

Balance of Power - Jason POV
Used to remove Danielle

Put 2 balls in a plastic tube, carry them across balance beam, and drop them into another plastic tube. If balls drop or HG steps off balance beam, their plastic tube must be reset. Once 10 balls are in a tube, that tube is locked. First HG to lock 3 tubes is HOH

Nov 8 (Tue) - Alex nominated by Jason (his nom was saved)


Week 1

Sep 28 (Wed) - AMERICA'S CHOICE - Which returning HG do you want to add to the new cast? Jason

Jozea Flores BB18 or Jason Roy BB17

Week 2

Oct 3 (Mon) - AMERICA'S THIRD NOMINEE - Cornbread

Oct 5 (Wed) - AMERICA'S ONE VOTE TO EVICT - Cornbread

Oct 7 (Fri) - AMERICA'S CARE PACKAGE #1 - Save-A-Friend
Kryssie - Chose Jason to be safe for the week

Oct 8 (Sat) - AMERICA'S HAVE-NOTS - Monte Morgan Scott

Week 3

Oct 10 (Mon) - AMERICA'S THIRD NOMINEE - Monte

Oct 12 (Wed) - AMERICA'S ONE VOTE TO EVICT - Monte

Oct 14 (Fri) - AMERICA'S CARE PACKAGE #2 - Pick-A-Veto - Scott
Diamond Veto (holder removes someone and names the replacement), Double Veto (two vetoes awarded), or Boomerang Veto (winner able to use twice)

Oct 15 (Sat) - AMERICA'S HAVE-NOTS - Alex Danielle Shelby

Week 4

Oct 17 (Mon) - AMERICA'S THIRD NOMINEE - Danielle

Oct 19 (Wed) - AMERICA'S ONE VOTE TO EVICT - Danielle

Oct 21 (Fri) - AMERICA'S CARE PACKAGE #3 - Safety Servant - Alex
Safe from Eviction, but must serve the HOH with every command from BB for a week

Oct 22 (Sat) - AMERICA'S HAVE-NOTS - Scott Neeley Jason

Week 5

Oct 24 (Mon) - AMERICA'S THIRD NOMINEE - Neeley

Oct 26 (Wed) - AMERICA'S ONE VOTE TO EVICT - Neeley

Oct 28 (Fri) - AMERICA'S CARE PACKAGE #4 - Eliminate Three Eviction Votes - Shelby
Eliminates Jason, Kryssie, and Justin

Oct 29 (Sat) - AMERICA'S HAVE-NOTS - Whitney Kryssie Justin

Week 6

Oct 31 (Mon) - AMERICA'S THIRD NOMINEE - Scott


Nov 4 (Fri) - AMERICA'S CARE PACKAGE #5 - Co-HOH - Jason
Nominates Danielle

Nov 5 (Sat) - AMERICA'S HAVE-NOTS - Alex Danielle Morgan
Don't even have to vote. With Co-HOH and 3 HNs coming down, the 3 are automatically HN

Week 7


BBOTT Houseguests

Alex Willett

25 - Dallas, TX
Hometown: Grandbury, TX
Animation Designer

Made Have-Not by America 2 Times
19th Hole - disadvantage next HOH - Veto For Sale
ACP #3 - Safety Servant - Serve HOH and Safe from Eviction 1 Wk

Alex on Twitter
Alex BBOTT on Twitter
Alex on Instagram
Alex at Wikipedia

Cornbread Chad Michael Ligon
aka Cornholio aka Cornhole aka Corney aka Creamed Corn
aka Cornstalk aka Corn Dog aka Cornfed aka Cornstalk
aka Cornflakes aka Cornbred4this aka Corn Syrup
aka Corn Cob Pipe aka Corn Puffs aka Cornball aka Cornelius, etc

41 - Agusta, GA
Hometown: Agusta, GA
Foreman at tree-removal company

13th Place - 1st Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time by America
One Vote to Evict by America

Cornbread at National Redneck Olymp-Hicks
Cornbread on Twitter
Cornbread Chad Ligon on Facebook
Cornbread's YouTube Channel
Cornbread at Wikipedia
Amazing Race Casting Audition

Danielle Lickey

23 - Visalia, CA
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Pre-school teacher

Made Have-Not by America 2 Times
Water Hazard 1 week - Veto For Sale

Danielle on Twitter
Danielle on Instagram
Danielle on Facebook - newer acct
Danielle on Facebook - older acct
Danielle on Vine
Danielle at Wikipedia

Jason Roy

27 - Fall River, MA
Hometown: Swansea, MA
Grocery Stocker

Made Have-Not by America 1 Time
America's Vote to add a Return HG to the cast
Saved from nomination by Kryssie's ACP #1
CP #5 - Co-HOH

25 Reasons We’ll Miss Jason on BB17
Reality Show Tees
TheJayRoy on Twitter
JayRoy on Instagram
JayRoy at Tengaged
Jason at Wikipedia - BBOTT
Jason at Wikipedia - BB17

Justin Duncan

27 - New Orleans, LA
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Seafood Restaurant Owner

Made Have-Not by America 1 Time

Saltwater tournament at historic French Market
LA Cajun Zydeco Festival
"hooked-up" with justin duncan on Blogspot
Hooked-Up with Justin Duncan on Twitter
doncreole on Instagram
Justin at Wikipedia
Justin Pizza Remix as featured on #BBOTT Weekly Episode

Kryssie Ridolfi

31 - Schaumburg, IL
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Made Have-Not by America 1 Time
ACP #1 - Save-A-Friend - Chose Jason

Kryssie at Encyclopaedia Metallum
Kryssie on Twitter
Evil Engine on Facebook
Kryssie on Pinterest
Deadmans Wake - Kryssie's Band on YouTube
Evil Engine - Another Kryssie's Band on YouTube
Kryssie on IMDb
Kryssie at Wikipedia
Ed Debevic - Rude Waitress in Chicago
"Cherry" Response Video
Kryssie in a Smooth Criminals Demo (3rd band)

Monte Massongill

25 - Olive Branch, MS
Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Engineer Associate

12th Place - 2nd Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 1 Time by America
Made Have-Not by America 1 Time
One Vote to Evict by America
Can't play next veto - Veto for Sale

Monte on Casting360
Monte on Twitter
Monte on Instagram
Monte at Wikipedia

Morgan Willett

22 - Austin, TX
Hometown: Granbury, TX

Made Have-Not by America 2 Times

Morgan on Twitter
Morgan at Wikipedia

Neeley Jackson aka Neeley Jonea

33 - Fort Worth, TX
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Sales Associate

10th Place - 4th Evicted
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (1 by America)
One Vote to Evict by America
Made Have-Not by America 1 Time

Neeley at Kim Dawson Talent Agency
Neeley - Column Award Winner
Meet Neeley Jonea - Amadelia Walker
Neeley on Twitter
Neeley on Instagram
Neeley on Facebook
Neeley at IMDb
Neeley at Wikipedia
Audition for the webseries Forward
Neeley sides
Trailer Intuition - The Short Film

Scott Dennis

24 - Bangor, ME
Hometown: Bangor, ME
Debt Collector
My Day One Pick To Win (Superfan Factor)
I have to quit using that method because
I wanted to switch to Justin the first day

9th Place - 5th Evicted
HOH 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times (1 by America)
ACP #2 - Pick-A-Veto - Chose Double Veto
Made Have-Not by America 2 Times
One Vote to Evict by America

Maine Scholastic Chess Team Championships
US Chess Federation - Member Services Area
Scott on Facebook?
Scott at Wikipedia
Vote for Scott - 3rd nom

Shane Chapman

24 - Pisgah Forest, NC
Hometown: Brevard, NC

11th Place - 3rd Evicted
POV 1 Time
Nominated for Eviction 2 Times

Shane on Twitter
Shane - BBOTT HG on Instagram
Shane at Wikipedia

Shelby Stockton

24 - Simi Valley, CA
Hometown: Fountain Hills, AZ
Recent Law-School Graduate

Made Have-Not by America 1 Time
Caddy costume for 1 wk - Veto For Sale
ACP #4 - Eliminate 3 eviction votes

Shelby on Instagram
Shelby at Wikipedia

Whitney Hogg

21 - Whitesburg, KY
Hometown: Whitesburg, KY
Medical Assistant

Made Have-Not by America 1 Time

Whitney on Facebook
Whitney at Wikipedia

Julie Chen aka Chenbot
Is she live or is she Memorex this season?

Julie on The Talk Cast
It's A Boy - Born Sep 24, 2009
Julie Chen's Baby Shower
Daily News - Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery
Julie on Twitter
Julie Chen CBS on Instagram
Julie at IMDb
Julie at Wikipedia
BB1 Julie's First "But First"?
Julie Chen-Bot "ButFirst"
Julie Chen's Big Announcement
Julie Chen On Craig Ferguson
Julie Chen On Letterman
Julie Chen On 'The Unit'
Rappin' Like It's 1987 (Julie Beat Boxes)
Julie Chen Vs. Phil Keoghan On 'Million Dollar Password'
Julie on David Letterman about chanting before The View
Julie Chen on James Corden's Show

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09/28 Quad - 7:01pm - Feeds fire up
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Front of the House



Blocked Feeds

First in the House

Scott Dennis

First Evicted

Cornbread Chad Michael Ligon


The Fish in the Bed

Nine Fish for Veto Vault

The Twists:
Twist 1: Online
No television shows - completely streamed online at CBS All Access

Twist 2: Sisters
Alex and Morgan Willett are sisters. They are trying to keep it a secret (their choice)

Twist 3: Return
One Veteran Returner (Jason Roy BB17) enters the house after an America's Vote

Twist 4: Safety Ceremony
Replaces key box for nomination ceremony

Twist 5: Outside Influence
America votes each week for a nominee, a vote for eviction, an America's Care Package, and 3 have-nots. America also picks the winner from the final HGs (no jury)

Memory Wall

In the kitchen

In the HOH room


Bunch of people for a photo shoot

Jeff Schroeder BB11/BB13/BB
to host Veto For Sale

A Bird

Condom family visits Whitney on her birthday
Winston Whitney Rosa
Albert Coral

Paul Abrahamian BB18 and Pablo
to host Perfect Shot HOH Comp

The Ghost of Mother O'Grady
She returns to the BB house every Halloween along with the rest of the family who was slaughtered by Clementine O'Grady
The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady - POV

The Ghost of Father O'Grady
The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady - POV

The Ghost of Brother O'Grady
The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady - POV

The Ghost of the Other Brother O'Grady
The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady - POV

The Ghost of Clementine O'Grady
She was found dead from starving to death after
her family was gone - not from lack of food but
from looking for the 3 prize possessions her
brothers took from her as a prank (her rattle,
her hairbrush, and Abigale her doll)
The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady - POV

Liz Nolan BB17 stopped by the BB House
to trick-or-treat for the Halloween party

Lawon Exum finally gets his "Special
Power" he hoped for on BB13 to get
back in the BB House to trick-or-treat

Walk from the DR

Table for 13

Table for 8

Key Box

Replaced by Safety Ceremony


Choices for America's Care Pkg #2

Chess Set

Indoor Set

Outdoor Set

Have-Nots Room

Haunted House Theme

Benny the Squirrel

Real live albino Benny - common in
North Carolina where Shane is from

Zombie Benny (not) living in the HOH room

Ghost Benny of Monte's past visits the BY


Shelby Stockton - caddy for a week

Scott Dennis - Sand Trapped for 24 hrs

Danielle Lickey - Dive for golf balls
on "FORE (plunk)" for a week

Alex Willett - ACP #3 - Safety Servant
Safe from eviction but follow BB's
every command to serve the HOH
for a week

CBS Internet Ad

Memorable Moments

HG's Welcome Toast

Big Brother Is Watching

Will the HGs figure out that
Morgan and Alex are sisters

First HOH comp kicks off with
a dare to drink the potion

Scott checks out the brand new clean
kitchen in his six-sizes-too-big slippers

Justin finds a TWD Benny the
Squirrel in the HOH room

Justin falls over the back of the couch

Justin makes cool tin foil figures

Justin does such random stuff

Weekend at Bernies

This is the scene that had Monte so
appalled and Shelby crying rape. Guess
they didn't watch BB1 - BB18 feeds

America's Care Package delivery

Cameras in the HOH room
catch interesting things

Have-nots picked by America. It looks like
this is the only table reveal we get this
season (no supplements to go with the slop)

Dani tells BB she IS awake

HGs shown a scary movie before the
Haunting of Clementine O'Grady comp

Narrator of the movie:
Peter Barrett, Paranormal Expert

HGs have a nice Halloween party
complete with trick-or-treaters

Half way party

Justin hosts Balance of Power veto comp

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